: Bro your main is Leblanc, the aids of the mid lane. "His dominance in the early game always leads to a unstoppable carry that pretty much has no counter once he gets an item" That's the exact same for your precious {{champion:7}} "a high damage Q, and a very long range root that pairs up with any cc" Wonder who that reminds me of {{champion:7}} "Not to mention his half-map sized ult that can kill someone without doing anything else too them" Ulti'd distortion {{champion:7}} " All I want is for jhin to be able to NOT snowball in every game. Even if he is losing lane he is bound to snowball into victory due to his massive damage increase that halfhealths tanks" {{champion:7}} Leblanc mains smh
This response isn't constructive or on topic. Though if you want to talk about cancerous mid lane growths, you're named after one.
: Jhin needs a nerf
I disagree. Not that Jhin is too strong at the moment, just that Jhin isn't what needs to be nerfed. Youmuu's and Duskblade need to be tuned down for Marksmen because Jhin, and a lesser extent MF, are running rampant with the amount of armor penetration it gives their high damage physical skills. When using a typical BF Upgrade/Zeal Upgrade item start Jhin performs about on par with most other Marksmen. Reducing the armor penetration, or the effectiveness these items have for ranged champions will fix Jhin in a way that hurts his unique gameplay less.
: Stop the Vayne hate. She needs serious buffs.
I don't think Vayne being "garbage" is why you're "auto-losing". :S Vayne isn't really underperforming, though. I wouldn't say she **needs** buffs, because that would imply the problem is with her. It isn't, it's with the environment she's being used in. Jhin is currently over-performing the most, using an armor penetration centric build that allows him to do damage that mitigates almost, if not all, of squishy (priority) targets. Vayne relies on true damage, which while superior against high armor targets, is a set number and can't benefit from armor penetration. If the focus of Marksman meta changes from armor penetration to either AD or AS, she'll see a resurgence in popularity and win rate because she's a champion who utilizes those stats well. Basically, Vayne feeling weak right now is just a byproduct of how Youmuu's and Duskblade are warping bot lane. They're more problematic than weaknesses in her kit, so fixing them is more important than buffing Vayne.
Castıel (NA)
: Akali ???
I hope she doesn't get to keep her ultimate but I'm not holding my breath.
Reikken (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Serpents Embrace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1lpZTTfE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-15T04:52:17.457+0000) > > Why was the AP spell vamp item removed but the AD one stayed? because vampires aren't AD
Yes, I'm aware of the abuse cases Will had. The question was rhetorical, referring to the underlying reasons why AD based champions gaining life based off of damage dealt isn't as problematic or how AD champions having easy access to high attack stats while snowballing was more problematic than when an AP champion does it.
: Death's Dance isn't a stack item...and you mean lifesteal? You mean {{item:2140}}? Death's Dance literally just mixes these 2, with a DoT that saves you from burst for a few seconds, and is built on almost nobody.
Will of the Ancients was an AP counterpart to Death's Dance. The way Dance allows you to heal off all physical, Will healed off all magic. But, AD is supposed to be the long term DPS, sustaining off of hits is more suited to an AD playstyle and either neglible or oppressive on an AP with no in between. Will doesn't really belong but Dance does. You could argue that Gunblade now fills that niche but that'd be a dumb thing to say. Similarly, AD isn't meant to have the best initial damage. Sure, some champions like Talon or Zed specialize in AD burst but their damage values are often smaller than an AP counterpart like LeBlanc because they have stronger follow up damage from auto attacks. AP champions can't rely on auto attacks to finish off disabled or weak targets, so giving them a larger attack stat coincides with having them focus on high initial damage. As such, Sword of the Occult doesn't belong but Mejai's does. If you want to say remove Mejai's because there's no Sword of the Occult... the same logic applies to removing Dance because Will isn't around anymore. But AD and AP don't need to have perfect mirrors on what their items offer them, the game is kind of better for it.
: Can we remove Dark Seal/Soulstealer?
Why was the AP spell vamp item removed but the AD one stayed? If you take Mejai's you better take Death's Dance too.
Meep Man (NA)
: Why Ekko Is a Ginormous Failure of a Champion
I see you're getting bogged by down votes, but I definitely agree. Your point that Ekko's mission statement and Ekko's in game reality don't line up is true. Especially due to the difference in what Ekko sees with his abilities and what his opponent sees. They did a pretty good job shutting down tank Ekko which was nice but there are still some core problems with how the idea behind him translates in to the game.
Jaygo41 (NA)
: For all our balance criticism, THIS needs to be recognized
I'd hesitate to call it balanced, but you're right in that it's very diverse.
: New Player looking for tips and help.
Save your IP until you hit level 20. Then start buying Tier 3 runes. You can use Tier 2 runes (because they cost 1 IP) until then but avoid buying expensive champions until you have solid rune pages.
TFBaam (NA)
: Leashing and Laners
I don't think they need to make any changes over this. Though I agree that I don't like leashing when I'm playing top lane, at least if I'm playing a melee champion. I'm more likely to tank damage for them, even unintentionally. I've got longer to walk after leashing and I can't leash effectively over walls. And leashing almost never has a follow up gank attached to it so I lose some time in lane for nothing. But like I said, changes aren't necessarily a good move for it. Junglers should just be aware that they're less likely to get a leash and they're less likely to get a good leash up top. =\
Zelnick (NA)
: Options to replace cloud drake
1. Broken. It'd be worse than the old Phage because it would give you the speed you were reducing. The amounts may be smaller, but it would be the same problem and getting it would put that problem on every member of your team. 2. Not a very apparent bonus, would be less influential on the game than the movement speed is currently, and would definitely be perceived by players as being weaker. 3. This would be a bad change because it only benefits champions who rely on critical chance, which is much less than half. It also adds in an element of RNG that'd be frustrating coming from sources that normally don't have the opportunity to build critical chance. It'd imbalanced the game by taking a benefit for everyone (ooc movement speed) and turning it in to something that only benefits AD based champions who heavily use auto attacks. 4. CDR over-saturation is a thing and it's happening already Don't add to it here. 5. This one is interesting, but has the same problems as your second suggestion. It will be harder to notice than the movement speed and will definitely be perceived as being weaker even if it ends up being more beneficial. 6. This would put so much more focus on Baron which is counter-productive for the dragons as their benefits are supposed to encourage Elder to double their effects. Rather, this bonus with Baron's minion buff would be a pretty unstoppable siege without Elder. On top of that, without combining it with Baron the effects here are something players aren't likely to notice directly. The team with it won't notice much of a difference in how far they push and the team against it won't know why they're having trouble last hitting due to the extra armor - or won't even notice if they're using AP waveclear making it pointless. 7. Also why? 3 gold every 10 seconds is 27 per minute. Even if you grabbed dragon early, like at 10 minutes... you'd get have an additional 270 gold at 20 minutes, 540 at 30... gold per 10 is often a stat that reads better than it is. 8. What would that do? Such tiny amounts would change nothing, especially with how rampant armor and magic penetration are at the moment. Without being doubled by Elder neither of these stats would negate any significant amount of damage. Finally, Cloud Drake is the best drake for some characters. Whenever I play assassins like Talon or LeBlanc, it's my favorite to have. I already have high damage, Infernal is usually overkill. And being in the right place, at the right time, to run down the right squishy is so much more important as an assassin. Being out of combat isn't an unreasonable clause, either. All it really does it prevent this from repeating old mistakes with how sticky melee champions can get. I think all the drakes are in a pretty good spot. Infernal is great all around, everyone uses those stats - even tanks! Mountain is amazing for siege champions and junglers who want to sneak barons. Ocean is great for holding out against sieges and for champions who have high mana consumption. And Cloud is great for map pressure because it allows you to roam and chase more effectively.
: League used to take skill
That's what you think skill is?
Keepe (NA)
: STILL think Parrying Ignite is BS.
I've yet to see that. Not sure why you'd have Ignite for her, though. Exhaust would be better, if you're not using Teleport.
: Maybe LoL or gaming isn't for me after all....
I'd recommend sticking to bot games until level 20 to reduce stress from the community. Once you're level 20 you should buy tier 3 runes with your saved up IP and make an AD and AP rune page. Flat AD Quints and Marks, Flat Armor Seals and Scaling MR Glyphs for one, Flat AP Quints, Hybrid Penetration Marks, Flat Armor Seals and either Scaling MR Glyphs or flat AP Glyphs for the other. That'll cover most champions, not optimally but functionally. If you are having trouble with bots, maybe see if you can get someone experienced to play with you and have them point out some of the mistakes you're making? A lot of times in bot games you have level 30 players or smurfs abusing the bot AI and it's difficult for new players to recognize why some things happen the way they do. It can be really difficult to play the game with no experience and almost no help from masteries or runes. Don't stress too much over it, just try to focus on getting comfortable with the gameplay for now. If bots are killing you, focus more on not dying than killing them. Ashe is a really good champion to pick up for that, because she has great range and CC for kiting which is a skill that will be useful on practically every champion.
: Not really, Leona's burst is enough to drop an ADC to half health, and then there is the sunlight passive which deals extra damage when attacked by an ally and then there's Leona's ADC damage. Soraka would almost very die here or would die here if she didn't back off.
My duo and I have fought a lot of Leonas as Jhin/Soraka. She's never been able to 100-0 either of us at level 3. So... you're either grossly over-estimating Leona or under-estimating Soraka. Not sure which.
: The Leona in your scenario is a pleb. We jump on Soraka.
You'd still lose that, as explained. =\ Especially because if you fail to kill, Soraka won't even need to pop a potion to heal herself back up and you got to wail on their ADC uncontested.
Sandixcx (NA)
: A question about Illaoi
Situational. If she pulls you and there aren't tentacles attacking the spirit, and you're on even footing (she's not ahead/you're not behind) you should fight. The more damage you deal to her, the less time she has to use the spirit for additional damage. Plus, if you attack from a direction the spirit ISN'T in she can't get the bonus damage from Qing it if she only hits one of you. If she has tentacles, I'd say run. You can dodge and farm the tentacles it spawns while it wears off. If she has a team or her ultimate ready, definitely run. And remember, if she ults you the best thing to do is disengage.
Meep Man (NA)
: > Who is denying you as Teemo? Teemo is usually the one picked to deny an opponent. Riven, Pantheon, Ekko, Fiora
Pantheon I can see, I guess. Maybe Riven. You shouldn't be UNABLE to farm against Ekko or Fiora. Their early levels just aren't that good and they're only going to be able to hit you using cooldowns, whereas you can use basic attacks.
: In a large number of match ups don't underestimate her all in level 3 because it's actually really strong. Her biggest weak phase is pre-level 3 when she doesn't have all of her initiation tools.
I didn't say she was weak early. I said she only has one stun, which is single target. She can engage but only disable one of you. I've found the best way to deal with Leona engaging is to fall on her ADC. Whether you're the ADC or Supp forcing them to deal with the target that Leona didn't hit reduces her effectiveness a lot, or highly damages her ADC whom she can't sustain well (with only so many triggers from Relic, a lot of which are used immediately with no heal benefit). You're Soraka? She jumps on your ADC, drop your Q and E on her ADC and heal yours after you get Rejuvenated. You'll win that exchange most of the time and your ADC can start following up if their ADC stays around to get rooted. Zyra? Give her ADC a bunch of plants to deal with, they either back off or take a lot of damage from you. Any ADC? If their ADC goes for your support and not you deal a lot of damage to them. Supports start with three pots, so ADC health is more "valuable" early game because they only have one. You win that trade by doing that. Unless you're low enough for them to kill you, but since Leona's poke is nonexistent you should be practically full health at level 3, so shame on you if you are.
AidanWR (NA)
: Soraka and Spell Shields
It would be nice to have that consistency. Most skills act like they didn't hit when Sivir spell shields them, but Soraka still gets Rejuvenated. Though it should still Rejuvenate her if she hits Morg's black shield.
: How do you play against Leona in lane as an ADC/Supp
Leona's main weakness pre-6 is that she only has one real stun and then she's finished. Don't hit her when she Es in, fall on her ADC if they're trying to follow up. Other people have already posted about using poke with longer range than her E and that's also true. Post-6 you just have to be smart about your positioning and who is around to follow up on her engages. If she Rs you and jumps in 1v2 against your ADC/Supp, she dies. If she Rs you and 3v2s you guys with her ADC and jungle, you both die. In a 2v2 scenario you just have to make sure that you can keep her ADC from fully utilizing her CC and damage enhancers. If they fail to burst you, Leona is kind of inert for a few seconds and you can probably turn it around or escape.
: Can someone explain why Ranked is a joke?
You're not placed yet, so I'd say finish placements before you try to reconsider your strategy. However, you do seem to be jungling more often than not? My best advice for that would be to focus on bot lane and focus on objectives. The new changes to how towers work (the first tower bonus gold, the lack of shielding on bot turret etc) make it a better place to gank than top or mid. Maybe as Lee, start in your bot lane, gank top and level 3 to try to snowball your top laner and then hit bot often and hard. The enemy jungler may go top to try to undo the damage you did earlier and that will allow you to take dragons or bot turret. Once you do that, you can play it by ear and try to show up where you're needed.
: Seriously wtf are u supposed to do against fiora
Early game she's a lot weaker because her abilities have cooldowns around 20 seconds. If you get her to waste them she's very easy to gank. Watch to see when she tries to W you, then bait it out of her when your jungler/mid show up to gank her. Or if you know you have the damage to kill her. Fiora loves it when you let her poke you in small exchanges every 15/20 seconds. She'll always win that way. Late game... It's a lot more difficult to say. If she is way ahead, she'll probably just be impossible to deal with. Though if she's on-level or weak then she's useless in team fights. Peeling her off of your team's ADC or mage usually allows you to win fights. Dueling her late game, though? Don't even bother.
: Need help with playing Jinx
This is kind of my experience with her as well. =\ She's fun to play but I personally don't think she's particularly great right now. She can't really measure up to Ashe's CC. She can't match Jhin or MF's burst. She can't push as hard as Sivir (at least pre-Runaan's). She has the same global influence than Ezreal has with their ultimates but she's not nearly as safe as he is. She has the potential to snowball harder than most Marksmen but it's just so hard to start that rolling.
Meep Man (NA)
: Ancient Coin- Underrated Non-Support Starting Option?
Who is denying you as Teemo? Teemo is usually the one picked to deny an opponent. And the difference in Coin income and farm income is significant enough that it's a bad idea unless you're sure you won't get a single CS. At least with Spellthief's you can exhaust the charges to gain gold before CSing, then letting it stack to three while it's disabled and then do it again. But neither seems worth it in any practical scenario.
: > [{quoted}](name=PENAL ERUPTION,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cnMRr1gL,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2016-08-14T06:16:31.998+0000) > > give me final form veigar And what would that be? Final Boss Veigar clearly says "This isn't even my final form."
That's what he means. He wants a "Final Form" Veigar skin.
: Anyone think recently bot lane have become a mess?
I'd agree that bot lane is a mess at the moment, but I'd disagree it's about ADC match-ups. The extra focus on taking bot lane turret in recent patches has made 4 and 5 man ganks on bot lane more profitable and more common. Coupled with how powerful some early dragons can be... Basically, everything is about bot lane right now. Top and mid's main contributions are how they help win bot, snowballing off their lane opponent only does anything if they can use it to do that.
Depárt (NA)
: The problem with ghostblade isn't the armor pen, it's supposed to have that as it's designed for assassins. The only real problem I can see in it is with a 45 second cooldown on the active, it feels like you're never really making a choice when you use it. You can rely on it to be up almost always when you want it.
I'm not saying they should remove the armor penetration, but the armor penetration is the problem. It's not the amount of AD it gives, it's not the movement speed/attack speed active (at least not primarily). Giving 20 armor penetration is what's wrong with it. It's a cheap item and it doubles the amount of penetration you have when you upgrade it. Consider the other problem item here: Duskblade. When you upgrade it, the armor penetration remains the same as Serrated Dirk. Reducing the amount of armor penetration Youmuu's gives you would address the Jhin/MF problem more directly and be less painful to assassins, who need to utilize the active to get in to position to deal damage whereas the ADCs using it don't **need** it to function, it's just icing.
: > [{quoted}](name=Serpents Embrace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rATO7907,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-08-14T04:53:31.151+0000) > > That's a fair point. Discussions like this keep saying that ADCs are building it, but it is just Miss Fortune and Jhin. Both of whom are more reliant on their abilities than ADCs like Caitlyn or Vayne. > > Though I'm curious as to which one you see as an issue, as they're both kind of problems with the build. I'm guessing you mean Jhin but I can't see what makes him "worse" than her. Jhin is the issue. MF is definitely strong with it, but her numbers aren't so high as to be an issue and she isn't being spammed in high level or professional play like Jhin is. She's still a good pick, but not an all-around amazing one like Jhin. Part of this is because MF's autos with the build fall off like a wet dog turd late game. Her ability to kill anything with durability late game without her ult is fucking pitiful. Jhin's ability to do so by contrast is not nearly so hindered.
Yeah, the way her passive works definitely hurts her in that regard. Nice initial burst but weak DPS. Jhin doesn't have that problem because of the missing health % scaling. But also a large part of that is range. Jhin has a substantially larger sphere of influence than MF. Is it something they need to touch with the itemization or just with how influential he is at huge distances?
: > [{quoted}](name=1010001010001001,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rATO7907,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-13T22:57:18.810+0000) > > I'm actually curious to hear answers with for this because it seems more adcs rush it then actual assassins. There are exactly two ADC who build duskblade often, with only one of them being an issue.
That's a fair point. Discussions like this keep saying that ADCs are building it, but it is just Miss Fortune and Jhin. Both of whom are more reliant on their abilities than ADCs like Caitlyn or Vayne. Though I'm curious as to which one you see as an issue, as they're both kind of problems with the build. I'm guessing you mean Jhin but I can't see what makes him "worse" than her.
Beoridas (NA)
: to be fair, a lot of adcs builds it, only very auto oriented adcs dont. I really think its dumb tbh. But they mostly build it for the mouvement speed it gived. heck you could dodge the boots practically with all the mouvement speed in the items nowadays.
I've played like 50+ Duskblade Jhin games over the past few weeks and I can honestly say I didn't realize that it gave movement speed. My draw for building it on him (and MF when I play her) is the armor penetration and how well it works with their abilities. For Jhin, his passive's % missing health damage works so well with it and also gives Nightfall a better chance of doing something. For MF, her bounced Q can deal more than half of someone's health once she has the 30 armor penetration from Youmuu's and Duskblade and that doesn't even cover how much work that combo does at making her ultimate deadly.
Depárt (NA)
: I didn't say or imply that anywhere in my statement, I firmly believe ghostblade needs it's active cooldown extended to 60-75 seconds. I simply stated why Liandry's has 15 magic pen.
The active honestly isn't the problem, though. It's the armor penetration. If you extend the cooldown on the active you have the exact same problems that just occur slightly less often.
: 5 warmog's gives very little magic resist so flat penetration is more effective and Liandry's is tailor made to kill that build
I'll remember that the next time even one Warmog's is in any meta build.
: How do I fight an adc like ashe/cait/vayne as a bruiser/tank during the late game
How do you fight them? With your team, obv. The only scenario you should be 1v1ing an ADC as a melee champion is if they facecheck a bush with you in it and you hit them before they can react. And that's probably not going to happen, because they're probably not going to be alone and you shouldn't be bush camping.
: Liandry's has one purpose and that is to stop people from stacking nothing but health like what happened back in season 3. Back then 5 warmog's and some sort of boot was the meta build for most tanks and riot _did not like that_ so now BotRK and liandry's are a thing
That's not what he's saying, though. That **is** the purpose of the passive, but it's not congruent with the stats the item gives. The health and AP, maybe, but flat magic penetration is something that targets squishies, abusing the fact they don't stack MR by shaving off a flat amount instead of a percentage (which would be almost nothing to someone with next to no MR). Which gives it a problem, it's not particularly good at either of those things because it can do both.
: Fuck LeBlanc
I don't really think LeBanc is specifically much of a problem. She's just the exemplar of how bad penetration is as a stat in this game, or at least the AP version of it (I'd vote Jhin or Zed as the worst AD offenders). It's just so much easier and stronger to build penetration than it is to build defensive stats like MR and armor. LeBlanc with some MPen runes, masteries and Sorcerer's deals a considerable amount of damage without a lot of AP. Hopefully this rework goes over the itemization a lot more drastically than the champion kits. Dealing with problematic items almost always deals with problematic champions, whereas targeted the offending champions usually just shifts the meta to the untouched champion who can do something similar.
: Spectate-able games box in league client
I remember that. I loved seeing a champion I wanted to learn in a high ranking game and being able to watch them. I even made it up there once. :D Must have been a slow day, lol.
Depárt (NA)
: You way over exaggerate adc damage, at full build they certainly do a lot of dps, but a full armor tank built to resist them will not die to them in 3 seconds, you may die to the entire enemy team in 3 seconds, but not the adc. Also when it gets to the 6 item stage, that's where adcs are made to take over the teamfight and objective game, they exist almost solely for that purpose. They are all damage and are easily killed, they specifically counter tanks due to high dps and items like LDR. Thornmail isn't useless, it does it's job without being ridiculously overpowered. It is made to fall off once the adc can out lifesteal the damage on it. If thornmail kills the adc before the adc kills the tank, it's broken.
I've built full armor and health Sejuani and died in 4 hits to a Caitlyn. We were both full build. :\ And Thornmail's damage is practically nothing.
: So... tank ekko is still a thing!!
The changes they made weren't aimed at eliminating tank Ekko builds, unfortunately. They were only meant to give Ekko players a clear choice between survivability stats and damage, which is why his base damages were reduced and his base slow was altered to scale on AP. I'm guessing that by the "bullshit" part of your (short) post that they're not as divided as you'd like, which is probably still true. But at this point I don't think he's a prevalent enough pick to get any more attention.
: But does the passive apply damage? If the answer is yes then this would effect marksmen buying the item. It is not a mattter of if it gets the kill but if it has a effect on the game.
But it isn't factoring in to players decisions when they go for that item. It's a confounding variable, not a contributing one. Treating it as part of the problem will result in courses of action that don't address the underlying problems.
: Why isn't duskblade's % missing health passive melee only?
No one buys it for the passive, they buy it for the AD caster stats. I've been building it on Jhin and Miss Fortune and I can count on one hand the times Nightfall has gotten me a kill that wasn't already secured. And that amount of times is once. It gives armor penetration and high AD, which just happens to fit nicely as a follow up to Youmuu's high penetration, meager AD and amazing active. Together they give 30 flat AD pen, and with some masteries and/or runes you usually have closer to 40. Unless an enemy has been building armor or has some sort of defensive steroid, you've bypassed the majority of their defense right there.
: How many people have gotten legit Penta Kills?
I got one as Graves when he was new. They wiped my team and were taking our inhibitor and I killed three or four of them with the burst skills and then cleaned up the others with autos. Then, because I played on a brick of a laptop I disconnected and couldn't get back in until after their death timers and we ended up losing. :\ All my other pentakills have just been in team fights when I'm on a high damage character. Karthus and Cait or Cass etc. Nothing really special.
Eedat (NA)
: Why Cant you use Zhonyas when hit by a Morg bind?
You definitely used to be able to. If that's happening now it's unintentional.
: > [{quoted}](name=LatetotheRace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vyP2Rd7Y,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-06T20:20:02.465+0000) > > Idk about maw, as I think it could remain a ranged option. But I agree with steraks and black cleaver, those two are far too overloaded to stick on a marksman. I think Rageblade should lost it's armor pen stats when the active is on. That would go a long way I think. Odd, but that's just my idea. Well I mean, Black Cleaver is literally ON Miss Fortune's suggested items list and I can't see her not using it. She's MEANT to use it, her kit practically ENFORCES it. Or at least it was. Miss Fortune just needs to be re-reworked to where AP is an option again and her ult doesn't allow crits, since that pretty much forces a crit build with black cleaver. Essence Reaver and Black Cleaver don't synergize well enough since it gives 30% CDR on it's own and Cleaver gives 20. Her ult does enough damage without the crits since they gave it an AD modifier.
Her current build doesn't have any crit in it, though, just a lot of armor penetration. She doesn't need to build crit because her passive adds so much damage (especially late) and she has good damage bases and scaling on Q and R. Youmuu's, Duskblade, Cleaver, Regards/Reminder, Bloodthirster I mean, I guess you could get an IE in there last but why would you? And you rarely get to that point anyway because she either wins before you get there or is underperforming. And sometimes you forgo building that fifth item for a defensive one anyway, like GA against the myriad of popular assassins. I definitely agree that making Cleaver melee only disproportionately affects Miss Fortune because her ultimate works so well with it and it's always been an item to consider on her - but she's a prime example of how out of control armor penetration is. Marksmen are usually meant to be reliant on two damage-centric critical strike based items (like Infinity Edge and Rapid Firecannon) but she can deal the same, if not much more, damage just by stacking armor penetration. Which, for some reason, is cheaper to build with easier to buy parts (saving only 1100 instead of the 1300 you'd need for BF or Zeal on a "regular" build).
: Players, what mains do you respect the most or least?
...I can't respect anyone who plays Akali. :\ Like, I don't care about their attitude I just can't respect them.
: Talon Rework in the Assassins Update
I definitely agree about the passive. Champions that have a lot of power in their passive tend to be a lot more fun, thinking about Fiora, Jhin or Illaoi, where your whole gameplay revolves around using their passives correctly. But I think what's more important is that his E has to change. He has to be kept so weak because of how easily he can advance on someone. Honestly, I wish they'd get around to removing all auto-targeted gap closers with this update but I know they won't be able to do that. But if Talon loses his auto-targeted gap closer he can have a lot more power put in to something that's actually fun to use, like his W or R.
: i know im going to get flamed for this
Okay but like...bullshit? You think you see scripting that often. I doubt you do. I get accused of scripting every time I play Cass, just because I can click E "too fast" or something? You'd be hard pressed to actually prove that. And Riot needs proof to actually do anything about it, not just anecdotes and guesses.
Hibeki (NA)
: What is it with peoples obsession with being able to dodge something making it balanced
I mean, I mostly agree with you? Stuff like Ezreal Q is still broken despite being a skillshot, if by only the virtue that it warps the game's itemization for every champion. But a lot of stuff can be strong and not broken as a skillshot. I think the main reason people tend to think this way is because there are still a lot of champions that have the same effects as non-skillshots that are obviously more frustrating and impact the game in a worse way.
: > [{quoted}](name=Carnarius,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YEboisrQ,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-08-04T16:07:26.999+0000) > > they were way better than they are now. the most important thing is, you werent forced to put only 5 points in one branch, you could go 0/30/0 or whatever you like to get only those masteries you wanted. it's pretty saqd that now i have to take masteries i don't want at all in order to advance to better masteries As much as I loved running cheese builds with 30 points in the same tree, this argues against your original point. Fewer options -> more consistency -> easier to balance.
You're right that it's more consistent and easier to balance, but the main point he was making with the post is that while there are fewer options and a more rigid selection protocol - almost all of the options are damage-centric. Going 21/9/0 is for damage, going 9/21/0 is for damage, going 0/9/21 is for damage based on hp...
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