: New Champion Q&A: Jhin, the Virtuoso [COMPLETED]
Tbh, Jhins login music is one of the best I've heard. Where did u guys get the idea to make such eerie but graceful music?
: Patch 5.22 notes
When you're doing crit and chill and she gives you this look {{champion:22}}
: Galaxies crumble before Cosmic Reaver Kassadin
I guess u can say he shines bright........ I'll go home now {{champion:32}}
Jynx (NA)
: Arcade community creations!
How do these people do it. I can't even draw a stick figure......life isn't fair
: Fiora lunges onto live
Dat chin can break diamonds
: Patch 5.15 notes
You gave Satan buffs, but no cigar for {{champion:104}}
: **A Corporate Matter: Episode 26.** {{champion:41}} "So, hows it been going in Bilgewater?" {{champion:150}} "Terrible, my suit is all ripped up. Someone stole my wallet. Super fan fiddlesticks has no concept of personal space. Why would anyone want to live in this Rito Forsaken place?" {{champion:41}} "It has its charms, i mean. I am its king, so life ain't too bad for me." {{champion:96}} "Come now Corporate Gnar. They have pretty good food here. And the smell of rotting sea monster really refreshes the mind." {{champion:150}} "Man, you are weird. And i wouldn't exactly call Wharf Rat on a stick, fine dining." {{champion:16}} "At least i got this nice dagger as a souvenir." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "I saw it first. Its not my fault you made me dance so you could buy it. But the cashier couldn't understand you. That is called Karma, sona. Its not just a champion." {{champion:41}} "That dagger. Where did you get it?" {{champion:16}} "Little shop somewhere. I don't remember exactly. It glows sometimes, pretty cool." {{champion:41}} **"GIVE IT TO ME, I MUST HAVE IT."** {{champion:16}} "NOOOO! why does everyone want my dagger. You can't have it." {{champion:111}} "Give it to him." {{champion:16}} "Ok, yeah sure. Whatever Gangplank wants." {{champion:41}} "Yes, my precious. Here, take this to my warehouse." {{champion:9}} "Ah yes, your warehouse. Man Gangplank, you are so cool. Almost as cool as Corporate Gnar here." _"Hug"_ {{champion:150}} "C-c-can't breaaaaaaaathe." {{champion:41}} "So, while you are here. I didn't get a chance to show off my lower levels of my ship during the boat ride. What with all the baby screaming and all. I am a bit of an artist you know. Not with paint and paper though, but close. I would love to show you my latest wo-" _"Bang!"_ {{champion:21}} "Well hello there Gangplank. Or should i say Deadplank." {{champion:41}} _"Man, if this bullet isn't doing it already, that joke would surely have killed me. Ahhhhhhhh."_ {{champion:21}} **"GANGPLANK IS DEAD, AAHAHAHAH!"** {{champion:111}} **"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"** {{champion:21}} **"Everyone look at me, I AM THE CAPTAIN NOW!"** {{champion:104}} "What if we don't want to follow you?" {{champion:21}} "You have to, i killed gangplank, that makes me the leader." {{champion:4}} "Yeah, thats not how it works. No one is afraid of you. You are the girl who buys drinks for everyone in the bars. Not a leader." {{champion:21}} "But, he was ruthless. He tortured and killed innocent people. I tried to save the city." {{champion:104}} "Yeah, missy. you sure saved this city. Not a single person here is innocent. This is a town of pirates, theives and murderers, not an orphanage. Gangplank is the only Criminal who was bad enough to be good for this town. {{champion:4}} "You saved the city about as well as spongebob and patrick saved bikini bottom. You saved this city about as well as the Avengers saved new york. You saved this city about as well as the rioters saved Ferguson and Baltimore. The whole darn city is on fire now and its your fault." http://media.makeameme.org/created/miss-fortune-be.jpg {{champion:21}} "But, i-i-i. **I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS TREASON. BRING ME THE HEAD OF ANYONE WHO THINKS I DIDN'T SAVE THE CITY.**" {{champion:86}} "Come now sea hunters. Its free game out there. And some rich looking guys are standing right there vulnerable!" {{champion:96}} "Ohhh, it appears we are in a spot of trouble." {{champion:9}} "Follow me, i can take you guys to safety." **_They all run through a small hole._** {{champion:9}} "It sure is dark in here, stay right there and i will go get the light." {{champion:37}} "..." ***"Slam"*** {{champion:150}} "Uhhh, what was that noise?" {{champion:9}} "Ah, here is the light." The area is illuminated. They are in a wooden room, with metal bars for one wall. The slamming sound, it appears, was Super Fan Fiddlesticks closing the cage door. They are locked up tighter than riot's upcoming skins list. {{champion:150}} **"HEY, LET US OUT OF HERE!"** {{champion:9}} "I can't do that, what you do is too important. Bilgewater is a mess, you will die if you leave. I can get it setup, you can do all your work from here. I can feed you and take care of you. You will never have to leave." {{champion:96}} "Welp, it appears we may be here a while. Its a good thing i keep a years worth of tea with me at all times. While we wait for a rescue, would you like a spot?" {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:96}} "Glad to see someone has some taste."
{{champion:150}} didn't return the slab to {{champion:9}}
: {{champion:119}} Ladies and Gentlemen who are not me, Draven, Welcome to the Annual Hotdog eating contest. Let us meet today's competitors. First is the Terror of the Void himself, Cho'gath!! {{champion:31}} Might as well give me the trophy now, no one can beat me. {{champion:223}} Your brain is as small as your stomach if you think you can win. {{champion:31}} Stick around, I'll eat you for desert after this. {{champion:119}} Looks like a rivalry is brewing between Cho'gath and our second competitor, Tahm Kench. Next is the little creature with the big mouth, Kog'maw. {{champion:96}} Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, Food, {{champion:119}} Following him is one of the Yeti from the Freljord, Willumps. {{champion:20}} You got this bro. {{champion:119}} And Finally we have the steam golem, Blitzcrank. {{champion:53}} **........** {{champion:119}} Now enough about them, let's talk about me while these guys eat their hot dogs. Begin!!! _Later_ {{champion:119}} And that is how I, Draven, came to be know as Draven. Oh it seems they are done. {{champion:31}} I won of course. {{champion:223}} The only thing you won was second place. {{champion:96}} Good food. {{champion:20}} You did great Willump. {{champion:53}} **.....** {{champion:119}} And the winner is.....BLITZCRANK!!!! {{champion:31}} {{champion:223}} WHAT!!!? HOW!!!!? {{champion:53}} **Simple. I just open my stomach area and move the food in there. Then it was crushed to make room for more. ** {{champion:31}} That's cheating!!! {{champion:223}} Indeed. You had to eat the food. {{champion:53}} **Negative. The rules say that 'whoever keeps the most food in their stomach without vomiting wins.' No where does it stat that the food had to go through a mouth area. ** {{champion:119}} He is correct. Congratulations Blitzcrank, here is your trophy. {{champion:223}} Why did you compete anyway? {{champion:53}} **To remind all you flesh creature who is the superior creature is. ** _In the audience. _ {{champion:112}} *sniff* **That's my boy.**
{{champion:119}} Congrats blitz here is your trophy {{champion:53}} I do not compute, the trophy is yourself {{champion:119}} haha, thanks for playing
: _Many weeks has past since Gangplank had acquired his new crew and new legends of their adventures have already spread throughout the land. The crew has amassed great wealth from collecting treasure many thought were just legend, but from going undefeated in Butcher's Bridge. No one dared to challenged Gangplank and his crew....until today._ {{champion:68}} They are late. {{champion:18}} Indeed. {{champion:55}} Maybe they got scared and ran away. {{champion:9}} That is possible. {{champion:50}} Scared or not they have to come here since they challenged us. Otherwise this is a waste of time. {{champion:41}} Quiet all of you. Someone is coming. {{champion:21}} Hello Gangplank. {{champion:41}} Should of figured it was you. {{champion:68}} She kind of looks like you Kat. {{champion:55}} Kind of like how you look like Teemo. {{champion:68}} HEY!!! {{champion:41}} I said QUIET! One more outburst and I will throw you over this bridge myself. {{champion:21}} You sure have changed. You look and act so differently. {{champion:41}} Had to with the crew I created. Now why are you here hunter? {{champion:21}} To challenge you of course. I have assemble my own crew. _snap_ {{champion:86}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:21}} And now I have you trapped. Since you have accepted the challenged of Butcher's Bridge, you must fight. Leave now and you will forfeit all treasure. {{champion:41}} Treasure can always be reclaimed. {{champion:21}} But can your reputation? {{champion:41}} !!! {{champion:21}} I can see the papers now: "Local Pirate "King" Gangplank Runs. Feared pirate turns out to be nothing more but a scared land-lover when he chickens out of a match at Butcher's Bridge losing all his treasure and his crew in the process. {{champion:41}} You......Fine. You want your life to end now then so be it. ATTACK!!! {{champion:55}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:18}} _screaming_ {{champion:21}} Attack!! {{champion:86}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} _screaming_ _And so began what came to be know as the Legendary Battle._ **The End** **Alternate Ending** {{champion:21}} To challenge you of course. I have assemble my own crew. _snap_ {{champion:9}} Woah {{champion:55}} It can't be. {{champion:50}} To think this was possible {{champion:68}} Unbelievable {{champion:18}} Can't be {{champion:41}} You..... {{champion:84}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:21}} Of course. What better way of fighting Pirates then with Ninjas?
And then you see pirate ryse in the corner crying
: {{champion:41}} Alright little one what can you do? {{champion:18}} I can hit anything I can see, and I can see very far. {{champion:41}} A good skill to have on the sea...if you are telling the truth. {{champion:18}} Then give me something to hit. {{champion:9}} How about this orange? {{champion:41}} What the!? How did you get my orange? {{champion:9}} Took it while you were "sleeping" after I took a bit of your fear. {{champion:18}} That will work. Throw it as far as you can. {{champion:41}} Don't throw it. {{champion:9}} I'm throwing it. {{champion:41}} Don't do it. {{champion:9}} _throw_ {{champion:41}} NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! {{champion:18}} Good throw. Now..... {{champion:41}} Please don't shoot it!!! {{champion:18}} _fire_ {{champion:41}} MY ORANGES!!!!!!! {{champion:18}} That's not all I hit. {{champion:41}} What do you mean? {{champion:18}} My shot is still in the air. Listen for a sec. {{champion:41}} ? _NPC in distant_ My Cabbages {{champion:41}} Ok now I am impress. {{champion:18}} Thank you. {{champion:41}} Ok now that you all pass, now it is time we get our gear, our ship, and some loot. Once we got all that, we will make our mark here...on Butcher's Bridge. **_Final Part coming Thursday_**
: Champion and skin sale: 07.17 - 07.20
: He was released right on Tahm!
Master Chef Tahm is the new Gordon Ramsay
Pÿrö (NA)
: I still love you.
Your joke doesn't taste purple {{champion:117}}
He has a top hat, you can trust him to eat you
: Become the apex predator with Prehistoric skins
{{champion:34}} Finally! IM A DINOSAUR.
: And let us not forget Zac. Edit: Yes I have seen Pool Party Zac on PBE now, please stop sending me links to it D:
Just whatever they do, I hope they don't make a white chroma for him{{champion:154}}
: Champion and skin sale: 06.05 - 06.08
Holy crap, Yoricks on sale. THE WORLDS ENDING
: Insted of making new skins for people who don't need them, Riot should make skins for people who dont have many, such as {{champion:83}} or {{champion:114}}
Still waiting for cat lady {{champion:83}}
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHJyAZtRrOY {{champion:34}} WOOOOooo!!!! I love this song!!! {{champion:22}} Glad you were able to get in Anivia. The "No pet" sign had me worry for a second. {{champion:34}} We changed his mind once I gave him the cold shoulder...and a cold arm...and legs...and pretty much freezes everything but his head. {{champion:103}} _snickering_ {{champion:222}} Should of let me blast him afterwards. We need more ice for our drinks. {{champion:67}} Nah that would not be a good idea. {{champion:222}} And why not? {{champion:67}} Cause I wouldn't want yellow and brown ice cubes for my drink. _laugh_ {{champion:222}} _laugh_ {{champion:22}} Oh my god she actually made a joke. {{champion:103}} She must already be drunk. {{champion:113}} Well then let us get a few more drinks in her and see what she does. {{champion:103}} I like that idea. {{champion:34}} Me too. {{champion:22}} On it. Yo more drinks. NPC: Coming. {{champion:22}} And keep them coming. {{champion:103}} Now that we got some drinks, it times for the most important part of this night. Hitting on some guys. {{champion:113}} I'll go first. Hey you. NPC: Yes? {{champion:113}} _Punch_ NPC: OWWW!!! My nose!!! Agh!!!! I think it broken!!! WHY!!!? Owwwww... {{champion:103}} That's....not what I meant Sejuani. {{champion:113}} Oh....sorry.
The No Pet sign made me cry. XD
: > We like a good snowball fight, but things were getting a little ridiculous. Our primary goal was to give bruiser/tanky types the balls (snowballs, man) they needed to get into the fight, but when you see Ashe running Mark/Dash trying to snipe off a squishy backliner, something's probably up. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/210/119/9b3.png Hopefully this change will make ARAM actually fun to play again.
Amen , I hate those sejuanis snowballing me every damn second
: New free champion rotation: Bard, Jayce, Nidalee and more!
{{champion:432}} Over 9000% more trolls {{champion:60}} 50% more spiders {{champion:81}} 74% missed ults {{champion:114}} 90% more French accents {{champion:126}} 200% Hammer times {{champion:43}} 150% more ancient speech {{champion:96}} 300% Mage kogs {{champion:76}} 1000% missed spears {{champion:45}} 300% more short jokes {{champion:112}} eh no one plays him anyway {{champion:115}} 700% more explosions
: Champion Q&A: Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time [COMPLETED]
How come Ekko doesn't have chrono-diplasia like zilean?
Drewskey (NA)
: when are we getting five power ranger themed skins
Red ranger zed Blue ranger Shen Yellow ranger akali Green ranger kennen Black ranger lee sin
: Community Mixtape: The Yordles
What we need is a {{champion:432}} orchestra {{item:2051}}
: Champion Mastery coming to live soon!
Finally, people will respect my rank for {{champion:26}} and {{champion:432}}
: Champion Update: Ryze update heads to live!
Bring back human {{champion:13}}
: When a target is slowed, her auto attack will do a crit damage 100% of the time. But like Yasuo, the % bonus from the crit is less than normal, but the higher her crit % is, the more damage the crit from her passive does. So let say Ashe has 0% crit and 100 AD Her regular attack does 100 damage but if the target is slowed, her attack does 110 damage. Now if she has a 50% crit chance and 100 AD, her attack on a slow target will do 150 per attack. Does that make sense?
Oh sorry I failed math {{champion:32}}
: {{champion:10}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:267}} SLOW TEAM BOYS
Praise the sun, Ashe buffs have arrived {{champion:89}}
: {{champion:222}} is in the "short ranged" bundle, but {{champion:67}} isn't... okay
Same with {{champion:22}}
: New Line of Darklight skins, Thresh, Zed, Hec, Diana, and ashe.....
Darklight nocturne or cho would be good
: Team up for a Party IP Weekend!
Sucks that I have no friends {{item:3070}}
: {{champion:268}} **This has to be a mistake. A trick that you are pulling on me.** {{champion:101}} **Even now you refuse to listen. This is why you killed Shurima.** {{champion:268}} **I made Shurima a paradise. ** {{champion:101}} **Maybe for you and the higher class, but what about everyone else?** {{champion:268}} **What are you talking about?** {{champion:101}} **Your paradise was built on the back of slaves. While you lived in comfort, the people suffered. Even me.** {{champion:268}} **I gave you everything.** {{champion:101}} **YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME!!!! My Family! My Friends! Even Tabia......I was going to save everybody...** {{champion:268}} **What do you mean.** {{champion:101}} **This power of mine. It was going to be given to everyone in Shurima. There was going to be no class, no emperors, only equals. Everyone was going to be able to do anything and everything. A true Paradise. But your pets Nasus and Renekton had to stop me. Without me there to guide the magic it ended up destroying Shurima. Even now I hear them suffering. ** {{champion:268}} **I had no Idea. ** {{champion:101}} **And that is why you must die for Shurima. But not now. I have other matters to attend to so for now I need you to sleep. Shocking Orb.**
Noooo not the feels {{champion:32}}
: Champion and skin sale: 04.03 - 04.06
{{champion:101}} How long has it been Azir, when I destroyed your empire XD {{champion:268}} ........
: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
If you bring back urfwick, I will explode, implode, and explode again
: Champion and skin sale: 03.03 - 03.06
{{champion:101}} Hey Reneckton {{champion:58}} (sigh) What? {{champion:101}} Hows your bother? {{champion:58}} Jerk
: Champion and skin sale: 01.16 - 01.19
THAT WAS AMAZING {{item:3070}}
: Champion Update: Alistar
MOOving along to {{champion:44}} tho
: Get ready for the 2015 ranked season!
Well silver 1, you will be missed {{champion:32}}
: Don’t tell the poros, but Snowdown’s nearly over!
: Dark Horses: Jungle Irelia
You must do top {{champion:53}} it is so op
: Two more champions join the Battlecast arsenal
What is that thing on the bottom left? A {{champion:17}} shroom? Battle cast Santan confirmed
: Dev Blog: Optimizing the Rift
It makes me want to cry pixels{{champion:45}}
: Champion and skin sale: 10.03. - 10.06.
{{champion:61}} So strange, they scream, For ICE CREAM
: Final Boss Veigar preps for the ultimate battle
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
New found respect for {{champion:111}}
: But... but... Urgot... http://31.media.tumblr.com/dc045e58d622bbd0f1bddfe00dc48dfe/tumblr_n110r0HYnT1trmj5ho1_500.png "Eternal life, endless torture."
I wonder what reason urgot was made.
: I Know right every one is purple
You got to love it when lulu picked the champs
Samu (NA)
: When bladecraft {{champion:127}} coming out? o3o
Actually it's called blade queen {{champion:127}}


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