: U know there is some champions that needs a visual update, like Udyr or Draven. Why did u choose Thresh who was (imo) okay with his VFX in game
Like Lux, this is a passion project, so he chose a fun project as opposed to one that _needed_ it.
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 13
Ay, I was wondering, where'd the Akali R1 targetable change go? Did it just not work? I might be out of the loop, but I don't remember any explanation being given.
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
So about the Akali changes, apparently the ones from last week were scrapped for taking away her true stealth. Do you know why they didn't go the other route (R1 targetted etc.)?
: Laughing Fish’s Birthday Spectacular: Come and get your free skins!
https://i.imgur.com/de8tiA2.gifv {{champion:84}}
: Really cool but Camille looks like an entirely different person.
Skin: I'm a cyber punk gurl with funky legs! Camille: I B A R G A I N E D M Y S O U L F O R T H E P R O G R E S S O F P I L T O V E R
: Requirement #1: We require our applicants to NOT look into context or empathize on a case by case basis to ensure that the utmost inconsistency possible is being enforced. Requirement #2: We require our applicants to agree with the Hard Left on every social issue. If an applicant is viewed as Left Leaning, then this is unsatisfactory. Our applicants must agree with everything we say. One fundamental disagreement will result in immediate electric chai.... I mean removal from the team.
I think that being okay with other identities isn't a political issue, but a moral one! I doubt moderators are required to say "I love all genders and sexualities!" but they definitely can't say "I think gay ppl are gross!". That's insulting, not just political. Mods are a tiny part of riot's image, so they can't say that they don't support all of their players' identities.
: Fan Emote of Neeko (pls Riot)
Me: *misses Q E and R* Also me: *F R O G E*
Bârd (NA)
: After playing as/with Neeko on PBE for a while, here are my thoughts.
Her kit is easy as is. As smooth as free ulti movement would be, I think we can get used to it, and in turn utilize the damage that comes from these downsides.
: But it's not like Liss where her Q will go through the whole wave, it's tedious to makes sure you're standing behind at least 3 minions and makes you feel like you're never really safe.
... The E passes through any amount of minions. It's not the third enemy that gets the extra root, it's the last champ hit... just... uh read the ability. So, similarly to liss, you'd need to keep minions from being between you and the enemy neeko.
Reav3 (NA)
: Obviously I can't reveal that without then also revealing when the next new champ gets announced, and that wouldn't be any fun would it? :P
Hey Reav3, can you tell me all of your secrets? I promise not to tell them to... everyone!
: So you also go around implying men are nasty looking to everyone you meet unless those men are also from your same race? i bet you don't but neeko sure does. Neeko is a sexist and racist lesbian i guess they thought 2 negatives would balance the outrage well it doesn't.
Us men in society don't have issues with people calling us "stinky bois" because... no one does that. Neeko's insults are supposed to be funny. People don't get that what hurts isn't the actual meaning of the words, it's the historicity (or historical context) of the insults. Being called a slave after centuries worth of ancestors being enslaved is a traumatic and degrading experience. Being called stinky because you use Old Spice instead of Secret is no where near that. There isn't a gay character in this hypothetical game I want to play? Fine, idc, but if I want a character I can relate to (on that specific level), I'll have to dig through a few other games to find one. There isn't a male character in another hypothetical game? Fine idc, I'll play literally any other game and there's 99.9% chance I'll find someone of my gender! This takes NO effort compared to finding a game with a gay character. See how the same thing can hurt more for different people? Once again let me reiterate, I don't DEMAND LGBT representation, I LIKE it! It's just hard to find sometimes, and when I do, it makes me feel a teeny but more normal. And about the racist thing, Neeko is a Vastayashai’rei, so she's actually the one more likely to be discriminated against. Humans aren't the biggest fans of other races in Runeterra, and since they happen to hold the power, Neeko can't be prejudiced against them, only annoyed/off-put.
: I'm gay and I don't feel better playing or seeing gay characters. I think the very idea of wanting representation is stupid. Downvote as you will.
Do you think the idea of other people wanting representation is stupid? Then yeah, grow up! (if not, no biggie i guess lmao)
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: Is she gay, or are people projecting?
Yeah, she has crushes on nami, evelynn, and shyvanna. (confirmed in special interactions)
: Give us a new look for the map. It seems like you guys are going for the same style as summoner's rift. Maybe Ionia or something
... this is still not finished. If nexus blitz becomes a full fledged mode, we'll see completely new, unrecycled textures.
: > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=If2c6oEU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-11T23:31:53.542+0000) > > Can't make it, but good to see you again. What are you up to these days? In 2018 I've been on R&D doing secret things. :))) #SuperSecretStuff
R&D!!! The new game is in good hands with you, even if it's mobile I'm still playing it. :)
Pika Fox (NA)
: Or swain. Or viktor. Or vlad.....
None of these ppl are melee or auto attack. Viktor kinda does but it doesn't count, since it's a once every 5 seconds thing.
Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Akali might get the neon look while in shroud!
: Lawsuit Filed Against Riot Games
I am SO proud of them for doing this. Riot needs to see just how bad this is. This isn't just a "culture issue" this is the entire fucking company being... disgusting. There's no other word for it. Every facet of working there as a woman sounds harder than it would be if you were a man. All of this evidence leaves no question of that. I just can't believe I didn't immediately think, "LAWSUIT!" when I read the Kotaku article, but this shit is free. Everything's there. AHHHH
Namîste (NA)
: I'm sorry but when is expressing flatulence a form of sexual harassment? Doesn't everyone enjoy a good fart joke? - female gamer here...
Read. That was evidence of the "bro culture" of riot (it was in a specific section for that). There is evidence elsewhere that talks about sexual harassment (AKA saying they'd fuck a female employee behind her back) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} EVERYTHING IS FINE.
: I'm guessing you don't like movie trailers either. "Coming soon to a theater near you!" but the release dates are usually 6+ months out.
I don't get as hyped for movies, but yeah, thEY'RE ON THIN FUCKING ICE.
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: Free skin for helping me pick my off-season champion! (details in post)
Darn, those are some CHAMPS. They're all fun, but Ekko is the choice with the least downsides. I'll just go through the other 3 to tell why NOT to main them. Kat: She's fun as hell, and I've been picking her up lately, but she's not something I'd suggest spending too much time on, because, well, she's fuckin trash right now. I don't see any buffs in sight. There is hope though, with preseason comes reworked Dark Harvest, which is pretty good with her (Surrender at 20 has some good coverage of preseason updates, if you're not caught up). If they don't nerf her to shit in response, I'd say trying her out wouldn't be a terrible idea, like it is right now. Yasuo: Yasuo wouldn't be a bad idea if you already mained mid, but you don't. You'll be stuck playing someone else 50% of the time, just because Yasuo is banned so much. Pick up Yasuo after you master another midlane champion. Taliyah: I used to main Taliyah until the Jungle changes. Honestly? I totally get why Riot adjusted her, but her midlane is really unsatisfying right now. Before, if you were in low-ish elo like me, you could rely on her waveclear to make sure you could roam whenever and wherever you wanted (which was OP in high elo). Nowadays, even the best Tali mains have to rely on their teams much more to pull off any early game roaming, which is honestly the best part of the champion. Still, I realise that this is just me being salty, I just feel like maining a champion that was so volatile for so many seasons and now just "meh" isn't worth it. Also, Taliyah doesn't have the best carry potential. A lot of carrying with Tali is supporting your teammates, and that takes A LOT of coordination or luck. Okay, so now on to why you should main Ekko. I'll make this shorter, since 1, I haven't played him much and 2, you'll read the same thing over and over again. -Ekko is great because he is a rarely banned mid-lane assassin with wave-clear, roaming potential and great scaling. That's rare (especially the "rarely banned part"). Unlike all of your other suggestions, the process of learning him isn't that painful. With Ekko, you first 20 games will be decent as opposed to... complete shit. Even with that QOL advantage, you'll still have far to go with him, since he takes a good amount of skill (and bonus game knowledge) to pull off good W's and ultis. Suggestions for other champs to play: -Kassadin has a fighter-like playstyle. He's pretty easy though, but a good second choice right now. -My brain is screaming Irelia, since I play a lot of her, but... maining irelia is a no fun. She's constantly ridiculed, hard-ish to learn and going to get nerfed for the next few months. The same goes for Akali. I play a lot of her, and think you should too, but she's... gonna be changed at somepoint. Enough people are complaining that Riot will probably give them the nerfs they want soon enough. :( -Fizz, I guess? He can carry, but I find him boring. Also, I'm reading through the other comments and... -Don't main Ryze lol. -I agree with you. Top lane sucks. (why did I buy that camille skin... arGH) -I'm really angry that I didn't come up with Leblanc. She's totally a good fit with your current roster. It's probably because of the trauma she's caused me. My brain just wants to forget she exists. OOF I started writing this for the skin and I made it way too long because this game's giant pool of champions is so damn fun. Now time to sleep and hope I wake up to Color Mage leaks! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Cardd (NA)
: Riot is just trying REALLY hard to pander to women...either trying to get them into the game or at least become fans of it. This is just a continuation of that.
Pander? K/DA is an ode to all female K-Pop groups and what they represent for empowerment and Korean culture. There's no pandering there, just appreciation of a style that's become super popular in the last few years. Although K-pop "boyband" groups are out there and very popular, if I'm not mistaken, K-Pop's basic archetype was created by women and is constantly being reinvented by women. Leaving that aspect of K-Pop out of this event would be taking the creators of this Skin-line's inspiration for granted. Next time you're inclined to call something that respects and appreciates women "pandering" think back to all of the skins pandering to men (battle bunny, anyone?).
Rioter Comments
: Ranked got disabled so lp gains were cut in half and the losing team gets loss prevented. Also, cover up the names or it could count as Naming and Shaming. Even though you aren't really doing that, you still are showing their names. This happened to me too and it sucks :/
do you know why ranked is disabled?
Ärchaon (NA)
: (?): For I'm not sure if they are considered attractive or not, but I've heard some fangirl/boy stuff about them so idk Aatrox default (?) SSG Ezreal Debonair Ezreal Pulsefire TF / Default TF Pool Party Graves Rogue Admiral Garen Tryndamere + half his skins Swain + Dragon Master Swain All varus skins Dragonblade Talon / SSW Talon / Divine Sword Talon Academy Vladimir / Marquis Vladimir / Dark Waters Vladimir Yasuo (?) Warring Kingdoms + Secret Agent Xin Zhao All Braum skins Heartseeker Lucian Mantheon Primetime+ Beasthunter draven (?) All kayn skins Every rakan skin Every Taric skin Spirit Guard Udyr Dreadnova Gangplank (?) I'm all for it, but What's with this on-going circlejerk of wanting attractive male skins? More than half of these never see the light of day. Attractive male skins are harder to make usually. If you want attractive male skins, support artists that make them in the first place.. because attractive female skins not only make more money (because both males and females buy them quickly) but they often have community support / neutrality.
We aren't debating whether or not they ARE sexy, we're debating about the fact that none of these were specifically made with sexiness in mind. A lot of male characters have muscles, but not for the sexy factor. It's usually because of the "male power fantasy" that is so rampant in games and comics. This in direct contrast to female designs having gigantic boobs. Those are put there to be sexy, because they're only there for whoever likes to look at boobs. Take yasuo. Yasuo has muscles, but do you really think it's just because RIOT thought "gurls will love these"? Same with spirit guard udyr. Yeah he's shirtless and has muscles but it's only like that because... udyr is a strong fighter guy. He'd look odd without muscles (also he's pretty ugly tbh).
: I see your THAT kind of person huh
... wh. what kind of person? Gay? I mean yeah
: if you only could use 6 champions
{{champion:84}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:432}}{{champion:498}} {{champion:28}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Zatsukino,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=RzJqd1f3,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-10-08T01:56:00.616+0000) > > "I want big boobs xdddd" > > The old lady archetype is the only one to not be introduced in League yet. Isn't Lissandra 1000+ years old?
Oh my god. So is zoe, age doesn't dictate whether or not an archetype is fulfilled. Zoe is the carefree child archetype even though Annie is more of a child than her. In this essay, I wil
: Oh cool, another Zoe with wrinkles and plants. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Let's hope her designer is not CertainlyT
... We know who her designer is: sol crushed
: The New Colorful Mage/New champ Speculation
Its there any chance she'll be out 8.22? I'm dying waiting, and I hope she's not a jungler but I feel like she might be.
Anns (EUNE)
: Do you guys think it's gonna be another careless and childish looking champ like zoe? I don't think riot would release another champ like Zoe, but what else could ,,colorful mage" refer to? I just really wish that it was some witchy thing.
Only children can be colorful /s
: Willump is supposed to be a Yeti, a dangerous beast capable of destruction, etc. The whole theme of the champ is that this whimsical child was able to gain the friendship of such a beast, and they travel around together beating things up. The new Willump is absolutely nothing like his original theme.
He isn't "supposed" to be anything. There are no rules for designing, even redesigning, a character. He isn't even supposed to be like his og theme, that's why they're reworking him.
: I agree, and I don't think it's a good move. They're ruining the thematic of Nunu, making him a completely different champion now. Instead of a marvel of friendship between a ravenous yeti and a fun loving child, it's now just two fun loving children. If they wanted this, they could've made a new champ around this theme instead of ruining an older champion's design. :/ I've never been this upset over a champion getting a visual update before.
Dude. That's the point of visual updates. This is how it works.
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
Sayomi (EUW)
: Dawnbringer Irelia [Skin Concept]
This is really REALLY well done, but I think it could be called something else. Like twilight bringer. The particles have an aurora borealis vibe and her purple hair suggests more of a night theme (I love that though). You have no idea how much I would pay for this skin. So much... so much.
Rioter Comments
: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
Do you like borgers? I DO! 227160946986975232
: SG Diana Hell no i don't even want to think of it I just want PROJECT Diana to be a legendary skin like vayne and in the cinematic they clash with leona or she finds leona or something like that
But SG skins have the best particles! I don't really like anime aesthetic, but dang SG ezreal is good.
: "Oh s#*t! Its that annoying kid," from Rammus earned an upvote.
same. That's more words than I thought he would say in a lifetime, yet its so fitting.
KZ Engel (NA)
: literally no one cares about "tHa SEE wURd" other than the dumbass mods on this forum
Sure yeah I bet they care (especially since you called them "dumbasses"). I'd also bet that the person you called names wasn't so happy either. But you know, you can always hope that they enjoy being insulted (???). is there any situation where calling someone you don't know a C----* will end well?
: its not the same. riot goes far beyond anything i have ever seen. i have been banned from these boards 3 times. once for calling someone who was lying a liar, once for calling someone a sjw, and the last one for telling someone their father would be embarassed for what they just wrote. you think one of those is going to get me kicked out of dennys?
Yeah i don't think dennys would be too happy with that, especially if you said that to one of their loyal customers. AKA, being bully does not help riot, it does not make anyone but you feel good, so there is no reason not to punish you for it. You make other people want to leave league by insulting them, so, in fact, riot has every reason to ban you.
: Your emotions are your problem and your problem alone. You either let or do not let people effect you. That's how choice works. So if you let some League player ruin your day by them raging at you then you have bigger issues than chat. Also ... IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE TO CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS. How you react and perceive things is in your hands. Whether you would like to acknowledge that or not is neither here nor there. You are in control of what you filter out. You should always filter out anonymous people who spew trash at you. Emotional response comes from someone who you put stock in saying something whether it is little or great amounts of stock is up to you. I put ZERO stock in people on league of legends. Therefor they do not effect me in the least and my emotional response is perfectly controlled. Easy day.
"Your emotions are your problem and your problem alone" You keep preaching that other people's emotions arent your problem, yet you're TELLING THEM not to feel anger when their identities are insulted. Some words open deep wounds, and that shouldn't be any of your business right? I'm not seeing logic here
KZ Engel (NA)
: whether or not i'm punished, i don't care. what baffles me is why people care ***so much*** about words in a video game lmao i'm still gonna keep using "tha C WORD" to describe anyone unpleasant
its not secret that words have deep impact, especially when the words used target specific parts of who you are. Its not about "ur dumb" is about "you stupid *insert racial slur here*". Big difference. One IS just a word, the other is much more, insulting a part of someone that they cannot change.
berke28 (EUNE)
: Custom cursor option
They are in the process of making a whole new cursor right now! http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/05/23/league-of-legends-new-cursor/ Expect it in a month
koshkyra (NA)
: Yes please Also fix: {{champion:105}} (R) , {{champion:81}} (Q), {{champion:202}} (W,R), {{champion:64}} (Q), {{champion:101}} (literally every ability). {{champion:32}} (Q), {{champion:134}} (E). The list goes on but these are the biggest for me in addition to the ones you mentioned.
Xerath is the worst. His W and R are fine, but his Q and E are BS.
: Midlane for an immobile mage is a nightmare
we need a new chapter item that has an active that helps survive lanes like this and is viable for more mages. Building defensive is too expensive, and leaves mages without the ability to outplay at all.
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