: Would it be worth to open an all chat and tell the other team you're opening mid and ask them to report your jungler? I figure it's not worth playing if you're not having fun and being trolled and would rather sacrifice the LP for less aggravation. Definitely not worth raging (in chat) and getting a ban yourself. Maybe you can AFK and come back in 10 minutes? Not sure if you still get a leavebuster penalty if you log back in? I know you can fight and claw back into the game, but really if someone is trolling you, they just as likely will try other stuff?
> [{quoted}](name=TresArboles,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=n9EFEb8J,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-11-28T15:53:50.947+0000) > > Would it be worth to open an all chat and tell the other team you're opening mid and ask them to report your jungler? > > I figure it's not worth playing if you're not having fun and being trolled and would rather sacrifice the LP for less aggravation. > Definitely not worth raging (in chat) and getting a ban yourself. > Maybe you can AFK and come back in 10 minutes? Not sure if you still get a leavebuster penalty if you log back in? > > I know you can fight and claw back into the game, but really if someone is trolling you, they just as likely will try other stuff? Trust me when i say you cant do that, That is "negative attitude" and can get you banned just as easily. You cant say gg in all chat or open mid eport the guy whos trolling me. Because riot doesnt care about actions or the other side of the conversation. They will ban you and if you try to repeal will say well you were negative so tough shit kid.
Itankyou (NA)
: Everything got buffed
Not true, my boi darius is in the shitter now and no one accepts that he needs a buff even tho he now loses lane to everyone, including nasus. thats what feelsbadman.
Yma S (NA)
: Darius needs a buff
Shhh thats not allowed to be said on the boards or else he low elo players will scream and yell saying hes still op.
: This season will be Ardent Censer 2.0. If it doesn't abuse the runes, it won't be viable. Stormraider was better on Darius than Fervor tbh, but the lack of actual runes destroys his early game against champions that synergize with (abuse) the new system.
It wasnt tho, it was good in certain matchups but fervor would always work. It was more of a cheese rune youd run if you knew you could snowball very hard. Fervor gave darius what he needed which was higher ad long wih just running down that rune tree was good. Now hes shit with anything. The best is phase rush but even that is sub par and you arent a lane bully anymore.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: FFS look at this site AGAIN. 75% of Darius players right now try to CHEESE with ghost and fail. When played with TP, Darius has perfectly balanced 50% winratio. It's not the state of the champion, it's the state of Darius playerbase that shows here. 75% of playerbase sticking to not-optimal summoner spell set because they seen someone on youtube retking people with it doesn't seem like a valid reason for buffs. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
ah so thats why having tp gives the same results? Hes in a very bad spot and if you refuse to admit that then you just have a massive hate boner for the guy
Suitaro (NA)
: Should there be something done about instant Execution ults?
ah yes nerf darius even more, because hes a real problem champ. he has the worst winrate of any top primary champ so any nerf to him would just kill him, oh wait hes already dead NANI
Rainfall (EUNE)
: none of the new masteries fit champions who relied heavily on fervor well,yasuo dropped in winrate darius dropped in winrate probably trundle and fiora will also follow.
Trundle, fiora, and yas still are playable tho. Darius has the worst winrate for any top primary champion and is useless anymore.
: Yeah I don't see why either, any ranged champ pretty much hard counter Darius, or just play the new pantheon build and never run out of mana in lane again.
Whats the new panth build? And yea, his job is done better by many top laners and he fell from his "godlike" status that he had over 2 years ago. But because of his rework release he isnt allowed to be buffed.
: Because literally everyone hates the idea of laning against Darius.
Everyone hates laning against panth, riven, yas, fizz, ect... There are many hated champs to lane against. That doesnt mean he doesnt deserve a buff. Especially since lane is all he has in this meta.
: Because he's almost completely cancerous at low tier _still_. Yes, he _still_ craps on bronze and silver, despite not having the all-so-important Fervor of Battle keystone. And when he gets buffed? He becomes _mandatory_ pick or ban in those two. Games are instantly decided by who has Darius.
So his winrates should be higher there then yes? They are barely higher, Its 48% in bronze. Bt if hes still broken there wouldnt it be higher?
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: Are you implying that players in pro play can't close a game and thats why comebacks happen, but "high elo gold/plat" are soo good that they never trow and always finish the game when they have a lead? Take your chat restrict and be hopefull you didnt get a an afk ban beacause thats what you bassicly did. I once had a game where i picked quin adc (the old quinn) and my leona support wasnt very happy about it. I also kinda forgot to change summoners and had to play with maokai jungle runes and masteries and a ghost and smite. Leona didn't even bother joining the game. We still won that 4v5. My point is to never give up
no im implying that in many pro games they can play the game long enough to where it comes down to team fights and is decided by which team is better? And my statement still stands of where pro-play and solo q are completely different. Comparing the 2 in almost anyways is completely pointless because at that points its almost 2 separate games.
SiffLort (EUNE)
: People will never learn. According to ritos policy: You are toxic and you flame = fast ban. You feed, troll or afk? Well, you can ruin 200 more games before any kind of punishment. I don't know why so many people fail to understand this wonderful and flawless system.
Its so flawed and i dont get why i have 25 games chat restricted for it. I wasnt even flaming a particular person that much. I wanted the game to be over because it was a lost cause. Yet im punished for others ruining my promos, gg rito.
: ***
I dont see how? Being a realist? I didnt want to waste my time in a game where it was 4v5. 2 of us agrred to open mid and the viktor didnt say anything but just went mid. The lulu refused to surrender and when the dianna was there she would drag the game out. Anyone can agree playing in these conditions isnt fun and can make some people negative. But should i get 25 game chat restricted for it? I dont believe so. Its an absurd system that punishes those who didnt even do something wrong. Yea i was negative but given the circumstances most people would be
Chermorg (NA)
: Did you watch the finals, perchance? While I wouldn’t claim that every game is possible to come back from, a vast majority are. I used the analogy to try and help you understand that because people are negative to you does not mean you go increase the negativity... you just mute and move on.
Proplay and soloq are completely different and if you dont think so well i dont know what to tell you. The vast majority of games can have a comeback if its not a big lead. But if you have someone who dc's every 5 minutes making it a 4v5 or someone who is 0 and 7 on a champ that they dont know how to play, youre not coming back. Its called being a realist and i shouldnt be punished. And what they were saying wasnt what made me negative. Its what they did.
: You're the kin of person I HATE seeing complain about punishments. BOTH games you were saying to surrender (primarily in the first one) and you were being extremely negative and giving up. That is a punishable offense under the "Negative Attitude" section in the report screen. You deserved the chat restriction, and consider yourself lucky for not getting a 2 week.
So i get someone who dc's every five minutes and someone who tries out new champs in ranked but i should be punished for being "negative"? Of course i was negative. I lose my promos from these 2 games its very tilting. Id rather just move on to try to win the next one then sit in a lost game for 30 minutes. Its a waste of everyones time and i honestly dont think you should be punished for being a realist.
Chermorg (NA)
: It sucks, yes. Hear me out here though. If you’re walking around at the mall, and you get pickpocketed and lose your wallet, is your first reaction to go pickpocket 9 other people and ruin their day too? No. You go find the police and move on. Likewise, if others are negative or ruining your game, you *keep trying*, don’t give up, and certainly don’t add to the negativity. The game isn’t over until the “fat lady sings” the word of victory or defeat. Until that time, or until the surrender vote passes, you should keep trying your best and not try and discuss surrender. There’s a reason it’s a private vote - it’s each person’s decision if they’re ready to end the game or not. You should not try and convince people to vote for a surrender - it’s negative and brings the whole team morale down. Comebacks do happen - and they happen a *lot* more frequently when you’re positive and keeping morale up.
Obviously you dont know how it is in high gold/plat. Comebacks dont happen unless youre in bronze/silver anymore. The game is to snowbally for that. I shouldnt have to wait an extra 15 minutes to go into a real game where either team has a chance because they dont want to give up. When its a 4v5 or you have someone feeding on a champ they dont know how to play its not fun to sit through it for 30 minutes. Was i negative? yes. Did i deserve a chat restriction? I dont think so. Getting punished for being too negative shouldnt be a thing in my opinion. Because it sucks to sit through games like that and it will bring you down. Especially if its your promos. So i guess sorry im a realist? Also that analogy makes zero sense. You cant compare being robbed to me being negative in a game. Thats an absurd analogy.
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Chermorg (NA)
: You were extremely negative and trying to get your team to give up, as well as being an ass to someone having a bad game as taliyah... I wouldn’t want to play with you if you talk like that. It’s not fun to see that kind of negativity.
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=G8KkJd5n,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-09-04T15:16:15.837+0000) > > You were extremely negative and trying to get your team to give up, as well as being an ass to someone having a bad game as taliyah... > > I wouldn’t want to play with you if you talk like that. It’s not fun to see that kind of negativity. its also not fun to lose promos because someone wants to try a new champ in ranked. Its not fair to the rest of us if you say you dont know how to play this champ because its your second time playing her in a ranked game. And also i was being realistic in the first game. Our tristana was wanting to surrender at 5 minutes then changed her mind when it came to 15 minutes. By 18 minutes we had three inhibs down and they were too far ahead for a comeback. So yea i was pretty done and wanted to surrender.
: Why was i chat restricted...
to give ssome clearance in the first game we had a dianna who dc'ed every five minutes and it was the first game of my promos so obviously that was tilting and i wanted to move on. The second game we had a taliyah who was playing her for the second time ever in ranked and solo lost us the game. Every other lane lost but she was basically running into them. I dont see anything that would cause a chat restriction
Chermorg (NA)
: You should get the chat logs when you log in, in a notification about the restriction.
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=G8KkJd5n,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-04T06:31:53.727+0000) > > You should get the chat logs when you log in, in a notification about the restriction. ok i finally got them but i dont see anything in the 2 games they gave me that deserve a 25 game chat restriction Game 1 ShadowJet369: she dc? ShadowJet369: dude shes dcing ShadowJet369: thanks diana ShadowJet369: dont go into ranked if your internet is shitty ShadowJet369: prolly ShadowJet369: im a fulll level behind bc i tried to comedown and help her ShadowJet369: then she dced ShadowJet369: can we open mid? ShadowJet369: yea but 4v5s are dumb ShadowJet369: no shit sherlock ShadowJet369: yea lets ff at 15 ShadowJet369: why queue for ranked with shitty internet ShadowJet369: i dont get it ShadowJet369: lulu actually shut the fuck up with this positivity ShadowJet369: learn to tell when a games over ShadowJet369: open mid ShadowJet369: no im telling them open mid ShadowJet369: its over ShadowJet369: just end mid renekton ShadowJet369: go mid and end ShadowJet369: lulu and viktor are ShadowJet369: with you they can dive and end ShadowJet369: im a realist ShadowJet369: seriously? ShadowJet369: like why ShadowJet369: just end this game so we all can move on ShadowJet369: i dont give a fuck about kda ShadowJet369: i care about moving on afrter this diana ruins a game with shitty internet ShadowJet369: yea dianna and lulu want to waste our time ShadowJet369: let them end ShadowJet369: stop defending ShadowJet369: no we cant ShadowJet369: they have the better teamfight ShadowJet369: no ShadowJet369: you 2 still wouldve died ShadowJet369: just get me out of this ShadowJet369: lulu is overpositive ShadowJet369: im not going to troll ShadowJet369: i want this over but im not a troll ShadowJet369: zyra ult plus yasuo ShadowJet369: we lose ShadowJet369: and shes gone again ShadowJet369: great ShadowJet369: why? ShadowJet369: so i can die? ShadowJet369: for what? ShadowJet369: you gave up[ too? ShadowJet369: sorry i dont want to waste time looking ata agray screen ShadowJet369: lol im not getting banned for one report bud ShadowJet369: mhmm ShadowJet369: im sure ShadowJet369: im not getting banned ShadowJet369: but nice try ShadowJet369: she actually thinks we wouldve won ShadowJet369: lol ShadowJet369: WE HAD NO CHANCE ShadowJet369: lol and now imma be "banned" ShadowJet369: bg Game 2 ShadowJet369: why ShadowJet369: jesus dude ShadowJet369: pay attention ShadowJet369: ? ShadowJet369: wow ShadowJet369: i canceled three autos ShadowJet369: feelsbad ShadowJet369: dude xin ShadowJet369: are you bronze ShadowJet369: first rule of league ShadowJet369: dont fucking chase singed ShadowJet369: ? ShadowJet369: it wouldve missed anyways ShadowJet369: taliyah ShadowJet369: what was that even ShadowJet369: lol sorry you have a mid? ShadowJet369: taliyah dont play that champ ever again ShadowJet369: ^ ShadowJet369: go to normals if you want to try new champs bud ShadowJet369: this mid my dudes ShadowJet369: please report her ShadowJet369: just end ShadowJet369: yea but feeding all game isnt fine ShadowJet369: shes trying out a new champ in ranked ShadowJet369: she doesnt know what shes doing ShadowJet369: just surrender ShadowJet369: taliyah solo lost this game ShadowJet369: just end ShadowJet369: stop wasting everyones time ShadowJet369: lol?
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: Go ahead and look at my post history, or even at the other comments in this thread, and tell me I don't care about the game. Removing crit only benefits tanks because the only other option is lethality, a stat that does the same or better against squishies, but worse against tanks. Assassins maybe, due to how many tanks are running around right now, but mages are still a staple, and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Having a strong AP damage source is just as important as having an ADC.
It looks as though you love to tell others what are wrong with there opinions about this game. But just my opinion, youll probably dislike it anyways as that seems to be a running thing. But anyways, you obviously dont pay as much attention to the pro scene as your last reply would make me think as mages arent even the most viable pick mid anymore. They get outclassed by adcs like corki and lucian or tanks like galio. And while i did say the average player is different from the pros, the pros set the metas with their picks. ADCs are overloaded with how much crit chance they get right now along with 2/3 thirds of the crit items they build give them their attack speed as well. Plus it would not just shift it to a lethality meta. And when they rechanged lethality to scale with your level its going to do just fine against tanks. But when tanks are still being deleted by crits thats just not right. Its in the name, TANK. They should be hard to take down but seeing a tristana crit you 6 times in a row for your 4k healthbar while you have 300 armor and you just die from it just doesnt seem right to me.
: His class is viable. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be seeing play, particularly in the pro scene (where the game is based on how well your tank line plays) And he is specifically asking for crit to be removed, a change that only benefits his class, which is hardly struggling right now. Are there some ADCs that are out of line right now? Sure. Is the whole class broken? No. And since when does ranked mean the be all-end all of understanding how the game works? In case you never noticed, normal games and ranked games play exactly the same way.
First of all the pro scene and soloQ are completely different. Always have been. Thats where most balancing issues come from. Things like azir are gutted because he was average in normal soloq but in the pro scene he was broken. So comparing the pro scene to the average player is a stupid thing to do in the first place. Second crit being removed wouldnt only help tanks. I dont know if youve noticed but assassins and mages are ass right now and can be 1v1'd by a crit adc. So assassins and mages could benefit from it as well. As far as i can see the only class that would suffer significant loss from this is the adc class. Third of all its very apparent that ranked is very different from normal play. In ranked people care much more about the state of the game and hate even more when stuff is just not fair. People who play ranked tend to have more game knowledge and tend to pay more attention to how the game works all because they care more. Its this level of caring that Im talking about how youre argument can be seen as flawed. Most people who dont play ranked typically dont care about the game as much.
: Yes, the person who mains bruisers, tanks, and juggernauts is obviously going to give the best advice about how to balance ADCs. it's not like he has an inherent bias against the class that is designed to kill his class. I mean why else would he want ADCs to go back to a time where he admits they were much weaker against tanks?
well if youre going to say his opinion is flawed for him wanting his class to actually be viable then how bout this. Youre opinion seems flawed because you dont go through the suffering that is ranked right now. You play normals and the rotating game modes. Its much harder to actually carry a game as a bruiser top or mage mid or even damage jungler. Its just not a fun or exciting meta is what hes trying to say. You winning that sweet 17-20LP literally decides on whose adc is better and its just not fun. So go ahead and say i have a flawed opinion because im a top lane main who plays tanks and bruisers but in my opinion this game isnt fun right now for anyone but adcs. And when its not fun in ranked theres no point. Its useless suffering that you go through. In normals you dont care if you get shit on but in ranked its different. You care much more about ranked games, that much is fact. But why care when youre class is suseless to the adc who wont die due to support itemization and them having so much lifesteal that stacks with crit. It just doesnt seem fair to any top lane bruiser or tank right now.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Having a juggernaut as a teams main carry should be a viable option.
As much as i love this idea being a darius main myself, its just not as effective. Its so hard to make it work when the enemy has a tristana 2 shotting any squishy from half a mile away with RFC. Plus even if you get on top of them they dont have the damage to break through the lifesteal and shields that every adc gets. I love when the game can be carried by more than one person but right now its just not as viable. The meta is whoevers adc is stronger wins game.


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