: Trials Update: Week One
Huh, and to this the test gave me the Council... Faceless ftw.
: We are so unpredictable, we'll be at 0th place next week.
Just wait till I pull out my ultra secret off-meta pick in true Faceless style! I present... LETHALITY SYLAS MUAHAHAHA!
: yall make me laugh, what would we do without the faceless
You would "lose face".
: this is actually pretty good on kai'sa since she'll favor crit over bork, unless you're going full on-hit runaan's. new {{item:3091}} should be nice on her.
Trust me, coming from a Kai'sa main, this change is garbage for her.
: Extremely Lewd Thread With a BIG, THICK Surprise Within!!!!!
The Iceborn (EUNE)
: Shipping you ask? LissxTahm
: This "woof woof bark" and "meow meow meow" stuff is stupid
Please Riot, remove this it is so annoying
: Are you implying that the Boards and Reddit isn't a minority? Not that I like the current meta, but I feel like your last statement is kinda misleading. Not to mention, metas cycle around. I joined in season 3, and saw league of cleavers, then an assassin meta, then the siege meta, then a tank meta, then an adc meta, then a mage meta, and back to damage/assassin meta. I'd argue that it isn't the meta being bad, but that people don't like to change.
There has quite literally never been an ADC meta.
: Personally, I think yes. This game has a stark lack of sexy men, and none of them really capture all aspects that make the perfect package. For instance, Rakan has a great body, but he's got the furry ears and the narcissistic personality and love for Xayah that detract heavily from his good looks. Taric has the sex appeal to an extent, but doesn't really showcase it (except in the 5th Age), and there just aren't really other men in the game who are overtly sexy or appealing in the same way that Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, or Miss Fortune are. Sylas is probably the first male character to really broadcast his sex appeal, and even to an extent use it (as part of his charisma) in gaining followers to his cause in the lore. And he isn't all about his looks either, which just sells him as this hunky, rugged outlaw to swoon over.
{{champion:201}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:157}} What the HECK do you mean there are not characters with masculine sexiness?
: but should sexiness be the overall goal?
no... The character is a magical fugitive. The fact that he is attractive is just an addition facet of character, but in the end it is irrelevant. As for the person you replied to, he IS supposed to be a little deranged and maniacal (again, that's his character, would you want to overthrow a government if you WEREN'T a little deranged?)
Mogwai23 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MasterLico,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oui6HXcW,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-01-09T17:43:50.213+0000) > > setting unreal standards for men??? > > what about{{champion:60}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:99}} yeah right Lux never really shows any of the goods. Also the fact that this is the top conversation on the boards is sickening and pathetic. Glad I'm not irl friends with you all. You are the reason why a reality tv star is president of the USA. ALways interested in the most immature topics.
> [{quoted}](name=Mogwai23,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=oui6HXcW,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2019-01-09T20:13:26.423+0000) > > Lux never really shows any of the goods. Also the fact that this is the top conversation on the boards is sickening and pathetic. Glad I'm not irl friends with you all. You are the reason why a reality tv star is president of the USA. ALways interested in the most immature topics. how... political.. of you... Don't bring politics into this. Also, mentioning Lux was clearly a joke on his part since she is one of the normal looking females in the game...
Akaash (NA)
: Let's be perfectly honest here. Sylas is not a sexy champion.
You do realize that Pool Party Graves is basically the only male character that has body hair right? Maybe you should just keep your fetishes to yourself. And by that I mean don't assume what you like is the better than what other people like.
: Patch 9.4 Notes
Riot when dealing with something in game (coughcough Conqueror) being OP: {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Giving small nerfs to balance the rune across all champions {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Nerfing ADCs
: Gotta say: Not a fan of Kayle's new look.
So apparently I'm the only one who actually likes her armor...
: What happen to those whiners that complained about Kai'Sa's revealing cleavage?
At least now they're not just sexualizing one gender{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Riot's at it again! Blatant over the top sexualized champion! Sylas the Magic of Hunky Studs
i was thinking the same thing! Why do people go psycho when Kai'sa had skin on her neck but no one cares about Sylas being a supoermodel... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I mean, he is MAGE who was IMPRISONED FOR 15 YEARS and he looks that good?! no. I understand if Riot wants to be "aesthetic" or whatever, but come ON, they could at least try to be realistic.
: A Renewed Karma Rework
Out of curiosity, why would you make a shield that takes revenge on a champ who advocates for only assertive and necessary violence? That seems very contradictory.
: [SKIN CONCEPTS] 5 New Star Guardians - Jhin, Irelia, Tristana, Zoe, Taliyah!
I like it. I feel like there needs to be more detail in general to reach Riot standards, but these are definitely good ideas. I do also wonder how males fit in with the whole "Star Guardian" thing, because right now all we have is Ezreal, and everyone still refuses to accept that he's straight.
Kadexe (EUW)
: * I don't know what to do with Stormrazor either. Maybe it stays the same? 200% crit strike on your first attack. So it would still be an early game item that gets worse as you acquire more crit strike. * I hope that by removing Infinity Edge as we know it, we can have a crit system that scales more linearly like AP. So crit could have similar value from early game to lategame. But that's probably just a pipe dream.
Yeah, that sounds like it would fix the problems I mentioned, but I also feel like Stormrazor's passive should focus on the movement speed aspect, not the damage. Considering Statikk Shiv, RFC, Duskblade, Dark Harvest, Fleet Footwork, and other runes, it is becoming really easy for a champ's first attack to matter A LOT. In cases with Yasuo, Pantheon, or anyone who can deny attacks, a marksman is screwed if that first auto doesn't reach the target. And, even if the auto hits its target, all of those different items and runes proccing causes a lot of burst from a sustained damage champ, which is kinda counterintuitive (looking at you, {{champion:21}} and {{champion:119}} ). I feel like the movement speed aspect of Stormrazor is more unique than the damage aspect, and it makes it more versatile and useful to different marksmen, so I thinkn the movement speed piece should be kept. i mean, Stormrazor and Fleet Footwork are the only ways of getting movement from basic attacks (not including Phase Rush or Black Cleaver)
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
{{item:3031}} I definitely like the 2nd approach better, as it grants Crit builds an element of consistency. In that approach, marksman can build moderate amounts of AD, attack speed, crit, and movement speed at the cost of an expensive item, which means no more awkward phases of the game where a marksman has excessive AD and no attack speed or crit, or excessive attack speed and crit with no AD. {{item:1051}} I also like the flexible changes, except for a few: {{item:3046}} The PD change could be something great, allowing it for a more flexible use. However, PD's current passive is iconic and highly essential for dueling early-mid game pub-stompers like most midlaners and junglers. I feel that making this change to PD would be destroying a very iconic item with a very healthy niche. {{item:3095}} I really don't like the 2nd Stormrazor option. I mean, besides the fact that it intends on giving BURST damage to SUSTAINED damage champs (which, by the way, is a niche already filled by Statikk Shiv, RFC, Duskblade, and several runes), what will that movement speed be good for? If you plan on using it to keep up with enemies, you have to space out your attacks, which would be counter-intuitive to dealing damage in the first place. You can't use it to escape, either. If you get ganked or baited into a fight with an assassin or mage, chances are you are NOT going to TRY TO HIT THEM, you would most likely RUN AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. And on top of that, that movement speed boost is so negligible, so even if it wasn't counter-intuitive in every way, it still wouldn't do much. I mean, 0.5 seconds? really? That speed boost will probably expire before you even finish your attack animation. {{item:3155}} I don't think removing Hexdrinker as an option against mages specifically is a good idea. Considering how dominant over crit champs mages are in the midgame, crit champs need something to build as a safe route against fed mages. Hexdrinker has always been a quick anti-magic option, and without it crit champs will be EVEN MORE vulnerable to mages, especially since mages can just sit on an Oblivion Orb to get a good hunk of magic pen. {{item:3508}} I don't like the Essence Reaver change at all! It's an item for sustained damage dealers who use basic attacks, they won't have the burst to be competently proccing that passive effect enough to be consistent or useful! The only way for a sustained damage dealer to hit a proc threshold is if they do an insane amount of damage because they're fed. Once they reach that point, they can pretty much proc Essence Reaver in every fight, get a ton of stats, and win every fight. In short, useless when behind or even, BROKEN when slightly ahead at all, and COMPLETELY UNHEALTHY GAMEPLAY 100% through and through. {{champion:145}} {{champion:99}} Other than those things, I like everything else. I am a Kai'sa main, and I used to be an ADC main in general, so I have a decent understanding of the place crit champs are right now. I'm also a Lux main, so I know how easily I can just bulldoze every marksman right now. It's really fun (hehehe) {{sticker:sg-syndra}} {{champion:157}} I also understand that any changes to crit will most likely send Yasuo's power skyrocketing, but if that becomes the case, you can just change his passive from "crits deal 90% ------> 80% damage". I'm pretty sure this would fix any issues of crit being insanely powerful on Yasuo. AQnother possible change could be instead of having Yasuo's passive multiple crit chance by 2, it multiplies in by 1.5. This way, Yasuo doesn't get 100% crit from one item, and he still experiences that variety that crit adds to every fight, and he still gets a special synergy with crit.
Cöup (NA)
: I'd be ok with her having one stack of true stealth per shroud cast. Her ability to pressure under turret is good but it shouldn't be as oppressive as true stealth for the entire time. To elaborate, upon entering shroud grant true stealth one time only. Upon leaving and reentering grant invisibility/stealth (the one eve and twitch have)
That's camouflage...
Ixra (NA)
Dicerson (NA)
: I am sorry, but I cannot agree with this system. I agree that RNG is bad in this scenario, a roll of the dice should not determine the outcome of a game where skill and strategy are the core emphasis. But the system you propose here is little different than simply giving items more damage (The only real difference is that crit damage would apply to auto-attacks only, raw AD applies to every attack as well as to items that require it). And while that in and of itself _may_ be a good reason to discern the two, it removes what crit chance was all about. The very reason the idea itself exists. To this end, I will examine what Crits really are, why they exist, etc. The idea of a critical strike, more or less, originates in tabletop games, DnD to be specific. It was an RNG mechanic because that's what DnD (and nearly every other tabletop since) is all about, simulating the natural uncertainty of reality with dice rolls. A critical strike was when, by random chance, an attack happened to strike a particularly weak or vital spot. Every system has had a unique way of implementing them, some less random than others, but they are all built on one core idea: Critical strikes are a moment of power, they give the player an instant where they are significantly stronger than they otherwise are; and not only does this in and of itself feel good and creates opportunity for the character to express themselves by "flavoring" the crit, but it also provides inconsistency, which makes the game more interesting in general and adds a unique dynamic for the players to play around and play with. In a tabletop RPG setting, where most everything is RNG (and strategies revolving around it) and where the *point* of the game is not even the combat mechanics (They are *role playing* games, they are about collective storytelling, and are almost universally pure PvE), this is fine. They accomplish the above purpose well enough that there is no need to change them. But in a highly competitive, PvP combat-only video game setting, where tournaments (and thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars) are won or lost on the game, an RNG mechanic like this is intolerable. Unacceptable. So, then, what do we do? RNG crits don't work, but if we just replace them with, in effect, a raw damage scaling multiplier, the effect that crits have are lost. The moment where you are temporarily more powerful is gone, the game becomes less interesting. Is it even possible, however, to retain this effect without an RNG system? Yes, it very much is. There are multiple ways, in fact, that I can think of, and I shall outline 2 of them here. **1. "Lul 3-hit passive":** Though the name is satirical, the idea is anything but. It is a well-known idea for replacing crits, make them a "3 hit passive". An effect where every Xth attack does extra damage, a further exaggeration of the current system; which incorporates RNG, but makes every successive "miss" increase the chances of the next crit. This basically removes the RNG element of the current system, where the "X" is more or less randomly determined, with crit-chance making the number more likely to be smaller, and makes it consistent instead. 3 is a common number, but I think that is a bit too frequent to achieve the desire effect. If this system where to be put in place, I think every 5th attack would work (Champions with pre-existing multi-hit passives would need some serious tuning, unfortunately). Crit chance instead becomes a damage multiplier for this system, with the initial multiplier being 0 (No extra damage), and every successive item adding some amount of % bonus damage on a crit, up to a cap. This mechanic accomplishes the original purpose of Critical strikes (or at least, my interpretation of their purpose as outlined above), while also removing the RNG element. While it does have issues with being unoriginal (Everyone becomes walmart brand jhin/vayne), it is my personal vote. It's an interesting dynamic that forces marksmen to think about their attacks. That is to say, it adds _strategy_ to an otherwise mindless damage mechanic, where before all you had to do was select the right target and position (No small feat, ADCs are actually not easy to play, make no mistake with my words), now you have to think about where and when you place your crits. I personally like this outcome. It creates a tempo, where marksman have high and low points in their damage output they have to play around (an idea I've seen riot themselves emphasize as healthy for the game and a goal to shoot for) **2. "Stormrazor but everyone has it":** This idea is very similar in execution to the original, it creates a consistent tempo. However, rather than making it fixed to every X attacks, it ties the crit to the passage of time. Every X seconds, your next auto is a crit. Simple. Similar to the above, it removes the RNG element of when a crit will happen, and instead turns crit items into ones that augment the effect. The primary difference between this one and the above is that it allows marksmen to "charge up" their crits without having to attack, that is to say, a marksman can disengage from a fight without compromising their ability to crit often. Like the above, crit chance becomes a damage multiplier, starting at 0% (No extra damage) and going up to a cap. I do not know if this is a good or bad thing. On one hand, it allows more skirmish/kiting oriented marksman who do not throw out attacks as often as others (Jhin, cait, etc.) to crit as much as other marksmen, evening the playing field in that regard. However, on the other hand, it makes those same champions potentially far more effective as crit-oriented champions than their kits already make them, potentially even breaking them and requiring immense amounts of tuning (moreso even than the first idea). It also removes the inherent risk of crits. Crits have always been a gambit. With RNG it's literally a roll of the dice, with the 1st idea you have to actively put yourself in danger in order to get them. But this idea has no real inherent risk outside of needing to throw out an attack every now and then, not to mention it also creates a sense of urgency that you *have* to go and throw out the crit or you are being inefficient, creating more stress than anything else. This serves to hamper the original goal of just _feeling_ good, of having a moment of power, and thus creating a tempo of high and low points that the player plays around. It still creates the tempo, but it becomes a fight against time rather than a strategic placing of autos. The question "Where/when do I place my attacks" is instead replaced with a need to time your autos perfectly, to always be in the right place at the right time. Again, I am still unsure if that is good or bad as a mechanic, hence why I still offer the idea. There are other ways of removing RNG while still staying in line with my stated interpretation of the inherent purpose of Crits, but I am presently unable to formulate them into a coherent form for the purposes of explanation. Please, comment and let me know what you think of my ideas, and especially if you have any of your own.
There is a third option that combines the two. Looking at Statikk Shiv, Fleet Footwork, and Rapidfire Cannon, a stacking-charge system can work. Both time and attacking allow a marksman to move closer to their next crit. The basic idea would be this: Let's say that a marksman will crit once reaching 100 stacks of **Critical Power**. That marksman passively gains (1 + 0.49 of Crit Chance) every second and gains (1 + 0.99 of Crit Chance) stacks from attacking. With this system in effect, crits will still be a moment of power, but now it is controlled and must be used to the champion's opportune advantages. Consider the following scenarios taht place this system into effect: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Stacks gained from time** With 0% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 1 stack per second, meaning 1 Crit strike every 100 seconds (*Hey if you aren't building crit chance , you don't deserve a lot of crits*) With 10% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 5.9 stacks per second, meaning 1 Crit strike every 16.95 seconds With 25% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 13.25 stacks per second, meaning 1 Crit strike every 7.55 seconds With 50% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 25.5 stacks per second, meaning 1 Crit strike every 3.92 seconds With 100% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 50 stacks per second, meaning 1 Crit strike every 2 seconds --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Stacks gained from attacking** With 0% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 1 stack per attack, meaning 1 Crit strike every 100 attacks (*Hey if you aren't building crit chance , you don't deserve a lot of crits*) With 10% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 10.9 stacks per attack, meaning 1 Crit strike every 9.17 ---> 10 attacks With 25% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 25.75 stacks per attack, meaning 1 Crit strike every 3.88 ---> 4 attacks With 50% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 50.5 stacks per attack, meaning 1 Crit strike every 1.98 ---> 2 attacks With 100% Critical Strike Chance: Gain 100 stacks per attack, meaning every attack is a critical strike --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obviously the combinations of these two ways of gaining stacks can be calculated but that's a lot more than I need to make my point. At 100% crit, stacks from time won't matter because every attack is crit, but still. The point remains.
Kadexe (EUW)
: Crit Rework
I really like this idea. However, I must bring up a few points that don't really go over smoothly. If crits are no longer a chance concept, then what is the point of Stormrazor? Does it just give movement speed on hit now? Wouldn't the movement speed need to be buffed to compensate for the lost damage passive? Wouldn't a crit-sheen item either so nerfed that it would be useless without crit or so buffed that it is broken with crit? There is no way to balance a crit-sheen to be viable both with other crit items and without. A lifesteal and crit item has been avoided by Riot for a long time because they don't want to give ADCs that early-game reliability (terrible reason, I know). Are you sure that an item like this wouldn't cause an imbalance in ADCs, or in fact, aren't you worries that other champions will be able to abuse a crit-lifesteal item? Speaking of other champions, a lot of the champions that you listed in the last bullet are early game lane bullies. They won't be seeking to scale late game using crit, they want to end the game through their early game cheese power. Either crit will be so broken that it works for them, and ADCs will be strong, or crit won't work for them, and ADCs will be balanced.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shabada64,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=kEbfX74k,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-13T21:51:56.284+0000) > > No offense but none of these are high enough quality to be an ultimate skin. Heck, some of these are not even epic skin quality. I'm sure you had high intentions but these will need a lot more work. Can you specify what needs to be improved? Thanks! Also the titanic yorrick skin was thrown in as an afterthought
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Zeta 1313,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=kEbfX74k,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-08-14T00:36:51.334+0000) > > Can you specify what needs to be improved? Thanks! > > Also the titanic yorrick skin was thrown in as an afterthought I'm no expert with skins. What I mean is that all of them have the potential to be ultimate, but they need to have more detail in order to do so. One of the most notable traits of ultimate skins is evolution. While I noticed your Stone Giant Yorick concept considered this, it lacks the depth and feel of control that an ultimate skin normally has. All of the ultimate skins have multiple forms that are chosen by the player, except for Ezreal and Udyr, the oldest. Ultimate skins, especially newer ones, need to have not only the ability to gain multiple forms but also to let the player choose the form they want. Of course, a big piece of ultimate skins (and legendary skins) is the quality of the sfx and vfx, which you can't accurately portray in a post like this.
: Odyssey: Extraction
Riot, do Relicbeads disqualify you from quests that require a certain limit of augments?
: Yorrick ultimate skin ideas
No offense but none of these are high enough quality to be an ultimate skin. Heck, some of these are not even epic skin quality. I'm sure you had high intentions but these will need a lot more work.
: When Willump gets 4 arms...
: wait what happens if xayah has the male skin and Rakan doesnt have skin at all...
yeah, then it is just weird
: Twisted Fate [Rework Concept]
As a TF Main and an ADC Main, I REALLY like this. Of course, TF would be in need of a few stat changes to fulfill roles as a Mage, Marksman, and Hybrid. I think a Movement Speed and Attack Range buff along with a very small Health, Armor, and Magic Resist nerf would suit him nicely. I believe these changes will give TF a small shift away from being a mid-range Battlemage and bring him a little bit closer to a mid-range Skirmisher. The only part of this concept I'm not a fan of is the W. While I understand that 4 is an important number for TF (4 second cycling of W, bonus damage on every 4th basic attack, etc.) to represent 4 suites of cards (Hearts, Clubs, Spades, Diamonds), I feel like causing his cards to change every 4 seconds makes his windows of strength and weakness WAY too inconsistent. Also, I don't like how the current Red card causes an AoE Slow and how the concept Red card reduces Magic Resist. They both feel so underwhelming. A solution might be for the Red card to do both slow and reduce MR, or maybe the Red card can have a new effect altogether. Again, really like the concept and hope that Riot looks into it! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
SSmotzer (NA)
: Utility Smites
I like these ideas, but they are way too imbalanced from each other. No will ever build Oasis and most people will opt for Equinox, maybe Watchers
: This annoys me to no end. Tanks should not be out damaging carries.
I know right
ëbb (NA)
: Can {{champion:267}} be part of these other cool skin lines too? other than just Definitely not? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Patch 7.24 notes
"REMOVED YOU'RE TOO FAR AWAY No longer increases attack range by 25" Put-that-thing-back-where-it-came-from-or-so-help-me. Seriously though. The champions who abuse Kleptomancy are not the ones who use the extra range. The other champs need that extra range, it is an important part of the keystone for them.
: Patch 7.23 notes
Finally, a consistent source of BE. Thank you, Riot.
: I get both a lot, personally. Especially on champs that either don't scale well or have that one big poke. {{champion:3}} {{champion:161}} use the {{item:3151}} {{item:3285}} combo really well with their poke. It's also a fun build for {{champion:21}} poke build.
Why would you ever get both? As an ADC main, I have not clue how AP items build, but doesn't Luden's burst take away from the damage you would get from Liandry's passive?
: I feel like the feathers on the wards should have been 1 feather for honor lvl 3, 2 feathers for lvl 4, and all the feathers (3) for level 5. Kinda just makes more sense.
I agree, but I'm pretty sure those are leaves. XD
: New skin: Eternum Cassiopeia
I like the old W better...
: Hi there yeah so uh i'm still waiting on that back to the future themed skin for Zilean and Ekko .-. soooo yeah.
We have PROJECT: Ekko, he doesn't need another futuristic skin. Maybe PROJECT: Zilean would be cool?
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story
Are you kidding me?! You people didn't even finish the prologue and you are ALREADY shipping {{champion:143}} ?!
: Taking another look at subclasses
I would have put {{champion:126}} in the Divers, {{champion:268}} in Artillery Mages, {{champion:41}} in Skirmishers, {{champion:104}} in Marksmen (Hybrid Diver), {{champion:74}} in Battle Mages, {{champion:85}} in Burst Mages (Hybrid Battle Mage), {{champion:76}} in Burst Mages (Hybrid Assassin), {{champion:133}} in Marksmen, and {{champion:26}} in Enchanters. I don't think the game has THAT many Uniques.
: Xin Zhao is the most unhealthy champion in League
What are you talking about Xin is so broken, and he always has been! He gets a free knock-up basically every other attack, free crits, free heals AND life steal, he can instantly 100-0 people while building tanky, he out damages ADCs at every point in the game, has a target-select dash that can't miss and slows for 3 whole seconds, and worst of all he can instantly isolate any champion he wants while making their whole team useless for 2 seconds thanks to his Ultimate. He basically punishes enemy champions for fighting him, and then punishes them anyway if they run away. And then he punishes squishies who stick with their team while also completely pwning them if they are alone... He is one of the worst champs in the game IMO to be against.
: There was an update to Sona's lore a while back, I can't remember where to find it though. I do remember it went into detail about how she was left at an orphanage in Ionia, and the instrument was with her. As she grew the people who ran the orphanage realized she couldn't speak and that the instrument would find its way back to her if they were separated. It was long and rather complex, I'll post a link if I find one.
That's the same lore she has had since 2013...
Conalll (NA)
: "Volibear is more akin to a primal Freljordian nature spirit/force of nature." So why is Rengar a Vastaya? Seems to me like he's much like Voli, his own creature separate from the Vastaya. Wukong, Nami, Ahri (despite her origin), these feel like Vastaya. Rengar... he's an anthro lion/tiger being, much as Voli is an anthro bear. He just doesn't feel like he fits the mold to me. Not enough human in him.
True he isn't much human, but he is part of an Ionian tribe, the Khiilash, and he is closely tied to the nature magics like the other Vastaya (according to his lore). I think this is enough proof.
: ***
HA! Rengar? weak? HAHAHA!!!! no. He is still so ridiculously overpowered, his rework did nothing but make his cheese damage from single-target to AOE, and stop him from getting Ferocity before a fight. All the rework changes did was try to melt an iceberg with a candle.
: no, just curious, and her curiosity is leading to people's deaths, but she's trying to walk away from that path, as it has turned into an extreme addiction
Not so much an addiction as sustenance. She depends on souls to live, like humans to food. She regrets this need.
: I read this and I was relieved that {{champion:238}} also not a complete bad guy.
He never was a "bad guy". He is just a extremist radicalist (used "forbidden" magic, drastic measures to get what he wants, resorts to killing if needed, harming the natural magic of Ionia). Technically, he would see himself as a hero in his own eyes, but not to others, which is why the other champions' persepctives portray him as a villain.
: Does Ahri still want to become human? It isn't outright stated in her bio or either of her stories but Xayah's interactions with her could lead to that interpretation. P.S. Just wanna say I love absolutely everything about Nami's new bio and story, really knocked it out of the park with that one.
Ahri WAS a human, and she regrets having to eat people's souls, but there is nothing taht hints to her wishing to revert back to a human.
Devjinn (NA)
: Why does Nami have breasts, Fish don't need to breast feed. They lay eggs, {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Please hire an Oceanography.
Because she's half human...
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