Juice (EUNE)
: How do I deal with Neeko top as Renekton?
Every champion has hard counters and easy lanes.You sound like hashinshin
Moody P (NA)
: Possible Wits End/Zephyr rework
I think it will need to be toned down or it will just be abused by champs like jax who are already very strong
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 6
Thoughts on rengar? both top and jungle. Has the revert been succesful ?
: Really bad homophobic comments
I’m sorry but I’m not going to stroke your insecurity. If you are uncomfortable, not having a good time, feeling terrible or anything related directly because of that person making those comments you mute them. If you feel they are legitimately threatening your life or hell even if you just want to you can report them and then you can feel better about yourself (?). The point is why are you posting this like it’s riots fault, assholes exist everywhere and you obviously know what to do if this happens in league so why complain about it. This is why the tribunal system is so shit because everyone is a fucking snowflake and can’t deal with anything like a normal human should.
: It's the only reason it hasn't died out, because it's better than pretty much any other MOBA. Its only real competitor is DOTA2.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Kunoichi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=H6V9zooX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-26T15:57:01.519+0000) > > It's the only reason it hasn't died out, because it's better than pretty much any other MOBA. Its only real competitor is DOTA2. Omegalul Dota2 is a competitor to League
Barso55 (NA)
: Riot did a pretty good job of trying to make Morde a bot lane mage - Why isn't he picked more bot?
Pretty common sense really. Let me paint a picture, they pick Caitlyn: you can’t farm. They pick Lucian: He wil forever kite you especcially when he has Bork, Also for Ezreal, Vayne, etc. Unless your playing extremely low down the ladder you will not have botlane prio virtually ever which isn’t great when contesting scuttles, defending vertical jungling, drake control, or when reacting to a midland play or river play. Another downside is the lack of an ADC bot means less overall objective damage which means less threatening objective power plays, less siege power etc.
: If you aren’t competitive dont play ranked. This is going to happen in ranked regardless because people are heavily and emotionally invested into winning. You shouldn’t be punished for harsh critisiscm in a competeitive video game esspeccislly in higher elos.
It’s like a competitive high level sport. If you don’t come through you are a burden an people won’t be happy. If you can’t deal with it play in for fun leagues because while it may suck for you and your emotional stress you can always mute all but the game shouldn’t be focused on you
: An open letter to Riot Games
If you aren’t competitive dont play ranked. This is going to happen in ranked regardless because people are heavily and emotionally invested into winning. You shouldn’t be punished for harsh critisiscm in a competeitive video game esspeccislly in higher elos.
: imagine still defending riot over clash
They don’t even give us any updates when it will be back or when the issues will solved or even IF it’s coming back. You would think after last clash’s huge fail they would at least keep us up to date with the big fixing. Also ops post doesn’t add much except immaturity but at least brings up a good point.
Rioter Comments
: I don't doubt that, but he doesn't have an assassin's kill time, unless fed.
He may have a slightly longer kill time, but he trades that for being able to shred an ENTIRE TEAM maybe a few seconds longer than an assassin would kill a single target.
: Yasuo Windwall should not come out of him
Yasuo really doesn't need a nerf rn imo.
: Did you know? Tristana has the **exact same kit and numbers** she had in **7.13** where she was below **49%** Win Ratio, was below **4%** Pick Ratio and was the 15th Worst ADC in the game. That's right: **She's the exact same and hasn't been buffed at all since those times** Don't believe me? Look it up. All of you just jump onto this hate train, put a champion in a vacuum and don't seem to care about understanding why a champion may be good at a time. Now comes the down vote flood...
robothax (NA)
: when you destroy your lane but everyone else is getting dumpstered
The best part is when your only one ahead in the jungle, but your team always finds a way to blame you.
Also, why the fuck are not all champs unlocked? Urf is for fun right?
Rioter Comments
Galiö (NA)
: Signed up for PBE, is it my time?
: All I ever see anyone do with Shaco is cheese spirits and only fight if someone comes after him. People just cheese interactively and that is pretty obvious he would do that because I would do the same if I wanted to not actually enjoy the game mode.
Well than maybe the problem isn't shaco its just people are not playing this gamemode like it should be played. You cant blame a champion for that.
: his passive is incredibly unique. no other champion in this game builds up a resource to heal himself with and gain crit (vlad meets half of the circumstances) very few self invulernable ults and his is the best,
sure... But its still not anything mindblowing or crazy. Its a passive that revolves around AA. Wow, unique.
: Remove Shaco for excessive cheese and add Riven or some other assassin like champion besides Noc
Dude shaco is so much fun in this. Full ap a box does 1k damage alone.
Rioter Comments
: its like it almost makes up for him being mediocre and nothing but a split pushing robot. i swear, people hate all unique champion characteristics. you all want to play champions eerily similar to every other one. you want nothing unique. take away every passive from every champ, will that make you happy? cool, you now have a q damage, w, steroid/utility e cc/dash. fun game you guys envision. no wonder riot doesnt listen to the community.
Are you trying to say that tryndamere is a unique champ? Passive: Crit Q: Heal W: CC E; Dash R: invulnerable
: 1% crit chance is toxic for the game
Thats because Tryndamere like many other champions in the game (Old Yorick for example) have such a bad designed and toxic kit, that if they every get strong, they are TOO strong and instantly nerfed to the ground, and if there not strong, their useless. For example, even if Zed is not in the meta, and is considered a "bad" or "meh" pick, he can still be EXTREMELY useful if the player can outplay and is good with that champ due to a high skill cap and outplay potential. But for example if a Tryndamere is not in meta, and is a pretty "bad" pick, and if the opposing team doesnt basically hand you over kills, then its hard for you to actually be useful due to such a 1 directional kit, bad design, and next to no outplay potential. Fortunatly Riot has been good recently with reworking really bland and toxic champs.
I dont NEED IT, buts its a good mechanic to have in the game. Helps out sometimes.
8VoidKing8 (EUNE)
: 4 roles champion
Woah. cool idea tbh
: [Champion Concept] Zack, the Bounty Hunter
Change the name, its close to Zac and people will be confused
: [Champion Concept] Bob, the Guy
honestly best champ design ive ever seen. extremely original name, and his kit just screams of uniqueness.
: Overall, too much damage is killing this game for me
Imo damage isnt the problem, because there has to be damage in order to kill priotirty tragets, i think the problem is not enough counter items. Atfer they nerfed qss adcs have it so rough. Also, i just dont think there are enough reliable items to counter burst besides zhonyas for squishy ads
: Yorick was popular until they removed him from the free rotation 3 years ago. Almost no one who started playing since then buys him, because they can't try him first, and because they never see him in game because he's so unpopular. It's a vicious cycle.
Yoric became unpopular because a few patches off release Riot nerfed him to utter shit because his kit was to all over the place to balance.
: Skarner is adorable though http://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?&id=OIP.M8640d4218099d1ace801597c2aadaaaao0&w=309&h=172&c=0&pid=1.9&rs=0&p=0&r=0
Yeah, because a giant crystal scorpion with a cute white poro face brutilaty stitched onto its body is ADORABLE
: Rule of Anything: No matter how good the change is, there will be at least one complainer. Remember Sions rework? Considered the best rework in the game? Someone complained about it Poppy's rework? Someones complained about it. New champion that works really well? Someones complained about it Your JG hasnt ganked top? Somebody has complained about it. Edit: Changed the word 'Change' to "Anything" thanks to NightShade
correction: Rule of anything: Someone will complain about it.
Rioter Comments
: Fun fact: http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/7/78/Illuminati-Logo.png/revision/latest?cb=20150529234113 This is not the Illuminati sign. It's been labeled that for...a reason we don't really know. It's actually the Eye of Providence or The All-Seeing Eye. It's on the back of the 1 dollar bill for example. The real illuminati sign looked like this:http://image.prntscr.com/image/7c8cb51d56814d18af38fe3f86d811d8.png It's called "The Owl of Minerva".
lol no one cares were still going to spam the shit out of the eye pyramid.
bill84 (NA)
: Petition to put Yorick in free rotation one last time in his current form
I never even played Yorick before lol, and i started palying league 2 years ago. Was not worth buying him becasue he is just horrible, so if rito puts him on free rotation for me to test him out, thatl be cool.
: idk what you are talking about, aside from his ult which isn't that bad Atrox is pretty OP mid to late game.
Why is his face PERFECTLY triangular.
SrbLud (NA)
: How do you know it's fun? Do you really play this way? Edit: NVM checked you out. Never even played that. When giving bad advice at least give it from experience.
: I tried typing in Noxus. Nothing. Obviously a bunch of Ionian cowards.
: I wanna buy that Ashe skin just for that dance
also that ekko looks close to Lucio from Overwatch
: PROJECT: Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina Splash Arts
I wanna buy that Ashe skin just for that dance
Xeruon (NA)
: I chose the ult because it's the most special and defining ability of a champion, most of the time anyway. What's a Thresh without his box? What's a Yasuo without Last Breath? What's an Orianna without her Command: Shockwave?
Whats Yasuo without Last Breath? a (slightly) less annoying lane for mages QQ
RoodToob (NA)
: 5 Hour long game due to 5 Trolls in same club on opposite teams
They should be perma banned dude... thats just annoying because if you want to quit after playing for like 2 hours, you get banned for it.
: The Tribunal. Reports against the champions of Summoner's Rift.
LaBoka (NA)
: As a support main I've died far too many times trying to defend a pink that I should just let die
funny how you reply to memes, yet never reply to people compalining bout solo q being gone
Zaryelle (NA)
: New support/tank champion, Cannon Minion Veteran Passive - For each nearby enemy minion death, grant gold to every nearby allied champion up to twice every 30 seconds Q - Cannon Blast - Extra damage to champions and Turrets W - Minion Link - All minions nearby and self share damage divided for a short duration, and turret aggros you for the duration E - Minion Deny - Sacrifice up to 2 nearby allied minions below 20% health to deny gold gain to enemies R - Minion Uproar - Revive all nearby dead minions (for 0 gold gain), as well as spawning 2 cannon minions for every nearby champion
: name 5 things you miss and want to see in leauge again
EmiIy (EUNE)
aîdan (OCE)
: Possible Zed Nerfs
This is an amazing idea. I have a better idea though, how about this happens whenever you lock in ANY champion, then there will be no reason to balance champs. I know, im way to smart.
: What do you call a 0/10/0 Azir?
: You can't jungle without tier 3 armor runes, which are not available until level 20. Because every jungler HAS those runes, Riot has to tune the monster damage around you having them equipped, and then if you want to try something different you get punished hard. If Riot made Smite available at level 1, I would be happy, but they would need to completely remove the rune system to do so (which they should, it's mandatory stats and not customization at all)
I Main jungle. Ive been playing League for like a little over 1 year now. NEVER BOUGHT TIER3 RUNES. Tbh, i dont even have proper runes. I still do fine in jungle, i still main rengar with tier 1/2 "tank nasus" runes, and im fine. Id rather use IP on buying champions so i can have fun trying new things instead of wasting IP on runes.
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