: The system with regard to support specifically just doesn't work as intended at all. It's funny, it worked OK in the first few days because people were actually using "fill", but no longer - everyone learned their lesson. Here are the problems: 1. **The "Fill" role _IS _"Support".** There is literally no difference between the two buttons. Both result in you getting Support. 2. **You cannot choose support (or fill) as your "second option".** Doing so will result in you playing your first option 0% of the time. The last 50 games I played were all support because I want to play Jungle primarily and Support secondarily. That's what I want to do, and so that's what I select, and yet I play nothing but support. **SOLUTIONS** **Solution**: _Force some weighted randomization between the roles chosen._ So if I say I want Jungle | Support, then when I do, roll an RNG that's like 60% Jungle, 40% Support. Don't tell the player which one got chosen, but if it chose Jungle, now you just sit and wait until a Jungle spot opens. This is a pretty good solution in my opinion. Wait times go up a bit, but players have an experience similar to what they would expect from your system. **Bad solution**: _Own it._ This would involve deleting "fill" as an option and making it so that if you make Support as a secondary or primary option, you can not select any other options. Basically this would be Riot essentially admitting that no one wants to play Support. **Solution**: _Provide IP rewards for playing roles that are less popular._ This is also kind of bad because you're similarly acknowledging that you have roles that people don't want to play, but it might be a good stop-gap for the next thing. **Great, hard solution**: _Make support something people actually want to play._ This would be a huge project, but I would say you can start by deleting all of this extra fanfare regarding getting kills. Delete the "multi kill" shit. When you have this giant banner that comes on the screen saying PENTAKILL, it sends a clear signal that the game is really all about getting kills. In fact, it is not about getting kills at all. The team with fewer kills can and sometimes does win. So by putting focus on kills - something support shouldn't be doing - you're basically telling your audience that support is a lame role to play. I feel pretty confident that Riot will do something about this - it's pretty obviously not working properly - but looking forward to seeing what they specifically do.
Along with that weighted randomization, there's a couple other sub-solutions you could build in, such as: 1. After 3-5 minutes, start deprioritizing the primary role. 2. After same amount of time, give player option to deprioritize role (better but clunkier). Either way, I'm usually queueing top/supp or bot/supp, but while I get tired of always getting supp, a five-minute wait for top/bot is just too long for my tastes—I'd gladly play supp if the system truly can't find me a top or bot game.
vxepic (NA)
: So...wait, you get rid of DFG to "take the edge off AP assassins", and because "it was unfair". Now you add Duskblade to AD assassins because "they need love". Yes, that makes sense.
Duskblade has pretty clear weaknesses, most notably the fact that the passive is not an active. You have to use it properly. DFG was 'press 2 to delete'. If, however, AP assassins need a little love (I have no clue, I don't play AP assassins), maybe they can bring back DFG but with similar tweaks. (They did it with Executioner's Calling, and Haunting Guise could use something else to build into...)
: But first, there needs to be an added button during selection/bans: Position Swap Sometimes people do swap positions legitimately, and there needs to be something in place that won't punish that.
You'd think a hypothetical system could detect that, but OTOH then maybe it wouldn't flag cases where somebody was a good sport and took the position the turdbaby left open. So yeah, that'd be a good idea.
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: new report option: not taking assigned role
I suspect that once Riot gets in a good bit of initial data this will be something that gets flagged automatically like LeaverBuster.
: TL:DR, turn out over half the champs can use this bug so they disable Ranked.
It was all of them, as you could do it with Tiamat/Hydra.
: I rate this post 5/7
: Each category is treated specifically. The very first graph says it all vis-a-vis your question. You can simply overlay that first graph over the others. Keep in mind also that that first graph is also a complete trend over all players at all levels. Even though numbers for placement might give some insight it's a lot less demonstrative of utility overall since the timing, and judgement in usage isn't observable from numbers. The **information you mention is already there in the post game stats **complete with a map showing all ward placements (although no time stamps-meh)
The first graph is wards bought, not wards placed. Since wards bought doesn't count Sightstone, and since you can't buy wards placed via trinket, it seems reasonable to conclude that trinket wards are not counted in the wards bought graphs. The trinket graphs show what percentage of the playerbase ends the game with which trinket. It has nothing to do with wards placed. Neither graph says anything vis-a-vis my question. I don't actually understand what you're saying in the second paragraph, and the third is irrelevant to my question—I'm asking about playerbase overall stats, not the stats for one game.
: they're not removing trinkets though
I would have liked to know whether trinket wards counted towards wards purchased. My gut says if Sightstone didn't, yellow trinket didn't either. Also would have been nice to see wards placed instead of simply wards bought.
Totalis (NA)
: Really? if anything I think it's them trying to explain the decision to remove stealth wards from the game, because, as they mentioned above 64% of people never bought a ward, and it's not even until you get to master tier where the avg amount of stealth wards purchased is greater than 2! Because no one was buying wards anyway, why not just get rid of the item and give players ways to ward that they will actually use?
It does explain why IMO, but if they were *trying* to explain it in this post, it wouldn't have ended with "buy more stealth wards."
: You basically summed up why I don't play ranked anymore. It's not a good representation of my skill because I stomp whenever I play ADC, but my team can't follow up worth shit. So it's a lose lose. I don't get any better at the game because I'm not challenged, but I'm not climbing because all it takes is one moron that doesn't know to teamfight. Luckily, I've gotten myself to a point where I'm getting matched up with high silvers and low golds (the occasional plat and diamond player when Riot's matchmaking goes full MacIntosh), but I feel sufficiently challenged. It shows a pretty sad state of affairs of Riot's ranked system when I'm going to fucking normals to find people on my actual skill level, and to have a proper challenge.
If you played Ranked as much as normals, wouldn't your MMR put you in the same spot your normals MMR is at now? Not trying to be a smartass, but what's so terribly different about Ranked MMR vs Normals?
: It's to improve player skill. Only people who can successfully and continuously last hit the Nexus deserve its gold.
Ability to last-hit the Nexus distinguishes the good LoL players from the great ones.
: psuedo-random RNG is how DotA2 keeps crit balanced as well, by guaranteeing you crit at least 20% of the time if you have 20% crit. The randomness comes from when you don't get enough attacks to balance out your crit chance. I think it's a pretty smart change, because it makes it easier to predict when crits are coming and when you're at highest chance of being crit.
I agree. I wonder if Riot would consider something like reducing crit damage instead of chance if crits end up being overbearing in the new season.
: Fix the issue of RNG by giving you so much critrate that it's not RNG anymore :D
You laugh, but that's pretty much why they did it. From http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/IEu6YEVu-the-preseasoning-day-2-open-forum-vision-starting-items-rift-herald-etc?comment=00060001 > For the crit specifically, the more closely your crit chance approaches 50%, the fewer attacks it takes for crits to average out (this is helped along considerably by some under-the-hood magic we do - crit isn't quite true RNG). Basically, increasing the crit chance to 20% actually makes combat less RNG-driven for fighters. We're aiming to have at least 20% crit on anything bigger than a Brawler's Glove that has crit on it in the first place.
: That notification was really only for disciplinary actions, so most people won't get too many of those notifications before they get banned from boards entirely. My guess is that it will show up only when it actually has an unread notification.
Maybe both functions were rolled into one place with the Boards rework? There was never any real need for them to be separate.
: Was anyone else a bit annoyed by {{champion:236}} and his interaction with Senna this chapter? I mean, he and Senna were both hardened members, some of the few members left, of their order. They fought with each other side by side, and not only does Lucian buckle with the simplest of possible prodding by Thresh, but then we see Senna call out to him as he's overcome and at his final moments, beautiful and gentle, reach out to support him and shelter him. That...that actually felt kind of tropey and ill-fitting to me. I mean again, Senna fought the undead, facing "terror that would break most warriors" for years by Lucian's side. We know from the lore that she was filled with unwavering dedication to the order and him with warmth, and she just saw him give up the fight over what's actively and continuously happening _ to her_. I honestly expected Senna to say something more along the lines of, "Lucian! Never surrender to the darkness! Pull yourself together and fight!" Instead of, "Lucian...my love...let me be your shield." I mean there's a strong angle there for her to evoke her eternal dedication to their order and them here and again fighting side by side, but it's left by the wayside in favor of what feels like a generic representation of a damsel supporting the hero with her heart. The trope itself is not bad, but I don't understand why you'd go that route with these characters when they, by virtue of their lore, already have a stronger angle present. Similarly, both Miss Fortune and Lucian have an identical arc. We have these champions who go in and fight, they get beaten down, and then external forces come up and bail them out just on time, giving them the opportunity to get in a decisive hit in the end so they can claim victory. It's not a bad story device, but it undercuts their own prowess as champions. I got the feeling, rather, that they were characters on their way to becoming champions and this was part of that arc, the beginnings of their legends. The only character I felt was already a force, fully a champion already in their own right and not on their way to become one was Olaf. And then Lucian seemed to reverse any potential for growth he showed. At the beginning he was so focused on his loss and his pain that it nearly undid him in battle. At the end he's so focused on his loss and personal pain that he ignores the good he could do in Bilgewater, good in line with his order, considering The Harrowing comes for it every year. We have that point in the middle where it seems like he might pull himself together and take steps to become something more, but, sadly, all we got was Senna being the shield that allowed him to continue on as he was without change. All in all, it was enjoyable if I imagined it as the start of something and ignored all the lore, the new lore, that already had things in a position to be beyond their beginnings. I'm cautiously interested to see what comes next.
> And then Lucian seemed to reverse any potential for growth he showed. At the beginning he was so focused on his loss and his pain that it nearly undid him in battle. At the end he's so focused on his loss and personal pain that he ignores the good he could do in Bilgewater, good in line with his order, considering The Harrowing comes for it every year. In his introduction on day 1, Lucian was unfocused by his grief, stumbling around in the dark, but in his fight with Thresh he became focused in that grief. Instead of having one final mission (killing Thresh) before he loses all purpose, he now sees resolution to his pain and a catharsis to his emotional imbalance. I think being able to send Senna out on his own terms, rather than Thresh's, will be the difference in Lucian's renewed efforts, and is the thing that will allow him to be rehabilitated instead of remaining broken forever. I also think that, tropes aside, this made sense for Lucian's character. He was facing his arch-nemesis—the one he couldn't defeat when he had Senna at his side and not her memory clouding his thoughts and emotions. Of course he'll be weak against Thresh, and that's what makes it dramatic. It's not dramatic if he clearly outstrips his opponent. (Also I can't wait to see ~~Hercules enter Hades~~ Lucian go to the Shadow Isles. That's straight-up mythological right there.) I also don't have too many problems with Miss Fortune's handling, as it again makes sense that she wouldn't be *super*-capable in fighting undead. (Plus also Riot needed to introduce Illaoi.) It also doesn't take away from their legendary statuses. MF is already a legendary pirate hunter; she just has a hard time against undead. FWIW she did far more against them than most Bilgewater citizens could even dream, making her part in the fight, while still requiring Illaoi's help, legendary. Finally, remember that Thresh and Hecarim are Legends in their own right, so it makes sense that they would evenly match Lucian and MF. Further, the Harrowing is their turf. They have the home team advantage. It's not bad that our good guys are outmatched—you could even say it was a *harrowing* experience for them.
Slaskio (NA)
: So.... Obviously we all want to know what a Poro turns into when it gets warped by the void..
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: Chat restriction reset in the new season?
IIRC Lyte has said that if you are consistent in being good, the system will gradually promote you back to clean slate. I don't think that it's tied to season start, but you should move back to good standing eventually.
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: Sona - A tiny little request to re-imburse her with something small she had pre-rework
: Not too sure about the last rhyme with grin and again. But I will upvote so Rito see this. RITO NOTICE THIS!
Maybe: "And walking as one Kindred, the hunt again begin"?
Zhire (NA)
: Let's not limit it to Homeguards. How about he will run on all four anytime he have over a certain amount of MS? Similar to Master Yi.
I believe that is how it already works, though I could be wrong. AFAIK Homeguards just add the "blaze" particle, and the custom animation is their default one for that MS.
: the reason for toxicity is honestly incredibly simple; if you don't like someone, you're fucking stuck with them for like 30 minutes or more. call of duty, halo, whatever the crap console game you want to play; you can literally just leave with hardly any repercussion, as a result, there is literally 0% shit talking and raging in my games when i play simple stuff like FPSs (my experience, but totally honest)
I mean, counterpoint, my LoL experience is mostly positive, but I have to mute all mics whenever I'm playing CoD (though Halo and Destiny are far better chat-wise).
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Scribbs (OCE)
: We have 45 Teemo mains admitting to it so far...
True Teemo mains vote that the post is accurate. Hup two three four!
Ralanr (NA)
: Magic: The gathering. Yes I am a nerd and they don't due philosophical ideals justice, but they are interesting topic starters in my mind.
I'll hafta look this up—it sounds quite interesting.
: I kinda feel like you could use{{champion:92}} and {{champion:14}} as examples of the two utmost extremes of what Noxian philosophy represents. {{champion:92}} : Is the utmost example of Noxus' "softer" side. Strength is a mark of pride and responsibility, only meant to be wielded against others of equal or greater strength or when one needs to defend themselves against aggression. The weak are something that must be molded and guided but never abused as bullying the weak is a sign of weakness itself. In turn the weak either become strong as well or peacefully stay out of the strong's way. {{champion:14}} : One of his lines sums it all up. "Slay the strong, TRAMPLE THE WEAK!" If you don't meet a certain baseline of strength, then you don't deserve to exist and the strong will take care of that just by existing around you and wiping you out in the course of their duties. It doesn't matter if you resist or if you run, eventually, you will be tried, you will be tested and on that day you will either live as a strong warrior... or die whimpering like a coward.
: {{champion:150}} vs Any top laner
darkdill (NA)
: List some "You can't win" matchups
Ralanr (NA)
: From what I gather when I look at Noxus's "The strong rule above all" philosophy, I see the magic colors black, green, and a smudge of white. Black: Noxus is nothing if not pragmatic and amoral. They do not bind themselves to any ethical code beyond "strength above all". This means Noxus is willing to allow people to rise through the ranks by merit of accomplishment rather than birth. {{champion:50}} is the best example of this, he was nothing and now he's the leader of Noxus. No one knows anything about his past, and while they may be suspicious of his crow and magical abilities, his results are good enough to let him take hold of command. Green: {{champion:122}} became captain after executing his cowardly leading officer and leading a charge to gain victory in a losing battle. He was nothing more than a street urchin with only a little brother as family. Now he's one of the highest ranking members of Noxus due to his determination and Noxus's acceptance of the strong over the weak. He is the best embodiment of green for Noxus, at least over Swain (though to be honest, both Swain and Darius are Black/Green). White:{{champion:55}}, "Blood for Noxus" Katarina is born from the noble class, but rather than benefits of such birth she had responsibilities. Only the strong can rule in Noxus, only the strong push Noxus forward. Her backstory showcased the mistake of putting individual desires over professionalism, killing a high ranking demacian commander instead of the captain she was ordered to kill. Doing so lead to the deaths of many noxians, a failure she made quick to fix by killing her target while she had the disadvantage. Which is where she got her scar. That day she learned that Noxus comes first and her personal desires come second, she doesn't shed blood for herself but for Noxus and Noxus alone. Noxus values the strong so much that they will accept it from anyone. Whether you had no name like {{champion:50}}, were an orphan like {{champion:122}}, or born of nobility like {{champion:55}}. There are no free rides in Noxus, you do or you die. That is the good of Noxus. They will accept you as long as you prove yourself. Demacia on the other hand is less forgiving, focusing more on honor as we have seen from {{champion:114}}'s new lore. While Noxus is Black/Green/White, Demacia is White/Blue/Red. If I had to pick champions from Demaica to best represent those colors, I'd pick {{champion:114}} or {{champion:5}} for white, {{champion:59}} or {{champion:133}} for blue, and {{champion:86}} for red. I don't consider {{champion:10}} as a part of Demacia yet, I'm waiting for how Riot molds her into the faction.
Where do these colors come from?
: There isn't currently any ETA on when that functionality will return.
That's unfortunate to hear, but thank you for responding. I know I've made threads about this in the past and it's nice to know that you're aware of it, even if it's on the back burner.
: That's a very basic function, how did you guys manage to screw THAT up? I am kind of impressed. Any news on how long this will take to fix?
Be fair, I doubt the mods are the coders, but anyway, yeah, that's really basic and oughtta be fixed.
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: Guys, I don't have the Deep Terror Nami skin. Buy that for me. And by "buy that", I mean buy Riot Games and make them create it XD Grats Villain :3
Also we need Laughing Tahm Kench.
: One thing i feel Sona players always forget, is that Sona's Q does NOT merely deal 40 damage. It HAS the potential to deal up to 80+40 damage AT LVL 1 if your ADC is near you! Same with the heal, it does NOT only heal 30 and shield 35. It CAN heal for 60, and shield for 70. THESE numbers are why Riot has to be very, very careful about how they buff her numbers. Not because of what she can do on her own, or to with one ally, but because of what she does when her entire team is around. I find it strange that everyone hates the current Sona; I for one love her current gameplay, from start to finish. I agree that she is too weak, especially early, and when taken as a support in many ways. But as someone who plays and enjoys Sona mid in the role of a Team-Oriented Utility Mage (which is something only her can currently, truly, and efficiently do). If they buff her scalings, I will keep taking her mid and wreck people, because with her current scalings i can already deal with most of the mid laners in the game (Silver elo, sure but i never cared about climbing). Because through building straight AP, her E becomes a low CD Talisman active. Her W becomes a stronger Locket active. Her Q becomes a one-shot damage buff that is not to be ignored when applied to her whole team, perhaps spread about, but still potent. I get that a lot of people want Sona Support to be a thing again, to at least be viable, and for that she mostly needs base stat and/or slight spell base buffs, or Aura range buffs. If Riot gives these to her, fine. I for one will never play Sona Support again.
This is true. Perhaps if there is only one champion to "target", the active effect could be bumped up by 50-100%? So, the W heal if there is only one champion that can benefit heals for 45-60 but still only shields for 35. This would be because a champion could conceivably enter the aura and gain the shield after the heal had been applied.
Pika310 (NA)
: The State of Sona: mk 2
Kinda jumping in here. I think it's important that Sona be "the easy support" like Garen is "the easy bruiser", so I would oppose complex interactions like Emmy Chaos suggests. That said, I think Sona is in a good place, but I'm also in Bronze, where champion strength means nothing if you know how to play the champion. In other words, my opinion that she's in a good place is worthless. However, I miss the 7s CDs on all QWE. There was a rhythm to playing old Sona that just isn't there anymore. Personally,\* I'd love it if Riot would bring it back down to that (or even 8s like current Q) and normalize everything so there is the same damage/heal/movespeed per second. So, e.g. 1pt in W would become 21 (+14% AP) (from 30+20%AP) base heal with a 24.5 (+14% AP) (from 35+20%AP) shield every 7 seconds (from 10s). \*This is my personal wish and does not have to invalidate your own personal wishes. I realize I am in Bronze and Sona faces different challenges in higher ELOs.
: voted no cus for teemo {{champion:17}} is love,{{champion:17}} is life
OneMoMan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HealbotSugadaddy,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=h4I0xUOh,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-06T09:39:40.587+0000) > > Had an extremely toxic player in ranked. "I'm afk", "I'm going to intentionally feed to make sure you lose", the works. After the game we reported him, and maybe 5 min later we both got the notification that a player had been punished due to our reports being the final straw. > > That feeling. Thanks Riot. Wait, that's a thing that happens? I never get a report like this, and I've reported a bunch of toxic players...
It's probably part of the new "AFKBuster" (not official name) they put in place a week or two ago.
MacDeath (EUW)
: Played {{champion:119}} for the first time (I sucked with adc's). Laned against Janna and more experienced Draven. I was like: ok I'm totally get blamed this game just make it fast >_< My Support {{champion:412}} beat the shit out of them (hook-lantern stuff etc) and I was like 7/1/2 after enemy-Akali roaming bot-lane. Got a quadra kill at the end of the game and I was like {{champion:33}} Had no clue how to thank that Thresh proberly for that amazing experience :X
> [{quoted}](name=Mr MacDeath,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=3oXMROO1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-10-05T14:25:57.392+0000) > > Had no clue how to thank that Thresh proberly for that amazing experience :X I wish the client would let us gift 10-20 RP as thanks. I'd do it way more often.
: Same answer every time. Blocking blocked players from joining your games allows for manipulation of matchmaking. Think of it: you could block every Veigar main you come across and eventually you'd be able to not ever play against a good Veigar until he falls out of favor (I chose Veigar as an example because he's being complained about atm). In the highest and lowest mmr's this feature would also makes matchmaking nearly impossible, since there are so little people in those positions in the first place, and finding 10 of them in the same region queued for a game at the same time is hard enough as it is.
What if blocks only lasted for 12 hours or so? There would still be a small potential for ELO boosting by selective blocking, especially at higher levels, but it would seem like that would be easy to detect if it's a regular occurrence. Also, IDK how it is for the rest of y'all, but I can barely someone I played with last game, let alone last night, so if I want to ban someone, I don't care if it's for much longer than even 3 hours. I just don't want to play the next game or two with them.
Lyte (NA)
: You're reported in about 4% of games, which is pretty awesome because most of the reports are false reports and don't even count against your account. The average player is reported in about 1-5% of games for reference.
Would you ever consider putting up a way for us to check this ourselves? Maybe a "reported" number next to the honor in our profiles (maybe private though) or a way on leagueoflegends.com to see how toxic the rest of the community thinks we are? I know that I would try harder to be less toxic if I thought/knew that the community thinks I'm awful. Also how am I doing, if it's OK to ask?
: It's Lyte on the boards! http://static2.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/1551/15516851/2941762-lfs11.png I'm just gonna stick around and see what the toxic players have to say to him :3 http://static2.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/1551/15516851/2941774-lfs23.png
Lol, I upvoted the thread and it went from 4 upvotes to 1. http://zippy.gfycat.com/RegularSevereAffenpinscher.gif
: But should she be a tank buster? Thematically she's all about her loathing of "black magic". Why isn't she a counter-mage sort? She's very assassin-resistant and good at peeling for herself, making her very self-sufficient, but why does her passive obliterate tanks? Does she have some sort of grudge against Garen or are top laners just inherantly evil?
Supports and junglers can also be tanks, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, the reason she will always be a tank buster is because that's her gameplay identity, and Riot is committed to not screwing with those too heavily when they do reworks.
: all they have to do to vayne is not allow it to proc on the same target multiple times without some form of CD attached to it. similar to skarner stun, cant do it again for several more seconds.
Meh, that defeats the purpose of being a tank buster IMO. Far better to do as OP suggests, or to make it physical or magic damage so it can be itemized against beyond Randuin's or Frozen Heart, or even doing %bonus HP instead of %max HP, which would solidify her as "the tank buster".
: B-b-but according to riot, a very VERY small minority is toxic, and the only reason we see otherwise is because we are toxic and therefore see the world more negatively!
To be fair, if 5% of the playerbase is toxic, that's 1 in 20, which is one person every 2.2 games\* that will probably be toxic. Hopefully Riot's continuing emphasis on reforming/removing such players will make that number go down even further. \* Not one person every 2 games, because you are one of the ten people that play every game, but you aren't toxic. Right? RIGHT?!
Mimy (NA)
: Yea that's why I play team builder. I'm a weirdo who plays botlane. (You know cuz they're always looking for botlanes) Team builder is especially fun full of friends! :) More friends = Less Toxicity. Riot is currently making a team builder draft. Let's see how that goes. I'll play it when it comes out! Hopefully if it does good, riot MIGHT make a team builder ranked. :)
Same here! I'm a support main but I picked up Lucian when PROJECT happened and I've never had to wait more than 15 seconds to find a game. Everyone's super friendly too. I can't wait to finally try Ranked next year if they're bringing Team Builder to it.
: haha thats not a bug thats some developer not understanding what the boss was wanting xD anywa this will be interesting to see his winrate after this..
When the tooltip says one thing And the ability does another That's not miscommunication It's a bug.
: I actually want Vayne to be nerfed, but...
It'd be cool if Boards had a tag feature that let you tag champs, roles, etc. when you create a post, and then users could pick some as favorites or block others. If I never saw a Vayne qq thread again it would be too soon, but there's gotta be at least one other guy on here that has deep thoughts about Braum.
: "We want to promote Strategic Diversity this season!"- Riot Balance Team
The best of all the samey ADCs keep getting picked? That's not a strategic diversity problem, that's a marksman problem, and Riot's addressing it. Thresh Blitz Braum Leona continue to be really good supports, but so are Morg, Lulu, Janna, Annie, and Alistar, and there are others besides that still aren't too shabby. Jungling, meanwhile has gone from "League of Lee Sin" to "WTF Nautilus too stronk" too "yay Rito disabled Devourer". Top lane finally got rid of the ranged meta that was super dominant at the beginning of the year, with juggernauts now favored but ranged more balanced than pushed out. Mid does whatever mid does, it's the one position I can't play so whatever. Sure, "strategic diversity" hasn't been quite the panacea it was cracked up to be, but let's not say it was a total failure just cuz Vayne and Thresh still get picked a lot.
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