: You're not supposed to buy them easily. That's the point. Very few players will own these skins. Because that ups their value by making them inherently rare. Of course releasing one every other patch HURTS the, well, prestigious value of them but, Riot's making too much off whales to care
> [{quoted}](name=MankeyMadness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XLiEQNE1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-29T00:57:03.818+0000) > > You're not supposed to buy them easily. > That's the point. Very few players will own these skins. > > Because that ups their value by making them inherently rare. Of course releasing one every other patch HURTS the, well, prestigious value of them but, Riot's making too much off whales to care $130 for a skin is too much
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: What would you like RIOT to change for their upcoming update
As a reformed toxic player, I am going to compare you to ISIS. Being punished by a gaming company for violating a well advertised and published standards of conduct... and then having the audacity to complain about it, is comparable to mass murdering thousands of people for not sharing your beliefs on how to properly praise Mohammed. It's basically the same thing. You're ISIS
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: Nexus Blitz Primer: Snowdown Edition
WTF is wrong with all of you people? IDC what any of you say, this game mode is fun. Mad props to RIOT for coming up with something original that has the ability to last longer than a week. This for me is more fun than Summoner's Rift. It's random, it has mini-games and appeals to my short attention span. I don't need to spend 30 minutes killing minions and testing the waters for well thought out team fights. The games are sometimes entirely one-sided and the team that wins everything still can manage to lose. It's consistent. It's everything that the community has bitched about NOT HAVING in years. You're seriously all impossible to please. Holy
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: What about "fućk", "fÙck" etc?
I'm sure... Now I need to go play overwatch lol
: "changed"? oh. you mean it auto-"translates"? btw I think the client actually already keeps track of negative language to some degree. it just doenst autopunish. but it degrades your honor, or stops advancing. but, noone cares aobut that, lol
Change, autotranslate, all the same isn't it? I didn't care too much about the honor until my friend got Midievil Twitch in an Honor 5 capsule at end of season this year
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: What if I type "Yóu'rę Trąśh"? Will i dodge the system like in league?
I experimented with it a bit when I recognized it and they've done a really good job at recognizing many variants of toxic statements. Examples are variants of "fuck" ... fuc, fuk. fk, fck, phuck, phuc, phuk, etc.
: Extremely slow update speed
Better internet or wired internet. If you have the ability to run an ethernet to your computer even if only for the update, it'll fix this. Use Fast.com to track internet speeds. Anything less than 10mb/s and you're going to see slow updates. I personally pay for 1GB/s but you might not have that option
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: Pick Your Role in Blind
You don't get it. I don't want bans, i don't want to see the enemy picks. I just want to pick mid, get in lobby, pick my champ and go to game
: Dark Harvest is breaking this game and my will to play it
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Kei143 (NA)
: hmm.. I might be misunderstanding you, so here is a foreword warning that I may be trying to make a point that is totally irrelevant. The zero tolerance system in the current behavioral system reference to the simple chat filter check on whether you used hate speech / encouraged self harm. Those that used such words will get punished with a 14-day ban. Then again, Rioters have reduced or reverted punishments on those that have had a good behavioral history, esp for those that were ban baiting. I get the feeling that you are using zero-tolerance in a different context, as in "once the system says it is toxic, it will be toxic regardless of how you try to twist the arguement", which is kind of true, seeing that 99.8% of the punishments applied from the system are considered as "correct punishments". People can still msg player support and get them to manually review the punishment. Keep in mind that the community makes the rules and Riot's IFS is a learning machine that learns from community reports and we are the ones determining what is punishable. While I'm here firing blind shots as I'm slightly confused by your posts, we also need to take in account OP's behavioral history. The IFS would pardon a couple of games of a player blowing up, but if the player has shown the inability to control themselves consistently, then I'd certainly agree that they should be deemed as a repeat offender and thus should be punished.
Chermorg (NA)
: This is what the other player means when they say evidently you are not reformed. The fact you think this is okay because it's only *"tame"* toxicity is the problem here. If you were truly reformed, you would understand that it is **never** okay to be **any** bit toxic or negative in the chat box of the game.
So how does the robotic response system work then? It doesn't search for curse words, it doesn't search for triggered responses. Does it just look for a total number of things typed in an entire game? If I didn't say a word, ran it down mid repeatedly and actually intentionally fed, would it look at my total number of deaths, run it through some algorithm and decide that yes, I indeed did intentionally feed? How does it work? I get it, I can't type, period, dot. I understand that. But now, with an account that is on the radar, am I at risk of losing everything if I have a bad game? I am legitimately scared that I am going to lose this account. The robots have obviously been turned onto "ban everyone" monster mode forcing us all to play on our various smurf accounts instead. I was an avid member of the tribunal and see the various benefits of it. Allowing robots to handle players' accounts is not the way forward.
AraMoOse (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy Man Child,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=BvHIy5rt,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-19T22:28:27.900+0000) > >I am genuinely reformed. Evidently you are not...
When you go from cursing people out and saying provocative things to people just to see them squirm to mildly typing non expletives at the someone who is advocating my death, I would called that reformed. I do not, and never will believe that anything in this game rendered a report.
Chermorg (NA)
: You were negative the entire game - constantly commenting on how others were toxic, going to get banned, etc. Toxicity is not just flaming - it is negativity that detracts from the game as well. Also.. you didn't single anyone out, but: >Sexy Man Child: i'm excited for your ban rammus
I was, genuinely. That chat restriction was fairly recent and I am genuinely reformed. If you saw the previous chat you would understand. So yes, I was excited for him to learn something and for the community to get a little cleaner. That's why I'm confused about this entire thing. I felt myself going down a bad road, and I stopped. The worst part is, we WON the game. Handily. At no point was there any threat of losing the game. There are 38 lines from me in a 47 minute game, 30 of which happened before the 12 minute mark, at the height of getting flamed from more than one player. That's a 35 minute period at the end of the game that I didn't say jack. A 35 minute period where I was mindlessly insulted over and over again. If there is a "helpful tip" before games that specifically states that players are more likely to do well when they aren't getting flamed, then why punish someone who got flamed, sent some chat and stopped. I get it. "He was worse," is a bad mentality. This chat log is tame though and you know it.
: Something similar just happened to me, got hard flamed for several games in a row by multiple people and I got punished for simply replying to them with less than a fraction of their toxicity. I see no point in posting on these boards though. The only replies you will get are people saying you deserved your ban and that you are toxic. Also they will suggest you just mute toxic people and report them. They get triggered by toxicity but are not willing to sympathize with others who find it annoying just because they chose to respond to the flamer. The punishment system has gotten multiple times more strict this season and this seems to be happening more and more often. Every suggestion on how to make it better gets down voted immediately and you get called toxic for simply not being satisfied by and wanting to improve the current system. The only hope is that the system gets so draconian that Riot inadvertently alienates a significant enough portion of their player base. Then the player base would start to dwindle and they will finally see it as a problem and do something about it.
Kei143 (NA)
: People are judged individually by their own behavior in that game and punished based on their behavioral history alone. The only context that matters is whether or not you were toxic. Verbalizing your will to give up demoralizes the team and is generally shunned upon in the community. Your passive-aggressiveness of avoiding playing the game doesn't help you. If they were toxic, they will be judged for that game and punished if they had a poor behavioral history.
That's the issue. I didn't at any point in the game actually stop playing. I typed words, they had been said and there was nothing I could do once send was hit, and I continued to play the game. I stopped typing and focused on finding a way back into the game and I ended up playing a very good game. At no point did I afk, actually int, or do anything that warranted the language that was sent my way. I'm not the kind of person to sit back and get talked to harshly without trying to stand my ground. Call me ridiculous, but if someone said the words to your face that they said to me in text would you not be inclined to try to stand up for yourself.
Chermorg (NA)
: If others are abusing chat, you are free to utilize the mute and report features to both mitigate the effect of their chat on you, and to ensure that their account is looked into. You are not, however, free to harass them in return for their toxicity. You further have no way of knowing whether any other account was punished or not - you will not always receive a notification if an account is punished. You were not the victim here. You ceased being the victim the second you started being negative and toxic in chat yourself. It is **never** acceptable to be toxic, regardless of anything anyone else is saying or doing. If you feel the urge to be toxic due to their chat, mute them and move on. ---- As I said (and you confirmed), you had a chat restriction (or multiple) before this - and those messages made explicitly clear your next punishment may be a suspension. You claim to have learned from them but quite frankly if you are still being negative, harassing others, and trying to coax others into reporting other players, you have not. Your chat restrictions were a warning that **any** form of harassment or negativity is not allowed - not just "well he started it" or "well he was worse" - *never*. I strongly recommend you do not blow off this suspension as it is likely the final warning before your account is permanently suspended if you continue this sort of retaliatory toxicity - or any toxicity for that matter. And from someone who did participate in Tribunal with quite the stellar accuracy rating on my votes, yes, your chat would certainly have been punished in Tribunal. You may not have voted punish on it, but the vast majority of the community would have.
Here's where I don't see the issue. There wasn't any rage or angst in anything that I had typed. There aren't specifics in any of the response. There is only, "You have been banned, figure it out." I don't what I did wrong. I don't. I didn't swear, I didn't call names, I didn't single anyone out. I momentarily mentioned a point of weakness, 12 minutes into a 43 minute game. After that there was nothing on my end, and another 31 minutes of hate and discontent from the Jungler who initiated the entire scene.
KagenoOu (NA)
: Y'know what triggers the **** out of me? People who falsely claim someone is inting...
Hey bro, I feel you. I just got a 14 day account ban because I was inting. I didn't swear, I didn't say anything obsene, and I finished the game 8/9/6 with 380 cs in our 43 minute victory. Now I can't play on my main for two weeks.
Chermorg (NA)
: >You can't see the other half of the conversation but I was getting flamed harder than I ever have in my life. So, the reason for this is because, quite frankly, it doesn't matter. Well - it does - just not when we're discussing your account standing and punishment. Your punishment is based solely on things you have typed in chat. You cannot control what others type - you can only control what you type and press enter on. Similarly, nobody else forces you to be toxic in game - it is all you. *That* is why Riot only shows you your own chat logs with a punishment. Given your constant harassment of multiple teammates - flaming them for being toxic - as well as your admission to giving up, this punishment definitely seems appropriate. I am assuming you have had chat restrictions before, in which case a 14 day suspension would be the next step. Keep in mind that the message you got with your ban that states "the next punishment may be a permanent suspension" (or worded similarly) **is not a joke**. If you are negative - regardless of "why" you are negative or "how bad" it is, your account may be permanently banned after this.
When people are calling me the N word, telling me to kill myself and saying that I'm worthless, that I should uninstall, etc, I hardly think that anything that I typed over that 40 minute period is unjustified. I reported him as well, but despite the intensity of the words he sent me, he received no punishment. He reported me not for toxicity, but because he thought I was a bad player. Ultimately, he belittled me, thought I was bad, reported me for being bad, and now the actually toxic player is continuing on while the victim is not. I have supported this community since season 3. I have had chat restrictions in the past and have learned from them. Giving someone a 2 week ban in a game where I didn't swear at anyone, I didn't say anything obsene and only asked to stop getting flamed at is not a fair punishment in the least. It's already disgusting that RIOT did away with the tribunal and bans are generated by robots now. If this game went to the tribunal I never would have been put in this position
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Xidphel (NA)
: What did you expect would happen when you continued to tell Cait to leave the fountain when she clearly wanted to sabotage the team? Did you think she would go "Wow. You opened my eyes. I will now end my trolling ways and help you all the way to plat." or something like that?
Yes, it's exactly what I thought she'd say. Also, plats easy my friend, I need help getting to Diamond LOL
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Rioter Comments
: Sounds like Fizz's E don't handle interrupts by Blitz E properly. Thanks for the report. Will get a QA bro to look at this.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SVuihVnJPs still happening 6 Months later. Please look into it
Porocles (NA)
: We don't have any ability to alter game stats or LP. Sometimes[ loss prevention](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201753014-Loss-Prevented) might enable, and if that happens it will be posted at our [service status](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na) page.
Launched the legacy client... problems solved. Narrowed it down to the Beta for y'all Devs. Still hoping for some RPs or something...
: Lol, disable rank queues but don't enable loss prevention. gg
Bardowen (NA)
: Because of this should you have disabled ranked? ranked is no joke to league players. this needs to be fixed i spend way to much time and money for an error on your part for me to suffer.
I don't think you understand how strong your player base is. You literally made over $1 Billion last year, and now you have messed up. If you can't give us our LP back, which is completely ridiculous, then at least give us skins or PBE access or something.
: Thanks Lol, Nice name btw.
: just happened to me 2 times in a row....
So you're out a shit ton of LP too?
: Disconnecting from Servers Randomly?
Just don't play ranked for now. They said they can't alter LP for those of us that lost series and 35 additional LP... Likely nothing but an, "Oh sorry guys. We're too busy worrying about the LCS to give a crap about you common folk. Please keep funneling money our way, though! We love that."
Porocles (NA)
: We don't have any ability to alter game stats or LP. Sometimes[ loss prevention](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201753014-Loss-Prevented) might enable, and if that happens it will be posted at our [service status](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na) page.
Is there going to be any sort of skin gifting/IP boost or anything that we all know you CAN do? Some of us devote a massive chunk of our lives to supporting this game. It doesn't seem fair to have us punished for a server failure on your end.
Jöe (NA)
: Keep Getting Disconnected
A lot of people are having this problem... Hopefully the Devs are going to give us back our collective LP lost
Porocles (NA)
: Hey there, I've seen a few reports on what you're saying and looking into it. The OP's post may not be related to it, but I'll keep you posted if I find anything.
Are we going to get our series/LP back? I'm am sitting at 65 LP instead of in series for G1 because of this. That's 4 straight wins I have to get instead of 2
Porocles (NA)
: Thanks for the heads up on this. If I understand your reports correctly, some of you are disconnecting from champion select or in-game. I'm gathering this information now to see if there's anything going on. If I missed anything let me know. I'll keep ya posted if I find anything!
What's the chance we get our LP/Series back? This happened 2 champ selects in a row and I'm out 35 LP and my series + half hour of my only day off to try and grind.
Mystiqk (NA)
: Yep again it's still not stable.
Checked the support page TONS of people are having this issue
: BUmp, in champ select random dc trying to reconnect countdowns every f&cking game, jesus fix this pos client
Somebody important see this it's happened two champ selects in a row. I'm down 35 LP, my SERIES and have to wait 30 minutes for my next game
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Azteryz (NA)
: "mid year mage update"
Azteryz (NA)
: im pretty sure he means that annie should lose her stun
: Riot has already commented on the idea of Annie losing her stacks, and they like her way she is. Go look up her MYMU page, Beluga Whale comments on it and on other things. They won't do it so stop asking for it.
Antenora (EUW)
: Annie's stun is consumed by an offensive spell hit. If the spell doesn't hit it won't consume. TF's gold card is an auto attack.
Not sure I agree. If Annie's W or R wiffs it still consumed the stun. Are you implying that the spell hit another champion/minion? Or hit air?
Azteryz (NA)
: mate im pretty sure he meant that annie should lose her stun not the other way around also nice summoner icon <3
Yes, I meant exactly that. I'm a Fizz main and playing against a mage that isn't punished for choosing Q over W to stun is a real pain. It's able to be played around like anything else but any good Annie would just use their Q to bait the Fizz E and then stun them immediately after.
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