: Congrats!! I bought the Mega Bundle because I wanted to have those cool borders to show how filthy of a Leona Main I was ... .... No regrets.
Such a great skin for a great champ! i'd buy the Mega Bundle too if I wasn't Mega Broke {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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dramenbejs (EUNE)
: Reason why this game is getting worse and worse
Except Asian teams have dominated League since Season 2(even back when the game was at a healthier state). People have been complaining about 'Balance Issues' since Season 8 began and yet this was the first season where THREE WESTERN TEAMS made it to Semi's at Worlds .
Slythion (NA)
: Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't a longer more strategic game *preferred* by asians (or at least Koreans) and faster-paced fiestas are generally more accepted by western or "American" players
You are Correct. I don't know where they got this idea that Riot made these changes in Favor for the Asian teams when they've been dominating League since Season 2(Even back when the game was at a healthier state). They made games shorter and more snowbally this year then look what happened at Worlds: ONE Asian and THREE Western teams make it to Semi's Lmao .
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Aneirin (OCE)
: Awesome dude, keep it up! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: How long did it take to go from 1 to 2? I'm at 1 (just hit it today)....I got chat banned back in August.... :\ I don't think I'll make it for rewards/level 2
From H1 to H2 = A month or so, took me 7-9 days for each checkpoint. I know someone who got a checkpoint every 2 weeks which isn't ideal for your situation since we only got a month left before the season ends, but I'm hopeful that you can make it, Good Luck.
: I can't control people reporting me for feeding when I didn't try to... that's what the system doesn't account for the human aspect of things. It's all automated and maybe 1/50 reports is actually reviewed by a riot member. So the fact that im still honor 3 because kids like to report every little thing they don't like in the game im stuck here.
Far as I know > Only "Valid Reports" count, meaning you can't get punished for being bad. Trust me, I've had 0/15 games trying "off-meta" builds with people threatening to kill me and it never affected my progress Lol. Just Mute?
Larriet (NA)
: That's great! Glad to see your progress, guy. Proud of you.
Thank you {{sticker:galio-happy}}
AbdoMatrix (EUNE)
: Good for you mate. I have been grinding that honor progression from lvl 0 to 2 as long as I remember (could be 8 months lol) and made it to 3rd checkpoint of lvl1 so I dont know if some cases are worse than others or maybe because I only play 2-3 games a day it would be nice if there a progress bar instead of these checkpoints
Yea, could be that you don't play enough and I agree with something like a progress bar to show us how close we are to our next goal.
DrewCjr (EUNE)
: I'm looking through these comments and im wondering how can you not climb in honor or even lose honor what do you have to do?
Simple . Reach Masters > Miss a Skillshot > Get killed twice > Then try to "Defend" yourself from people calling you names the rest of the game. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Latiøs (NA)
: this gave me hope as im 2 checkpoints away from honor 2 again
You can do it, I believe in you.
: Congrats, man. Glad to see you've worked your way back up! Keep rallying your teammates, and best of luck out on the Rift.
Saezio (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} GIVE THIS MAN A COOKIE OR SOMETHING Do you perhaps have an estimate on how many games you played in those 2,5 months? Just for future reference. And did you speak at all in the chat ?
I played 3-5 games daily and ALWAYS Honored someone after the game. Yes I do use chat, but only to be nice(I type GL HF & GG WP every game). You prob won't believe me but I haven't said a SINGLE curse word after being punished(I was that scared of getting Perma'd).
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: Today I legit got an honor 5 checkpoint orb which is weird cause I reached honor 5 like months ago so this is idunno how to feel
Most people don't care about high honor level, they just want to reach honor 2 for their ranked rewards.
Dadli98 (EUNE)
: Can't progress Honor after a 14 day ban.
Sorry if my English is bad but: I Was on the same boat as you, got hit with a 14-day suspension on my main and was honor 0 for about a month. Luckily, I'm one of the very few players who progress honor extremely fast. Got my first checkpoint around early July, and now I'm sitting at Honor 1 Checkpoint 3!(I'll probably get Honor 2 back in a week or so). One thing I can tell you is that, it's not about "number of games played" because I remember earning my 2nd checkpoint at Honor 0 without playing for 3 days . Its all a matter of time, you just gotta wait while being in your best behavior CAUSE ANY report that shows you've been negative in chat will STOP YOUR HONOR from progressing(which might be the answer to your problem). If you want my advice: MUTE EVERYONE before the game starts and play your best. You'll start earning checkpoints without even realizing it .


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