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Buoyañcy (EUW)
: What the hell is this thread, Rengar in this current state is pathetic, just accept it.
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jurci55 (EUNE)
: TOXICITY is what makes this game FUN
try another region, NA and EU are too anti-toxic, i switched to LAN and 0 bans since, and im usually toxic.
: Please just fucking nerf lucian
as a lucian main, Jinx needs buffs, I dont even use BOTRK on lucian, i NEVER use it
: That doesn't mean they should be ignored and allowed to disrupt the game for everyone else. Some people aren't welcome in the League community. I wouldn't say "Move to a region where your behavior is more accepted", but, if it works for you I'm glad.
I personally dont mind rules to be enforced, im a naturally bm person so NA isnt for me, i dont belong there. But LAN is my 2nd option and im happy with it. I seriously think that suspended/permaban players should go to LAN
: I have a counter offer; try to learn from any punishment you receive and become a more sportsmanlike player!
some people cant change, i went to LAN with no issues
: Quick reminder
the system does not make you more toxic, but people dont change, just try LAN please, ive been playing LAN for months and i got 0 bans and i still bm like i normally do.
: 14 day ban for talking back to trolls
switch to LAN im not even joking, latency isnt that bad and you can bm
: Does LAN1 have dodge timers? I hate those in NA.
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: The game does not nor should it cater to smurfs. The prices are set as another gateway to ranked for people learning the game. If your really concerned about it and are smurfing/making a new account because you were banned..... Spend money. Buy champions and IP boosts with RP...... They give you options you just don't like them. This game already has a major issue with smurfs and people trolling low level to ruin peoples days. Riot doesn't need to add any incentives to make more people create alternate accounts.
nope, that's why theres a matchmaking balance, if you are 20-0 in normals 5v5 you get paired with diamonds/masters, if you are a 20-20 smurf you get paired with silvers, it's all balanced, smurfs dont stay in bronze, they climb, and not only can smurfs play against YOU, they can play WITH you, i dont see the reasoning behind your argument, you contradict yourself and /or dont get the bigger picture
JoZee II (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=disregardable,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QsWIumfF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-30T17:55:01.363+0000) > > You only need 2 sets of runes, an AD page and an AP page. > > For both Pages: > Armor Yellows: 9x 205 > Magic Resist Blues: 9x 205 > > AD Page: > AD Reds: 9x 205 > AD Quints: 3x 502 > > AP page: > Mpen Reds: 9x 205 > AP Quints: 3x 502 > > Total: 10,392 IP. I think they more mean for people making new accounts than just new players. I had forgotten about runes honestly until I made this account for NA and realized how crucial runes are, but at the same time I need 16 champions for ranked which also costs a lot of IP, so without boosts, you're talking about a LOT of hours just for a tiny in game buff that Riot has made a necessity to higher levels
: You only need 2 rune pages, an AD page and an AP page. For both Pages: Armor Yellows: 9x 205 Magic Resist Blues: 9x 205 AD Page: AD Reds: 9x 205 AD Quints: 3x 502 AP page: Mpen Reds: 9x 205 AP Quints: 3x 502 Total: 10,392 IP. All other rune choices are extraneous and should only be bought if you don't have other champions you want to buy.
whatabout supp? mid? you need exp reduction runes for specific champs, for top you need specific tank runes, dont bs me with those mid/jg/adc runes because you left out supp/top
: Focus on a role, get those runes, become an expert in that role and win. While winning you'll get more LP, to start getting rune diversity; profit. At the end of the day, it just takes time. I've been playing for 3+ years... and I still end up buying more runes when I want to try different builds.
true, so read my post again and ANSWER my question: how are new players supposed to afford 5 role based runes?
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