: League client update Q&A: The Play Loop [Now Complete]
So are you still gonna be using the hextech reward thing to punish players rather than reward them in this update? Y'know the whole "if you got chat restricted once for a few games FU forever, literally." thing... Riot = bad parents. Lashes out at players every time they do something they don't like; then they expect players to behave any differently.
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: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
Here comes bad parent riot again lashing out at everyone who does something they don't like, expecting a different response from their players instead of rewarding honorable/ribbon players to incite good behavior.
: [CLIENT] Can't Click "See More Stats"Button in the leagues tab
: Hey all, Just want to help clarify some things about key drop rates: Key drop rates are NOT linear and only wins have a chance of dropping a key. So you will earn key fragments much faster in your earlier wins than you will in your later wins. Or said another way, each incremental key fragment drop is harder than the last (on average... there is variance). This resets on a monthly basis for each player individually. The goal is to create a nice ebb and flow. Grade does NOT impact key drop chance. Premades DO increase drop chance. Chests earned has no impact on key drop chance. There is variance and randomness (with limits). It's unlikely that what happened to your friend will happen to you. Hope that helps clarify :)
Why so many downvotes on this comment? Cmon I'm the last person to lick Riot's booty hole, trust me, but he's just answering the question and I found the info useful. I'm sure they'll tweak the system just give it a few months. AAAAYYYEEEE :D NOTE: At the rate things are going though we'll have an abundance of chests without enough key frags. Maybe increase the difficulty of getting -S and up (because it's too easy now) while decreasing the rarity of a key by 5%-10% OR Give the option of somehow converting chests to key fragments and vice versa.
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: Season 2014 is ending!
BAM! Got my main alt account to gold in a series of 2/2 1 game remaining YES!!!!!! With only 20 mins to spare!
: Patch 4.19
What is this crap? I can login and play but throughout the game I lag and it gets worse and worse til I have to reconnect rinse repeat.
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