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Montag (NA)
: What push-to-talk key do you use for voice chat?
My default in most games is left control, but due to that key already being used for quick ability level ups I would remap PTT to caps lock since I wouldn’t be typing very much if I have voice comms as an option.
Meddler (NA)
: Looking for topics for Friday's post
I am unsure how talked about this is, but I would like some discussion or clarification on what Riot Design/Balance team thinks about increasing or decreasing ranges within the same game on one champion. As Rengar's new Q is on pbe and still up for testing I am having memories of old Rengar Bonetooth Necklace. I specifically remember the changes made to Bonetooth were made to prevent killing the same target over and over again and the range increase on leap removal was backed up with the opinion that a league player should not have to learn the ranges of rengar's leap multiple times throught the game. Since Rengar's initial rework Rapidfire Cannon and Kindred Passive Rework. Both of these items changed a champion's effective (or Kindred in specific) range within the span of one game, has Riot's decision on engage range and combat range changes in game changed over time? I am not upset over the changes that have happened, just I think knowing what Riot is looking at as OFF LIMITS for a balance change or item introduction os always nice for me as I can have more realistic expectations for what is in the future of the game.
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
Hunt of the Blood Moon was one of my favorite gamemodes, but you have since removed Riven from it and replaced her with some other champions like Kennen. I would like to know if you are reconsidering the champion pool available for Hunt of the Blood Moon.
: It's a single-player tool. We've focused on something for players to practice their champion mechanics, how to jungle, etc.
Is there a possibility that these practice sessions can be spectated live? I know personally I have gone into a custom game to explain some highly practice dependent mechanics on some champions to show friends, but as this is single player - would spectating be supported?
Statikk (NA)
: Next Class Update - the Assassins
I feel that assassins with an escape mechanic and stealth detection are the unhealthy mechanics e.g. Rengar can close a pink's preemptive placement with ghostblade and ultimate faster than many champions can walk one screen's worth; Leblanc Ekko Katarina Shaco Fizz and Zed all have a clone, flash-like ability, untargetability. Zed is a good example in my eyes of a healthy assassin: delayed damage, recently balanced to reward multiple shuriken damage, and VERY obvious item counters. My curiosity is sparked with Talon and Rengar in specific due to their playstyle and kit functioning as Stealth, go in, get a kill, probably die if the team is nearby. Slowing these no escape assassin's damage makes me very worried because all they have is close range burst damage. I would love to see a major Fizz change regardless of anything you have planned: Q-dash that procs on hit effects, W-on hit damage and percent hp missing damage, E-Untargetablility with timing delay with zonyahs and slow, and R-Knock up/knockback with slow and increased damage dealt to target. It just feels revolting that Fizz can build whatever he wants and it work every time. As long as that gets addressed, I am good.


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