: 2 changes that would make Sion 'good' again.
or just give him an autobot skin? https://youtu.be/1lI7hzDh-do
Bergk (NA)
: Two things here. First Veigars stun ring takes 0.5s to materialize after it is cast. Second, Teemo has one of the smallest hitboxes in the game. I just went through the video frame by frame. This is the first frame when the actual stun is activate http://i.imgur.com/XdMe4W0.jpg IDK That's pretty dang close!
lol what is he like 0.1 unit outside the stun ring? He looks in it to me
Bergk (NA)
: More Dragon Trainer Skins!
No please! I'd like to keep some money to actually eat! :P
Bergk (NA)
: Yeah... even with the extra "toonish" look makes them feel like they belong in Azeroth. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-GaiTzOwKdsk/VkKFrzR2EvI/AAAAAAAA0PI/yeb6GWEtZZQ/s1600/Azir_Splash_2.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/yu1EE7GheD0/maxresdefault.jpg Gravelord Azir reminds me of the Lich King... especially with his ability to summon an army........
now they just need a "Tinker Town" {{champion:74}} for our Gnome
Bergk (NA)
: When someone on the boards tries to over analyzes game physics
Bergk (NA)
: I'm in my second year of medical school. I believe there actually is a physical disadvantage older players have. A brain continues to develop into your early 20s, its a process called "myelination." Myelin is like the plastic around a wire. It wraps around your neurons to conduct the signal better. A young brain is like a jumble of bare wires, all jumbled together. Without the insulation, there will be sparks flying and criss-crossed signals. This is why kids do things that make no sense. Children lose about 20 BILLION synapses (where two neurons meet) per day, we're not losing brain cells, they're just "unjumbling" to get rid of all the unwanted "criss-crossed wires." This makes our mental process more streamlined and coherent as we mature. Anyway, the last area of the brain to get this myelin is the prefrontal and parietal areas specifically areas that process risk vs reward. Once myelinated, the area that processes risk vs reward thinks more linear and logically; this is why car insurance drops significantly at age 25 because we're less likely to make stupid decisions that end up in a car accident. In the crazy fast past game, there are 2,138,400 pixels on your screen (1980x1080p resolution) changing the information 120 times per second (120fps). Your brain has to interpret the light from each individual pixel; and put translate it and put it together into an image. Your brain then goes "wtf" is this image, and sends it to other areas to figure out what you're looking at. It gets passed around from creative centers, to memory to makes sense of this artificial image. A very similar process has to happen to the sound input as well. That all gets processed, then your brain has to decide what you need to do in game. You make a decision, the decision gets processed by your memory area that which tell you which muscles you're going to have to use to push the appropriate buttons (if you've done it enough you'll have "muscle memory" and not even consciously realize these processes area happening anymore). Then it goes to your cerebellum to get coordinated to make sure your body's muscle work together in perfect sync before getting sent out to the body just to push a few buttons and move the mouse. My theory is this because of myelination we lose synapses in this risk vs reward center, which helps process normal information more linear and come to a better decision. But when have you have the load of information from a super- fast paced video game, the data gets to that area and slows down to get processed more linearly. In a younger mind, the decision isn't always the best possible decision, but it is made faster. A 30 year old mind might be able to weigh risk vs reward better and come to a better decision, but it might take an extra 0.1 second, which in real life is nothing. But in a pro-level team fight that's make or break. Because that young whipper snapper already did something.
Bergk (NA)
: Lamb and Wolf image Leaked!
Rofl! Nice photoshop! I also thought of Ice Climbers play-style when they said 1 champion split in two
Bergk (NA)
: "**The Bandle-City Rejects**" (pun of The All-American Rejects) {{champion:115}} Vocals (he has a "booming" voice doesn't he) {{champion:150}} Drums (the whole primitive "'bam bam' I hit things with clubs") {{champion:85}} *Electric* guitar {{champion:117}} Rhythm guitar, backing vocals (perfect band roles for a support) {{champion:32}} Bass Guitar (everyone knows Bass never gets the least spotlight)
This is a band that I would love to hate XD
: i agree, why are ur "new friends" playing champs like {{champion:119}} {{champion:55}}
trust me, I tried to talk them out of it. But their logic was "I was blown up by this champion in one game, it must be OP! I want to do that too!"
: Constant 500 ping and freezing...
That's not Riot... that's you. I play from Dominica (Caribbean Island in the West Indies) and I never have ping higher than 150. If its not your internet provider, you probably have a computer full of malware
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