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Dellendor (EUW)
: I dont like the Nautilus changes, the shield from him is a verry importent clear source of his kit and by lowering the max HP shield about 4% of his total hp also the duration was pretty nice for one clear, I dont want to waste 2 w for one jungle camp whitch would costs 120 mana.
The issue with Nautilus is that he's a 3 role champion. buff his top-lane/jungle too much, he's dominating the support category. It's a weird kind of yin yang thing. I too wish for nautilus to be a viable pick top-lane again but it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Riven can only teamfight in two instances. 1. A god-like flank 2. Flash engages That's it. Which is why I get tilted when my team always asks me to group when I play Riven instead of waiting for me to get pressure, then roam to them for the uneven fights.
: SA Kayn played properly is probably the highest damage assassin in the game.
: Is it going to take a "Top Lane Tea Party" for Riot to even try to fix top lane?
i think {{item:3076}} shouldn't proc grievous wounds, but {{item:3075}} should be able to. it was given grievous wounds because any adc would just heal through the reflect dmg like it was nothing. a {{champion:24}} shouldn't be able to build {{item:3076}} and {{item:3047}} and completely shut down a {{champion:114}}
: The best part of all this is when people claim he's "reformed" I decided to click his stream to see if he was and first thing out of his mouth is "Maybe if this Annie turned off her monitor she would play better". To me this isn't really reformed, sure so far he isn't running it down mid like before but so far this is just turning a 180. It's only a matter of time before hes back to his usual self. Edit: And after ever kill he says "fucking bitch" really stellar reforming there.
there's a difference between BM and toxicity, he's saying it to himself and for the stream, it's not like he's telling his Annie to "kys" in the actual fucking chat like he did in the past.
tarson1s (NA)
: What about her w how is it not broken if she gets a gunblade passive in lane at level 3 or worse an exhaust or tp why shouldn't it be that her w only drops items and spells that were used tell thats not just logic so instead of blind luck winning her lane she can with outplay and using summoner spells against the user. Thats broken and should be nerfed
if anything give it a fucking charge system so she cant gunblade redemption and ghostblade away in 5 seconds
: Zoe is not broken.. She punishing bad players. her q deals high dmg only if fired from far away. Her E is slow projectile with if you step wrong you gonna get poked/killed. And her ult lock her in place for 2 sec. Only people with saying shes broken are below plat or lower. But guys you got problems with katarina and master yi. Shes easy to shut down and her spells are not that hard to dodge. Maybe try to think how to play against her rather than typing her and asking for nerf.
passive plus aery takes all the skill from zoe
: It's a delayed skill shot tho....
it's not delayed if they cast it from fog of war like Vincent did
MysterQ (NA)
: Zoe not meant to go support, good job Riot.
or go tank and 1 shot your adc
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Azadethe (NA)
: She is not OP! You just don't bother to look at what actually killed you. I've been thinking about which adc I could compare Zoe to, and I've got one: Caitlyn. Caitlyn sets up traps, sets up headshots off E, has a long range cannon, and I've actually hit 3700 hp Crit with Caitlyn's Headshot. And hers.... is on an auto attack. If you see a Zoe's Q do 3000 much less 3700, give me a pm. Her highest potential pre mitigation Q is about 2500. And, she's about to get nerfed into the ground: Reduced aoe size of E trap Reduced range after a wall of E W Summoner's only last 20 seconds on the ground, making it extremely hard for her to use out of mid lane. Q's cooldown is going to start at the end not the beginning of cast (So she's going to be a slow slug) Drowsy duration longer up to sleep for people to do more about it. Drowsy now removeable. Drowsy's slow is less, so people can do more. She's already extremely counterable, high deaths, and iffy on kills. But because low elo players don't learn from failure, she's about to be nerfed from a 47% win rate to a friggin 30% win rate.
i'd love to look at what killed me if the death recap actually SHOWED me what killed me.
: Zoe
I've seen Tank Zoe 1 shot a Caitlyn at full build. Repeat of Sunfire, Iceborn Ekko much?
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Ralanr (NA)
: No that's fine enough. I'm still going to get cheesed early though. Fucking crits.
step one pick pantheon. step two start longsword refillable step three spam Q on Tryndamere then dive him at level three with ignite
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Yenn (NA)
: My top lane is 0-8-0 and my jungle is AFK. This is not okay in ranked.
how about play your best role and dont even type. not every game is gonna be sunshine and rainbows. get over it.
: What happened to spectating Diamond games on the home page?
same, when your youtube subscription box is empty and you have a bowl of ramen in your hands. it was nice to watch high lvl spectates to learn the game more. i actually felt like i was learning stuff as i watched like lane pressure and warding spots. but now i have to go watch some clickbait stream highlight where all you see is them doing something derpy like full attack speed chogath support or something. i know theres memes saying that diamond players are trash, but for us low/average elo players. it helps us improve.
Terozu (NA)
: Tryn's Ult Length Indication.
As a tryndamere ranked otp i agree with this idea. it shows alot of counterplay to tryndamere. and when you do those risky tower dives you dont have to look down at the icon to make sure you didnt dip out to late. maybe like a red outline around him that shows that he's invulnerable or a red outline on his healthbar that glows. showing that he's unkillable. wouldnt take much effort to add
: Personally I think teams should work together but yeah, considering its norms and blind pick it is pretty annoying to have that happen and I've gotten my favorite role a lot of times because I have a really fast computer and everyone else loads slower than me.
i have a 1200$ pc but this still happens
: You do realize most are auto filled and you should just be grateful they didn't dodge or actually troll? Sure when I get auto filled I run proper support items and ward but I'd still rather have a damage dealing AP support than dodge after dodge
but isn't it annoying, that game after game. you have a feeding botlane, that lost tower early. so when you're minding your own business toplane, and see a 12/2 cait come top and take your tower.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wingman32,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dZl4KnbY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-12-18T06:43:13.856+0000) > > I'd rather have a 0/9 Blitzcrank who is tanky. Than a 0/9 Sona who isn't tanky But what if the blitz is 0/9/9 and the sona is 0/9/30?
But thats the thing, the sona isn't tanky. the blitzcrank is. sona will position like a midlaner and put her team before herself. While the blitzcrank will be on the frontline. positioning for a pick
: wait, so the pros get it wrong all the time? Except sightstone ofcourse, sightstone is good. Seems like your supports do better than you and you dont like being shown up. Ive went tanky blitz and my adc d/ced and i carried. Most kills for the most part with most assists. Complain about damage supports and youll get troll ones. Would you like to win the games easily or be hindered by a troll?
I'd rather have a 0/9 Blitzcrank who is tanky. Than a 0/9 Sona who isn't tanky
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Dynikus (NA)
: his laser doesn't go through, but it can go around.
Yes but it should go through it. Same with his Q velkoz AA and ult go through it. Thats my issue. It makes it an unreliable source of info.
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: Yes, when an enemy is strong it is usually "frustrating" for you. That word can easily be abused. But what I mean when I say frustrating is that I don't feel like I can fight back in any way, or that I could have done that better. This might be due to lack of knowledge on how to play against certain champions or how to play in certain situations. Against Miss Fortune you just don't stand behind low Health minion. Against Shaco you try to predict where he'll show up and get your teammates help to shut him down. Vision control is also essential. And against Gangplank you can kill his barrels and/or stand far enough away so he doesn't land them on you. Against Fiora I only know that I can press myself against a wall if her passive is on my side and that I can play more aggressive if it's behind me. But if I have to walk a bit further out to get a creep she will proc it and there is nothing I can do against that. I can damage her, but she'll heal back up. In the worst case she'll fight back now that she's procced her passive once. It respawns immediately. She'll get another, and then another. I can CC her, but if I only have one source of CC she will be anticipating it. So I need to stay far away and poke her if I can but then I'll lose cs. What I would like to see is for Fiora to have to make a decision when proccing her passive. A decision to possibly put herself out of position to get it. I don't feel like she has to right now. That being said, it isn't the worst thing in the game. Fiora isn't hard to deal with anymore in the mid to late game. So ~~ maybe~~ she >probably< should be allowed to be a lane bully.
I Mostly play yasuo Toplane as a counter to fiora. when my Nado is up i simply throw it in the opposite direction to make her use the W and then she's all mine for about 20 seconds
: > [{quoted}](name=Marshbouy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3zEfZgJJ,comment-id=00000001000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-26T18:03:10.578+0000) > > fucking riot said this. Thats why hes been on the rework list for years now. Are you claiming the majority of people actually think yorick is a well designed champion? > > &quot;fucking mobility, ruining league&quot; she doesnt have any cc unless she blocks yours. Maybe you should bait out her W and then CC her after she uses it? Yeah but that relies on flora doing something wrong unless your cc is like instant like rivens w. It's not consistent counter play.
Thats why its called baiting it out. You can do the same with Vladimir bait, out his Pool and he's open for Cc
: fucking riot said this. Thats why hes been on the rework list for years now. Are you claiming the majority of people actually think yorick is a well designed champion? "fucking mobility, ruining league" she doesnt have any cc unless she blocks yours. Maybe you should bait out her W and then CC her after she uses it?
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Shit? Who said this? You? And who are you? Mister community? Pls stop talk for everyone. In my opinion Fiora is shit. Old was annoying but quite beatable, because she was squishy. New one can be fat as hell and still be able to kill you without chance. Should I talk about her mobility, cc, true damage? It must be signs of good design! I'm not talking about her ability to counter her only counterplay - cc. Even Montecristo said it's stupid: "she counters her counterplay".
Actually sir, there are alot of ways to shut a fiora down, if youre playing a tank just walk away and reset her passive. bait out her parry and never stop moving. Pantheon in my opionion is one of her hardest counters. considering his passive is up alot and you cant just poke him in lane. fiora may be claimed as Op but this isnt the league of legends sub reddit i mean come on people. EVERY champion has their counters.
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: Had 75% winrate in rankeds with old Taric, he was my main support. 5th mastery. Now what? I don't like new one! He has nothing from old one. As Taric main I have to say, this rework sucks.
Well i personally love the new rework. i feel like im actually useful in a teamfight, though he is not the god support for bronze anymore he's more useful, i feel like i can actually make plays save my carries and i dont feel like im playing a point and click adventure game. I know you love taric but give it a chance, grab a friend on a com and try it out. alot more fun than the old taric in my opinion
: late game pink wards, issue
: I have the same issue and I've tried everything you have, plus the tips that the other guy gave you and I still can't get it to work :/
Mine does it rarely but it says i gotta check my internet connection when i have a fiber optic connection
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: Champion Insights: Aurelion Sol
I wonder if any of these concepts could be their own champions. Hmmmm???
: March sales schedule
Could we possibly get Week Dates as to when i can spend the measly 5 dollars to get a new champ or skin?


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