> [{quoted}](name=Riot Novalas,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=FHtBO4Va,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2018-09-11T00:13:45.362+0000) > > WAT Who KNOWS when Christmas will happen again, it has to happen for this one to make sure!
: League gameplay changes over the next few months
Any chance we could get some context on the Wukong nerf from yesterday? Seems like nerfs to his keystone, as well as other runes he runs, paired with planned nerfs to his build with duskblade proc nerf and not allowing duskblade and stormrazor to stack anymore will dumpster him if you make his Q basically only an auto reset at rank one and nerfed at every rank, given he's already lost 40 off his E at max rank.
: Can you just rework wukong then ?
The best part is the changes don't actually fix anything, they exacerbate his current weakness (loses almost all lanes, has shit clear), while doing nothing to deal with why he's a problem, which is that he can pretty reliably trade at least 1 for 1 once he has {{item:3147}} + {{item:3134}} by deleting a squishy, and if he doesn't get instagibbed after E auto Q electrocuting the carry, then he ults giving his team a great follow up
Laura ß (NA)
: You play what RIOT wants you to play and anything else is shit
As a {{champion:62}} {{champion:54}} player I can ASSURE you that meta picks do not require "the least amount of skill", though it is bullshit that new champs have a tool for everything just so the player can always FEEL skillful.
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: I'm starting to wish Riot would just kill URF
The "don't like it, don't play it" responses seem to miss the crux of the post. OP (and others) COULD like it if they got a good champ, that's why they keep playing. ARURF just gates the fun of urf behind RNG and it's the worst
Galacius (NA)
: Regarding Recent "Fire GhostCrawler" or "Fire the Balance Team" Threads
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: Teemo also has a high winrate like Ezreal and Sona
It's because his DoTs last long enough to double proc Aery, inflating the shit out of his early harass. I imagine Riot will eventually put even a small CD on it, like 5-10 seconds, and he'll be back to 48-50%
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Quepha (NA)
: > items and prices may change It's very very important to me to know which items will not be returning. >bought with RP oh, didn't realize the skins were just for pages bought with RP, ok then.
Yep, if you got the rune pages with IP you got a hefty chunk of Blue per page IIRC. I've got no certainty on what would or wouldn't return with the blue shop, but I think it would be pretty likely the blue essence ward and the poro essence emotes would return, as well as the mystery options. Less likely would be the chromas and Urfwick.
: It's the lacking of starting stats that tipped me a bit while on PBE. Some champs like Vi, Skarner, and Eve I had no problem with. Other unorthodox picks like Garen, Karma, and Nautilus I saw myself almost dying to Razors at some point (actually dying as Naut - how the hell did I pull that off)
TFW {{champion:111}}, who was made to be a jungler has been downgraded from "unorthodox" to boarderline unplayable because it's so hard to clear camps {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Quepha (NA)
: Questions about the special BE shop
1. Blue shop will come back, items and prices may change 2. if your 6 rune pages were bought with RP, you should get mystery skin boxes after playing one non-custom match 3. no clue about that one, I don't see it either
: games are not decided by autofill games ARE decided by comps you can be autofilled in any spot and have an easy lane if you know what to pick. autofill affects your play AFTER your champ is selected and once youre in game. you dont need as much skill in a position if you pick a champion that is easier. id rather have an autofilled support play janna over thresh. with thresh we lose lane most likely, with janna i can win the lane. autofill means very little to me. champ choice and comps mean much more. even if there are no autofills i see a veig beat an azir mid lane. not because veig is a better player (or the azir is autofilled) but because veig is infinitely easier.
Maybe down in bronze/silver where our chosen roll is more of a preference than anything else. But in diamond+ the skill disparancy between main role/secondary and the other 3 is way more noticeable. Telling a diamond top laner to play ADC against another diamond ADC main, or a mid laner to get in the jungle is pretty much just handing the win for that position to the other team.
: that would remove early game tower dives. but early game tower dives is a art so no
I don't know that "top lane tank eats 6+ shots while the jg and mid who roamed top kill you" counts as "art"
: [MEGATHREAD] Let's Discuss: Caitlyn
My problem with current Cait is that they just number nerfed a character than needs functionality changes, that never really solves a problem, it just makes a character feel bad to play AS WELL as bad to play against (and it also makes it hard to call for functional changes that would be a nerf since you get told "this character has a 48 or lower % winrate, why would you want nerfs?") I think she should be a champ primarily focused on her sieging potential, since there's already plenty of lane bully ADCs, we don't really need one of the best siegers once you group ALSO being a lane bully, I think she would be better suited as a safe laner with her E and large starting range, but with traps weaker in lane to keep her from just pushing you under tower, then dropping traps to keep you pinned there. I honestly think they should have gone with the original nerf to the traps of reduced root time at lower ranks, rather than reduced damage. until they make some substantive change to her trap mechanics I think she's be a champ who has to be kept weak, or she'll be a lane bully who becomes siege queen post laning. I've heard lots of people ask for various ways to clear the traps, whether it's turrets being able to target them, or them being targetable when disabled by sweepers, but I think those would hurt her siege potential too much. I would much rather see less active traps at once at lower levels or less root time at lower ranks, so that she can't slap multiple traps under your tower range, farm the lane from far enough away that she can run from a gank, and then have time to dip in and headshot you if you hit a trap.
: Nocturne does NOT buy IE.
According to champion analytics on opgg and championgg he does, and that's what I went off of since I personally don't play him. But he doesn't build it as often as other assassins build BC, it's pretty split between stacking lethality and building shiv+IE
: Ornn will buff every all Classes items except ASSASSINS!
I mean, yes, technically he doesn't buff one of the 3 assassin items, HOWEVER, I contest your claim that {{item:3071}} buff doesn't count. Almost every physical damage assassin builds BC as second or third item, virtually all build it before {{item:3814}} {{champion:238}}? Builds BC {{champion:91}}? Builds BC {{champion:62}}? Builds BC {{champion:107}}? BC {{champion:121}}? BC {{champion:80}}? BC The only assassin I could find that doesn't build it is {{champion:56}}, but he builds {{item:3031}} Honestly, given how overloaded the assassin items are, I'm fine with their Ornn buff being on the bruiser item they all buy.
: > [{quoted}](name=Requiemsfire,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GNl34YPL,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-07-27T08:48:08.654+0000) > > Why can Yasuo's windwall block the chains with zero penalty but Braum must die? According to this video, Braum doesn't die. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc-t_Uf-keM
Looking at the upload date that seems to be on the PBE and likely the interaction was bugged at that point, since braum gets reeled in or thrown back by the chains, but drops out of the animation for seemingly no reason before getting mulched
Sujiren (NA)
: Pantheon fix till his inevitable rework
I'd just shuffle his mana costs around a bit. As it stands his Q is 45 at all ranks, while his E scales from 45 to 65, I would swap that around, if you're gonna max Q and just poke until you get them at kill % to go in, you should at least risk running out of mana, whereas if you maxed E to go in for the combo, which opens yourself up to trades or ganks, you would get more bang for your buck. This would keep his identity as a strong lane bully and early roam risk, but poor lategame champ, but it would make his gameplay pattern less obnoxious than "oh, I ate 2 to 5 Qs, and he has full health and 80 to 50% mana still, now I have to back and he can do it again when I return to lane"
: sorry people still crying over cait and her traps cant bother with other adcs
It's most like when you numbers nerf something that needs functionality changes, people still hate it, what a shock. That's been Yasuo's entire existance
: What you're saying is the equivalent of saying "Sure, Janna, since it gives you a ton of cdr, build Morello first item. The cdr justifies not building something that gives a noticeable power spike to both you and your team's overall strength like Censor and Redemption. Build Morello instead". I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but some ideas are simply bad ideas. Stop encouraging bad ideas.
Except it's not the equivalent of saying that. Janna is a pure utility and primarily reactionary support that doesn't benefit all that much from the ability to throw out spells rapid fire, and therefore doesn't need the larger mana pool, and on her getting the active items give her more utility options in addition to the excellent ones in her kit, so yeah, a Janna probably be better off grabing censor and redemption 99% of the time. A BETTER comparison would be someone playing support {{champion:99}} or {{champion:63}} picking up {{item:3165}}, since both support options and other items benefit them in different ways much like support and traditional tank items do for tank supps. and guess what: both of which do pick up Morello, Lux very often, Brand only sometimes.
: Because buying something that hardly does anything noticeable to *help your team* besides a tiny AA debuff doesn't do jack shit for anyone. Compare that to the direct gold value of actual support item actives and passives and come again.
Boi, between the 20% CDR from frozen heart and 10% from the gold gen item tank supports like {{champion:412}}, {{champion:89}}, and {{champion:53}} can be constant threats of being locked down forever with only 2 items, and the 400 mana means they can toss out their engages a lot more than if they pick up something like {{item:3109}}. Just because their item isn't giving YOU stats, doesn't mean it's not helping your team.
: If you're a support and you don't build support items
Because 20% CDR and 400 mana does nothing to help supports support better, right?
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: Can Fiora lose her attack speed slow
I think the most frustrating part of that AS slow is that it feels like a reward for Fiora not using her counter at the right time. Like, if you fuck up and activate {{champion:15}} or {{champion:56}} spellshield or {{champion:98}} blocking field at the wrong time you're just fucked. If you activate reposte and don't block a CC or even any damage you still get to cut their AS by fuckin 50%
AL000 (NA)
: No only super minion and or monsters.
Cannon minions in addition to super minions.
: What is wrong with your main
{{champion:54}} Is currently an ult bot because his lane is in a pretty bad/boring spot He lacks the sustain to hold lane against anyone who can poke more than his passive shield per 10 seconds, which is just about all of them. He lacks the damage or mana pool to push out almost anyone with all the sustain or built in durability in top lane at the moment. {{item:3068}} now deals tickle damage so he stays bad 1v1 until far past the time you should be laning alone (2 or 3 items). On the flipside, the few champs he does beat have little options to deal with him, since he Qs you and just sits on you till you get to turret range or can create a gap with an ability.
: The only change i like with these Lethality changes, is the CDR on Duskblade, everything else is less than desired from my perspective.
Yeah, duskblade and to a lesser extent edge of knight got shafted, way worse than ghostblade, which looks like it got changes to accent it as the roaming item. The other two kinda just got "here's the same item, but worse from every angle"
: Youmuus was good on them before these changes.. lol
I know it was good on them before, it's usually my first item on them, I'm just saying -5 AD is unlikely to change that, especially when it lets me roam better even if I don't get mobis
: Review of the Udyr Changes
My guess is they don't want to give turtle a non-AP ratio because it has a soon to be 5 second cooldown. People already complain about other AD ratio shields on champs like {{champion:92}}, imagine one on the guy who also has a movespeed boost on the super low cooldown. you'd have to hit him with a morg binding to have any hopes of catching and killing him lol. I'm also pretty weary of the new passive not stacking out of combat, since it will make him overall weaker on the initiation of ganks, I hope not too significantly.
: HOLY.... that Youmuus nerf..
I don't play a lot of pure assassins, but I like the changes on the only two characters I DO buy Youmuus on ({{champion:62}} and {{champion:80}}) It'll give me the enhanced roam close to {{item:3117}}, without having to give up the passives and slight defense stats of {{item:3047}} or {{item:3111}} I'd gladly pay 5 AD and 100 gold to get 30 armor or 25 MR elsewhere in my build, let alone getting AA damage reduction or tenacity.
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: My thought process whenever I lane against a pantheon.
{{champion:50}} Panth's simplistic engage and combo practically guarantees your full combo will hit him, and post 6 you can also out sustain him. He's also more resistant to panth's poke since his Q auto farms while you stay out of range.
: But we already have a word that means what literally has come to be used for: figuratively, to which literally is a counterpart. Sure, language can change, but this particular change is a bit counterproductive.
Imagine when it gets to the thesaurus makers and literal and figurative are listed as both synonyms and antonyms, that'll be fun.
Eedat (NA)
: Kog has officially been Kalista'd
More like {{champion:104}}'d. No longer good as an ADC, but works elsewhere (mid) with a non ADC build (AP). Pretty much no one wanted it, but it's not like {{champion:429}} where they finally put the trash in the dumpster where it belongs and she can't be played anywhere.
: Tell me your first champion and your favorite champion
First: {{champion:31}} because he was free the week I started and I ended up using the 400 riot points for hitting level 4 on him because I liked him, even though I sucked with him. Favorite: {{champion:20}} I'm really glad he's worth using again, not hyped that he's a pick/ban levels of good, but I'm glad I don't feel like I'm literally just a dragon stealer and nothing else anymore. But I've put the most time into {{champion:54}} and he's probably second on my favorite list.
: Some people actually enjoy simple kits...
I'm actually super disappointed Galio is up for a rework since he's the only midlaner I like because he's so simple.
: Twitch will be overpowered pick/ban status with these buffs
Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but activating ult doesn't unstealth, but attacking still will? Unless this is a memepost about the name change.
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Candoodle (EUW)
: The mastery they are replacing it with looks like it might be best choice, hard to say atm personally i like going grasp and stacking Hp for that one aa that hits like a ton of bricks
The new one is the worst choice. Nunu doesn't have hard CC. Grasp is probably going to be the best bet with SOTA gone, it's the only one that takes advantage of his huge HP, though bond of stone with the new bond item might work well together on Nunu
: Why does kha zix allowed to stay in this state and rengar doesnt?
Probably because Rengo in his hayday was a free kill on a carry of your choice anytime you had ult and there was nothing anyone could do about it, whereas simple grouping or hanging out in minions cuts kha's damage by a lot.
: Inting isn't a word
I too think "inting" is a fucking stupid word to describe intentional feeding, hell the first time I heard it I had to watch the video using it in the title to even tell that it meant intentional feeding. Intentional feeding isn't even that long to say or type, even if you WANTED to shorten it, just calling it IFing would even make more sense, since that shortens it to acronym size without losing 95% of the meaning.
: "Hidden power" The new buzzword
TBH I've never bought the "hidden power" argument, even when it was used by Riot themselves to describe like, old Taric's auras. The only hidden power I've seen in league is whenever {{champion:76}}'s infamous invisible spear bug returns
: Fixed an edge case where Tryndamere’s E -Spinning Slash could damage allies he spins through if they
: Why does it say defeat when you make a remake.
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: Rationale: making all champions available for play isn't the Riot Games business model. If that's what you want, go buy Heroes of Neweth lel. How do you Hillary voters not grasp this?
Counterpoint: See other non-standard game modes where you get the full roster to choose from such as All for One and Nemesis Draft. Doesn't make sense for all special game modes to have all unlocked, such as Poro King and Ascension, but the precedence is there for all to be unlocked when it makes sense.
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