Broporo (NA)
: I'm not 100% sure if anyone has shared a list of the milestones after level 30, but I did have the 1-30 levels handy here. After level 30, I believe those milestones are at every 10 levels, and bigger milestones at every 25 levels.
thanks :) but im already level 30 so if anyone has the list of milestones beyond level 30, pls send ;-;
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Mikis (EUW)
: It means someone uses Demolish rune from Resolve path. The crystals indicate time it takes to charge the rune.
Thanks :)) {{champion:119}}
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Xaeros (NA)
: Hey there, ServerBC! Rune Pages can now be found in the **Store** under **Accessories** > **Rune Pages**. Hope that helps! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Thanks Xaeros! helped me alot :)
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: We believe we've found the cause and are working on rolling out some changes now.
Approximately how long until it gets fix?
: I think the majority or people not being able to login are not in americas right now
Where are you from?
: Unable to connect to the login queue
yes i have the same problem
: got the same probleme, also in phillippines....
yep, im in the Philippines and i also got the same problem, cant login but last night before Kayn came out i was able to play games, riot whats happening??
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