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: i had the same issue, the answer they give me was that how flex works: whatever u win or lose all of ur 10 placement games, u will be placed depending of ur rank at the beginning of season 2016. So me by example, i started s2, i climb to plat5 this season. I won 12 of my 15 flex rank games = back to s1 , i was gold 3 in flex before the 1 game that i won today.
That still doesn't wok for me due to the fact that I was S1 at the beginning of 2016. I went up and down with LP, got into gold, then settled at G5 by the end. I did my flex placements, went 8-2 and got G4. I thought that it was weird and should have been placed in mid silver if they were moving everyone down, but was happy. I don't see any reason to drop 2 whole levels based on 1 game. If it would have put me at S3 or something I would have been a little upset, but thought it was "fair" even though I did extremely well facing diamonds and plats.
: New Flex Queue is now broken the other way. (was too high, now way too low.).
I just posted about this as well. 13-2 Gold 2 with 72 LP yesterday, 1 loss Bronze 1 today. There is no way that is a fair deal. I thought I might be placed in gold 5 or Silver 1 (which I was not happy about mind you), but at least it was a small knock for a 1 game loss. Not 2 whole divisions. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: A little forethought usually doesn't hurt anyone
I agree. However, it was a very nice feature when it was around. .... at least for people like me who impulse buy on things like what the other champ colors are lol.
: Agreed! We're looking forward to bringing this back in the new client :)
Thank you for the reply. I have never really posted before and I am glad to see even a low upvoted thread is seen by riot. :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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