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: i've been saying this today as well... if your team is behind, the entire enemy team is going to come botlane first because it's easy pickins. A smooth doublekill on two underleveled players, conveniently right by drake! plus the added bonus of the alcove making these plays even easier to execute. seriously what the hell. bot lane is not fun to play. top lane doesn't seem fun either. seems like 'if you are not a roaming assassin/mage then screw your experience' to me. being support is the real struggle though. enchanter supps are a dying class. they can't cs or defend themselves. they can't roam because they have no dashes or whatever to get out safely. the power creep with all these new champs is thinning the roster and diversity heavily. Every game feels the same because it's always the same champs getting locked in.
Yea I was playing supp, we destroyed our lane but that didn't matter in the grand scheme of things as the top lane was extremely far ahead in levels and gold. We still won the game but that was only because we had fed mid and jungle building Sanguine blades...
: gold never changed, if you're still behind that means you just arent farming well or are just flat out outplayed. xp nerfs were likely due to the drake changes, so you dont get them too early.
There are multiple champs who can solo drag the second it spawns... Edit: as for gold, I can see your point. There was a darius top who was out rotating and quite frankly, doing the darius thnig were he dunks the whole team repeatedly. We destroyed lane but that did not matter in the grand scheme of things as the rest of the players in the game were 4-5 levels ahead at the time as well as a full item or even 2. I was playing support, gold generation on support is ass now so I just felt like a walking ward or a hyena scavenging for any little morsel I could find. Just not a fun experience all around.
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: Insane queue times. Am I bugged or is it this bad?
It's just that bad. I have a 22 hour queue. The only problem is the launcher doesn't know how to count so you usually have to double the time to get the actual queue time. Had a "30 min" queue the other day that took 2 and a half hours.
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: > [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VMdqBnsf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-18T04:47:41.548+0000) > > You said that backwards The last tick of braum passive acrivated brittle. Since its your stun its your brittle damage. > > Working as intended. Hey, man, he said don't quote him on that.
it's true. I got the basic concept of it. lul
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: Rakan's voice is... not what I expected.
Kinda reminds me of Handsome Jack from borderlands in a weird way.
: They are a lot for a reason. Power picks are too many, IMO.
Yea but having too many bans will make it so those champs will never appear and if that is the case they may as well just perma ban the champs. I want to play those champs a couple of times if they get through. It is this awkward scenario where 20 bans is way too many and could take forever. The problem arises when you don't have enough bans as well. If you don't have enough bans then you obviously get the op champs every game. 10 bans is probably best. EDIT: People that for some reason have also never played URF before may want to play the perma ban champs as well. So having 10 is enough to where enough of the super op picks are banned but some of the fun ones get through. 20 could possibly take way too long in the banning phase If you have 20 bans at say an average of 20 seconds each. Then you spend 400 seconds just banning. A little over 6 minutes. Then you add on pick phase which is around 45 seconds then you end up having over 7 minutes in lobby. At the same time these numbers will obviously go down as people figure out what they want to play and ban before they even play. This is just on the high end, being almost dramatic really.
: Too Many Chests, No Keys!
I have 14 chests and 0 keys. Feelsbadman
: Maybe, with something like 2-3 bans per player (20-30 in total). Everyone bans at the same time and have 15-20 seconds for that, so it does not take forever. This way we will not see the same 15 OP champs every game. Or, nemesis URF.
That's a lot of bans. Too many if you ask me. I would say 1 per player. Just to get the overpicked champions out of the way, like, Wukong, Evelynn, Syndra... etc. I just want one weekend where I can pick my champion. Of course Riot probably won't do this and will probably just release "Random" urf again. But... Hey, we tried.
MaeDoSan (NA)
: with straight up 10 bans before you get to pick would be great
I would have to agree, 10 bans would be enough to get rid of the over played people, such as fiora, eve, ect.
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Sedonis (NA)
: Nothing on there worked, I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall. I haven't gone into game yet to see if it works. I will post again if I run into another issue.
After all these bugs and after installing the client, I had to delete the leagueclient.exe (Beta Client) in the league of legends directory and then upgrade the client in order for the new client to actually patch into the old client.
Kürama (NA)
: Refer to tasks #3 & 4 in the [Bug & Crash Exterminator.]( Kha’Zix and Elise won’t know what hit ‘em. If you experience issues after performing these steps, please let us know.
Nothing on there worked, I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall. I haven't gone into game yet to see if it works. I will post again if I run into another issue.
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Serber (NA)
: A statement to Riot Games
I miss the days where outplays were actually skilled and quick reaction times instead of these, "Can I burst you before you burst me"
: I can't be the only one noticing this!
I was literally going to post this today, but then I saw the thread. Lmao
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: Zombie Ryze is awful
That's a zombie? Just looks like ryze was held in bleach for a few days so hes pale. How is that a zombie, he is literally just a pale blue with no rotting skin. How does chains symbolize he is a zombie? He could be a crazed maniac for all we know. If he wasn't named zombie ryze what would this skin even be called. Chances are any name is better than zombie because he certainly isn't one.
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: A champion should NEVER be made more clunky/less satisfying to play (Regarding Viktor's PBE changes)
OOP This champion has seen too much pro play. "Fuck you Too much wave clear, we want more LC$PROPLAY$. Qss change incoming. Moar zed pl0x. No moar vikt0r burst pls." Riot please. For the love of EVERYTHING HOLY, listen to your community. One time. One time, please.
: viktor changes are awful
I have 44k points on viktor. I absolutely love how he feels mechanically. He is quite weak right now. I absolutely hate the changes. I wish they would just buff him up and leave him. If these changes go through im going to be pissed.
Wuks (NA)
: Here are the icons that were made available in commemoration of Draaaaaven Day 2016:
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: Do some people miss season 5?
I miss season 3-4.... Everything was so close to perfectly balanced and the player base was so much less toxic. And Riot actually listened to people. Now were stuck with whatever riot feels like doing. Which at this point, nobody knows. "Lets release this op thing" Then the community responds with "No pls" and riot is basically just like, "Screw you were releasing this."
Surge06 (EUW)
: {{champion:75}} Every time he stacks off a champion, he should say "boop" {{champion:420}} Should occasionally say "oops" when a tentacle kills a vesseled champion. {{champion:245}} Should say "bonk" if he whacks someone with his chrono stick. More champions should have silly stuff like Sol going "boop". It's fun. At 23 seconds, that is the sound ekko needs.
: Raise the true damage on Ignite.
The Thread now has 420 upvotes. Mission accomplished.
: Stop making urf threads to farm upvotes
Then stop making these threads to farm downvotes. :3
Gengar (NA)
People wait all year for this and go to work and/or school. People even take work off to play URF. This year were just stuck with stupid skins, draven crap that half the community doesn't care about, and an angry fanbase. This just seems like massive disrespect. It's like a tradition. Every year there has been URF related and the past 2 years have been the gamemode. It just seems as though they are just killing the tradition right here and now. Quite a dumb move in my opinion. Our only hope is for some reason they pull URF out of their ass and it releases tomorrow.
: Did you happen to miss the multi part story that introduced a new champion during Harrowing? And the casters are doing a special event today as well
Oh my bad, didn't notice. And honestly, half the community doesn't really care about lore or stories. Ill edit the stream part out though. Didn't notice, that's my bad.
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Gengar (NA)
I'm honestly super annoyed and disappointed. They released skins that aren't even that good and there isn't even ONE gamemode to play. Last year there was URF, amazing skins, the best login screen ever, (In my opinion) and hell, they even had an URF Invitational. This year is a huge stepback from last year... Way to go riot. Way to let down your fans even more.
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: When Hextech crate gives you a legacy skin for free
I got Angler Jax. Legacy Skins ftw
: Although funny a lot of the "reasons" and justifications they give in the notes tend to be pretty horrid. They have a habit of making problems out of nothing, not properly explaining why their nerfing in a certain direction, or hitting some light offending champions while blatantly ignoring others who are far worse at committing the offence.
I was just asking a question? If the question is already answered then what is your point in being here? I did indeed read the patch notes though.
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Jack º (NA)
: his q is annoyingly better poke then most mages... I agree, I feel like they should nerf q but buff e so its more appealing and we aren't just ruining zed
Honestly they should do something about both... Zed's E is mainly for slowing people down to land your double Q combo. It should be dealt with to just be a utility. A mass AOE Slow should not do over a quarter of an adc's health with the click of a button. Im tier 5 zed and I agree that zed is not fair at the moment. I refuse to play him because hes that broken.
: yeh but the thing is, xin isn't doing anywhere near 1k damage per auto, with that build, he's doing somewhere from 300-400 damage an auto(Im too lazy to actually add it all up, but that's still being generous) damage BEFORE resistances apply, assuming he does 400 damage an auto thats 60 healing, with spirit visage it's 72, 72 is nowhere near 220, xin zhao is unbalanced but your scenario is a blatant lie
Its not? lol. It was AT LEAST 150 healing per auto. Also take into account ability procs for spell vamp and the mastery that increases damage if they have movement impaired also the mastery that increases healing by 8%. If you care so much about this yourself then please continue to argue, I'm done talking to you. Please try this build for yourself in a coop vs ai or something. Then get back to me. Good day sir.
: spirit visage increases healing by 20% even if you're doing 1k damage(and this is a blatant exaggeration) you would still only be healing for 180 each auto, and that assuming that the enemy has no armor or mr
Also notice, I did say "about"
: how da faq is he healing 250 every auto, gunblade only heals for 15% damage dealt, down to 5% on aoe
Spirit visage, he had the mastery to increase damage every auto. (More damage, more healing) and the mastery in the defense tree that increases healing. If that doesn't answer it. Ask riot not me. At the end of a 35 minute game. He had done about 30k healing. Ummm...?
I played against a xin yesterday, he built {{item:3146}} {{item:3931}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3111}} He healed about 250 damage every auto with above 2 attack speed. He healed for about 400+ on the third auto. He didn't take any damage because he was tanky. He could literally 1v4 or even 1v5. He won every single time.
: i love how riot had to buff {{champion:5}} (who has fine) now if he maxes w he does stupid amounts of damage. the balance seems to have gone down hill since the juggernauts.
I played against a xin that built, boots, guinsoos, hextech, devourer, GA, and spirit visage. He healed 200-300 damage every auto, then about 400+ on the third auto. He also was super tanky so any damage that the WHOLE team managed to do to him was immediately healed back...
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