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: I think it's just basic logistics, having an item that is legit never built seriously ever just doesn't make sense, it takes up space both in code and visually and usually these items are bought to grief, I mean I wouldn't be surprised if riot had a bot that auto reports anyone who builds omwreaker for griefing.
Ohmwrecker is used for diving I'll admit I normally don't see it built however it is useful for what its meant for. Diving
: They aren't niche items, they are just non-existent in play. Who builds ohmwrecker under any circumstance other than someone whos trolling? ZZ'Rot gives no stats for its cost to make up for the amazing active it has, except its active is actually garbage... Both of these items are only purchased and shown to be effective when you are winning (and would just be more effective to purchase an actual item), and both items show to still produce a loss when losing. They have incredibly situational actives that nobody cares enough to go out of their way to get. So just like other items in the past, goodbye useless and broken items with no redeemable factors.
Just because you don't build the item/items doesn't mean other people don't I personally use zz'rot a lot as a way to split and might I say it's not useless even with the nerfs to it.
: Please Bring Back Old Aatrox
I know we probably can't make a change but this is my best effort.
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