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: My Game gets Stuck on the Loading Screen
hey i got this issue too. it get stuck at 100% and after 15 - 20 mins it just takes me to end game mode and says i am a leaver/afker....
: The Umbra Society
this gave me such a good laugh. hahaha. Fiddles in my mind was always kind of foolish and silly, nothing too scary or serious. Thanks Leagues!
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: Champion Reveal: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
i'm so glad league is finally creating a variety of women. T_T ty league, for not making every female champ skinny with boobs.
Lets be honest. League takes one good look at fiddles and says, " IDGAF" League only cares about the 'main' champs.
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: Fiddlesticks
seriously, ive said the same every patch.... leagues dont give a F about fiddles. all they see is how annoying his "fear" is to other players who main the 'main' champs... if they give fiddles a skillshot aoe fear, ill be good with that. kinda like volibear, so at least his ult can kill again.
: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
i wish this april fool's joke is real!!!!
: There is only one thing Riot needs to do to increase diversity:
riot fucked it up for jungle crew. i hate how you HAVE to max out drain on fiddlesticks now. cant even go darkwind first.
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: Patch 4.21 notes
WOW! Leagues fucked it up for Fiddlesticks, now he's completely useless. Not only doe she has to channel his ult. He loses Dread. No he can't 1v1 champs like he use to. Life drain is only useful for that 2 secs against enemy champ he comes across in jungle. Fiddles can't even hold his own ground anymore. WTF leagues! are you F'N serious. So you nerf his Dread so he can match jungle. How about when he 1v1 champs. League obviously ONLY wants a certain type of champs played now and days. People can't even play Ramm no more, cuz the near fucked him up too. This isnt called balance. This is just straight up making sure some champs remain weak while keep other champs op.
: Happened to me on multiple occasions. To fix it i would recall then change the Q to smartcast and keep spamming it until he does the quick swipe ( Q with almost no duration). If he can do the quick swipe consistently then it means Q is working correctly again and I take it off smartcast. It doesn't make much sense to me but it's the only way i got it to revert so far though i think it would work spamming without the smartcast. It usually happens when your Q channel is disrupted in a fight. Without Q and R you're pretty much useless for an extended period of time. A really horrible bug- surprised this is the first thread about it. Oh and if by died you mean executed by a jungle monster that's intentional. They introduced it with the new jungle so that buffs are kept if you're killed by a monster.
thanks, ill try this technique next time.
: Sion Q and Ult not working
thanks for the comments you guys. ill just switch it then next time. man, can't believe league won't fix it if this problem is apparent
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