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Bultz (NA)
: Did they nerf lifesteal?
After Last whisper changes and Ninja tabi buffs, you don't really do much damage on autos to tanks and so low lifesteal. No one cares about lifesteal items like Bloodthirster now because its too inefficient. That said BOTRK is good because it gives lifesteal on the extra percent HP damage you do to champions too.
: Because that's your own problem.
My problem? Do you even realize how big of an issue this is? Her movespeed is 399 ! What is she? A fucking price tag? This game is literally unplayable.
Hollister (EUW)
: Xayah and Rakan Nerf/Buff
Xayah E is broken. And i agree Rakan is so useless with that short range on E when Xayah is not around. The problem is that Xayah and Rakan are not even a good bottom lane together. Rakan needs to have longer range on E when using it on anyone.
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W8ForFiora (EUNE)
: Well about Rakan E...
THANK YOU. I made a similar discussion and am getting downvoted because the average IQ of league community is negative. This completely makes sense that Rakan feels very frustrating to play with short E range.
: Hey again! I took a lot at this in game yesterday, and the proper sounds are playing for me. I loaded into the game as base Fiora and Pool Party Fiora and in both instances, against an enemy Yasuo, the proper sounds effects played. I know we did some audio clean up for patch 7.1 - Jhin and Karma had a similar issue with audio being stolen from another champion, so that may have solved the issue. Feel free to lemme know if you're still hearing the incorrect sounds in the new patch, and I'd be happy to take another look. I know the pod who worked on Pool Party Fiora had sign off from gameplay that the vitals were okay, but I can sync up with them again and pass along your feedback.
Thanks ! Just played 2 games with Yasuo and didn't have the sound bug on the Q.Bought pool party skin 2 days ago and nice to see the bug fixed so quick.
: Thanks for the report! I'll take a look into this today! :)
Thank you!This bug exists for every fiora skin btw but it was very noticable on pool party skin because it felt weird that she uses a noodle but makes the sound of sword when using q. And the vitals on the pool party skin is very difficult to see.Can you make them a bit more distinguishable? In late game teamfights i can barely see the vitals.
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