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: He's saying it would be plagiarism if they added Naruto into the game.
Well of course, no doubt about that.
nasu010 (NA)
: Dude i get where you're going with this and as much as I would normally support this am going to have to let you know that 1. This is plagiarism 2. Its going to take well over 40 or so issues if you hope to cover the full cast and their elder selves 3. There's going to be that point when you realize each character has more abillites than 4 and 1- 3 passives can cover 4. That as much as this might seem to be a good idea the mechanics of the two worlds are too different to cross over 5. And finally there's a similar game already created not strikers though just cant remember the name. As a solid naruto..... No as a ninja that grew up with naruto I respect your attempt, considering i tried making some of them already but .... What i would tell you is mix and match..... Cant say anymore, taju kagebunshin no jutsu. ( divides into three and disappears into the shadows)
I'd like to address all of these issues. 1. I do not intend to plagiarize. And I don't see how this is plagiarism. If somehow it _is_, I would like to apologize and take whatever steps I can to show that I am just a fan, and that I do not own any of this, nor do I want to profit from it. 2. I'm happy to keep writing these, and I could do more than one a week. I also don't expect to cover the entire cast on my own. 3. The same character can be made multiple times, at their different points in the series. 4. I disagree. I think Naruto's characters would translate very well into League. 5. Haven't heard of it ._. Thank you for the feedback though. I definitely don't want to offend anyone by doing this. I do, however, think all these issues you brought up can be worked around.
: I think this would be cooler if it also included older Sasuke abilities(Kirin,Susano'o etc). These are really cool abilities and i think it would play into the theme of Sasuke more.
You're right! It would be a crime not to make kits for the same characters at different points in the series! I do plan on doing this, but it does raise an issue: How would a kit like this be balanced with a kit that had super powerful abilities, while making sure they both live up to their identities?
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