: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
hey! i'm Scrandor, i've been challenger for 3 seasons now and for the first two of the seasons i was a blitz otp. i'm usually (also currently) the highest elo blitz player (in NA at least) for the shield changes, i _think_ it's a good change because i think the majority of the time it pops i'm under 60% mana (although i'm not sure). While I'm not sure on the numbers, I agree with the philosophy here, trading off survivability just for using skills does feel rather odd. the ult changes are of concern to me though. in a comment you mentioned you were thinking of being able to 'queue' an extra charge which i think is almost necessary to keep his strength similar to live. currently the bread+butter combo is hook+auto(unless you can one-shot)+e+(get as many procs of r off while running beside them (you only auto during this time if, after autoing, you would still be in range to E them) waiting for e cd to come back)+r when they're as low as possible without killing (to get max procs without taking kills) tying his ult passive to his autos is a little worrying as it doesn't seem to mesh well with the playstyle (usually it's much better to use your time pathing while waiting for E CD rather than autoing) i do think it really does have the potential to be good though, it just seems awkward in its current iteration. the queuing charges is a REALLY good idea and is probably one of two suggestions i would make. the other concern i have is surrounding the numbers. i don't exactly understand the ap ratio increase. i think blitz is well-defined as a support character who has main functions in utility and tankiness. almost every game i finish with 0 ap (other than baron and the adaptive force rune (which might even go to AD, though i'm unsure) so i would make a bid for the base numbers to be slightly higher with a lower (or even non-existent) ap ratio. the only AP support item that is even slightly good for Blitz is shurelya's, but I would never want that over the other support items (zekes, knights, locket, etc.) this take, however, obviously comes from my personal ideal that Blitz should not be built AP (in accordance with the support role, generally) all of this said, it's important to address that i have vested interest in blitzcrank being strong and therefore am speaking from some place of bias. as well, my personal opinion is that blitz is in a great spot right now, so i'm also speaking from a place of fear that he will become worse. thanks! overall really happy that blitz is getting focus and i think the changes have strong potential :D i'm really open to having conversation about my thoughts as they aren't perfectly fleshed out atm, as well as clarifying anything i've said that might need expansion!


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