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: I'm just gonna say it: Bad players don't deserve bad attitude
I need this framed on my wall. Reminds us all that there are people on the other side of our screens; it's not like most of us didn't start out badly as well.
: High, Erratic Ping Since Patch 8.6
Same as well; I can't even attempt to play a bot game due to the erratic ping during each game. It seems like everyone is experiencing different intensities of the erratic ping; my normal ping of around 40 shot up to 2,000. It would never go below 1,500.
: Same thing is happening to me, I usually stayed between 60-70 and after this update I'm jumping between 70-110. So annoying, not sure what they did but it completely screwed my ping.
I noticed that after a new patch is released, sometimes the ping fluctuates greatly. That may be causing your ping problems and mines.
: It is a problem on their side, if you submit a ticket however, they'll just tell you it's on your end and they that have nothing to do with routing. Soo unless everyone having issues speaks up, I don't see them doing anything about it. They're losing a lot of customers, many of my friends have stopped playing league because of the increase in ping.
I think I'm going to submit a ticket regardless. It's already infuriating when a low ping in the 40's jumps to 240 or so (packet loss smh), but especially so when my ping never goes below 1,500ms. I get that ping fluctuates; it always does. But this is ridiculous.
: Hottest male: champion round 4
Not that it really matters or anything, But why isn't Urgot up there? I mean, yeah** look at him**, but certain people have tastes. ;) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Pokku (EUNE)
: And being Tencent-owned, that will never change. Nothing will stop them.
That is if another corporation will buy Riot Games from Tencent. The only one I can think right now is Vivendi (who also owns Universal Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, etc.) But I doubt that would happen :/
: Riot, I don't need ward skins. Nobody needs ward skins. I already have the riot ward skin, so I'm never gonna use another ward skin again, i fell my honor 5 is completely worthless and i feel gypped that my honor is getting reset with no real reward. (I got the ward skin off of cosplaying kindred at a convention).
Please speak for yourself. I'm sure there are others out there who would be content with receiving ward skins. Plus, if you are playing just for the rewards, then it's pretty sad. My interpretation of the honors system is to show off that a person is a great player (whether they be friendly, focused, or leaders within a game). If you reach Level 5 honors just for the rewards, I feel as if that just completely eliminates the purpose of Honors.
Yesoniex (NA)
: league of legends download wont work for me
Hi, I'm not an admin, but I believe I can help. I've experienced a similar issue to this far too often with many of the games I download, including LoL in the past. Oh, I can help you with Windows, but if you have a Mac, then I can't really. So, if you want to uninstall the League of Legends, you should go into your app drawer (or if you're in Windows 10, go search 'add or remove programs' in the search bar. You should see all the applications you've downloaded onto your computer, and once you find League of Legends, you can **right click** to uninstall. For problems concerning corrupted files, often times (at least for me), it has something to do with your internet connection. Make sure you NEVER lose connection while you are downloading the game. **It can** corrupt your files while you're attempting to download the game. Even if you quickly reconnect to internet afterwards, it may still have a chance of corrupting the files. Once you download, you get access to the client first, and then you download the actual game itself. If it doesn't work for you the first try, try again from the client. Good luck! TL;DR - Make sure you have a stable internet connection, and try again if the first time doesn't work.
: No HexTech after S- on janna
**I am 99% sure you know this already**, but Imma throw this out there anyways. If you don't own Janna, then the chest won't be earned. And you can only earn a chest once.
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