ViperTea (EUNE)
: What rank i will get in new season?
No matter the rank, you'll always end up lower than you were last season. Since you are Silver 2 going 7/3 in your next promos will probably net you around bronze 1-silver 4
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Thai777 (NA)
: I need advice on how to climb top lane
I play Riven and Darius and I have been working on my smurf this past week. It started off Silver 3 and I just got it to Plat. Going for Diamond now. Currently at a 41 win/21 lose. Yeah, this meta seriously hinders top lane solo carrying. Bot lane just has such a massive influence on the game its unreal. Oh you're 4/0 Riven but the enemy bot is a 5/0 Tristana with a Janna support? Bye. Doesn't matter. The only thing you can hope for in a situation like this is to try and find Tristana alone. My only advice is to take top tower as fast as possible and roam. Nothing more to it. If you're trying to climb from top lane as Riven and not smurfing good luck, you need it. Bot lane is just too influential right now.
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: Xin now feels incredibly satisfying to play.
: Darius Nerfed/bug Pull?
Yeah, as a Darius main that is one of the reasons I dislike using Dunkmaster Darius. On his original skin and skins with axes you pull people that are inside the hooked area of the axe, with Dunkmaster there is no hook area so there is no clear indication as to if they are in that area of being able to get hooked or not
: Don't buff Pantheon
Why...? Who comes up with this stuff? Who in there right mind thinks "oh look one of the most oppressive top laners with point and click poke and stun only has a 52% WR. Better buff him"
: Discussion: Should Riot remove the promos to rank up for the new season?
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: passive play as a mid/top laner doesn't work anymore
That and the jungler. That's why I always feel pressured to snowball my lane since the game is decided on bot and jungle if you just play passive.
: Darius needs similar changes to PBE Yasuo
I agree Darius does need some form of buff. I stopped one tricking him ever since I hit mid plat since even there his "Juggernaut" status doesn't exactly hold up when so many top laners can abuse his kit. Not only this but the idea of a Juggernaut is an immobile melee champ who as soon as he gets on top of you, you're fucked. It isn't exactly the case when late game even with Titanic Hydra/Thornmail I can hook a Jinx but I'll still die because she AA's me, out lifesteals my damage and to top it all off the heals/shields from her support. I just hate how if no one on my team can touch the ADC in teamfights, I have to waste time stacking on the enemy front line, then at 5 stacks Flash -> Q -> AA -> R on the ADC and PRAY I'm fast enough before they Flash/Heal away. In the meantime I do that the enemy ADC is just getting free damage off for 3-6 seconds. I should be rewarded for getting to the backline early, not having to wait then pray I get them. It's a shame Darius is held down by low elo that doesn't understand how his kit works and shouts OP OP OP OP OP. There's a reason why there are no Darius one tricks in Challenger.
: Is AR URF fun?
Its fun depending on RNG. Sometimes you'll be vs non overbearing champs like Urgot and other times you'll want to just afk when you're vs a team of Fizz/Yi/Jax/Skarner/Xin Zhao when your team is Aatrox/Urgot/Yasuo/Jinx/Jhin
: Riven vs Tryndamere
Yeah you have the right idea just Q W AA E out rinse and repeat. At 6 I actually cheese Trynd by hiding my Windslash with Q so instead of the 250 damage he expects its actually 400+. It usually catches most Trynd's off guard the first time but they usually learn their lesson the 2nd time so it won't work. Also I like to run lethality on this match up with TDLR. It just catches Trynd off guard more with the sudden burst. But doing this you have to pray he doesn't get a few lucky early crits in or you're fucked.
: -shrug- have you tried psychological warfare/
> [{quoted}](name=JaaamesBaaaxter,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PUNfTc30,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-06T01:33:52.874+0000) > > -shrug- have you tried psychological warfare/ Yep. It got 4 of my accounts banned xd
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: Which do you prefer, longer que times, or autofill?
Id rather wait longer instead of having games won based on the number of autofilled people.
: Dear high elo players...
Main thing is dodging her Tenticle Smash and dodging her E. Hell if youre playing someone durable like Darius or a high damage champ like Riven or Fiora you dont have to worry about her damage so long as you dodge her E. Her E applifies her damage to one shot territory so dodge that and youre fine.
Koumafu (NA)
: Riven Animation cancel
Riven has always been able to anicancel, nothings changed
: Looking for a melee that excels at dealing with mobile ranged champs
{{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:164}} to name a few
: Ok Riot, Can we get an Actually Low graphics setting?
What kind of potato are you using you cant even run a game as simple as league?
: champion tier
Is this a bronze tier list? What
Godless5 (EUW)
: Arcade Riven Slow Animations
Arcade is fine its Dragonblade thats the worse offender of this
: Post what youre listening to right now!
: "Elo hell doesn't exist"
You were once diamond and now cant get out of silver? xdddd
R7 Factor (EUW)
: Can we get some zed buffs?
Clearly you've never seen LL Stylish
: PSA: Full AD Garen is a noob trap.
Lethality Garen is hilariously fun
: After 10 bans have arived i dont see yasuo in ranked XD
I guess? I play at D5-D3 elo and hes only banned I'd say 35% of the time.
: The Grandmaster at "Arms"
This sounds like a really neat idea, would Jax hella fun and diverse.
: Death Recap doesnt show real damage
Everyone knows the death recap is a joke. How does Flash do 278 true damage to you?
: I got a 14 day ban on my birthday for saying "KYS"
No one cares if its your birthday. If you were toxic you deserve a penalty simple as that.
SIayton (NA)
: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
Wow what an old post, anyway youre probably playing a hard to solo carry role. I'm Diamond as well and bronze-gold is a joke. Its so easy. Only once I hit mid plat is when I actually have to try.
: Master Yi builds
I try doing {{item:3047}} {{item:1419}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3156}}
: Rito forced me to learn Yasuo, Riven, Darius, Renekton, Fiora
: If a bug fix ends up being a significant nerf, can we not put it under the seldom read bugfixes...
Wait wtf thats a BUG? I used it so many times to fight off ganks wtf...
Naedra (EUW)
: Rigged Matchmaking / Huge Wins & Loss Streaks / Forced 50% WL Ratio
Yes it is painfully obvious that they do force the 50% WR on you. I don't feel like going into detail but if I get stuck in Silver 1 elo for a day somethings up
Bultz (NA)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Bultz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bEpofFjN,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-07-05T17:25:54.952+0000) > > lol why does everyone do this. your not better. Your playing darius who is broken. Your rank means nothing to me and If you go off topic again I will report you. "Rank means nothing" how about listen to Diamond+ and accept you're wrong. If anything Riven can easily run circles around a Darius. And as a Darius player myself a godlike Jax gives a lot of trouble. As does an Illaoi who saves her E. Fiora also another.
Cloud273 (NA)
: ADC's are actually pretty balanced right now...
What? Lethality isn't the issue at all. It's how much they survive with all of the items available to supports to help them survive. I'd be fine with lets say Twitch's insane AoE damage if he were actually killable. As it stands he can just stand still in teamfights draintanking all the damage while his support heals and shields. It's insanely discouraging when I see a 600+ hp shield on someone whos suppose to be easy to kill.
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Jagi (NA)
: Daily reminder that Lux and Ezreal's ultimate cannot be stopped by hard CC.
: "Darius is not reasonable" Is the boards seriously that stupid to upvote such a thread?
It's like how every single thread or post I make about balancing gets downvoted to shit because 80% of forums is used by Gold or below players and automatically my words are invalid because I have "Riven" in my name. Even though I'm Diamond....
: The Silver Guide to beating Darius
This is actually really well written out. I'm a Darius player with thousands of games across my accounts and everything you said is mostly spot on. A lot of low elo seem to fear Darius and try to run away when he tries to Q. You have to step closer to him and once he misses it trade a bit then run.
Thuban (NA)
: Galio: Winds of War Needs It's Damage Nerfed
I made a post similar to this and got downvoted to hell because I have Riven in my name and the boards is made up of 90% low gold and below and get triggered as soon as they see the name Riven lol. Anyway yeah the damage of it is ridiculous, it makes no sense it how it can one shot wave while building full tank.
: a riven player is upset over the only top lane tank that's viable right now? no surprises there. edit: impressed that this comment went from 8 downvotes to whatever it's at now :^)
> [{quoted}](name=nice table,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ycTuH4bc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-01T12:13:26.752+0000) > > a riven player is upset over the only top lane tank that's viable right now? no surprises there. Nice, so you completely ignore the glaring problem with what I mentioned in my post with the "Riven main" deal. Doesn't matter if I'm a Jax or Garen or Gnar main, he can still farm safely from a distance. And you say hes the only viable tank because HE IS the perfect tank. He builds full tank and can CS from a range. He has built in dmg reduction, taunt, and a dash with knock up. His ult is the same radius as a Pantheon ult and gives the person he ults to damage reduction and on arrival AoE knock up. NO OTHER TANK CAN DO SO MUCH. Thats why hes the only "viable" tank and needs to be toned down to be on par with the others.
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