: #SupportLife. The Babysitter's of League of Babies.
Why do you have "babysitter's" instead of "babysitters"?
: so why doesnt riot ban people who cause toxcicity?
Because they aren't intelligent enough.
: So you're saying that over 1000 games, a bronze 5 player won't win approximately 500 and lose 500 if he's matched against bronze 5's?
There's no way to tell. Every game is completely independent and random. The amount of con-founders would make estimating a game # to reach "true elo" basically impossible.
: INSTINCT eSports Looking For Players! [Silver-Gold]
IGN: LaceUp23 Role Wanted : ADC Main Champs in that role : Cait, Sivir, Trist, Vayne How old are you : 23 Rank : Silver 1 (in gold promos as I type this) Are You Willing To Play As A Team And Improve As A Team : Yup When Are You Available : Most days after 5, all day weekends Strongness/Weaknesses : Good cs, not dying, warding/ not super aggressive unless my support going ham Timezone : ( Pref EST ) EST 4 lyfe
: Your team has the same mmr as the enemy team. Odds are they have a 50 / 50 chance to beat eachother. If you're better than your enemy by a mile, you already swung the game in your favor, because #logicalthinking
But the game is completely random. So that doesn't really hold true. Teams are very rarely evenly matched. You say logical thinking, yet you take nothing into consideration when making your statement lol. #businessmajorlogic
: Or maybe you'll hit your head, remember that you're the biggest factor in your own victory, stop complaining and start climbing. Until then, cry me a river. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Actually, you are 1 out of 10 people. The other 9 players are a bigger factor. cuz #math
: What exactly incentive does he have to try and help people if they're losing to a Riven after bitching about him picking Karthus? I don't necessarily think it's the top laner's problem to counter the roam (aside from smart warding so they can see her coming), especially as someone like Karthus who is gonna be sitting in lane farming and contributing with his ult. It sounds to me like what actually happened is the rest of his team didn't respect the Riven roam, and probably didn't place adequate wards (he's second ward score under the support, btw...) You can't put it all on him just because he had an offmeta pick, which is kind of the point of the whole thread. Just because Riven ended up snowballing doesn't mean it's automatically his fault - if he had picked another farmer top lane like Irelia (without TP for some reason), would your argument be the same? Because it's basically removing his team from the equation, which is pretty stupid. You can't protect people from Riven roam if they don't first protect themselves, and if she didn't win her lane handily then that means she roamed from a deficit and managed to pick up kills...
His jungler gave him first blood/double kill and he still got stomped in his lane. There is no bitching about what anyone else does/says at that point. I'm not putting it all on him at all. I'm just pointing out the bullshit in his post.
: omg I can play this game too WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED GUYS is that Karthus just fed all game clearly because he's a crying crying crybaby, and I'm obviously superior because I went and looked him up and found out he was plat. You clearly couldn't possibly have encountered bad players who were rude to you for no reason, because that never happens in League of Legends. By the way, I live in a fantasy world where people only do poorly as offmeta picks and it's always their fault somehow, because people just cry for no reason in league! Did I do it right? Also since we're playing the game of looking at match history, isn't it possible that Riven snowballed by teleporting (which Karthus didn't have)? What do you want him to do in response to that?
I thought it was pretty clear when I said "push lane". But again, he got an early double AND STILL died the next two times to Riven in lane. Then allowed Riven to go make plays all over the map without doing a single thing to counter it.
: > [{quoted}](name=SexyTaylorSwift,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H2PgNnUs,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2015-09-26T01:40:22.855+0000) > > So you think it's ok to ban racial slurs against one group, but not racial slurs against another? If most people don't take issue with it then yes, I think its fine. I don't think I have ever come across someone who would think of honkey as anything other than silly. And I don't believe you are bringing this up for any other reasons than to stir the pot.
Nope, I just don't think racial slurs are hate speech should be allowed. I don't think I should be able to be called racial slurs and have to deal with it, yet if I said something racial against another party, I would get a 2 week or permaban. Doesn't really seem right.
: If you post your point working to keep yourself from being so inflammatory it'll probably get upvotes and Riot will leave it alone. Something along the lines of: "Riot I noticed that your system detects racial slurs against many ethnic groups but doesn't include slurs against white people which is a valid form of racism. I think this is something you could change....etc" alternatively http://ask.fm/RiotLyte might be another place to ask(kindly)
I asked the support ticket nicely. Didn't get any kind of response from them. I got a "move it to boards". I tried it twice. The first time, I did put it nicely. They disabled comments on it, but didn't delete it or suspend me. Now, obviously disabling comments is pretty much the same thing as deleting lol, so I made another. I'm not trying to get upvotes lol...I couldn't care less. If I was trying to get upvotes, I would circle jerk a "omg guys ppl such toxic and it needs to STOP NOW!!!" thread.
: I don't think anyone took that thread as a legitimate discussion because it is a silly question. So you came across as trolling.
: > [{quoted}](name=HentRex,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H2PgNnUs,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-25T18:50:48.200+0000) > > Hey riot here you go. Just censor every word here, and This guy and all the other's like him will be quiet. > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_slurs No they wont, because they are looking for stuff to complain about.
So you think it's ok to ban racial slurs against one group, but not racial slurs against another?
: I figured why Korean players are so far ahead of every other region
It's actually because "lulz nuub itz jus a gayme" from the 0-8 player isn't defended by their community.
: Nope
Well, then all I can say is that rito is full of dumb business majors that have no idea what they are doing :)
Kikirino (NA)
: Attitudes toward nonstandard picks is hilarious.
Let's not lie here. You didn't "zone the Riven out to get a lead". Riven then killed you the next two times in lane. She then ran to kill your mid lane, which I'm guessing you didn't follow. I'm also guessing you didn't take advantage and take tower with her roams since you didn't take her tower. She then proceeded to kill your whole team while you were left behind. To be honest, the pick was not smart because it didn't stop Riven from facerolling your team. Sure, your team was poop, but the Karthus pick (combined with her facerolling you in lane when you didn't have Elise there), allowed Riven to stomp on your team once you gave her the lead by dying and not following/pushing. But since you're plat, I'm pretty sure you should be well aware of that. Instead, you are probably just circle jerking the "omg mean ppl" trend that the cry babies in this game have picked up :).
: How did I get to silver V???
Did you play ranked last season?
: People are calling Veigar OP now
Who is calling Veigar OP? I have no seen this one time.
Joquan (NA)
: Do you really think flaming honestly has nothing to do with your chances of winning?
It has about as much to do as "being nice" does. Flaming doesn't do anything. If someone is bothered by it, mute. Simple. Being nice to the 0-7 person that dies to go 0-8 is no different than calling them a business major.
: How do you actually lane against Malzahar
-Push the wave hard early. -Watch him run out of mana trying to keep up in waveclear, or lose cs not using mana -Dodge his easy to dodge Q and W. -Stand next to minion with E on it early. This will put it on you, but since it's early it doesn't really do much damage. You just completely took out his early wave clear. I usually do this the first 2-3 waves. -After the first 2-3 waves, DO NOT stand next to minions with E on them. -Once your jungler has a few levels, let Malz push to you. He is extremely immobile so ganks should result in either flash or kill. If flash, gank again in 3 seconds. If kill, rekt him. -Buy Qss. -Roam to other lanes, as you are probably playing a better roamer.
Sarutobi (NA)
: I think it had mainly to do with you trying to bypass the censors of using the N-word. You could have easily said it that way than typing it out like you did. But I do find it weird that you can use racial slurs about white people, unless that word has a different meaning?
What do you mean I could have said it? You can't say it...it replaces it with % marks.
: I don't know Taylor, just shake it off.
I'm advocating that they fire all their business major workers :)
Rioter Comments
: I'm not kidding, I'm looking at your op.gg Based on your average KDA and your average winrate, it's definitely because you hold back in fights. No way you lose so many games over a long period of time with your KDAs unless you do hold back damage or avoid fighting all the time so you can maintain kda your low kill count and mediocre assist count too. when you're in a carry role you need to be going out there getting kills more too
Looking at op.gg, I would almost agree with you. Then I look at the actual game and realize that it's probably hard to run and kill people when the enemy carries (like top and mid) have 5 kills before reaching level 6.
: I saw neither ap nor ad and thought no armor or mr for some reason
Lol. Even it were health with no MR or Armor, you would still get {{item:2137}} {{item:3725}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3151}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3083}}
: Isn't that just a warmog's build?
{{item:3102}} {{item:3725}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3143}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}}
: > [{quoted}](name=SexyTaylorSwift,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ptn4yqEz,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-09T14:59:39.849+0000) > > For some reason I think he means {{item:1058}} oh most people just call it needless, i guess rod works but it just gets confused with rod of ages lol. i usually buy the smaller items unless i plan on sititng in lane for 1600 gold :P
Yea, that is why I have no clue what OP is even talking about lol. His post was very very poorly done, especially for one asking for advice.
HorusEye (NA)
: Sigh...I missed how simple a certain champion's ability used to be
I'm fine with champions being more loaded in their kits. What is stupid is when they have the same damage, or even more damage, than champs without overloaded kits.
: Depends on champion. Annie is fine building ROA on due to making her tanky and she ahs decent damage while going it. Other then cho gath who has ok damage i don't really build roa on mid laners. So without knowing who you play it is hard to give advice.
For some reason I think he means {{item:1058}}
: Something occurred to me last night when i was playing league
I'd say you just got a rare game lol. But, people have moved on to the more fuked up champs, cough Ekko cough. Zed still some bullshit lol. People falsely think that his ult change made him weak lol.
: I always feel so weak in mid lane
You didn't even say what champ you're playing lol. Can't give advice without a champ!
: {{champion:12}}
As I've said for other champs, Alistar doesn't do anywhere near enough damage to tower dive. Also, he can't ult if CC'd, can he?
: Zilean is the strongest tower diving champ ever. With his AoE stun, he is pretty much going to hit it if you want to hug your tower for safety, especially with his 99% slow lol. Then, he does really really good damage (even though he is supposed to be utility and not damage....guess they failed that one). Even if you completely outplay him, he has a get out of jail free card that he can trigger while fuking cc'd. What the fuck you thinking rito. FTFY
Zilean doesn't do enough damage to kill you when trying to tower dive.
: {{champion:23}} "who needs a get-out-of-jail-free card when you don't die xD"
Can Tryn ult while CC'd? I didn't think he could. I've killed him many times with Fiddles while his ult was up.
: So after Ekko is it time to admit Riot can't make a healthy assassin
Oh no, they _can_ make a healthy assassin. They just _choose_ not to. They won't make as much money if they release something that isn't OP.
: {{champion:54}}
? What is he going to do that is so much better lmfao
Rioter Comments
: Can we get a normal AD/armor item already
Nope. You can't have nice things because {{champion:92}}.
: Assasins? Ha ha ha
If I had a dollar for every time I heard Wukong was OP, I would be just as broke as I am now.
: What is your favorite Ultimate ability?
: Everyone Should Have Unlimited Runepages and FREE Runes
It's the same thing as masteries. I see no difference in it.
: "pseudo random" doesn´t make much of a difference...it all comes down to luck in the end anyway. Stop ruining your game, step up and remove that unwarranted RNG. Ashe definitly proved that carries work fine without RNG.
That is what I'm saying. They remove all this "random" stuff, but keep crit. They try to brush it off by saying, well it's only _mostly_ random. Na bitch, still luck.
qetzel (EUW)
: It was a Pratchett reference...
Yup, still no idea. I'm sorry that I didn't get your reference, but between Lyte and the community, it is pretty easy to see that people would _actually_ get upset over a comment like that lol.
: Im not gonna take assists into account as you main adc and if your assists are what is bringing you above a 2 kda then you are trash. But sure lets take assists into account. My top 5 champs which are the same as the ones listed above average 5, 6.7, 11.9, 9, and 5.2 respectively. Yours, with the same champions listed above are 4.5, 9, 4,8 and 3.5 respectively. Now lets generate KDA's. Ill let your champs go first Caitlyn= 3.12 Sivir= 5.7 Cho'Gath= 3.4 Fiddle= 2.5 Vayne= 1.1 Now My Champs Darius =2.43 Nasus= 5.32 Ezreal= 4.4 Sejuani= 6.92 Fizz= 3.1 Your KDA Average= 3.344 My KDA Average= 4.434 Still much higher than you by over 1 lol. It isn't even close. You completely rely on assists as an adc main to even get there. Even sadder still is this. Your K/D Average= 1.436 My K/D Average= 2.44 Still over 1 higher than you when you claim you want to add in assists. What point are you trying to make? lol yeah sure anyone can get a 2.49 if you throw in assists, you can be 2 and 7 but have 15 assists and get that if you have 1 aoe ability for team fights. Which, what a surprises, the two above with the lowest assists Caitlyn and Vayne, have no aoe abilities. What a coincidence huh? because their combined kda is barely 2 including assists and lower than 1 without. Congrats on looking like a complete idiot lol
Lol, you call me an idiot when you cannot even read. First off, comparing my kda to yours in completely irrelevant. My kdas have nothing to do with a 2.49 kda not being amazing lol. I mean, I didn't bring up the fact that I was a higher ranking than you, did I? Nope, because it doesn't matter. 2.49 kda is still not that good, especially for a champ that you're braggng about. Second, I said this included ranked 5s and 3s. I made this account just for ranked teams. So yes, when our team goes and dicks around in 3v3s, and I go 0/6/0 as Vayne, kda isn't going to be that good lol. Now this compare the account that I have been playing in YoloQ. If you want to take a look at my main name, it is nucleophilic atk. Then let me see you flex your e-dick over it. I have 3 champs under a 3.0 kda in my top 20 played. On that name, I actually play to win YoloQ, which is the reason that I got gold last seasons. I don't just play to dick around on my ranked team. You have a 2.5 overall kda. On this dick around name, I have a 3.0. Enough said. On my main, however, I have a 3.8. I'm sorry, but 2.49 kda is not good by any stretch of the imagination. You Darius tells me that you literally sit and wait til they are low, press R for last hit kill, and then proceed to think you are "carrying" because you got the most kills, even though you also have the most deaths and least assist. To quote you, congrats on looking like a complete idiot.
: Caitlyn 50% WR 3.3 kills/2.5 deaths Sivir 50& WR 7 Kills/ 2.8 Deaths Cho' Gath 33% WR 4 kills/2.3 deaths per game FiddleSticks 25% WR 7.5 kills/ 5.8 deaths Vayne 0% WR 3.5 Kills/6 deaths Those are your top 5 Champs. Pretty horrible honestly. The only one with even a 2 kda here is sivir in which you have 4 games on. You can exclude your ranked team play as you are in bronze 5 and im sure the competition is real stiff there. Now let's check out my top 5 Darius 41.7% WR 14.3 Kills/8 deaths Nasus 91% WR 6.6 Kills/2.7 deaths Ezreal 50% WR 9.9 kills/4.9 deaths Sejuani 100% WR 8.3 Kills/2.5 deaths Fizz 50% WR 10.2 Kills/5 deaths And as a bonus i support a lot so ill throw in my leona with an 83% WR and 19.2 per game assists. 2.49 isnt even that impressive lol i mean i cant even get close to that but what a noob lel. You sound like a troll. Anyone with half a brain will look at mine compared to yours and say mine is heads and shoulders above yours
So you don't even know what kda is then? Because you seem to be comparing it with K/D. I'm sorry that you don't understand the difference, but it doesn't make me a troll because you don't :)
: Im not sure where you are getting that that isnt good. Go look at Doublelift and Dyrus's Profile. Both their mains have a 2.3 and a 2.6 kda respectively. I am absolutely no where near their level of play but 2.49 is very good. Also by looking at yours you average that with pretty much 0 champs unless you have only played them a couple games so im not sure where you are getting this argument.
Lol, they are playing against pros xD. Also, I haven't played many champs period lol, since I've only played about 20 ranked games...but my 4 most played champs all have above a 2.49 kda. That also includes ranked 5s and 3s team where we were just dicking around lol. My ranked soloQ has an average kda of 3.49. You attempt to talk about me completely fails lol. Regardless, it is a fact that a 2.49 kda is not amazing, not is it even very good.
: Luden's costs 800 more gold for one, and builds out of a 1600 gold item. You need to save up 1600 gold to get ONE of the components of Luden's Echo. You can buy the Zeal and a Brawler's Glove for less and be most of the way to Statikk. Statikk can crit. On a normal crit it does 200 damage (Luden's currently needs 667 AP to match), and on an IE crit it does 250 (Luden's needs 1000 AP then). Assuming just Statikk, you have 20% crit chance. That means you have a 20% chance to do 200 damage, for an average damage per bolt of 120. Luden's has 120 AP; it's bolts do 118 consistently. With IE, you have a 40% chance to do 250 damage, for an average damage per bolt of 160. Luden's + Deathcap has 312 AP, for consistent 147 damage. So, for less money you get higher DPS (lightning only) for Statikk, which only increases more with crit chance. While Luden's eventually evens out, it is HIGHLY unlikely to break 1000 AP in a normal game unless you are Cassiopeia or Veigar. So please, stop complaining that the extremely cheap lightning item that still scales into the lategame isn't even better than the massively harder to build AP version.
Gotta love it when people posting for circle jerk get fuked hard.
: Worst community ever
Why you being a bitch about team comps?
: When you account for assist's it's not that strong. I mean it's not terrible, I think my kda w/ my main is only 3 or so over 130-140 games, but I also have shit kill participation a lot of games bc I focus more on towers and farm (which are op as fuck to get in low elo lol). However, I have 2 or 3 champs that I have a half dozen or so games on that I tend to pick in specific spots (like malphite into a game with top or jungle (or both) that relies on autos, such as xin, tryn, yi, or jax) and those champs I average around a 5 kda on bc they're a strong pick into the team and generally safer champs. Plus when I don't play into bad match ups and first pick something frequently where I get a lot of counter picks against me, it's way easier to get a good kda. I'd say what you should shoot for in terms of being a really good kda is 4+ since that means that w/ 12 kills even if you have a low assist game (yes if you're team fighting frequently you're probably getting a decent amount of assists from them bc that happens, but maybe you split pushed to get this instead of just last hitting champs) and get 4 assists you only die 4 times so you aren't feeding a bunch of gold to the enemy. If you have 16 kills and assists w/ the majority as kills, then you aren't helping your team get fed bc you have few assists, and w/ a 2.5 kda you're about 6 deaths which, even assuming you spaced them perfectly and didn't give multiple shut downs, and then die after 1 kill, means you fed an extra 600 gold minimum, and probably closer to 900 or 1k with assists. That's money that increases the damage enemies are doing and while it's not game breaking 600 gold is a big lead early, and 1k gold is something that's a reasonable team lead if every player on the team made this mistake.
Thank you, finally someone that realizes a 2.49 kda is not amazing lol. I honestly think this dude just has 7 accounts that he is commenting on here with. Also, his 6 deaths is actually 8 with the champ because he gets no assist lol. He think getting 10+ kills is amazing because he waits til everyone is low to R them with Darius, dies 10 times and has 3 assist lol.
: idk where you see that i average 8 deaths a game but its actually roughly 5.9 deaths a game. Maybe 8 for a certain character but 5.9 or so with all of them. That isnt bad at all, and you know it isnt, you just somehow think you are better than everyone.
Yes, we were talking specifically about your Darius play, in which you average 8.1 deaths per game with. This entire time we have been talking about your Darius, so I'm not sure where the confusion is about that. You've also average over 6 deaths per game, with your most recent 20 games jumping up to 7.75. I'm not sure what you are disputing here. I simple said that 2.49 kda is not amazing. It is not amazing. There is no debate about a 2.49 kda being amazing. I have said nothing about me thinking I am better than you. I have simple said that a 2.49 kda is not amazing. Hell, it really isn't even good, let alone amazing.
qetzel (EUW)
: Rather than say "no offence" you could simply... not give offence?
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