Xulsigae (NA)
: Many projects companies do don't have a direct profit, but do have an indirect one. LCS for example is wonderful advertising for Riot, even though they lose money on it at first. They make money in the long term. Publishing a comic may not make money itself, but the attention and excitement would generate good will and profits from lore fans through them staying around to play and purchase.
I will say it again. The Project is proposed to someone who signs it off who is paid to ask, "Is it worth it?" So yes, attention and excitement can generate revenue. People who get excited for a champion tend to buy them and their skin, making Riot cash.... But I believe you missed the point. EVERYTHING boils down to 'will it make money?' Acting like Riot is making this product for children's laughter and rainbows is to the least a half lie.
: You would be amazed at how many times I speak about money when it comes to the deciding factor in making creative decisions. By that I mean I can't remember ever doing that. My role is one that supports Narrative in particular, and then the teams that we work within. I have never been in a room talking about whether to make something from a story standpoint, including format or cadence, based on how much money it will make Riot. Ever. It's one of the many things I love about my extremely privileged position in working at Riot. You might not believe me, as if you would have told me that before I joined I might not have believed it either. Right or wrong, we make what we think players will love. Not what will sell the most. It's who we are. Seriously.
You may never need to talk about money in your position, it isn't your job and would be silly if you had to..... But you know it is a factor. You know any project you propose has to be signed off by someone who does the math and calculates 'is it worth it'. I'm not saying Riot is greedy, but they are a business so please don't act otherwise. Creating a continual comic would be expensive with little payout. The fans would love it but Riot's accounting department wouldn't.
: To all the people who choose off meta picks
Personally, I have 0 problem with it... if they know why they are doing it and not "Ugot Jungle YOLO"
: Remove laugh from the game
In League there is a "Voice" Sound Bar, mute it when people start spamming.
: Tank Meta.
Personally I like it. The Meta is constantly shifting around, before assassins were all the rage. Give it a few months the meta will shift to something else being strong.
: We need a Bat Man themed champ
{{champion:91}} He strikes from the shadows and throws around a lot of blades. P.S. Sion isn't Bayne, Singed is. He even has the skin.
arcinex (NA)
: Low elo bans
I can agree with this. Sometimes you want people to pick those "op" champs when they are high skill cap and them people fall on their faces.
: What every support must deal with
You forgot, "Report trash support!"
: "Teemo`s Mission" (not official name), Rpg Maker Game Teaser
: Anyone Here On The Chinese Servers?
I hear every 5 minutes a line of tank minions rolls down red side, only to be stopped by a lone blue caster minion, on Chinese servers. Is there any validity to this? Jokes aside, how is the meta/play style over there?
: Anyone else feel like platinum is easy?
yes and no >.> I think there are less mistakes, but people still make silly mistakes. (myself included) Also, you get teams who don't click well.
: Because it didn't feel good to either side, the attacker nor the attacked. You can't rely on dodge as a melee entirely without ridiculously high dodge values. Besides, dodge can absorb many auto attacks at a time. Crit affects only one target. I'm not saying ranged crits are good, in fact I hate them. The reason I'm siding with it's stay ( or more specifically, keeping it melee only ) is champion playstyle dependency on the stat. {{champion:157}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:23}}
Yes and No. You are right on your points, those were factors. But the major reason Riot took out dodge was because of RNG. At the time they kept crit because people like big red numbers and watching health chunk. They saw it as a fun interaction. (I remember playing WoW and that was a huge selling point on playing DPS, watching those huge numbers fly up in raid fights) But I never liked it in any game. I don't like the idea winning any fight because I rolled an invisible dice 'better' than the other guy. As for 'crit dependent champions' I assume Riot will do something to make them work, such as averaging out their damage. Jax was so dodge dependent it was baked into his old kit and has since been a crazy monster (when the meta allowed for it.)
: Anti-crit people be like
Question, have you played long enough to remember when dodge was in the game? Also, if so, do you remember why it was removed?
: ITT: We post awesome League wallpapers.
John snow should be bronze or silver "You know nothing Jhon snow" Same for Joffrey.
stuartk11 (EUW)
: You could have it so that her Heal actually heals a percentage of the target's Max HP instead of a set number. Having to lose HP to heal is a massive cost on someone who is primarily designed around healing.
I am not talking about building HP on soraka.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seth Lightheart,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A09IhtKW,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-04-13T22:52:25.879+0000) > > *sigh* I'll explain it for you. More HP *would* mean Soraka would live longer before/between heals, but in the long run, her team would suffer if they need frequent heals. Warmog's Armor and Righteous Glory are HP items that are commonly built on Soraka, but the biggest reason is the regen. Soraka thrives on HP regen. RG also has the added benefit of a team movement speed active, something that is always useful for supports. Talisman of Ascension is the most common full item built by pro players because it has several of the things you want for Soraka: **HP Regen**, Mana Regen, CDR, Movement Speed, Gold Generation, additional Gold/**HP** for nearby enemy minion deaths that she didn't kill, and an active team movement buff. Soraka's HP at 18 is 1855. If you heal 5 times, she is now at ~950 (slightly higher than half due to regen). A successful Q would heal her for (65 (+40%AP)) x 1.48. That's 96.2 + (40%AP x 1.48). At 0AP, that's over 5% HP healed at about 50% HP. She would have to Q two targets to regain 1 W cast of HP. If you stack HP to 3000, healing 5 times would place her at a little over 1500HP. A successful Q would heal her for (65 (+40%AP)) x 1.49. That's 96.85 + (40%AP x 1.49). At 0AP, that's 3.2% healed at about 50%HP. She would have to Q four targets to regain 1 W cast of HP. You know how sometimes you're forced to spam heals on someone until you're out of HP? At around 2600 max HP, a successful Q on one target still won't heal you enough to hit the 5% minimum HP that you need to cast another targeted heal. Ideally, you'd itemize for defense like most defensive builds. Resistances *and* HP, prioritizing resistances. You don't want to be completely HPless, but you don't want to take full damage from people, either.
No. I understand what you are saying. It is you who does not seem to understand what I am saying. What I am talking about is: What if every time you cast a spell, instead of it costing X HP, you took X damage. Meaning resistances would apply. So, instead of HP (Or regen) you could build stats as well. I don't want to get into a debate of HP vs Regen for soraka, this is not what this post was about. It was a fun what if.
: Lol, no. You don't want to stack HP as Soraka at all. A little bit of incidental HP from items is fine, but stacking HP as Soraka is like slapping yourself in the face.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seth Lightheart,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A09IhtKW,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-04-13T20:34:02.951+0000) > > If this were to happen Soraka wouldn't need to always build HP. Allowing her to also build tanky MR (or Armor) items giving players more options. She already should prefer resists over HP. The 10% HP cost means that she can only heal 10 times from a full HP bar, regardless of her max HP. Having a smaller max HP means her Q heals will recover a larger percentage of her HP bar, thus allowing her to heal more. When she stacks HP, she loses it at the same rate as before, but heals herself for smaller percentages of her HP bar.
You know, you are right about it costing % HP than a flat number. However, as is you still want to stack HP. With that aside, I believe you may be missing the point.
Rioter Comments
: LOL Research Project Requiring YOUR Help :)
You might want to reword your first question, you are baiting an answer with "Do you think it is because of the autonomy (facelessness) and social distance created by Internet gaming? Or is it partly because of the necessity for quick communication in a high intensity environment?"
: > [{quoted}](name=Seth Lightheart,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=VlIGgUPK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-11T21:48:16.252+0000) > > Very cool! I think it would be awesome if league had a champion who used her hair as a weapon in a similar fashion to Milla. The skills are a little wonkey, but still a great idea. > > http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/Millia_Rage thanks , as i said the skills are just for fun, and i didn't know about that millia rage
Milla is awesome, check out some game play for her.
: Jinx sister
Very cool! I think it would be awesome if league had a champion who used her hair as a weapon in a similar fashion to Milla. The skills are a little wonkey, but still a great idea. http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/Millia_Rage
: Why not have riot live chat?
There is a ticketing system.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seth Lightheart,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=xEMgVwOk,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-04-04T05:30:52.429+0000) > > look it up. The skin itself cost 5000 RP and was reduced by 99% for most of the available time to 50 RP, until it shifted to 500 RP. On the last weekend, it cost the actual price before turning unique. Riot Games donated the money to a foundation protecting hunted manatees.
Yup. It was a $35 skin that was 99% on sale.
Noveon (NA)
: ok hear me out battlecast zac
I think this would be actually really cool. Or if there was some floating eye thing in a semi-transparent liquid.
: huh, thanks that will help me alot ty EDIT: im somehow unable to find it do you perhaps have a link?
I saw it on redit, then tested it with a friend. I would test it again with you, but I need to jet. P.S. I assume it still works because people don't run away when I shaco gank like they use to.
Fisk (NA)
: Woah relax man. No point in being toxic about toxicity... Toxicity happens thats a fact. Muting is just a tool and this is just a reminder. If you have some ideas on how to fix ragers please, post them on the boards, but this is just a reminder that muting is there if you need it.
RAGGGGEEEEE!!! All jokes aside, when I said I don't care. I honestly really don't care. People can rage all they want. I was pointing out the flaw in your logic.
: What do you mean what am i looking at wrong elaborate more please. Thank you for Help.
This is the thing: First you have to understand how to let others carry you, because you are not going to be G-d ever game and need to know how to make others stronger. Next, when you are G-d you need to learn how to lead. If you are a snowball champion, run around the map killing everyone. If your champ is a pusher, push like crazy. And lastly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! Kick them when they are down! In lower elo this doesn't happen nearly enough! In higher it always happens. You got a kill(s)? Take a inhib>tower > dragon. Kick them when they are down, and keep kicking till they can't get up again.
Fisk (NA)
: In a perfect world my friend, I completely agree with you. But, unfortunately, people are going to flame no matter how many safe guards riot puts in, especially because the internet is fairly anonymous. I mean go on reddit or 4chan and you will the same flaming and toxicity. Since league is a free to play environment there is very little quality barriers in the community, since any one can really play. Also, according to the summoner code, flaming _isn't_ allowed but it happens. So muting and ignoring toxic players is an option so that you can protect yourself and I just think people should remember that.
I honestly don't care? People are going to commit crimes. They still can get their asses thrown in jail. As for the barrier, there is one. Do you want to lose all your skins? Your icons? AND level back up to 30?
: wut? since when i play a bit of shaco and its always been that way
Riot look away that nerf a few patches ago. It was a secret shaco buff. Google it. If not test it :)
: did you know that you can still see the smoke puff of shaco's q from a bush even without a ward in it
: Carrying
You are looking at it wrong.
darkdill (NA)
: Post up your "start-of-game" tips suggestions!
Minions give you gold. - The more you know
Fisk (NA)
: A friendly reminder about trolls
I understand, but this logic is flawed. You shouldn't be flamed in the first place. Someone can't start screaming death threats at you anywhere else. Why is it allowed in league?
: > [{quoted}](name=Seth Lightheart,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=xEMgVwOk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-04-01T04:21:17.699+0000) > > It's a 35$ skin. No it's not
Xonra (NA)
: Urf, sadly proving what I knew about this community
It's funny, I haven't seen this once in URF.
: Why aren't we friends in League?
: Warwick URF Skin
It's a 35$ skin.
: If NURF mode was real, would you even play it?
Depóngo (EUNE)
: A N.U.R.F. Theory
I think nurf is going to come out for a day, we will all have a laugh. Then on April 1st it will be urf mode.
Jevokan (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arliden,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4E21NRW4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-31T15:18:01.400+0000) > > I heard that Seaworld is a terrible place and they abuse animals according a movie.... > I heard McDonalds makes you fat according to a movie... > I heard that white cops hate black people... according to fox news. > I heard that the Affordable Care Act will bankrupt America based on what the House Majority Leader says... > > You can make any point of view sound like fact, by not presenting opposing opinions are by presenting in a vacuum like this guy does. I can make cigarette's sound healthy and make vitamin supplements sound like poison - it all comes down to finding what facts you want to flush up and downplaying others. > > You don't like League? Uninstall. This video and this post do nothing to contribute positively to the community. And if you don't like my point of view you can not come to my thread.
Jamaree (NA)
: I don't think anyone was trying to fight that, it is true that that one asshole is gonna ruin it, but there isn't really a way to just remove assholes. Ok, let's add a system where you can just leave queue without penalty, it will go from leaving queue to not deal with assholes to leaving queue for a perfect team comp. Add an option to leave in game and then push the other 3 people who aren't being assholes, and no, making it so they get a free pass is also a bad idea because then people will just bully the person doing poorly into quitting. Yes, no one likes feeling helpless and yes, it is annoying as shit, but there isn't going to be a realistic way of dealing with it, until someone finds a way to remove assholes from the internet, this is always going to be a thing.
: 100% agree with you. I'm not saying they're useless in any way, plays can easily be made with them. However I still feel their core aspect, making terrain, is incredibly underutilized. For example, in most cases, a J4 will use his ult for the leap and about 0.75~1 sec of keeping his target there. So why not just make it an AoE stun? Same result, more reliability. Of course I'm not asking for a change like that, I'm just curious as to what other people may come up with for adding/buffing the unique aspect of those skills. Like, imagine if J4's ult walls were twice as thick but only in a half-circle behind his target? Or if Anivia's wall came in different shapes depending on what spell you last cast? Stuff like that.
I understand you are saying they are not useless. But why are you saying this? Because they are weak and need more to their kit? Or are you saying you wish they had more flashy effects? Such as they were more than just a circle or straight line.
: I don't feel terrain-generating abilities have good use-cases with all the mobility, what else can we give them to allow a player to have more good uses for them without making them overbearing? <--effectively what I'm asking, if that makes sense
Ah, to be honest I think you are looking at it wrong. You should use terrain to counter mobility. A good example of this would be lets say you are ganking with J4. You run in, use your knock up and slow. Then if they touch any of their dashes THEN you ult. You hold onto those spells waiting for a dash to punish them for using it. The ability is more powerful when not on cooldown. Also, be sure to yell "You activated my trap card Kaiba!" every time they try to get away. It helps.
Hupsis (EUNE)
: I think the attack speed didn't get changed. The duration of the buff got reduced by 3 seconds so it's a nerf to the attack speed portion. The change is: Buff to his repositioning to land a pull or dodge a critical skillshot. Nerf to chasing/escaping. I think it's an interesting change. Maybe someone will actually be able to escape him now...
: People say there is nothing he does that {{champion:77}} doesn't do better. But dammit, it's fun to build cinderhulk and get in the middle of the fight and be unkillable and obnoxious.
People are wrong. One has an insane pull that grabs the squishies and turns fights into 4v5s.
: A Strategy to Win Games
Wow! Nice video man. +1 (And +1 subscribe) I think i'll try this in ranked since I love jungle assassins.
Vahn65 (NA)
: Is Skarner viable s5?
He is a fun champion, personally I love him. But I don't think he is too amazing right now. With that said, in lower elo he could be a God though since you can catch people who are out of position with him.
: Let's talk about terrain generation mechanics
You forgot trundle. Also, I don't fully understand what you are saying? Make it so people can't blink or dash though them?
dalphy08 (NA)
: Who agrees to add more champions?
I do. If Riot doesn't keep updating their content this game would get old. Champions do a lot for that.
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