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Riot Pls (NA)
: Hey! Morde's writer here. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts! A couple thoughts to share back. First, know that with any champion rework, we first seek to understand as deeply as possible what makes a champion great, what excites players about that champion, and what are the core essences that define who that champion is. From there, we set out to craft their place in wider Runeterra. Any change has the potential to be painful. Know that the folks on the team are all highly passionate players and story geeks to the Nth degree; no change was made lightly, and no expansion or shifted emphasis was done without heavy thought and robust discussion. One of the things I most appreciate about being at Riot is the space and time we give projects to do things as right as possible. Do we miss the mark sometimes? Well, to be human is to err. (Unless you're Mordekaiser. Then you just cease being human. :P) But I am grateful to have teams who are super passionate and knowledgeable all working to craft something to share that excites us and, we hope, the players that love this content. Onto some Morde specific thoughts: 1) Mordekaiser is an extremely accomplished necromancer - a soul of iron will and arcane power, and a warlord of deep intellect. Mordekaiser defied death by sheer force of will - a feat literally no other mortal on Runeterra had accomplished. The ghosts of the Shadow Isles are in the living realm because of a magical catastrophe; Mordekaiser _refused to accept the reality around him_. He gained necromantic powers in the death realm by listening to the maddening whispers of souls and *deciphering an unspoken language* over untold time, teaching himself Ochnun. (I barely learned some broken Spanish after 4 years of studying, so, uh, there's that.) Through those profane whispers, he also figured out how to speak across the veil of death and deceive mortals into thinking they could bring him back and bind him to their will - only to slaughter them all. Once returned, he didn't kill without a plan, despite what his enemies thought: > To his foes, it seemed he cared only for massacre and destruction. Entire generations perished under his relentless campaigns. > However, there was far more to Mordekaiser’s plan. He raised the Immortal Bastion at the center of his empire; while most assumed it was merely a seat of power, some came to know the secrets it held. Mordekaiser hungered for all the forbidden knowledge of spirits and death, and a true understanding of the realm… or realms… beyond. Mordekaiser sought out more arcane knowledge about the dead and about spirits, growing his necromantic powers while doing what he did best in his first life - conquering - all to serve his bigger purpose. He also built an impossible physical monument to his power that has secrets yet untold. And all of that empowered him to harvest souls, grow his necromantic power, and build an army of spirits bound to his will. It takes a necromancer of some power to exert such control. Also, Mordekaiser's rebuke of death was so thorough that he learned how to forge his own afterlife and realm. He is a necromancer not bound to physical totems or phylacteries, but has managed to reject the very cycle of life and death that seemed his destiny. 2) Mordekaiser is the warlord that inspired the entire Noxian empire. Take a look at his quote: "Destiny. Domination. Deceit." You might find it maps to the Noxian / Trifarix principles of strength: "Vision, Might, Guile." Consciously or not, Mordekaiser's legacy spawned an entire culture that emulated his conquests and his philosophies. Yet to him, Noxians are a watered down imitation of his previous glory. At the same time, to every day Noxians, his legacy as a conqueror is of mythic proportions - legends so big, they are hard to believe as history. (A real world comparison is the Romulus and Remus mythos around the founding of Rome.) 3) Mordekaiser is an unstoppable threat and a major force that looms over Runeterra. His first return, when his necromantic powers were new, resulted in a massive period of tyrannical rule that took both betrayal from within and united enemies from without to stop him. Now, he has amassed an army of souls, collected powerful arcane knowledge, and has plans and machinations in place... 4) There was a lot of discussion that led to Morde no longer being associated with the Shadow Isles. It was not a decision we made lightly. In fact, I originally argued against it, but came to agree with our narrative lead and lead editor on why it is the stronger story choice. Ultimately, we made the call due to a number of factors: **Death magic and necromancers exist beyond the Shadow Isles.** Runeterra is a big place, with a long history. The Shadow Isles was just one (albeit enormous) cataclysmic event that caused a specific area of Runeterra to become frozen in time, and to have a very specific form of undeath permeate the land. Ultimately, Mordekaiser's old connection to Shadow Isles felt primarily driven by a feeling that we had to shoehorn him into our "ghost faction". In our current storytelling efforts, we're interested in expanding our factions out beyond some of those wide (and as a result flat) characterizations that were made in years past. Another great example of this is how Demacia is more than just "the good guys" faction, as seen in how they deal with their relationship to magic, brought to the forefront with Sylas and Lux's story (shameless comic plug here - go read it!). **Questions of geography / narrative complexity** In terms of our geography, Shadow Isles is far flung from where the Immortal Bastion is. (Yay, Runeterra Map!) While I loved the idea that it took taking Morde's remains across the world to prevent him from returning, ultimately it felt honoring Morde's connections to the Immortal Bastion yielded more rich storytelling space. It also simplified a narrative beat in his backstory, allowing me to zero in on his arc and agency, rather than a moment of denied choice where outside forces moved him, and then an outside cataclysm happened to bring him back. **I wanted Mordekaiser to shed all mortal weakness.** A big guiding star for me was the question, "what makes Morde metal and terrifying and unique?" How do we take "necromantic warlord" and push him to an 11? One answer that excited us - rather than having a physical weakness of his mortal remains, what if he shed just about everything that made him remotely human? To me, his title, "The Iron Revenant," served a lot of inspiration in this regard, and further cemented the pivot away from his remains being a major weakness or vulnerability. 5) For a character like Mordekaiser, who spans massive swaths of Runeterra's timeline and history, his story has large impacts on larger reaching histories and stories we are setting up to tell. Clarifying and focusing Mordekaiser's story in allows us to help make greater sense of many other characters and champs. Some stories are just subtle hints right now, breadcrumbs that I can't wait to explore more fully in other outlets than just Mordekaiser's bio. This leads to some more general thoughts in regards to writing for Riot and League: 6) A huge challenge of being a narrative writer on League of Legends is the space in which we get to tell the story of a champion. In game, the main narrative outlet is a champ's voiceover script - a very specific set of lines, with very tight gameplay constraints on length. It definitely has its strengths and weaknesses as a storytelling expression. Out of game, we have a champ's biography and color story. A bio is, by its nature, more summary than story, more exposition told as evocatively as possible than scene-driven in depth storytelling. Our color stories are also a very specific length, and are crafted to give a very specific snapshot of the champion in action. With a champ that's larger than life like Mordekaiser, this means that there's much that remains untold in full, many details that must be summarized, and TONS of story space that is ripe for deeper exploration in future storytelling endeavors. And honestly, that's part of the joy as well - leaving tantalizing questions for players to ask, to explore, to theorize, and to discover. For now, I have to leave Mordekaiser with his Bio, VO, and color story. But if players are excited to learn more about his history, I hope we'll have more opportunities to expand and explore as we continue to strive as a narrative team to help move Runeterra's events forward in time. Whew, this got quite long - apologies! I hope these thoughts were interesting, and helped to answer a bit of the question "why did his lore have to change?" as well as address some of your feelings that he isn't the epic, metal champ he was! Thanks for reading and caring about Mordekaiser, this game, and our world and story as much as you do, and sharing that with us. :)
My only question to this GREAT explanation would be: Morde's color story mentions the black mist... If Morde is not from the shadow isles any longer then is the black mist not either? What's the black mist exactly?? Also... I LOVE the direction y'all are going with Morde. Absolutely! But I was hoping for a Harrowing event :( Ever since y'all said it doesn't have to happen at Halloween, y'all haven't brought it back.... I miss it. Lol.
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: I really wish I could answer this in detail, but I can't. I think (or at least, hope) you'll be happy with our reasoning down the road.
Are there still skins out there that haven't been added to an existing skin universe? Has everything been slotted? Also!! Have you all thought about organizing in the skins tab by larger skin universe and then smaller sets?!?! Like group ALL star guardians together but then separating based on which team? Or have a larger "____blank_____ universe" and then "project" and "program" underneath?
Sukishoo (NA)
: I wasn't holding much on the leak as.that one was pretty much lolol Iloilo on arival. But something along the more serious side or darkside like that one could have been cool
So even if the leak wasn't true (which I didn't think it would be that much), but the advertisements for the Eclipse and Coven skins had an image of an "old god" that COMPLETELY looks like Ivern. I was just hoping for something generally dark.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
And Jarvan??? Didn't he just get Dark Star not even a year ago???
Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
Iverns other skin is also whimsical... I was really hoping for Ivern the Cruel...
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: She is chasing her because if she wasn't, the change would be way to big.
Well, maybe there needs to be a phrase in there just to clarify. Like "Yvva left her empty nest and soared far over the ocean in search of Shyvana [to right a wrong] or [to end what she thought was an abomination]." I don't really have a problem with no more dragon dad... How is Shyvana half-dragon if she had 2 dragon parents? Idk... Make more sense for her human side if she was raised by a human. But I'm not about to fight over it, it's really not a hill to die on because it's not like her dragon or human dad are ever going to become a champion or even a more notable lore character.... he's dead; scales or not.
: > We've streamlined Galio’s bio to help better position him in the world of Runeterra as the protector of Demacia. With this, we’ve also worked to add more descriptive language which should help to give more life to the great winged, stone protector. Apparently there's no new stuff. Only structural and wording changes, probably to fit their new guidelines for bios.
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: Pentakill Karthus was the first of the older skins to get a significant update. He was the one who spearheaded the new Pentakill revival and bring forth the current image of the band and universe. It was after his visual update that Pentakill got its new splash art...well before it became hexakill with Kayle. He has unique voice lines added on top of his regular ones, as well as unique dance lines.
Yes to all of this. But that skin's visual effects are his base visuals. I'm talking about updating the ability visuals.
: I agree on the blackthorn and viridian skin. As for Judgement Kayle, next people will be asking for UFO Corki or King Rammus. Or Silver Kayle. Or Black Alistar and Human Ryze. Or hell, what about Victorious Jarvan and Janna because not a lot of people played ranked back then? And while we're at it we might as well make every ranked and prestige skin obtainable again because not everyone had the time necessary to grind ranked or farm tokens when they had the chance (exaggeration proves the point). My point is, I feel like it's a slippery slope. Limited is limited for a reason, and if we start bringing back limited skins, they stop feeling special and stop being limited. Nothing is special when everyone can just get it. I feel like we should let the early adopters have their rewards and bragging rights instead of buying trophies which we didn't earn. Maybe the people who own the skins might actually start using them now that they're starting to look great and stand out from the crowd. Some would call this opinion entitled coming from those owning those limited skins, but on the other hand it could be argued that it's even more entitled to believe that you're entitled to those limited skins regardless of whether you earned them or were playing at the time.
Champion Riven. Urf Warwick. Skins can be changed slightly to respect the ones who will complain and allow others to join in on the greatest that Riot has put so much work into. Most (or the majority of people) understand that ranked reward skins are for people who earned them. No question. Let's not pretend that "playing 10 games in season 1" was difficult or special in the same way that a victorious skin is. Entitled? We're all begging over here?! Lol. We're not asking for it for free. We're asking for the opportunity to spend hard earned CASH for it. Cash is something we all want riot to have so that they can keep making more great content in the future. Because let's be honest... The skins team exists for one primary purpose: to generate income. So I don't believe I'm entitled to it. I believe there havebbeen methods used in the past to give out rare skins and I'd like them to consider using those again. Let's not put a "Season 1 Only Players" sign on the clubhouse and not let anyone else in. Cause that club is getting smaller and we ALL love league. We do.!
: NO limited is limited for a reason. Many people have this skin. Quite enough actually. We fell in love with league in season 1 and we havent left :) tl;dr you are misjudging the sheer amount of people that own this skin
I'm glad you all "fell in love" with League in season 1. For those of us who didn't even own a computer from 2009 to 2012, we have also fallen in love in the last 7 years and would love to support Riot (financially) so we can continue loving Riot for years to come... Buying skins is one way we can all LOVE Riot and show them how much we appreciate their hard work. So I'm really happy you started playing League in Season 1, but there are millions of more players who LOVE League in 2019 and want to "join the club." As we take your arguments seriously, I hope you take ours seriously too.
: Karthus already had a major visual update, so don't expect him to get another one. Sona is most likely going to be the next one, unless Riot decides to add another member to the skin line.
It's not a major VU that I think is coming. I'm just thinking/asking that those 2 skins get updated to match the others. Kinda like they did for Olaf a few weeks ago. Karthus does not need visual update all! But just some love on Pentakill skin could make it so fun to play!
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Sukishoo (NA)
: They said that they are in a new Skin set not a new Universe as they haven't placed them in one yet. So they could still end up in the Eclipse Universe (as it is called) in the future.
I sure hope so! I would LOVE to be wrong in this situation.
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Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
Although I like these changes to Teemo (they seem natural and like a modern 2019 kit), Twitch and Teemo seem to have fewer differences now. But arguably, this was true yesterday too. Sneaky. Rat. Poison. Stealth. Ranged. Which one am I talking about?
EdgeLady (NA)
: Viridian Kayle, Blackthorn Morgana, and Eclipse
I completely AGREE!!! Viridian and Blackthorn (along with Emerald Taric) go GREAT in Elderwood/Eclipse/Coven. Elderwood needs "good" guys like Kayle and Taric to counteract the Coven ladies. They seem so perfect for this great universe.
: They took away the witch inscriptions (forgive my lack of knowledge on what it’s actually called) on her W, too, which I’m equally sad about.
Just figured out they actually switched between the 2! LOL
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DaRkSkyX (EUW)
: I know... When she ults she get 6 wings, but that's hard to see because it's an effect... And that's glowing purple, not actual wings.
So she actually ALWAYS had 6 wings! Top pair is her collar. Middle pair are the prominent ones. Bottom pair are trailing behind her. At first I thought it was just her dress but the wings are hanging down there and give her model and nice trailing effect! 😍💜🖤
SSmotzer (NA)
: With the financial crisis of Gamestop, video game centric funko are probably going to be things of the past.
Many other stores sell Funko products. Target, Walmart, 2nd & Charles, Hot Topic, Amazon, multiple online vendors, comic book shops, etc. As long as video games are being played, there will always be physical merchandise that people will buy.
: To be fair, Gamestop pretty much has to liquidate any Funko Pops it gets because the market is so oversaturated with them that they don't move, and the same goes for Barnes and Noble too. They really overdo it with those figures, and it's really not good for their business. I think Funko has much better success doing the Pint Sized Minis and the Vinyl Blind Boxes, since those will sell provided the IP in the specific set is current and in vogue.
I see your point, but I've noticed that some lines of Pops can't be kept on the shelves. Hot Topic has exclusives in different franchises (like Nightmare Before Christmas or Drag Race) that are always out of stock faster than others. I think focusing on a few different champs and not over-saturating the market is what makes a successful line. In the early days of Pop (and probably still a bit today), so many different lines had a TON of different individual products but they all looked similar or tried to capture an entire cast of characters. Keeping each one UNIQUE and exclusive is a way to make them fly off the shelves in my opinion. Many other stores like 2nd & Charles, Target, and Hot Topic still have BIG sections of their stores dedicated to Pops. I don't think this fad is dying out just yet. And products in mainstream stores are always free advertising if the logo is visible and attracts attention... Of course, this is all very biased because I just really want a Hecarim 6" Pop {{champion:120}} ... And a Jhin {{champion:202}}!
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: > [{quoted}](name=PTZekrom69,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=I5ql1gvx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-28T23:40:51.464+0000) > > No they haven't. She hasn't married yet because she's too busy cleaning the mess out of the Laurent name that her father did. Not only that, Fiora and Vi live in almost different continents. If anything, Vi would be with Cait, not Fiora. Just to clear up a few things: - This is an alternate universe where they probably do not live very far apart. - Check out Swain's soul fragment line for Fiora.
Amen!! Ever since Swain's VO, I've been curious... Since Riot doesn't usually veer the champions to far from their main characteristics in different skins, I think this is as close to a confirmation as we're going to get for now.
: They’ve been hinting at Fiora being gay for awhile. Which makes sense as I think one of the people that inspired the character was famously bisexual.
Interesting! I can't wait to see how this evolves!
: I don't know if that qualifies as BEEEEG news Being that A: It's not really substantiated by any real proof and B: It's not main universe so even if Fiora and Vi are together in the Heartseekers universe it's kinda like... who cares?
To quote KestrelGirl above: "Check out Swain's soul fragment line for Fiora." And also, how much more proof do you need if they are fighting for each other's attention, "love," and "romance." On the "Story, Art, & Sound" boards, two champion's potential relationship DOES count as BIG news... Because it's apart of the STORY.
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: TheBravoRay had to attend to other infernal tasks, but entrusted me to complete the resurrection of our one true lord \m/
My only question: will Morde remain a Noxus/Shadow Isles champ?????? Please!
: Some guesses are floating around that it is actually {{champion:8}} . It's possible but we are also due for another Noxian champion and a bit more of a lore shakeup for the region (looking at you, du Couteaus).
Ooooooooooh right!!!!!! I completely forgot about {{champion:8}} because, you know, he doesn't seem to need claws in-game. But hmmmmmmmmm 🤔, that'd still be interesting to find out why his property is hanging up there.
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: Separate writers, separate resources. Skin lore will never impede or “slow down” development of main-canon lore. And yeah, Eclipse/Coven is uh... requested a lot. A whole lot.
ECLIPSE DIANA!!!! {{champion:131}} {{champion:131}} :P
: Skin Universe Lore in 2019: Alt Fantasy, Multiverse Theory, and You
I absolutely love what y'all have done for the alt universe! I would just want to see more of the same. Also, if y'all could keep placing outliners into existing or new alt universes. If every skin had a story or at least some connection to one other skin, that would be cool! Maybe having tiered alt universe ways of organizing everything like: "Roboterra" (just a cheesy example) then it would divide into "Project" and "Program." Just so we know what different skin lines exist in the same universe. :D
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Hotarµ (NA)
: >But Varus' story had been done countless of times, Yeah, but the whole sacrificial-tool of vengeance was an interesting take on it that made him a unique prospect, similar in a way to Kalista, but ultimately unique nonetheless. Riot easily could have just modernized his story and fleshed it out more, but they changed a fundamental aspect of it and I'm still indecisive about how I feel about it. For the most part, there isn't an elephant in the room. I think the majority of players just geniunely _don't care_ about the sexuality of characters as long as it isn't shoehorned in or alters an already existing character in any way. That's my take on it, at least. I think Xayah & Rakan's relationship is interesting although somewhat dull on the surface, Neeko's addition of being lesbian just doesn't really add any weight to her story (not that it's a particularly bad thing, per say), and interestingly enough I couldn't find official confirmation of Taric being gay. That's odd, I always assumed Riot confirmed he was homosexual but I guess not. Either way, I _think_ he's gay, but again, doesn't really add much to the story. I'd personally like to see more fleshed out backstories instead of sexualities being tacked on, you know?
So to my knowledge they did end up editing Varus' new lore around the time Aatrox was reworked. The "old Varus lore" is now the lore of the Darkin.... He did sacrifice himself, etc. etc. and was out for vengeance... They slipped it back in while leaving Kai and Val's story.
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: > [{quoted}](name=ScubaVampire,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uvQuv9PQ,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2018-11-27T04:39:55.291+0000) > > I'd have to respectfully disagree. I could argue about Darkin and Varus and how they may or may not be beyond sexuality (something about being trapped in a weapon for YEARS might make you a bit focused on other things), but I want to point out a huge underlying detail. > > Riot put in a ton of time, money, and effort into not only a story, not only a comic but a FULL FLEDGED (and amazing I might add) music video! This is not their mission. They don't make any money off of a music video and Varus is an older champ so the profit margin is probably really small like when you update any older champion. Riot doesn't just make music videos for every old champion or lore update. They cared and put in a ton of their resources behind this. To the extent people say, "a champ's sexuality doesn't matter in-game," they are right with Varus. It does nothing for the in-game content, but Riot cared enough to add a backstory and character to this champion to make his own MUSIC VIDEO... Like that's huge! > > And I look at it like this. The love of TWO MEN are keeping this powerful force (I don't wanna say evil because I feel for the Darkin {{champion:266}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:110}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} ) at bay. This tells me that in Riot efforts to storytelling they want to get the point across to everyone (and hopefully younger minds) that two people's love can be a strong force in their universe and can conquer a lot. Cause we don't know, they might overpower Varus one day; they left his story in the middle of the struggle. > > So no. Varus isn't specifically LGBTQ. But his overall backstory is better in my opinion. I never said the story wasn't better than his previous lore. That's all beside the point. The point here is that Riot made a big show and to-do about Varus' new lore and this huge plug that it's LGBT. That's dandy. However, Varus, the character was specifically written to NOT be LGBT, but instead the other minds in the body he's stolen. He's _THE_ pivotal example of an illusion of inclusion. Riot made a huge ordeal about his lore pointing and saying "Look! Look! Gay! Look!" but ultimately it's a huge red herring because it doesn't actually pertain to Varus the Darkin aside from that sometimes he has to suppress them. Hell, in his color story, he's dominant at the moment and has the others nearly suppressed entirely, except for a quip here and there and guilt for killing. So Varus is a pitiful example of LGBT representation because it's not actually real. The gay couple in him are a plot device, a token for Riot to toss around and claim they have representation. Riot didn't even update his VO to reflect the new change in character, which again, shows their spineless "commitment" to representation. It's like in the movies when you hear the woman tell the guy "I love you," and he says "You too," which fires off the woman because it's not an actual statement of love. This is exactly that scenario. Riot is merely appearing like they had representation with Varus, when they delivered him in such a way to actually avoid having LGBT representation in the game. It's hollow. Neeko, conversely, actually having flirts with other females, IS representation in the game. She's the first character Riot has stood behind and openly admitted and given the freedom to be a fully fledged LGBT character, no strings attached, no subversive storytelling that casts ambiguity on it, and her LGBT status exists in her, and not in 2nd string characters just in her lore.
Well, we agree about Neeko. Wooo! Inclusivity! We disagree completely on Varus, but it is what is it. To me, not every story is the same and using a diverse arrangement of characters and traits to tell a story is a win in my book. The future will tell us what Riot plans to do with the rest of the roster. The only point I will point out is that Riot has said they WANT to update Varus' VO along with Miss Fortune and others. For champs like Aatrox who did get a VO rework, it's because he was a bigger project than just the lore for Varus so they killed multiple birds with one stone (so to speak). Miss Fortune was super close to getting a new VO (because her current one is not representative of the direction Riot is taking her), but hers wasn't just right either so it got delayed. If MISS FORTUNE one of League's most notable champs is still on the back burner, it's understandable that Varus' VO is too. They've come out and said it'll happen. My hope is that his VO will have THREE completely different actors voicing the lines and it'll be really unique... But we can only sit back and wait.
: > [{quoted}](name=ScubaVampire,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=uvQuv9PQ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-11-26T04:55:36.175+0000) > > "Riot isn't woke enough!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Bro-culture is bad!!!" > *Riot takes to be a better company (at least outwardly with their products)* > "You're pandering to the gays!! It's irrelevant! You are doing everything wrong!" > > This has happened twice now with Varus and now Neeko... Riot is damned if they do or damned if they don't. Varus is a different case. Varus is the illusion of inclusion, because Varus, the Darkin, is not gay. The two men who's body he stole and is currently fighting for control of it over ARE gay, but Varus is not. Varus is a direct case of misdirection and smoke and mirrors, because it was Riot's "attempt" to address the lack of LGBT characters without actually committing to making an LGBT character. Neeko is the first legitimate LGBT character in the game, as the champion herself is gay, and it's not a convoluted reach around that ultimately doesn't affect the title character like is the case with Varus.
I'd have to respectfully disagree. I could argue about Darkin and Varus and how they may or may not be beyond sexuality (something about being trapped in a weapon for YEARS might make you a bit focused on other things), but I want to point out a huge underlying detail. Riot put in a ton of time, money, and effort into not only a story, not only a comic but a FULL FLEDGED (and amazing I might add) music video! This is not their mission. They don't make any money off of a music video and Varus is an older champ so the profit margin is probably really small like when you update any older champion. Riot doesn't just make music videos for every old champion or lore update. They cared and put in a ton of their resources behind this. To the extent people say, "a champ's sexuality doesn't matter in-game," they are right with Varus. It does nothing for the in-game content, but Riot cared enough to add a backstory and character to this champion to make his own MUSIC VIDEO... Like that's huge! And I look at it like this. The love of TWO MEN are keeping this powerful force (I don't wanna say evil because I feel for the Darkin {{champion:266}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:110}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} {{item:3073}} ) at bay. This tells me that in Riot efforts to storytelling they want to get the point across to everyone (and hopefully younger minds) that two people's love can be a strong force in their universe and can conquer a lot. Cause we don't know, they might overpower Varus one day; they left his story in the middle of the struggle. So no. Varus isn't specifically LGBTQ. But his overall backstory is better in my opinion.
: I think I get why we aren't seeing eye to eye. I didn't make my point clearly enough, so here goes. I don't have any problem with an LGBTQ champ for the sake of it- in fact, for the reasons you stated, I do think it's a good thing. My problem here is entirely with Riot and how they handled this situation. Instead of giving a strong narrative, or simply leaving it ambiguous (as with most other champs), a Riot employee _took the time to confirm via Twitter_ that Neeko was a lesbian. To me, this reeks of "See? We care.". They want this champion to serve as evidence of a diversity-oriented mindset, especially as a means of putting the bro-culture lawsuit as far behind them as they can, as quickly as they can. Perhaps I'm just being too cynical. That's how I tend to be. Regardless, I just want to make clear I have no problem with Neeko (or any other champion) being homosexual. I have a problem with Riot making it that way for the wrong reasons. Sexual identity should not be exploited for PR gains, which is why I make the argument that the sexuality shouldn't be mentioned unless it provides something to the character itself. In my opinion, it's a sleazy business tactic far before it is a genuine effort to give the LGBTQ community representation. But hey, I could be wrong- they may have just decided to make an LGBTQ champ for the sake of it, in which case I'm 100% on board. As I said, it was the manner in which they handled 'announcing' it that put me off, nothing else. As an aside, I've never really run with the idea that every champion is de-facto straight. I always just kinda assumed that it worked like the Olympic village- when the champs aren't on the rift, they gotta stay somewhere, presumably together (if you don't know what I'm referring to there, Google how many condoms get shipped out to the Olympic village when the event is hosted. Interesting stuff.) Anyways, I think Neeko is a good thing as far as setting precedents in the long term. Just kinda irks me in the now.
I think our views are like a ven-diagram; they intersect at points and just differ in others. I understand that due to the lawsuit and all the controversy, it seems that they are doing this to prove they aren't all bad. My take on it is: If they can't come out and say a champ is gay now then when can they? Do they wait a year? Two? There's no telling when the lawsuit will be done; that's up to the courts and the parties. As long as they're not adding in diversity, then they're going to get criticized for it. So when they do, I don't see the point of criticizing them. BUT I understand you're on board and I'm never meant to target JUST you. As to the ambiguity point, I understand a lot of champs it's just left to the imagination. LGBTQ examples I'd give would be Taric for one has always been hinted but never confirmed (especially now with Neeko's voice line towards him). There are champions who are left ambiguous and others who aren't (Illaoi and Gangplank for another example), so to me, this is just a case where they are making strides for the better and it does double as a victory (at least in my mind). Thanks for this discussion. I'm glad we could talk it out.
: Something tells me you didn't read the actual post. My point was that _this instance seems exploitative and not well done_, not that it's bad to have representation. Hell, the first thing I said was that LGBTQ rep is a good thing. Also, I liked the Varus comic and I enjoy his new backstory. The Darkin thing fits well. What pissed me off there was I very much liked his old backstory, and the new one did away with that entirely. My only problem with the comic was the word 'heartlight' was beaten to literal death in it (could we at least try and change it up, use some analagous term instead? It got a bit repetitive).
Truthfully, my comment was more aimed at the general feeling I have been getting around this subject. But to your point that "Neeko gains nothing or real value out of her sexuality in terms of relationships," why does it have to? Although, it's a great milestone for Riot to be adding diverse champs to their roster, why does it have to come with some great meaning? Being straight has nothing to do with Lux's or Zoe's in-game or out-of-game narrative at all. There are some voice lines, but that's really it. There is nothing significant about it either, it's just fun. Riot adds character and uniqueness to champions not because it impacts their story or their gameplay, but because it's fun and engaging. Surprisingly, an LGBTQ person doesn't need a HUGE character development arc or narrative to be queer. We exist right beside the rest of the world and have other stories to tell besides our sexuality. There's nothing wrong with Riot opening admitting she's a lesbian for the pure stake that she is one. I hope this doesn't sound too aggressive towards you, it's not meant to. But when people (maybe not you) say, "Her sexuality is inconsequential or unimportant!" it's so hypocritical. Move on. Don't rant and rave about it then. No one does when Lux, Miss Fortune, Zoe, Ahri, Evelynn, Ezreal, etc. etc. come out with flirty lines towards the opposite sex. To the LGBTQ community, it's huge! But that's because we want to be represented like everyone else. Yes. There are always right ways and wrong ways to go about change, but at least it's changing for the better.
: Beating A Dead Horse (That Is Actually A Chameleon)
"Riot isn't woke enough!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Bro-culture is bad!!!" *Riot takes to be a better company (at least outwardly with their products)* "You're pandering to the gays!! It's irrelevant! You are doing everything wrong!" This has happened twice now with Varus and now Neeko... Riot is damned if they do or damned if they don't.
: ... She got a skin. Dark Water. It's pretty cool you should check it out
Yes. I have seen it but I'm not talking about that skin. Also not talking about her Valkyrie or Bloodmoon or Lunar Goddess. All of which are great skins. Have you heard of Ahri? Miss Fortune? Lux? Many other champs who get tons of skins? It wouldn't be the first time a champ gets another great skin. Just trying to give some feedback on some awesome things I would like to see for the future. Wish people would look for the positives instead of jumping to sarcasm and judgement.
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: I dont understand you giys who complain about Diana but I honestly want to understand.. I believe that diana and leona already had an event correct? Leona and Diana and different Champions and yes thematically theyre tied but so are Brand and Lissandra, Ice and Fire and yet I dont expect Liss to get a skin when Brand does... Theyre their own Champions its not like theyre Xayah and Rakan where they get Skins together.. Except Diana has a good amount of skins and just recently she got a Dark Waters skin that look pretty nice! Diana shouldnt be center in this theme as she has enough skins and Others like Ivern still only have one...
"Complain" is such a negative term. I LOVE what Riot has done with Leona and a ton of skins this year. Just would like to include Diana in that theme. Didn't ask for this to happen over night but for possible future projects. The way in which Diana and Leona are related is MUCH more relevant and close than Brand and Liss. "Fire" and "ice" champs can apply to SO many champs. (Annie, brand, Anivia, Ashe, Trundle, Lissandra, etc.) There's only 1 aspect of the sun and only 1 aspect of the moon. Both are from targon. Both stories are intertwined. And moon/sun have been traditional counterparts to each other in every culture. Diana's lore even talks about how they need to unite and work together. The SAME exact skin concept can apply beautifully to Diana and I'm excited for that possibility. So instead of thinking I'm complaining, see this as a positive post about a want for the future. No where in my OG post did I complain about previous skins. Yes. Dark Waters is great! Love it. And? Ahri gets 10 great skins a year... Doesn't mean there aren't more great ideas. Also... No event that I know of. Targon lore update? Yes. But no event.
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