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: Finding Your First Main
Mine was {{champion:106}}. My first time ever playing him was in my first game and he was on the free week rotation. I thought he looked super cool, so I took him top lane. It didn't take me long to start to love him, I loved how much damage he did with his W and his ult was awesome. The best was when you combined it with Statikk Shiv (which I built every game because I thought it looked the coolest, again) so you could get double the lightning. Playing him was just so much fun. Although, I must admit, it took me a good ten games before I realized that his Q was a flip and not just a movespeed buff. xD I still play him occasionally in the jungle, and was super happy about the buffs they gave him this last patch :D
: NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections
This is great. Only reaffirms that Riot is one of the best companies in the world when it comes to customer experience. Keep doing what you're doing. {{summoner:31}}
: Heyo Riot Ahab. I just wanted to chime in on something. Your (the team's) Server Roadmap, your goals, and the work you all are doing to better our experience with the game is.... It's given me the largest sense of pride and respect for you and Riot. The work your team is putting out to further online playing makes me hopeful (though a little worried) about the future for all of us. In the coming years other companies will follow suit and create their own networks to play on (the flipside being smaller/less financed studios being unable to do so on any reasonable scale, creating a noticeable divide if internet usage continues to grow). Which makes me hopeful for an easier integration of full-dive VR games played online in a/couple/several decade(s)..... Leave me my dreams of a better tomorrow, kay? So thanks. I know you all have been bombarded with some epic levels of vitriol and hate over server issues and increasing ping over the years, and I don't see all of that going away even with the eventual centralized server location. But ya'll are literally laying the groundwork for the future, and that deserves some praise.
: I hope they fix the ping on the east coast because dodging a morgana q is like some serious lcs kinda play with the ping we have.
...You do realize Riot is basically rebuilding the internet for the purpose of your ping going down, right? Source:
: Preseason 2015: Forging a Diverse Armory
I'm sure I'm still going to love playing League even with these changes, but I'm not sure that they're making the game better. We'll see, I guess.
: Champion Revealed: Helmet Bro, the Void Knight
Wait a minute, did anyone else notice that helmet bro is in the new {{champion:96}} splash art? :O
: OK
yepness (NA)
: I think they should have named the new Wukong skin "Bookong"
Opportunity missed D:
: Wild West Thresh Think about it A lasso a freakin lasso
And a corrale for his box :P


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