Nhifu (NA)
: Karma sucks. Noob bash champions and low elo
Uhm Soulflare 762 Magic Damage Inner Flame 879 Magic Damage
: [Gameplay] w/ pic!
Shut down gold maybe?
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: Gnar, the Missing Link, available now
: Gnar, the Missing Link, available now
RITO PLS {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: Kat spent more gold than she earned? o.o
I think that if you refund items, it still counts as gold spent?
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: she is pretty east to read though, considering that she dances when she casts spells just dodge her
You can't dodge her when someone like Ryze uses his snare on you or if she puts the ball on a Riven, Wukong, or Yasuo.
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: So what about Nunu?
I honestly think his E's base damage and ratio are very high. The cooldown shouldn't be 6 at every level.
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: Magic resist , and knowing where her ball is in teamfights helps a lot
but with enough CDR can't she move her ball around a lot with Q?
: Just because you don't know how to deal with champions doesn't make them too stron g or broken
If you're going to say that, then please explain how to deal with Orianna.
TheShinx (NA)
: Nerf Alistar.
Meanwhile Orianna 3 shots three squishies at the same time...
: Champion leak?
I just googled the image, it appears it's fanmade art...
: Nidalee is too dominant.
She can build Gauntlet and maybe BOTRK then build tanky for the rest of the game and still kill squishies 2-3 shots...
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: The Most Annoying Things...
I agree, getting snared by Morgana is pretty annoying. Also, laning against someone like Vlad or Kennen when you're melee. Or when their Udyr won't give up on chasing you.
: Just my Opinion on Garen
If you stun him right as he attacks you with Q you still get silenced. If you stun him, he still spins.
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Blondes (NA)
: I'd say she is an assassin more than a fighter.. when I think of fighter I think tanky. But maybe that's wrong..
Due to her E, she gets "tankier" the more damage she builds. EDIT: Plus, as Riven, you usually do not want to go all damage. You need sustain from something like Mallet, Warmogs, or GA so you don't get blown up instantly in teamfights.
: Is Riven an Assassion or a Fighter?
I play a lot of Riven on my main, and I'd say Riven is both... Fighters usually have more sustained damage than assassins, who have burst damage. Riven can deal very high amounts of burst damage AND sustained damage. She can easily dive into their team and delete the enemy ADC or other squishies before they can react, while still dealing large amounts of AOE damage in teamfights (if not focused and locked down) She may also be considered an assassin due to her good roaming potential and high mobility from Q and E. Most assassins go mid and most fighters go top, but Riven can go in either lane if played correctly. Again, these are just some of my views on Riven.

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