: Star Guardian skins now live!
These are so damn adorable. I especially like the voice lines and animations for SG Jinx.
: Thank You
I got the Kayle skin, but I didn't get the icon. Is this normal?
: Thank You
I'm a little confused what they mean by 10 years, 'cause LoL definitely isn't 10 years old, and I'm not familiar with Riot Games making anything else prior. I was hoping the video would explain that, but it didn't.
: She isn't punished for anything. She gains tenacity or at worst no negative effects depending on the number of bodies in a team fight. Pointless is a blind ward. Irelia will always be, at the very least, a mobile one.
Kinda sad when a champion's usefulness is compared to that of a ward.
: I think Prehistoric Kled with him riding a velociraptor would be amazing
Wouldn't a velociraptor be no bigger than Kled himself? Perhaps a deinonychus would work better. Otherwise, you've a very good idea!
: > Starting with the third minion wave, siege minions cycle between lanes. Bottom lane gets their siege minion on wave 3, Mid lane gets their siege minion on wave 4, and Top lane gets theirs on wave 5. This repeats until the 20 minute mark. For some reason, I think Rito deleted that part. Rito pls. Here's a link to the original if you want to read: http://www.nerfplz.com/2016/07/official-patch-615-notes-released.html
Hey, thanks for the link. Ahh, I see what you mean now in your previous post. Yeah, I misinterpreted it. I mean, bottom gets a head start on the other two waves, but overall it shouldn't affect the money _too_ much. Although, I could see someone going from lane to lane trying to steal the cannons, but _usually_ people aren't that big of jerks. Usually. Anyway, thank you for correcting me.
: There will be the same amount of siege minions; they just are spawning at different times. Right now we have seige minions spawning every 3 waves. After this patch, seige minions will still spawn, but they will alternate lanes. So first, botlane gets a seige minion. 30s later, midlane gets one. 60s later, toplane gets seige minion... cycle repeats.
Your comment made me think I misread the whole thing, so I went back to read it again and... well, it's not there. At least, I can't find the segment now. Perhaps they changed their minds and deleted it? Now I'm just confused.
: Patch 6.15 notes
Less siege minions = less income. The turret changes definitely don't make up for it, either. Also, kind of a hidden Banner of Command nerf. **Edit: Okay, so I was kinda wrong. See the below comments.**
: Siege turrets longer & faster (by hurrying the front creep) also if you were out of range of an ally taking a beating you could mantra E a closer minion and give your ally the effect. As a Karma main, these changes make me sad :*(
I don't play Karma much since her rework, but it makes me sad too.
: Ezreal might be a little young for you taric. Just a little.
Obviously he's Taric's [twink](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=twink).
: Something lurks deep in the sea...
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Can we please, please stop nerfing Kindred? Illaoi already got massacred, now Riot is trying to make Kindred just as useless. ://
The change is "okay" for jungling, I guess, but a huge nerf to a laning Kindred. I don't know what Riot has against playing champions in more than one way, but they seem to enjoy nerfing any style of a champion that isn't the primary role.
Byrden (NA)
: Might as well put a link to rule 34 :/
I agree that both seem needlessly over-sexualized, even by League's standards.
: Gods, I just love everything about {{champion:131}} <3 Story, gameplay, everything. When I first started League, I noticed how amazing her splash was. It came off with such a strong and stout presence, but a pained one as well. The first time I ever played her was on freeweek and I fell in love. Her jokes were the topping on it. I do love Leona too, and I adore their conflict. I like the old lore, but the new one I think is more of a satisfying story between the two, how Leona realized later on that maybe there can be justice in questioning it. She became a much less 3-dimensional character afterward. I also love how they emphasized the celestial avatars within them, and while, as they said above, are even internal opposites, they're also the representation of Balance. Personally, Diana is still my favorite and always will be, but more than anything I'd love to see them friends, speak things out face-to-face. Lowkey I'd love them to be more than friends, but y'know~ I CAN DREAM {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Your name is anything but lowkey on that. =P
: I believe that would be called {{champion:203}} .
Meanwhile, we mourn the loss of what once was. {{champion:43}}
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
I enjoy playing Leona from time to time, but never really got all that into Diana. However, I find Diana's story more interesting and her design more aesthetically appealing. I simply cannot vote. Also, that video has a terrible choice in music.
: Totally agree with you on that part. When I first saw the image, I originally thought it was a warwick skin. I was like, cool! It's a new warwick skin. Then I realized it was volibear...
My first thought was a skaven (rat-folk) from the Warhammer franchise. Then I was like, "Wait a minute, Twitch doesn't use his claws..."
: Not waifu material
Sadly, [Arnold would disagree](http://arnoldbaitmirror.ytmnd.com/).
: They say Renekton was a girl before the Ascension. Sexual Ascension, that is.
: Patch 6.9 notes
This is quite a large collection of questionable design choices.
: They should make a skate boarder skin for her, it would be so sick!****
: inside taliyah
Yeah, that probably could've been phrased better.
: Inside Taliyah dev with the designers
Taliyah = Word 'Cause Taliyah is a Surfin' Bird.
: > New champ? New champ! _(That's all the info for now though. Speculate away!)_ EDIT: Here's a [full-size version of the art from the end of the story](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KyPoX). Enjoy!
Speculate huh? I'm surprised I didn't see any Taliyah x Quinn shipping comments.
: The Bird and the Branch
"Your wings have carried you far,” he said. “They may even carry you home.” And then she got lost and somehow ended up in Summoner's Rift, a place of unknown origin, because what the heck is this summoner thing anyway?
: @Riot the New Traditional Trundle Splash Is Wrong
Everything you said is completely true Dragon270. I'm positive Riot won't change their mind on this, however. They seem pretty intent on burying all old lore when they come up with new stuff. Hell, even Karma's kit itself was mutilated of all traces of duality when those three reworks came about.
: Things have changed a bit over the last few years. Riot really ramped up the feedback mechanisms, so crappy players like the ones you're describing work their way through the system very quickly. That said, there are some nutjobs still around. Even in the PvAI a couple days ago I got paired with a L14 in top who wasn't amused that I was farming the jungle between waves and "abandoning him". I run into a hyper-competitive jerk who knows how to play my main 10x better than me about once a month. So it happens, but it's rare enough that I don't shy away from PvP like I used to. On the flip side, I also play ARAM quite a lot, and people get stuck with a champ they've never played frequently. Those games can be tough, even if I get a main and play S+, we might still lose. I've won 3v5 in PvAI, that never happens in PvP.
Hmm. Well thanks for the enlightenment. Maybe I'll work up the courage to try a Normal or ARAM in the future.
: Honestly I think you're being a little ridiculous. I've played many MANY normal games where people don't say much. Although most of the time it's people arguing with eachother, who cares? Like really. Just mute them and play the game? If all you want to do is have fun, and winning isn't your #1 priority then there shouldn't be a single problem with muting them. Also you can try new stuff in normals. If people say something at you, who cares? I try all kinds of stuff in normals, and I think trash talking is just a part of the competitive nature, and it will never go away. Complaining about it on the forums and limiting yourself to just bots is ridiculous. If you really wanted to enjoy PvP, you would simply mute them or play with friends.
Perhaps things have changed over the years and people are more tame now. But back then? It was terrible. I don't recall if there even was a mute function, either. I admire your ability to just ignore them and move on, but that wasn't something I could do at the time. I'm not really complaining, though, I just wanted to inform someone that the game isn't 100% about PvP, just mostly.
: You can play with friends in pvp too, plus... **Champion Mastery = Free Skins **{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yeah, unfortunately, Champion Mastery is one of the many things I've elected to miss out on by not participating in PvP. There's a lot of rewards I haven't obtained, such as icons and skins, and several featured game modes I didn't experience. It's a shame, but I guess I'd rather be at a loss than put up with a certain players. Maybe that says something about a portion of the community.
: Have you tried arams?
I think I might've tried it with a friend once in Customs back before it had its own queue.
: Why do you play this game if you hate pvp? League is all about pvp.
I haven't played PvP since Season 2. There's a lot of factors involved, but I'll try to give you a better understanding. Bear in mind that the opinions of others and my own may differ, even from those who also aren't fans of PvP. I like the premise of League and enjoy the gameplay involved. However, my experience of playing "real" games mostly consisted of people arguing with each other and bossy players telling everyone else how to play the game. It was painful to lose because it was usually a crushing defeat, and a hollow victory when winning, because rarely would a game reach an actual conclusion when they almost always resulted in surrender at the first chance. Win or lose, it wasn't fun to play. In Co-op vs. AI, on the other hand, it's a much more casual environment. People play it to test builds or relax or what-have-you. There's still a sense of meta playstyles and such, but most people won't give you shit for doing something abnormal. Plus instead of being paired up with/against up to 9 assholes, there's only at most 4. What's more, it's such a relaxed queue that you usually don't come across any jerks at all. While the PvP game modes are all about winning, bot games are about having fun. The main draw-back of Co-op vs. AI is that it's typically too easy, which can get stale after a time. We have Beginner and Intermediate (and Intro), so a more difficult setting of Advanced bots would definitely be beneficial. Other than maybe slightly smarter scripting, Advanced could feature bots that actually have Mastery and Runes. Jungling could be a part of Advanced bots as well, but from what I read, that's been a rather troublesome thing to program. The bot roster has grown considerably over the past few months at least, which does help in providing more varied opponents, so that's cool. Anyway, getting a little off-topic there I guess, so I'll just end with saying that there is definitely more to League than just the PvP. Believe it or not, people play different games for different reasons. I personally am not very competitive, and prefer instead to play _with_ people rather than _against_ them. It's just unfortunate that oftentimes in this game it feels as if you're also facing off against your own team. Sorry for the Anivia W of text. TLDR; Humans are jerks.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
No U.R.F. mode in Co-op v.s AI? That's a shame.
: It’s time for April bundles!
I thought a haiku was supposed to involve the seasons or something similar? Perhaps I'm mistaken.
drj60 (NA)
: mind telling me why anivia {{summoner:3}} dident turn into an egg.
"Laying an egg isn't as easy as it looks."
: Ironically the Taric rework is released on my Birthday! {{champion:44}}
Today is my birthday as well, but I don't know how that's ironic unless you're Taric's child or something? Or would that still just be a coincidence? I don't know.
Ququroon (NA)
: For his hair, he cheats and totally uses starlight to manage the luster in his hair. For his chest, he eats 5 dozen eggs in the morning to help him get large.
You mean he has his own brand of tanning lotion, but not shampoo and/or conditioner?
: they put it all back a day or two later so I'm content.
You sure? I just checked and it looks like Gentleman Cho'Gath is still missing his glass contents and smokes.
: Meanwhile In Top Lane… [Weekly roundup - Apr 8]
The link to Star Guardian Braum doesn't work. > Error: 404 > “Looks like you’re lost. Need a map?” > This page is missing or has been moved.
: “Don’t wreck a champ by destroying the things that players really like. You can’t make KARMA suddenly not have FANS.”
I was thinking the same thing, except more "duality" than the fans themselves. She does still have her fans, sorta, with her Traditional skin's dance. But her duality? Both in the lore and the kit, her entire theme was destroyed.
: there might be regulations for another country about tobacco/alchohol. They said they wanted splashes to be the same across all countries and different countries have different censorship laws.
Fair point. I guess I didn't think about how extreme some other countries are. Well, it might make sense now, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
: No death timers at 30+ are way too long the issue it that with turrets having such low health one bad team fight for a team that has been winning all game ends in 30 seconds because 2-3 players can kill 3 turrets in that time. I've lost multiple games after being up by 10k gold because one team fight goes wrong and it leave a jinx with just enough time to take inhib turret, inhib, and both nexus turrets, and the nexus before anyone on my team even respawns. To me that seems very extreme and undesirable as a player. Thank you Rito for at least addressing the issue.
You mean there are games where one team doesn't forfeit at the 20 minute mark? Amazing!
: so now with the program {{champion:16}} skin she really is a heal bot =)
I was going to say the same thing. 'Course, they nerfed her again, so we'll see. I wouldn't mind if Rejuvenation worked with Wish too.
: don't worry they're also taking away gentleman cho'gath's pipe and the WINE IN HIS GLASS ?????????? http://imgur.com/a/rmsrB
Most of new splash arts look a lot better, and I'm not an advocate of tobacco or alcohol, but really? Needless censorship? Poor form, Riot. This is what happens when political correctness bullshit goes too far.
: Aurelion Sol community creations
These are exceptionally well-done. However, I can't stomach the art style of #11 because it bears too much resemblance to disgusting furry imagery. Everything else is fantastic, though.
CosmoX (NA)
: Just a quick question @Riot could someone from the graphic design team please explain whats up with the tiny legs on his skin? {{champion:45}} {{item:3070}}
It bugs me as well. Here we have what looks like an awesome cosmic force, a badass space dragon, and then you take a look at his hind and it looks like he was born with a deformity or muscular dystrophy. The best explanation I can come up with is that maybe they visually wanted him to be "fleeting," so to speak. I don't know, man.
: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, available now
So I guess the Summoners at the Institute must use their magics to shrink Aurelion Sol down to size to make it fair, right? No? They don't exist anymore? Aurelion Sol must have chose to reduce his own size when participating? His ego is too big to be so modest, I think. Then I guess this champion isn't huge because... "reasons?" Ooookay, then. Yeah, I know, you can't have a playable character be larger than a Nexus for gameplay reasons, but maybe they shouldn't have such large champions in the first place if they are inexplicably much smaller. I tried not to bitch about ones in the past like Mecha Malphite and Arclight Vel'Koz because skins typically aren't canon. 'Course, if they would have left the whole Institute the way it was, at least then there'd be a way to explain the size differences. So maybe I'm really just still unaccepting of Riot getting rid of the old lore because they got tired of coming up with reasons for characters to even participate in the League.
: Patch 6.6 notes
Don't worry Riot, that Star Fox 64 reference in the Zz'rot Portal section hasn't gone _completely_ unnoticed.
: {{champion:12}} heal now even more useless
They've been nerfing him pretty consistently over the past few years. In a few more he'll be little more than ground beef. He got a boost when Ardent Censer showed up, and using it for wave pushing was pretty fun when it worked on minions, but of course we can't have fun now can we?
: Teemo and Jhin - Trap Gods
I used to enjoy killing with cupcakes as Caitlyn in Co-op vs. AI. It was more fun than playing her as normal AD. Too bad that her traps don't do damage anymore.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
Personally, I find F easier to press because of the index finger usage. I end up putting spells on F that demand more immediate attention, such as Flash, Heal, Shield, Cleanse, and sometimes Ghost. Teleport, Ignite, Exhaust and whatever else end up on D more often.
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