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: Well, you certainly are learning how to deal with all of these different personalities, but I think in the case of League, you might be letting it get to you a little too much. I've found one of the best ways to keep sane is to let sad people go on with their sad lives. I also try to not pass judgement based on one interaction. The person frustrated at a game is not necessarily mentally disturbed - being frustrated is perfectly normal. I'd be hesitant to label anyone as a sociopath based on one interaction. For example, I don't know you. You seem reasonable, you write well, and you're friendly. I have no idea if you're actually a psycho behind closed doors. XD
Kappa ur telling people to be chill with wasting time
: Do you work in an office environment? Legitimate question. Because I'm an IT manager where I work, and people flip their shit when things don't go their way in real life too. :)
luckily (somehow) no, i work a night/morning job. My position forces me to take any kinda of sociopath, psychopath behavior. I've had people stand in front of my vehicle and refuse to move due to me walking away from their rants so i can continue my work day. I've had two separate instances where people filed false police reports on me (lucky for me i set up cams on my vehicle (my own money not my employers) that saved me from both (People love trying to commit fraud and scam people in the slums i deliver around) I've had people eradictly driving in front of me behind me pass me to break check me for money. I've had homeless people try to rob me because "no free handouts" that won't get arrested because it's too much work for the police even with evidence. I know it seems like a sad-kitty boo-hoo fest but i am grateful for the experience, helps me now as a young adult deal with pretty much any individual that can't mentally keep themselves together during the day that snap. Pretty annoying to deal with but made me able to deal with at least what i view as the worst that society has to offer when it comes to normie civs
: This is how PvP players in every game have been since the dawn of competitive activity.
> [{quoted}](name=MagicFlyingLlama,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NyTaTR1I,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-24T21:03:20.556+0000) > > This is how PvP players in every game have been since the dawn of competitive activity. feelsbadforyouman
: This isn't something limited to interactions with people in League. When dealing with people in any situation (parents, friends, coworkers, significant others) sometimes we need to judge the situation before we speak - sometimes it's better to not say anything at all, or to come back and talk about it later once a person has calmed down. Not everyone reacts well to constructive criticism while they're coming out of a frustrating situation. The Diana in your game wasn't in a position to think rationally, so your legitimate suggestions fell on deaf ears. It's best to not say anything to people who were raging all game.
Dude people flip bc of a wasted heal in this game and then run it down mid we arent talking real life. This game gives way too much leniency for sociopath behavior and its getting tiring.
: Why are people so sensitive?
> [{quoted}](name=5StackUltOneShot,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Oo2flce8,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-28T14:19:20.325+0000) > > Im not even talking about flaming. I just came out of a game with a Diana that went 0/9. All I told her after she finished flaming our Yasuo was 'hey Diana, my Jayce and their jg Kayn was behind my tower for half the laning phase why didnt you gank, just a friendly question <3' > > Only to get 'and you will get friendly perma ban for that <3'. > > Wtf? Youve been flaming our team the entire match for feeding despite the fact that your 0/9, I ask why you dont gank an easily gankable lane and you go aggro on me? IM DEAD SERIOUS THIS GAME CAUSES THE WORST OF PEOPLE TO COME OUT CUZ THEY SEE IT AS "WELL IM NOT WASTING MY TIME IN THIS ALREADY LOST GAME" its super self-centered behavior of sissies that cant handle ANYTHING out of their comfort zone, this 100% will be the death of this game, just super messed up in the head people with 30 different accounts just hopping from one to another until they get what they want, screw everyone else. Serious sociopath behavior that is being generated from this title to its player base. Big upset.
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: If there is a widespread game DC issue, the lease Riot can do is to temporarily disable leaverbuster
bump Its like all the posts relating to the issue keep getting taken down or are pushed down by what seems like bots this is crazy annoying.
: Game client anti-cheat changes going live
ETA on this all being patched by you guys or is that it asking for someone who buys skins
: We've not specifically tested for compatibility with Wine or other Windows emulation or virtualization software. Because of the complex nature of our protection and the many variations of software out there, we can't change our solution to be compatible with all of them. However, we are open to working with any software vendor that wants to make their software compatible.
boi what did i just read...{{champion:222}}
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: The game client doesn't seem to load after the game starts halp
i think at this point riot doesnt care. ive seen so many posts about this with nearly the same copy paste answer "have u deactivated this software while running the game etc" even if the original post claimed they have already tried even reinstalling their windows or even booting their pc fresh with only league and the installed. people say its their bios that needs to be updated some claim its ip some claim its discord. ] coming from someone who has personally reinstalled windows and league and only running league with it still not working, it has to be on their end with the anti cheat not working with certain clients. WHAT FIXES THIS ON A GRAND SCALE IS UNKNOWN our only hope is a patch thatll reverse what ever the hell they did or to patch it to work with everyone.
: Has this happened to anyone else?
LOL welcome to the shit show lemme fill u in nothing has worked on a wide scale some people say its their fire wall some people say its third party apps like discord team speak etc etc hextech doesnt seem to do anything people have reinstalled windows worked for some others not so that doesnt make any sense cant be ip related due to people trying on other pcs on same ip it really could be anything until riot releases a hotfix to either remove the anti cheat system that seems to be the problem {{champion:161}}
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