: Ask Riot How You Get That S+ on Urgot
The ability to get an S should be centered more around what each player does to help their team win the game rather than how well the individual does for themselves it shouldn't including kills and cs as much as we all speculate it does. Encouraging the idea of teamwork seems to be the best strategy for the game as a whole to improve. Much like the new ranking things that recently came out there shouldn't be ones that label players as lone wolves because then that mentality because more acceptable and ultimately can be bad for the team. Teamwork, communication, tower kills, and, warding should be some of the heavier factors not so much kills. A team can easily win if they're all doing average and are down in kills but simply push harder against a team that is full of lone wolves only looking to improve their personal rank. I like the level 6 and 7 mastery but regardless of whether or not the formula is released it seems that they have made the game competitive in a way that riot didn't intend nor desires. But it's not a difficult fix.
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Revamp it. The skin has S2 markings doesn't it? So along with changing that you could alter the skin in various other ways before releasing it.
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: what's funny is that people actually think you'll get banned over picking something like this
Nah Play her support I love having a secret kill lane xD
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: Rewards for positive play
You can use my chat log!! I try to be nice :3

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