: Buddy if you're getting bullied you need to know it's not cause you're straight, it's probably cause you're a twat. Get the fuck outta here with your straight pride shit. Signed, A straight white guy.
>A straight white guy telling a gay white guy to fuck off with his support of straight peoples pride alongside his own because he can relate to feeling left out when he was a straight person. I guess i'll forgive that oversight since I didn't make it clear. Wow, well, sheesh. I guess I will just take back my points because you're straight. Forgot that you were the moral orbiter of that. Ha, jeez. No really, stop demonstrating my point. You are gaslighting because you don't want to accept that everyone is treated unfairly, its just the numbers change. That doesn't make it not an issue. To diversify issues and pretend one matters more than all of them as a whole leads to an imbalance which makes others feel as if their problems are being ignored.
Cetri (NA)
: The problems of LGBT+ people are more important than problems that _literally do not exist_, yeah.
Imagine sticking your foot into a bear-trap and wondering how it caught you.
YlemXyz (NA)
: What is Riot going to do for the Christian customers who don't believe in these sorts of things?
Tell them they're bigoted for having their own personal views. I wouldn't be surprised honestly.
Cetri (NA)
: I'm sure you can point out the places where it is illegal to be straight, the places where killing a cis person is considered a justifiable act just because you think they're icky, and the places where cishet people are systematically marginalized by society as a whole. LGBT people making jokes on twitter is nowhere near the same level. Stop acting like it is.
Once again and the final time i'll do it. BTFO. There is definitely a number difference but that doesn't mean both shouldn't be addressed. Also, no it is NOT simply jokes on twitter. Stop trying to push the problem under the rug to minimalize our issues. You only serve to divide, not to unite.
Cetri (NA)
: Good thing they're not claiming that, then.
`You'll get one for straightphobia when straight people get beaten up, disowned, harassed, discriminated, murdered etc for being straight Aka, never` Once again, btfo'd. Please, don't respond if this is your idea of a retort.
Cetri (NA)
: It absolutely is not a thing, especially to the extent that homophobia and transphobia are. Again, you can't point out cases of people being murdered/raped/disowned by family/fired/imprisoned etc. for being straight.
Just because it isnt a majority doesn't mean it isnt its own problem. Just like how gays ARENT a majority yet their issues are still a concern. Why is that so hard to understand? Do I really need to theorize why you refuse to accept that this is a fact and real occurrence? It'll only become more and more an issue as people strive to try and deny it. This is an easy "Yes, I agree" statement. I don't know why you're pretending your problems are more important than everyones.
: I agree, some of the groups they mentioned don't get discriminated against enough as the others, but you can still condemn them, why not just condemn all hatred due to sexual preference? It wouldn't require any work, you would just need to add something to the post.
I'd agree with that but by nature of them pointing out an event that only specifies certain types of sexual discrimination and then just rolling with that rather than just saying all types are bad was a folly on Riot's part. I doubt they'll change it.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandemic Punch,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=H9k0T2Fx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-14T18:37:28.038+0000) > > Do we get one of straightphobia or agoraphobia? That would be cool You'll get one for straightphobia when straight people get beaten up, disowned, harassed, discriminated, murdered etc for being straight Aka, never
This is exactly the kinda shit behavior that gets straight people treated poorly and their problems ignored so that others can feel different. You don't get brownie points and to claim you're the only one who has it tough in this world because you aren't straight. You ARENT special.
: That's the most backwards thing I've read in a while, lol. 'Straightphobia' isn't really a thing. And your argument, "If it wasn't "a thing", then everyone would be straight." implies that if you're homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc. that you HAVE to hate straight people. Which is WILDLY incorrect. It honestly just sounds like you're being homophobic. You don't have to buy the icon, Riot isn't forcing you to use it, get over yourself.
Heterophobia and yes it is a thing. There are people out there who hate straights just like others hate gays. Other argument is completely wrong though so i'll give you that.
: The Rainbow Fluft Icon Returns!
I mean, cool? Still gonna call my homies gay in chat tho. Also, heterophobia should probably be in there too. I've seen it rise quite a bit with the overwhelming push to try and move what should be considered the status quo?
Hotarµ (NA)
: _How does **competitive performance** correlate to fixing a bug?_ ######hint: it doesn't In every other situation, yes, I would agree with you, but there is no reason this bug shouldn't be fixed because I'm unranked, case closed.
Uh, a bit defensive? I just said you were right, I disagreed with rank not mattering at all. I think rank does effect credibility I was just saying in this situation its an obvious bug and should be fixed.
Hotarµ (NA)
: 1 - I'm not Iron, I'm unranked. Not a huge difference but if you're going to try and insult someone for their rank, atleast try to get it right, champ. 2 - If you bothered to read my other comment, work takes up a large portion of my time and the sporadic schedule I have means I can (usually) only play a few games very late at night. I'd rather those not be games where I rage at a competitive system that I don't care so much about. Good logic though, ignoring an actual complaint about the game to instead focus on someone's rank (that doesn't impact their credibility at all)
Well, in this situation you're right that it should be fixed but I think rank does play a role in complaint credibility. Like how most people whining about whatever champ is popular this week on the boards are usually low bronze/normie only players.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: I mean... my comment is still up so...
Huh, nice. I was dead-sure this whole thing was gonna get nuked in an hour or two.
Icecoon (NA)
: Banned for toxic name?
This is what happens when you attribute everything to racism to the point where it overrides your common sense and benefit of the doubt. Riot is going the way of the soon-to-be-extinct Blizzard at this rate. It may be time to spread your wings before you fall flat into an #IcecoonGate
Voldymort (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KittyKàtKàtàrinà,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=0LXvhw5U,comment-id=001700000000,timestamp=2019-04-12T17:05:51.985+0000) > > Nice keep insulting mods by saying they are doing a bad job. :) > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Its called "criticism", which is perfectly allowed
Is it though? Apparently criticizing someone now gets deleted too since it may be considered "toxic" or "Doesnt Facilitate Civil Discussion" But then again, the point of the new rules was to stifle debate, not to encourage it.
Stoshkin (NA)
: the base game is boring as hell. lol
~~thats definitely why its still one of the most popular games in the world~~
Stoshkin (NA)
God it scares me how much people like ARURF while its genuinely a stressful and aggravating game-mode after the comedic value wears out.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Anyone realized that Jinx has 55% win rate and 18% pick rate?
Number: moderately high _Boards:_ **IS THIS ALLOWED? IS THIS ALLOWED???**
: Riot - You are starting a bad trend with Camille.
Gotta say: I dont care, I like this skin. Its one skin with a different style, you'll live. Also bad trend implies there was a promised trend in the first place. Argument is weak and comes off as general griping because its not the certain fantasy you wanted of Camille.
: My username is claimed to be inappropriate after a couple of years using it
Oh, well I might need to change my name soon. Reminds me of when my Overwatch Battle Tag "BigTitGothGF" got changed for `being offensive` Feels like we stray farther and farther away from fun with such strict regulations because god forbid someone see something they dont like
: I think it's time for an honor progress bar. (or some sort of progress indicator)
The honor system is legitimately just unfairly elongated to make toxic players quit. The thing dead ass claims 3/3 checkpoints, but once you get to 3/3 on Honor Level 1 (after 0) the thing just goes "OH NOW YOU'RE AT THE FINAL CHECKPOINT" after clearing 3/3. Like, ? ? ? ? ?? I've played roughly 100-150 games with this penalty? (Literally called a friend a "%%%" in all chat and got a 2-week ban although I dont have a single infracture with an acc from 2015 yet now im on the final strike) Its not trying to get you to reform, its trying to get you to quit.
: 9.6: Lore Update
{{champion:240}} MORE{{champion:240}} KLED{{champion:240}} LORE{{champion:240}} PLEASE{{champion:240}} YOU{{champion:240}} COWARDS{{champion:240}}
: Why be so self righteous when you can learn from him and what he brings up? You say he is not an adult but that shouldn't be used as an excuse to stoop beneath his level.
What I learned from him that its okay to treat your team-mates like shit because someones being rude to you/you aren't doing well in a game/your team-mates aren't perfect Very cool, Shaclone!
: {{champion:29}} It's been 4 years...
Quepha (NA)
: Sounds like a similar stance as Riot aka "We don't care about people who play our game"
I don't care about old trundle players because I couldn't care for him, but now I like new trundle. It really just be like that sometimes. Although I do accept that if I enjoy this, then I must also refrain from complaining if one of my favorite characters is completely rewritten.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SeductiveGrandpa,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=EvRgW1W8,comment-id=000300000000000200000001,timestamp=2019-02-23T21:19:25.996+0000) > > Hot Take: I like *the character who replaced* Trundle Fixed that for you.
You don't need to fix that. For me its honestly like Old Trundle never existed.
: I mean it just goes to show how some characters are more difficult than others (Granted, I don't think Kayle was difficult, they just botched it) or how the change can sometimes divide players. For every Trundle, there's a Sion or Warwick. For every Fiora, there's a Viktor or Ezreal. For every Varus, there's a Jayce or Veigar. For every Kayle, there's a Yorick or Poppy. Are these changes 100% good? Not always. When you change something you definitely lose something no matter how small. However, most changes or champ updates are generally good in either gameplay, lore and/or visuals. Hate their gameplay if you want, I think Akali and Irelia's visuals and lore were stellar updates. Hate his look if you want, Swain's lore and gameplay were great. In kayle's case, I think it's the unfortunate case where they prioritized gameplay clarity over lore clairty in terms of wanting characters to be recognizeable at a glance. Fine, I'll buy it. I'm not happy about it, but I buy it. But lord above, if you rework Shyvana (A tanky melee female character) and DON'T give her some heavy armor or scaly appearance, I'm digging up this post and plastering it on boards.
ƒrostγ (EUNE)
: What are the most tilting/ unfair abilities in the game?
{{champion:9}} Q because I always get fucked by it just before im about to get a kill. {{champion:141}} E because I really fucking hate this wall-run bullshit and the awful vision system that pops up and barely works whenever hes in a wall near you or running away using a wall {{champion:126}} Ranged Q, honestly. fuck this spell so hard. This does not need to exist. It will NEVER kill you, but it will always lead into half your health being chunked from the FoW or leading up to you getting killed by melee jayce's Q {{champion:133}} **FUCK THIS E**, You will NEVER not get hit by a Quinn E and get kill denied then fucked because she hit you back into the blind. I'm surprised I dont' see more people that hate this goddamn E because it is the biggest cockblock in the game, I hate it more than Vayne's E {{champion:238}} R, There is nothing more frustrating then a suicidal Zed running into your team to hit you with this ult, and then one-shotting you and W'ing out. This will never happen without a Ctrl+6 being flashed at some point of it occuring. {{champion:8}} W, as it will always ensure you don't get the final hit on him {{champion:81}} Q, Well, at least he cant use it - oh. Well at least he still has some c- Ow. {{champion:11}} Q, as it always get you the moment you flash to escape it.
: Due to his high utility and low damage he feels fair to play against, similar to how Janna flies under the radar. Like if you get hooked usually it's your own fault. He's balanced because his kit is almost pure utility with very little damage so people tend to not complain because if they get hooked they feel that it was their own fault. You can nerf his damage as much as you want, but his kit will still work even with 0 damage.
I dunno, I feel if they fix thresh's q animation fake out then he'll feel fully fair to play against. The whole, face away from you but then throw the hook in your direction at the last second seems like a mistake with animations that was supposed to be patched out.
: That's a few people and you can blame Ghostcrawler for the game being shit. He is the guy in charge and he holds responsibility.
The thread was literally just calling him a piece of shit with no actual criticism, which was weird because you think if you're gonna make a personal attack on someone, you'd hit em where it hurts rather than just blanket "wow, nice job fucking up game balance", I mean, sure he holds responsibility but I'd rather someone provide actual criticism then just try to throw somebody under the bus without being specific for why they're going under the tires. Also, it doesn't matter if its a few people, it still happens on a common enough basis that the idea that its just "balance and nothing else" wrong.
: Except no one is complaining about everything Riot does. People are clearly complaining about Balance and nothing else.
Except they actually do. Whenever rioters try to hop on a fun thread and give some sort of joking response, they constantly have to deal with a "Wow, wasting time on a joke post rather than working on the game" comment almost all of the time. Also, just a few days ago there was a thread on the front page of the boards that was just calling Ghostcrawler a piece of shit, and the constant "Riot fucks up another thing" mentality seems to be prevalent on the boards.
Nifht (NA)
: My opinion on the Swain rework as a veteran Swain-Main
While I agree with you on most of what you stated here, I have a problem with this constant "he doesn't look intimidating anymore" point others keep bringing up. A lot of people seem to think that "Old Swain" felt like you were playing a "dark and threatening" character but honestly, I don't see it. I always thought Old Swain looked fucking ridiculous, sure his Bird Form was kinda creepy but even then, his model looked so outdated and his VA was so limited that I found him hilarious. I never, ever, played Swain and went "God, this character feels so intertwined with their lore" I felt like I was playing some weird ass old guy that turns into a bird. Although, I'll give it to you that he should probably be visually roughed up a bit and maybe return the limp and the cane as I really liked that on old swain because it set up how great his dance was. Honestly, I think New Swain is semi-perfect and my only complaint is that some of his older kit wasn't really remade into his newer kit, as I really liked his old Q, although it seems features of his older kit have been spread and put into all of the skills rather than making them the skills themselves.
: mfw no one mentions Yorick. https://78.media.tumblr.com/eea30c132d107096fe5a3296a4c33bc0/tumblr_nrigftof8U1ub0rkno1_500.jpg
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Galvatron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=v9AfkGXj,comment-id=003b,timestamp=2018-01-21T23:41:27.536+0000) > > mfw no one mentions Yorick. > https://78.media.tumblr.com/eea30c132d107096fe5a3296a4c33bc0/tumblr_nrigftof8U1ub0rkno1_500.jpg Yoricks pretty good but tbh, he's probably the kinda guy to keep you up constantly with his mumbling of sad and depressing shit in his sleep.
: If you could sleep with any male champ, who would it be???
{{champion:48}} or {{champion:201}} or {{champion:2}} King Daddy Ice Troll or Ice Daddy. or mad warrior daddy
: Popup makes riot more money. It forces people to ponder things and more specifically their skins which = more sales = more money. Why would they change it and lose revenue? Psh simpletons uses your brains.
: https://pics.me.me/ive-finally-foun-the-scroll-of-truth-it-after-15-18647757.png
Why isn't he throwing it? I'd be pissed if I was searching for 15 years and the scroll of truth was just telling me to have a good day.
: > [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EsrFrElq,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-26T22:08:37.902+0000) > > They typically don't announce it and quit on the spot. It's generally a gradual and quiet process. > > Just saying. KK, are you a Rito fanboy by any chance? Gna have fun revisiting this thread *when* there's enough evidence to prove you wrong. Cya.
> [{quoted}](name=LesVitesses,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EsrFrElq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-27T00:15:30.352+0000) > > KK, are you a Rito fanboy by any chance? Gna have fun revisiting this thread *when* there&#x27;s enough evidence to prove you wrong. > > Cya. "Evidence" he says. Fuck, the evidence is the amount of daily threads of someone going: "Wah- wah. I dont like <<Insert Thing Here >> because its busted, this is <<Insert Company Here>>'s fault for not understanding <<Insert Game/Meta Here>> so i'm quitting <<Insert Game Here>>" and then you check their profile and they played five extra games after posting shit like that. Those people are solely on the board because they want to blame something, and hope their whining will have it instantly changed. They just need an excuse to blame something because they didn't do well. Rarely do you ever see someone providing legitimate reasons to why the game is worth quitting and even rarer do you actually see them ACTUALLY quitting. And as for OP, hes right. You don't just run around telling everyone you're quitting a game unless you're an attention hog. Even then, who cares if you're quitting the game? Unless you provide legitimate reasons to quit the game rather than a whine thread, its not like anybody gives a rats ass..
Rioter Comments
: All great feedback! The first few pages of any collaboration are a little tricky as we're both getting used to each other's styles and working as a team. I think you'll be impressed by ARTeapot's work as the comic goes on though. I definitely was.
Ooh! Hyping me up, I see. Well, I definitely plan to read all of this like any league related content, so I'll make sure to observe the progression.
Xyzx (NA)
: Keep telling yourself that bud, see how it pans out. And yes, the majority still use "KYS" un-ironically.
Well, I will, just like you will tell yourself it exists. See how incorrect word usage pans out for yourself, too, I guess? And no, the majority doesn't use it un-ironically. But then again, who are we to say what the majority does? I'm just saying, kys is rarely used un-ironically in the games I play, and when I see it used as an actual insult, I laugh at whoever uses it that way.
: New Weekly Comic - Crystal Quest
Might as well give some feedback: Liking the style, very unique and memorable style, but I do have a problem with it so far. I had to re-read this comic like 5 times because of the composition. Theres a lot of stuff happening on-screen and not enough emphasis to what I should be looking at. Like the first section, where I was unsure where to go because of the massive overlap of the battle lion. Another problem I had was the robed guy as since he lingers between both frames, I was unsure to where he actually was relative to Sej until I saw the little WOOSH, so yeah. A bit more emphasis and control over composition would be nice. Other than those little complaints, loving the style, coloring, and overall look, + I love the idea of what is essentially a D&D comic for League, keep up the good work!
: > [{quoted}](name=BIastois3,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=3e2bhJvU,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2017-11-20T02:11:48.970+0000) > > Everyone just needs to stop being a sensitive snowflake ffs, it&#x27;s a game and people should be allowed to talk sht Talking shit is so one sided. You can choose what you get to say, but you don't choose your consequence. People do more than just say "kys" or "ur trash". There are those that will use racial slurs and get off scott free sometimes. Riot put a ton of emotes for taunts and what not. Waisting your time typing some cheap remark is childish and immature.
Gosh, its like if I wanted to use emotes to communicate a point I need to spend real life money...huh. Yeah, nobody is actually buying emotes for the purpose of communication, they're buying the emotes because they look good.
Xyzx (NA)
: That's not the point. The point is, out of all the things you could say, you could say something other than some type of hate speech.
Hate speech doesn't exist tho. And besides, KYS has become more a joking throw-away quote and or quick brush-off response to others and or to your friends rather than an actual term being used as an insult. Do you actually see people use "KYS" and mean it un-ironically? I say fuck it, if the main connotation isn't that of a negative one, then its fine.
: Dodging is above bronze play I can't do that
Dodging is above silver play, golds can probably do it.
: Time to reform
I got a 15 day suspension about two weeks ago for jokingly calling my friend the "f " word, not "fuck" but I bet you can figure out what the word was. I'd debate if this is fair punishment as I've had a clear record for two years and now just lost out on EVERYTHING (seasonals, ranked) because of a joke that even riot refused to address because "context doesnt matter" - it does. But whatever, simple ideal clash. Their punishment system is usually pretty good so I (USUALLY) can't complain, whenever I got a team with a guy that did nothing but flame me or my friends, they usually received punishment for throwing and or providing a game that was extremely unfun to work with after a few minutes of reporting. Although, I find their hate-speech policy to be kinda dumb. You see, they have a 0% tolerance to "hate-speech", so if you use words like the "n word" or "f word", it isnt even a chat-restric, its just a straight up 14 day ban - regardless of context. Which, I feel is bad, because if you were to just insult team-mates by saying something like: "Haha, wow shit sup - trash kid - go delete - wow, hes throwing" and or constantly insulting a team-mate and making them feel bad, at worst you'd get a chat restriction. This is a personal attack, as you don't know anything about a player's actual skill by one game, and or their actual motives because you're playing a video game. Just like how racial slurs (aka riot's actual meaning of "hate speech") are simply personal attacks, you don't know a player's life therefore you calling them the "n word" (hey tana montageau) is simply a base-less personal attack, like insulting their skill in a video game. The 0 TOLERANCE policy towards "hate speech" simply just emphasizes that racial slurs are "NONO WORDS" and I feel it presents an unfair balance in punishments. As like with me, 14-day for using one word AS A JOKE INSULT to my friend, that I had even established was my friend in all-chat. If I had simply said, "Yeah, hes a fuckin moron" I wouldn't of even gone through this problem. But, whatever I guess, its Riot's platform so they can be inconsistent if they want. OP suffered the same fate if I can gather anything from this chatlog, he got reported and the system instantly picked up the usage of the "F word", although provided OP did enough to deserve an actual 14 day ban if you ask me. Although, I don't doubt that if OP hadn't used "the f word" then he would of simply got a chat restriction.
Rioter Comments
Destaice (NA)
: Zoe's personality "I'm a girl and I like a boy"
Is this really a complaint? Although, I would complain about the AMOUNT of reactions, I wouldn't complain about WHY she likes Ezreal. Its about time we got some more in-champion relationships. You make it sound like its wrong for her to like Ezreal because shes a girl. And as someone in this thread already stated: Shes emotionally and mentally a teenage girl, she seems to be extremely unaware and seems like she usually gets what she wants. Making her obsession to thinking she deserves Ezreal because she likes him reasonable. Also, we have not had a champion with this kind of interactions so its nice to see a different use of in-game champion quotes.
Infernape (EUW)
: The thing is, jhin is immensely more popular than all of those combined. Riot does take popularity into account when creating new skins imo Why do you think that Ahri and Ezreal get high quality skins every year?
>Jhin is more popular than Kled Damn, furgit-sniffers. Chaotic Insanity > Poetic Insanity
: Someone doesn't understand anatomy if they say booty is above boobs.
"Busty Demoness" .....Huh, look at that. I guess you are qualified to say that then.
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