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zoomvirus (EUW)
: How many files scanned
Currently experiencing the same thing. My client went up to 24k files scanned before an error occurred and it had to RESTART scanning. Please anyone shed some light on this?
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: Hextech Crafting!
Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. I have a question that you may not be able to answer though. When we get the crafting, will it give us chests based on previous S level games we've had? I imagine the system doesn't remember all of those, _but_ it'd be nice if Riot gave us one chest to start off with... Essences and Shards. I'm trying to figure out which would be better to use when trying to unlock a champion or a skin. Let me ask to clarify then: We can combine 3 shards to unlock a RANDOM skin/champion, but if we have essences we can use those to unlock a _specific_ skin/champion?
: About the theories for "Zed was killed" and "Deadeye" and so-on and so-forth...
I think this is just a regular preview for a new ADC. Though if it were an event that would be great, I just doubt it right now.
: I wish Riot could make a cool Nami Skin next :(
YES GOD PLEASE. I love River Spirit Nami, but I want a dark, beautiful skin for her too. If skins are really other realities for them then I'd love to see one where she's just _dark_. Nami is my favorite and most played champion and I would **LOVE** to see something like this.
: > [{quoted}](name=NaCl Goddess,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jPtPx5cA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-11-22T03:28:40.046+0000) > > An unintended consequence, I'm sure. What you point out is correct though; supports are the only ones (aside from the occasional jungler) who buys a sightstone and those wards last longer early game than trinket wards which seem to scale with level. This only serves to put even more responsibility and pressure on a support's back, as opposed to even last season. > > Again, unintended I'm sure, but still a consequence we have to deal with. Here's the thing; back in season 1-2-3 people bitched the supports who didn't ward "enough" but the supports actually had the capacity to ward the whole map. With a 3 (4 with pink) wards limit per player, the complaining when all my wards are already out isn't going to put more vision on the map. You're just stressing me out. Especially when I go in the post-game details and omg surprise the guy who bitched had his yellow trinket all game long and placed 2 wards in 40 min. The best part is when people think they're entitled to telling me where to put my wards. Butt the F out. If you want a ward at that specific spot, and I'm telling you "capped", that's because I want my wards to stay were they are, and you freaking place down your trinket where you want (bonus point if that comes from that one guy who never wards ofc).
I started in the last season when supports could still ward more than 3/4 times and god...I miss those days. To this day I'm still salty about the ward limit. When playing with friends they would help ward some but it made no difference with random players, and since all I can control is myself and my sightstone I'd rather just do it myself to ensure we win. All of the little nerfs to vision they did (trinket, sightstone nerfs etc) just have me bummed out. It's terrible but that 60% of players have really screwed up the game for the rest of us.
: why did they remove mana potions and wards?
> [{quoted}](name=supa gogeta,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jPtPx5cA,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-21T23:27:07.167+0000) > the next topic, is wards. why did u remove wards?! for the love of god, now i support really takes all the blame for not warding. since he's the only one who would benefit from buying Sightstone. An unintended consequence, I'm sure. What you point out is correct though; supports are the only ones (aside from the occasional jungler) who buys a sightstone and those wards last longer early game than trinket wards which seem to scale with level. This only serves to put even more responsibility and pressure on a support's back, as opposed to even last season. Again, unintended I'm sure, but still a consequence we have to deal with.
Orisi (EUW)
: Have you considered merging the ward pools to allow better use of vision wards? I don't mind not having stealth wards as I generally have a sightstone anyway, but there are definitely times where I'm thinking "i know the enemy haven't been going in that bush and a pink in there would be good but I have mine down in another good spot already". Too many people especially in lower ELO just aren't making use of trinkets period, so I'm having to trade off between a blue for the better persistent ward coverage and having no sweepers on the team, or a sweeper and losing out of vision overall.
This is a problem I've encountered as well that I made note of in another thread. I saw it while playing Teemo: a team had to choose between helping with ward coverage of getting rid of my shrooms. Leaving it to just the support is too much to ask so at least three people on the team had sweeper. However because of that my team was able to catch them out more because they lacked the ward coverage needed while I (as Teemo) was split pushing. This is why I miss regular Stealth Wards. It allowed team members to still be able to contribute to vision.
Meddler (NA)
: Preseason Q&A
Okay I know I said I only had one question but I just thought of another one! We've gotten a lot of items over the past season and in this new preseason, but none of them were magic resist items. It feels like there aren't enough magic resist items in this game whereas there is a ton of armor and armor pen/health shred options out there. Are we due for some new magic resist items?
Meddler (NA)
: Preseason Q&A
I really only have one question that as far as I can tell hasn't been covered in your post, which is why I'm bringing it up. Is there any chance you'll bring back Stealth Wards? I know that many people didn't buy it but that doesn't take away from the fact that some did, and those that did made use of a really good item. Is there any chance at all?
: "Oh my god Riot, you removed Green Wards! This is such bullshit!!!"
Even when I went something other than support, I made sure I bought wards. I hated that they took the wards away but realized it was for naught. But then I encountered a problem, both as a support and as someone going top lane: Teemo. I mean that more than the usual. It used to be that if a Teemo was actually able to shroom up an area real well you, as top or even jungle along with the support, could get the red trinket and try to clear stuff out. But now you have to choose between wards and getting rid of those little buggers. It made it incredibly easy to overtake the enemy because if they were too busy taking care of my shrooms (cause I tried it as Teemo too) then they couldn't ward up for the rest of my Team. Split pushing Teemo anyone? Works like a charm. Which is why I really want Stealth Wards to come back. The new trinkets just aren't enough, to the point where I nearly got a damn sightstone as any other role than support because those wards were better, though they were nerfed. The fact that they can't recognize they screwed up with Sight Wards kind of worries me. The numbers look nice now if you look at them--there's nothing to buy so its not like they're "going to waste" anymore. But in reality? It _punishes_ the rest of us who used them. If this wasn't Riot's intention then why can't they undo it?
: I feel like I'm being punished because everyone else forgot to upgrade trinket last season..
They did indeed nerf vision in general and this is exactly how I feel when it comes to the trinkets. Trinkets and wards in general. Because 60% of people didn't buy said OP item the rest of us who DID are getting punished. It really makes no sense to me. How do you punish the players who want to do well in the form of "helping" the bad ones?
: Preseason Open Forum [day 3]
Sightstone was recently changed. Do you guys plan on making any future changes to vision and sightstones or do you think they're in a good spot right now?
: Games Now Pretty much end in Stomps
I noticed this last night, yeah. I don't know if this was intentional not. At first I thought it had to do with the "winions" but apparently the winions aren't in effect until next patch. So why do most games end in a stomp? The masteries? The power of the new ADCs?
: > [{quoted}](name=NaCl Goddess,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7gIfhw4v,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-11-11T20:00:04.463+0000) > > The support changes and changes to vision are terrible. Being a support just became loads harder than it was before. "Hey, let's try to get players to start warding more by **taking away wards.**" Yeah, that's not counter-intuitive at all.
That's what I said! Though in reality it was probably a passive-aggressive move on their part. Maybe they figured people would appreciate wards more if they took them away? In reality this is putting supports in a tough spot prone to receiving toxicity again. Sightstone wards start off with 150 seconds (as opposed to the original 180. Again, why change this AND nerf the charges on sightstone?) which means a support rushing sightstone has much better wards than a bot lane that relies on their trinkets. Sightstone charges were changed from 4 to 3, meaning once you put out three wards you need to go back to recharge them otherwise you can't put out anymore. So what does this mean for the support? Riot wants to think positively and say that it encourages other players to ward more. If you're with friends that care then that's certainly true, but for most solo queue players at average to lower levels (Bronze/Silver and probably Gold too)?? It means the support is still the only one warding AND their wards were nerfed AND the charges were nerfed AND they'll still be blamed for the lack of vision because--and I know this is hard for Riot to understand--_people still won't ward_. It's nice that they did that big article about how people don't buy wards. The 60% of people who don't buy wards also don't put down wards in general. Did they wonder why? Let's go over the reasons. 1. "I don't have the gold!" Well Riot tried to fix THAT for us. 2. "I forgot to upgrade my trinket!" Okay Riot fixed that for us too, that's good. 3. "I don't care." Well that' The problem is that the majority of players who don't ward also _don't care enough_ to ward in the first place. They **don't** notice it, don't _care_, don't _want to_ and just simply **WON'T DO IT**. This is something that RIOT CANNOT CHANGE. So taking away wards from the few people who ACTUALLY DO CARE and ACTUALLY TRY TO WARD does not change the fact that a lot of people DON'T CARE. And those that don't are idiots, don't get me wrong. But we can't do ANYTHING about them. Trying to rewrite how the game works to force those people into doing something only hurts the players who _actually know what they're doing_. Phew okay I ranted sorry I'm done.
: Not bashing, but...
I'm seeing a lot of dissatisfaction with the patch by average players but I only ever see Riot reply to the people who like the new changes? Why is that?
Tract (NA)
: At First I liked the New Masteries, And Then I Realised The Lack of Variety
It's interesting that you note that. Yeah, I had about 17 mastery pages and went down by half. I played around with it for two hours and tried to find some sort of variety in it but found very little. It made me a little sad. Feeling like there was variety made the game feel more difficult, more skill oriented and now it just feels....watered or dumbed down.
: I hate what Riot did with the trinkets/vision
I'm glad someone finally understands how terrible this can be for the team. It doesn't encourage team warding at all. We like to think it does but it doesn't. In reality people who didn't ward before are still never going to ward. Sightstone wards last 150 seconds at least but the only ones that get those are supports. Even when I wasn't playing support I got extra wards because that's what **I** do, but now I can't do that because 60% of the people who play this game are idiots who don't know how to use that item? I don't care that 60% of people don't do something that can turn around the game. Let them not do it for all I care. Just don't take away _my_ ability to ward so that THEY are forced to ward more.
DropFill (NA)
: Preseason seems so bad....
The only experience I have is from last year and based on the bad choices they made (and kept) I highly doubt they're going to change anything except for champion balance tweaks. We're kinda stuck with them, unfortunately.
: Not bashing, but...
The support changes and changes to vision are terrible. Being a support just became loads harder than it was before.
: Exactly, and the ward limit itself is absurd, I actually have been playing since before the ward limit as was a support main back then aswell as after: in terms of toxicity and my team telling me it's my job to ward; before the limits I almost never had an issue with it (because I was able to buy 5-10 wards and light the entire map up) after wards? "Support ward, wtf support no wards, report support no SS" ect
Yeah I started playing just before they made the ward limit and I remember having total map control, and it was great. After the update I found that unless I was playing with friends people STILL didn't ward and now it was 10x harder to keep people from getting caught out because I couldn't ward like I used to. Telling people to upgrade their trinkets or buy wards meant little. "I don't have the gold." I even heard someone say "well they're getting rid of our wards so why should I buy any." Like that's an excuse?! Regardless I adjusted to 3 ward change. I learned to ward in certain spots. But this? Not to mention that they changed the charges on Sightstone from 4 to 3, meaning you'd have to keep going back to recharge it constantly. "But if other people on your team ward too---" STOP, no. It doesn't work that way. You won't get people to ward that way, you just won't. **You can try but you can't force people to do what you want them to do.** It's like a girlfriend wanting to "change" her boyfriend. Just don't do it, it never works out!
: Reading the patch notes and thinking:
> [{quoted}](name=Arcade Andrew,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=siJPAO0b,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-11-11T07:13:46.696+0000) > 4) wards: removing the option to buy a ward, regardless of whether people buy them enough or not is the WORST balancing idea ever, sure you made wards free with plenty of SS improvements, but your balance team still had the brightest most unintelligent idea to have ward limits of 4 (1 pink 3 green)per team member in an effort to force teamwork and prevent toxicity tword supports. This is probably the thing I'm most upset about. Just because 60% of people don't buy wards does NOT mean I, whether as a support or a mid or top laner, should suffer and not be able to buy them early game. I do not give a single rat's behind that most players don't buy the most OP item of the game. I don't care what _THEY DO_. I care about what _**I**_ do, and what I can do for my team.
: When combined with the aura from aegis of the legion, tanks will still have the same amount of mr as before. The result is a small buff to mages hitting the squishy targets under aegis' aura. The individual mr items are stronger so tanks won't be wanting to buy it over a real tank item like banshees or spirit visage. This aegis change is also good because it was used in every game even by ap supports who got no extra benefit out of it compared to tanky supports who make better use of the effects (yes, banner of command exists but this should still be a niche pick for ap supports who want to double down on harass and their utility scaling). Now ap supports will hopefully grab up real ap items now instead of needing to get it every game. Thats how I see it at least
It was one of those items I got when 1. I wasn't sure what else to get and needed extra health 2. We legit had to deal with a few APC and it was the only thing I could contribute to my teammates. The most common complaint I hear is "if I build this item I can't build damage." Which is why I like to compensate for my teammates however I can, whether it comes from warding extra or giving them a bit more magic resist. But now both warding and magic resist is getting nerfed and I'm feeling kind of ticked off. I understand its forcing people to pick up these items/ward themselves, but in solo queue situations where you're dealing with not too bright people? It really effects the win rate then.
Shuvit (NA)
: Sick to my stomach......
I don't understand why they keep nerfing Aegis? It feels like we don't have enough magic resist items in the game as it is and they keep nerfing this ONE support item we can use to give magic resist to our team. If they want to make it worthless they did it the last nerfing cycle.
: Yea that's kind of annoying especially in the laning phase. Like, you come back to lane with your stone, you ward tri, drag and the lane bush in which the enemy Thresh/Morg is camping, and bam, once they fade you don't have any more and are forced to B. I would like to see the charges recharge like the yellow trinket does... if the free trinket that doesn't take an inventory slot can do it, why can't the 800g item that takes up an inventory space do it too?
I felt exactly this way. The trinket that is free recharges itself but the sightstone we pay 800 g for doesn't? I understand it might be slightly overpowered but let it recharge at a slower rate to compensate for it maybe. If you can go back and recharge that's great, but in cases when you can't and have to stay? And I don't mean recharge the full 3 right away, I mean one at a time like trinkets do. I think that would make things a little less difficult for supports. I understand they're trying to make it "easier" by forcing team warding but some of the changes (like the 4 -> 3 charge) are just making it difficult for _NO_ reason at all.
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: > [{quoted}](name=NaCl Goddess,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=ikgAnkz4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-10T01:21:01.384+0000) > > 1. Practice jungle because I seriously am lacking in the jungle right now. > 2. Get familiar with every other role aside from support again. > 3. Get better at engaging. > 4. Play more solo queue. I find it hard to carry as support, if your adc is dumb then you have to go roam and get other lanes fed, but often if you leave your adc alone they die.
This is true. I can safely say there was ONE game where I carried as a support Nami. And it was recently too! I went 5/0/something double digit assists. It's not impossible but probably carrying in any other role is easier.
: Personal goals for season 6.
1. Practice jungle because I seriously am lacking in the jungle right now. 2. Get familiar with every other role aside from support again. 3. Get better at engaging. 4. Play more solo queue.
: League of Legends Ranked is turning into a game of chance.
I've felt that way even by being lowly bronze. Sometimes I'd get lucky with a team that listened and tried. Other times I wouldn't and it cost me a fair amount of LP. It got to be a joke that I would have a lucky item with me because it was entirely up to RNGsus whether I would get a decent team or not. Sometimes all you need is one other person who is decent in another role to help keep the team afloat. So many things can go wrong instead of right in a ranked game.
: Zombie Slayer stickers are here... FOR YOUR BRAINS!!!!
So anime, I like it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Same issues man. Question: Does your ping go up as well when you start a game, right after you walk up to minions and the enemy? But yeah, whenever I start a game and am in it for more than 2 minutes, my computer fan goes CRAZILY FAST! Like much much faster than it usually does when the game is the only thing open. Right now it's insanely hot even though the fan is running really fast. Wonder when this will get fixed :/ Edit: Just checked my activity monitor; it's taking 90% of my CPU!! This is ludicrous!!
On occasion this does happen. Mostly though it's just going into and coming out of the game that effects my computer negatively.
Xonra (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NaCl Goddess,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=uEvIgWuE,comment-id=0001000100010001,timestamp=2015-11-05T01:29:07.806+0000) > Nice premades are out there. So are aliens, so I'm told, and I've yet to find either in all the years I've looked. All I've ever found when I play normals with premades is rude comments, being passive aggressive for not picking the champ/role/summoner spells/items they wanted, and so on. More often than not they feel they are superior because they are the premade, and I'm just some stranger, and will treat you like garbage, let you die to save someone that did something stupid, and will completely ignore you in game to help their buddies. I've never had a positive experience with premades ever. Quite the opposite.
I acknowledge your experience, I really do. I can say the same for a lot of really rude, trolling randoms that we have had. In fact sometimes we get really bad and toxic randoms in games. But everyone once in a while we get a good one and I hope someday you actually get that good premade because--we're out there.
: Generally, if someone in solo queue is being toxic, they'll be toxic to everyone, or, at least, the worst person on their team. But no one likes to rage at their friends. So, suddenly, the person they rage at changes from 'the person doing worst' to 'the person doing worst who is not in my group'.
What are friends good for but for raging? They must not be very good friends. Good friends mean you can rage and be okay with them later. For real though, not all premades will be this way. The fact of the matter is that the PEOPLE are terrible whether they're premade or not. Some, like groups I've done, aren't like that to randoms at all. So much so that we've had randoms _ask us_ to let them join our lobby because we were so nice to them. Nice premades are out there. Just like how nice randoms are out there. It's just's hard to find.
Totalis (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=NaCl Goddess,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=voeduGcp,comment-id=00280001,timestamp=2015-11-04T21:07:37.092+0000) > > I don't understand how everyone not warding means they have to take away my ability to ward effectively early game? I don't care if 64% of players don't buy wards. I buy them plenty early game even when I'm not supporting. Why get punished for the other players not taking advantage of an OP item? You haven't been paying attention have you? Well I have good news for you! Starting from lvl 1 yellow trinket has a charge with a 3 minute ward! You get to keep your vision without having to spend a dime!
When looking at S@20 updates I saw nowhere that it said the trinket has a charge that lasts 3 minutes. Now if it does this would make an admirable exchange for the lack of green wards early game. So far I have only found that it can be upgraded free and automatically at lvl 9, has an alteration, and has 2 wards you can put down on cooldown. I've seen nor read nothing about the difference in time. May I ask where this information is so I can confirm what you say?
Totalis (NA)
: For those of you who are still salty for whatever reason that they are removing stealth wards and are too ignorant to try to figure out why Riot posted this, let me explain: 64% of players never buy a ward, only 1 in 10 people buy more than 2 wards, and it's not until _master_ tier where the average wards purchased is greater than 2. No one was buying wards, so why not remove the item and give players ways to ward they will actually use? They're keeping pink wards because they're a different form of vision that add a unique aspect to it. they also are getting rid of blue trinkets (once again because no one was buying them in amounts Riot was happy with) so they moved the item to the yellow trinket and diversified the yellow trinket. All in all, I think the changes are healthy and smart.
I don't understand how everyone not warding means they have to take away my ability to ward effectively early game? I don't care if 64% of players don't buy wards. I buy them plenty early game even when I'm not supporting. Why get punished for the other players not taking advantage of an OP item?
: As a fairly new player who has struggled to find assistance with getting better, this is almost entirely useless, not to mention mildly patronizing. Yes, we know bad players buy less wards. We know. We get it. Buy more wards. Okay...where do you put them? Why do you put them there? Where do pinks go? Why pink instead of green? When to switch trinkets? Where to use a sweeper? When to use it? Why? How to place a ward properly for maximum benefit from it, rather than limiting its vision? Why ward in the middle of a lane? When? When to ward in your base or at the enemy base? Why? Which upgraded totem and when and why? Now, many of the above questions I've already answered for myself in the few short months I've been playing this game. I've done a LOT of reading, forum searching, question asking and friend-bothering to get those answers. Of those answers, very few have come from official Riot sources. I'm learning everyday and getting better and better at warding. Not just buying them and throwing them wherever, but having a specific plan for them. "So what?" is not the question new or poorly performing players need answered. They need the how, the why the where and the when of warding.
Let me put it this way: Riot is already making it incredibly easy for people to rise up in elo in Season 6. I'm not sure I want them to spoon feed every bit of information to everyone. I had to learn how to ward efficiently, and how to make the most of my gold as a support pre gold starting items when it came to vision. **My only suggestion** is to look at the map and ask yourself, "Where do people most go?" What are the access points and openings of the jungle? Can you put it at the edge of a bush (yet still in the bush) so that the vision it does give can show you in WHICH direction in the jungle the enemy has gone? These are small things and warding is not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. You ward differently _every. Single. Game._ Ward important spots like dragon or baron. Your ward was taken down? That tells you an important thing: **They were there.** More importantly, they probably warded there too if they checked for your wards, so be careful when you pass by there. I think it comes down to the fact that people just don't _think_ about wards or are very aware of them. Have you ever watched other players play and looked at their ward placements? I don't mean just pros, regular players. I've laughed at people so many times who get caught out and lose a team fight and I realize it was because the enemy had wards there and _they didn't know know it._ In game when I see a possible teamfight I think, "how warded is this jungle? Do they have the upper hand?" Sometimes just how the enemy _reacts_ can tell you if they have stuff warded. I don't know if any of this helps though but its all I can impart.
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
Riot: Here's an article describing why warding is very important! (cause it is kids) Player in Season 6: Okay I'll buy some wards---wait they're gone Riot: eyyyyy lmao How does this make sense?
Meddler (NA)
: Shouldn't do. The client update's focused on the experience before the loading screen/after the victory or defeat screen (pre game and post game). That means there's a lot of stuff that's outside of its area, and those bits (in game character models, sounds, spell effects etc) are what make up the bulk of the LoL install in terms of file size.
I had a question regarding the new client as well. Recently the current one has been eating up a lot of CPU usage (since the most recent patch). Will this new client present problems for some of our computers or will you guys work on that?
: The way I see it, Riot could have done 3 things: 1. Untie The Harrowing from Halloween. Full Stop. (Which Riot did and it ended in disaster). 2. Untie The Harrowing from Halloween. Replace The Harrowing with a straight-forward Halloween event. Classic and Simple - not even any need for it to be cannon with the Game's Lore. 3. Have multiple Harrowings in a year - an annual one and a non-fixed, optional one that would occur sporadically. Riot, however, decided to be lazy and take the shit option and pissed everybody off.
I argued point #3 at some point. This would have been a much better solution to the problem than what they thought of but it became clear quickly that they did things this way partially out laziness. Maybe 70% lore 30% laziness.
: fuck that. Duos in lobby do the "we are in these lanes." thing regardless of pick order. And they act like you're putting them out when you take the position you want and, due to pick order, have a right to. I don't want to deal with more of that. I don't want to deal with a team of four where i'm ruining their dreams by picking a lane. I don't want to deal with calling preferred lanes and then getting vetoed by a lane swap. I don't want to deal with having to wonder if someone who didn't get their lane is tilted, trolling, or just having an off game.
This is cliche as hell, but not all duos? Whenever I duo with a friend in ranked 9 times out of 10 we never go in the same lane and my friend ALWAYS fills. That's why I go with him; he can go in every lane and be alright, I can trust him. I know its rare to get a duo or a 4 man that _isn't _ toxic but it is possible. When I've played with my friends as a 4 man premade we've had randoms that asked to join out lobby we _aren't_ toxic. I know this puts a lot of people out and I understand entirely. But as someone who gets screwed by randoms 99.9% of the time...this works out well.
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calisker (NA)
: About the Harrowing
It feels like Riot is avoiding a glaring detail about all of our anger over Might be my imagination though.
: why are you guys mad, League of Legends is a business. Money> Everything else
I think everyone is arguing that Riot missed out on money opportunities by not capitalizing on the holiday that was already there, i.e. Halloween.
: I'm disappointed about the skins but what really breaks my heart is no spooky map, no candy corn health pots, no spooky login, no spooky game mode. I looked forward to sending my champion of choice out into a new, shadowy, spooky Summoners Rift. Instead we get some fanfiction and Korea v. Korea lcs.
This sums up how I feel nicely. Also, candy corn health pots?! With their creative ability at present they could have come up with something awesome for Harrowing but they put all their time into Worlds which was boring as hell compared to last year's. They chose poorly this year when it came to priorities, they really did.
Gankattk (NA)
: About this years harrowing...
I tried to give Riot the _benefit of the doubt_ in that even though they gave us somewhat controversial skins, and then shafted an event that clearly people are upset with them doing, that at least they'd release the new skins and the legacy Harrowing skins for one single day: Halloween. Going to be perfectly honest? The moment we knew it was going to be SKT v. Anyone we knew SKT was going to win. I watched out of courtesy and not having anything else better to do that early in the morning. But it doesn't feel like Worlds was a good enough reason to push any of this back. But hey maybe we can look forward to Harrowing on Thanksgiving right? Right? P.S. In fact if they're going to do this to the Harrowing they might as well no longer connect those skins with Harrowing as people more often than not want to buy them/play them in October. At least that way they can release the skins on a proper timetable and shove Harrowing somewhere else like they want.
: You need to research more. It isn't bad. here are RIOT EMPLOYEES clarifying what they mean. (all from surr @ 20) When asked if trinkets and sightstone still exist for green wards, Axes noted: "Correct. Sightstone still exists (and has more upgrade paths), yellow trinket still exists, but you can't just spend 75 gold for a one-shot stealth ward anymore." As for other vision changes, Pwyff noted: "You'll see a few changes to support this rather than a raw "strip wards out." Pink wards, for example, are getting cheaper, trinkets automatically upgrade, and sweeper has some new functionality. We'll have more details next week! edit: Big one: Yellow trinket starts with 2 wards automatically." Fearless also added: "We have a lot more changes to the vision game that we haven't revealed yet. Short story is that we're giving the jungle a few more ways to opt into the vision game, which allows junglers a greater ability to actively augment and control vision. That being said, the prevalence of pink wards, along with their cost reduction, will have an impact on stealth junglers especially. We'll be watching our sneaky friends closely." As for the updated blue trinket, Pwyff noted: "TL;DR in this current iteration it drops a permanent 1hp visible vision ward (like a Pink but no stealth reveal) with a massive range. I believe the wards are off the cap, so technically if you drop them on cooldown in random places..."
No I already knew about all of that stuff. I knew they'd give us something to compensate but I knew it wouldn't be good enough. Trinket starts with 2 wards instead of one? Better, but not good enough. I start as suppose with trinket and one green ward. Trinket is nice for the quick vision but the green ward lasts longer and I'm careful about where I place it and when. Unless they buff the time the trinket lasts in the early stages I do **NOT **feel like this is a reasonable trade off. Sightstone was still there and I knew that. They lowered the duration of regular wards (again, why?) and pink wards being lowered doesn't mean much to me since the enemy can get rid of them so easily. To offset this bad tradeoff I could start with a pink ward off the bat instead and hey it lasts forever but I can't put it in the same place I would normally ward early game. The early game is probably where this makes the most difference to me. Not to mention we can still only put down three wards per person and they lowered the amount that sightstone has from 4 to 3? ???? Why? _Who is coming up with these ideas?_ The worst thing is that none of this will matter and they probably won't change a thing. One season they tell us vision is important, then they try to get people who don't ward to actually ward, now they're cutting back our ability to ward efficiently? I get the reason why; pro players are good at warding so things at Worlds can get boring because they choose battles carefully and known not to get caught. But part of this game is strategy and it feels like this is going to tip the scales in favor of particular champions who can get fed fast and are hard to stop (i.e. Hecarim, Master Yi, even Rammus would be a problem). For pro players, this means very little. But when I have to deal with an adc that has the map awareness of flea then this is a much bigger deal. I can't control the dumb decisions people make in game but the one thing I can do is ward and try to keep them alive so they don't _feed_.
: you know if the old skins are coming back this year like they usually do?
Yeah but I don't care? I want an event.
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