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: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
It's *probably* not a bug, but I just want to say that champions and maps should reset on almost every game mode. All cooldowns should reset on the 2v2 thing, and the map should as well. I had an incident where an ulted Heimer turret stayed when he survived the second 2v2, causing it to be a 2v1 with a Heimer ult turret on their side.
: Hey, I'm just sayin
right back at ya {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Naalith (NA)
: Can we please make it so if you are hovering a champion you don't get booted from champ select?
during champ select sometime i'll have lag spikes that don't carry over to the match, and it's complete random if it wants to let me lock in a champion or not before it's too late. i would appreciate the change.
: The most frustrating part of this game is that all the high burst champions ARE SO GOD DAMN SAFE
'hurdur but if they can't escape then they die, and we can't have that happening!'
Arabata (NA)
: Where the fuck is Krampus Pyke?
when will y'all realize that they aren't gonna do candy kayn or chrsitmas eve because it doesn't translate over different languages...rioters have said this over and over yet y'all still don't shut up about it
: HAHAHAHAHAHA apple sucks
android quality LOL apple is so much better haha ~every blind apple user
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: Which region would you want to live in?
Noxus. They aren't cowards. They fight. They prioritize strength over puny 'rules'. As my main man Rengo says "So much bloodshed..._**this is my kind of place!**_ "
Vaxess (NA)
: I think its time to remodel Gragas
Riot doesn't do simple model updates anymore. they COULD, it's not HARD IF YOU CAN MAKE A PRESTIGE VERSION OF EVERYTHING EVER, but no we gotta have Pajama Guardians. {{champion:24}} cries in eggplant
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Shiƒter (NA)
: When your lane opponent is a lore matchup
{{champion:24}} v {{champion:114}} {{champion:27}} v {{champion:92}}
: Sivir splashes please
udyr models see sivir splash like for 3 minutes at most, and then a close up of it that doesn't even matter. but udyr skins? holy shit. having to be stuck looking at that monstrosity for the whole game sucks ass. the only skin that helps the matter is the ultimate one, of course.
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: this is somehow punishable now?
well, all Knights did was prove his hunger for power, haha. that was totally an unfair and unjust punishment. it described all mods as a whole, not even one mod. itchy trigger finger.
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D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Nerfing the late game of a Hypercarry while keeping his early game Insane
Jax is broken early game purely because of conqueror. His e in laning phase was never a problem. But because you can proc conqueror by hitting minions (which also boosts his passive) he's unduelable if you let him hit minions for a while. and before you say "but you shouldnt change a rune based on 1 champ" bitch conqueror busts so many champions and is way more toxic than Fervor. Literally replace Conq with Fervor and you can fix Irelia, Jax, Darius, Tryndamere, and all the other busted champions that use conqueror.
: Opinions on PBE nerfs for Akali, Irelia and LeBlanc?
Why are we not talking about how Riot can't seem to handle Viktor? literally all they need to do is reduce the damage on every ability he has, and then increase the ap scaling of them. including the q shield. that's probably the most toxic part of his kit, but they aren't touching it at all.
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: fix pantheon's feet
? Pantheon being a 300 extra may be cliche but I damn enjoy his looks. Also...huge man in metal armor is badass. Yeah yeah, the spikes 'ruin' it or whatever, but not really. The only thing that looks bad on Mord is his mace.
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Laçez (EUW)
: Friendly reminder
friendlier reminder: {{champion:84}} {{champion:39}} riot managed to create characters that are worse than yasuo
: So Riot, can we expect more Ezreal-tier VGUs?
i wish they would do simple visual/model updates again. so many champs desperately need them but 'we can't do that because they're bound for a rework 3 years from now!' *cough* udyr
: My favorite champions to play against in lane
{{champion:86}} you thought you could outplay me? but it was me, the champion that presses w and becomes invincible and then presses 3 buttons and you're dead.
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: So when are we nerfing Jax?
that's just not true, because jax is way better than teemo late game. jax just has to powerfarm and split bot while teemo actually tries to help out his team, and then jax comes back with his triforce and shits on everyone that isn't teemo. i can confirm this because i main jax lol. teemo'll shit on almost every melee in lane but the reason he has a winrate lower than you'd imagine it is is because that doesn't translate to a good late game.
: A complete list of champions that need to be nerfed.
i suppose you're right about mundo. it's just very annoying when he builds full tank and never dies but still outdamages half your team while requiring like 3 people to kill him. cho'gath though is retarded. He permastuns you and then blows up a squishy while still not dying because he build RoA into full tank.
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: Was Rengar Theme song based off this washing machine?? reminded me of this. i guess this is pretty common.
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: Why is it an issue when a ghey character mentions who they like?
i am perfectly okay with her being lesbian, but under one condition. riot doesn't advertise and shove it down our throats that she's lesbian, just to make themselves look good. that's all really. i find those voice lines kinda cute tbh, but i'll be ticked off with them if Riot uses her sexuality to garner attention to how politically correct they are. but they haven't done that YET, so it's all good for now ^^
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man of tin (EUNE)
: {{champion:266}} Wants to die.
> [{quoted}](name=SSJMike,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sqpnvTA6,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2018-11-18T12:43:23.231+0000) > > {{champion:266}} > > Wants to die. {{champion:2}} *
: No Sterak's shield
i think the fact that you killed the Vayne so easily with 1 ad tanky item and 1 ap tanky item and then going full tank is more broken than your lack of a shield. but no guys, cho'gath is a fair champion, don't worry about it.
: Which Champion can you relate to the most?
{{champion:32}} depressed. no friends. short. {{champion:79}} just kidding i'm Gragas because i'm fat haha goteem
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: What are your top 5 favorite champions and what do they say about you?
{{champion:122}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:23}} the kind of but not entirely broken champion squad
: Why is it that Jax is never getting nerfed??
Jax is NOT broken, he is NOT overpowered. If he goes top, he loses to literally everyone that's meta right now. {{champion:84}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:14}} not to mention his late game couldn't beat them still. If he goes jungle, he has to powerfarm to get items because he sucks early. Therefore the enemy jungler could be proactive around the map way more, and get everyone fed. Jax can't countergank. The only thing he can do is get dragon at 6, but if he's spotted then he's dead. By the time he gets his item spikes their jungler's gotten everyone fed af and Jax can't fight them. His e, the so called 'broken ability' isn't even broken. Late game he needs to use leap to go into the fight, and then he's stunlocked to death. he ain't broken, quit whining about Jax just because you died to him late game once. man, i feel bad for Hashinshin because nobody realizes he's right about Jax haha.
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