: It's ok Yasuo threads shall take the spotlight cho mains Jk Seriously though with this high WR idk if cho will recieve nerfs soon tbh He's been weak for so long And Riot isn't predictable with nerfs tbh Remember Ivern? He took a month to nerf with a 56%WR
Remember when Singed was weak for 2 years and then got hotfix nerfed the day after he got buffs?
: I would never guessed your a Singed player. Never lol. And Cho'Gath needed these changes. He's been honest to god trash for so long.
Singed has also needed these changes since he has been trash for about 2 years now. Yet we were the ones with the hotfix.
: Dr. Mundo isn't even a sadistic scientist anymore. Look up his story from the Zaun lore update, the cruel scientist who was experimenting with his own body is no longer canon. I wonder if they are still tied to each other. Maybe Singed participated on the experiments with Mundo? Anyway, Singed (and Twitch, he was left out in the Zaun lore update as well...) could really use some new lore and information.
My bad I guess I just read the short story without realizing they changed other stuff. The one where he just starts chucking cleavers at people trying to cure them. And there is a theory on the Singed mains reddit that Singed milks Twitch for his poison. Singed is actually really closely tied to a lot of movements one of which is going organic. So now Singed only uses all natural and organic Twitch milk for his poison. You already know what his W is. And the ultimate is basically part of his juicing diet which is why it is an insanity potion. Because it is good for you but the toll is large.
Rioter Comments
: It's both an AoE and a DoT.
Thank you for answering. We just get questions every season and then it took a team of theory-crafting-River-Shen level players to figure it out.
: Please don't trigger me.
It was just a joke. Though honestly I actually really like Skarner rework. He is the only AD champion in this game I can sort-of enjoy.
emernic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MANWOLFAXEBOSS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yt8oFEdg,comment-id=00050007000200000000,timestamp=2017-05-09T19:01:17.349+0000) > > Thanks for suggestions. Please please please get suggestions from the high elo singed mains on this stuff. They are DYING for a chance to discuss this stuff with you and they are very involved with the general community of singed mains. I understand it's important for Riot to get input from the whole community, but only a couple random singed mains will see this and respond. As a random low elo singed otp I would say most people want to see bruiser builds come back which probably means giving him more base survivability and higher scalings at the cost of worse base damages.
> [{quoted}](name=emernic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yt8oFEdg,comment-id=000500070002000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-09T19:53:12.590+0000) > > Please please please get suggestions from the high elo singed mains on this stuff. They are DYING for a chance to discuss this stuff with you and they are very involved with the general community of singed mains. I cannot agree with this ^ more. From a guy who has played every moba under the sun (LoL, Smite, DOTA 2, Awesomenauts, Lord of Vermillion Arena, Paragon, Vainglory, a lot of HOTS, alongside some others) this is just my 2 cents. Fling and ult are probably the two most powerful abilities on his kit and the only things keeping him together currently. Singed is incredibly reliant on ult for EVERY situation. If you are proxying and they gank: time to ult, about to fight an enemy: time to ult, going to join a teamfight: time to ult, need to clear a minion wave quickly and run: time for ult. But when ult is down you now have to evade all of these actions. He lacks the ability to play evenly or above an enemy without ultimate. And Fling is an iconic ability so I do not know how much change to it would be accepted. If W is changed then it allows for goo flip to possibly be removed. And the 8% (I think it is) max HP damage just gives us our own version of Smite (since it basically automatically does base+AP scaling+300) and lets us fight tanks better. But if Singed gets help elsewhere then possibly lowering the damage and removing/nerfing goo fling would be okay (I would still like a mana cost and cd reduction because it costs more early game than most ults now.)
: Perhaps a good place to look at is how Singed plays out in the rotating game modes. In Poro King and Ascension I actually really like playing Singed and feel strong and impactful in them as apposed to on Summoners Rift. So lets ask, why do I feel that way? In Ascension it's because the map lends itself to supporting his run around while you chase him style. As for Poro King, my best guess is that since there's only two directions for people to go on the map, he's much better at initiating for his team than on SR since there's no walls for people to hop over and a turret could be a long way away once mid game on HA comes around. So how can we translate what makes him fun in those modes onto SR?
Play a game with Skarner?
Xavanic (NA)
: Hey, just a suggestion for a mini rework for singed, since your doing alot of those lately Passive - Now Instead of giving artifical tank stats gives him movement speed whenever he hits a champ (20% for aa's/abilites 5% for Q) Passive - A secondary passive acting similar to kog passive, but while in this state, he gains 15/20/25/30% (+10% ap ratio ) movespeed and deals 100/150/200/250 (+35% of ap) on explosion Q - Now deals 10/17.5/25/32.5/39 + 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2% (+1% per 100 ap)of max hp per second rather then its current value Passively grants restores 2/3/4/5/6% (+.75/.90/1.05/1.2/1.35 per 100 ap) maximum health and mana whenever he aa's a champ (40 sec CD, reduced by 2.5 sec everytime singed hits a champ with an ability) W - Now deals 80/100/120/140/160 (+25% of ap) as impact damage and then slows targets in the zone by 30/40/50/60/70% and deals 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2% (+1% per 100 ap) max hp damage per second (Renamed to Acidic adhesive) E - Pretty much the same as it is now, except deals double damage if they land in his W Ult - Removes all CC on activation and now doubles his movespeed, while in addition doubling his ap and granting him slow resistance, In addition, when not active he passively gains 15/17.5/20% Damage reduction Tell me what you think of that
That is just broken, Huge buff all around. Singed would be broken if he was changed like that IMO.
: The case for Singed love
TL;DR; What is Singed's poison coded as? We are still unsure if it is a DOT like Swain or if it is weirdly coded AP minion damage. I know this is a sort of random question but it is still rather important. What is our poison actually coded as? When Singed had the poison changes a while ago and Riot disabled him I remember a comment from a Rioter on /r/Singedmains. She/He told us there was a bug where Singed's poison damage to Baron did not scale with AP because it was coded as "AP minion damage." And they said something about fixing that. But our Q in some situations works like a DOT and other times it does not. For example Singed's Q does not knock Quinn out of ultimate, it slows her like minions do. Yet our poison also works so Cassiopia can cast her E repeatedly. So sorry if I am still a bit confused but I think this is something that should be addressed in a bit more clearly. Every Season I can remember questions about how Singed's poison interacts differently from every other DOT. And thank you for recognizing us. Part of the reason we feel so dejected is because one cannot simply "main Singed." You must offer your life to him. Learning what the new good build is of the week. Constantly theorycrafting. Spending game after game to learn every matchup and to become decent at proxying. Then learning how to goo-flip properly (thank you in S5 for that btw) and things like the Sky auto attack. So when Singed is suffering it feels like we wasted our time on that. Thank you.
: To be fair no matter WHAT happens in ANY Rework, people are going to be disappointed. The Riot design team fucking sucks at their jobs in more ways then just preserving old looks or themes. From Variance, to Thematcis, to breaking away from stereotyping and cliches. The design team can't get any of them right, save for Appeal. But that's just because the League of Legends community is very easy due to it's general demographic. A lot of it is caught back up by the Lore and Gameplay team, who for the most part are quite good at what they do.
The Lore team is good. They managed to make it interesting up to the point Galio gained consciousness. Then that is when the lore fans went "Welp Galio is gone forever."
Keyshe (NA)
: Thank for your empathy, for me the worst part is the personality change even more then the visual. The feel and core of who a champ is is far more meaningful then the skin they are in... Take Draven, you remove that cocky, show boat personality and replace it with self conscious vicious brute-- the player would hurt from that MORE then if they made him buff- or rail thin...
Old Galio: "A guardian is always preprared." New Galio: "Time to make an impact."
gileskd (NA)
: they did the same thing to my taric, he looks and plays differently than what I'm used to now I fear the same thing is happening to galio, and if it is I pray to urgod that singed isn't next on their "REWORK" list
Urgod is. Singed is not. Singed mains have been begging for a rework since the very start of S6. The one thing we have been begging for more than anything else is a passive. WE DO NOT EVEN GET THAT. Instead after a 5% winrate drop on 1 patch we get told "Singed mains don't believe in themselves enough." by a Rioter. The only mana item we as a whole have bought since the start of S5 is RG. And that started late S6 because we could not even run fast enough without that item!
: Honest talk about Fiora
Riot CertainlyT was the one to design her. I was honestly dreading WW rework just because I saw that name. The name that made Zyra, Thresh, Rework Skarner, Rework Mord, Yasuo, Fiora, Ekko, and some other incredibly broken hated champion design. I am surprised the Rito balance department has not deleted the champs he worked on from the game. For all the people who try and defend him by saying those champs are fun a quick heads up: They are not fun champions if everyone fighting vs and with them hate their lives because of it. Yasuo may be popular but he is the sole reason I picked up Singed (I used to play poke skill shot mages but he windwalled EVERY ult and blocked my harrass with his BS shield after I predicted his dashes.) Then they release REWORK FIORA and made her the bane of my existence. F*ck Riot CertainlyT
Sasogwa (EUW)
: The problem with Fiora is that she has a such a kit that when she's good, there's no reason to play any other splitpusher toplane. Why play {{champion:75}} when you can play Fiora? Why play {{champion:24}} when you can play Fiora? Why play {{champion:23}} when you can play Fiora? Why play {{champion:266}} when you can play Fiora? etc.
> [{quoted}](name=Sasogwa,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fE4qgEWA,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2017-03-24T07:32:56.738+0000) > Why play {{champion:266}} when you can play Fiora? You just answered that question by putting Aatrox.
Add swifties and a Zz for my case.
Wuks (NA)
: Support Singed isn't banable, but that's not the point.
There is one problem with Flex queue or solo queue with the current system that makes situations like these come up and would be incredibly difficult to fix. There are a lot of picks and roles that throughout time have defied the meta or are just weird but you cannot queue for them. Examples include: Double Jungle, Double top, duo assassin lane bot, 1 assassin 1 adc bot, River Shen, Proxy Singed technically does not really play top lane, they just sit behind top tower, And of course Skyhart's new pseudo-double-jungle-support Singed. There is no way to queue for these since the way the system searches for a team it is always 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid, 1 bottom lane carry (we know you phrased it that way because of Mordekaiser), and 1 support. Even if someone is god-like in double jungle there is no way to play it in ranked without saying to your team "I am going double jungle" and then with the way your phrased things they would need to explain ALL of double jungling if their team does not know it. That is of no fault on Riot's end, the meta roles have been decided throughout time and that is how the majority of players would like to play. But if someone found a very specific niche that lets them climb (like Skyhart did to plat) they would have a difficult time communicating it. This is just something to consider with any cases that come up like this in the future. There is currently no way in ranked to queue for roles outside the meta. Hell even if the queue system did not say Bot instead of ADC Mordekaiser could be reported for filling that role and being melee, AP, tank, and AD. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you do. It is just something that has not been talked about much from what I can tell.


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