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: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
Release someway to counter the shield strategy please
: Why can people still Troll in Champ select and not get punished for it...
I haven't been playing nearly as long as a lot of you (*about 8 months) and 3 out of 5 games seem to have a troll. It's getting to the point where i dont even want to play. I mainly run jungle and for some reason if there is an Ekko in the group chances are he is the troll. out of the last 5 games i've played with an ekko, he always seems to enjoy stealing gromp keeping me from getting my level up and being able to take blue buff. If i'm playing adc with tahm, he loves to just swallow me or the mid and run directly into the enemies then ults out. Its incredible with all the complaints people put in about this and all the reports, rarely do i notice someone getting banned for purposefully making everyone else have a bad experience in the game. I love that this game is F2P but at the same time F2P is troll central. Something needs to be done about these players as suggested. You know when there's a troll before champ select is even over. AFKs need a bigger penalty than 30 minutes or whatever it is, they need to banned for days and if its ongoing permabanned
: No Spectating options during Bilgewater
kind of weird they remove that feature considering its still kind of new... BUMP


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