: Like I said How can people keep putting G2 over CLG. but that's okay keep doubting NA and CLG we'll just prove you all wrong. CLG will learn from their mistakes.
Lets wait for tomorrow's match then we can say something. I'll root for clg just to get a top seed at worlds
: CLG rises to represent NA at MSI
Please just get top 4 so NA can have a top seed at worlds
: Recapping the Promotion Tournament slugfests
Really hope apex can improve for summer. Really enjoy watching keane and shrimp play. Shrimp could be rookie of the split if he can continue to improve his performance
: NA LCS Spring Finals Survival Guide
I don't think I would survive...
: While I highly dislike the LPL region as a whole and the way they constantly import international players I think you are severely undervaluing the LPL as a whole (QG,RNG and EDG should be up there) and overvaluing EU + NA. Agree with you're statement on Taiwan's region, Ahq and FW are definitely world class teams, but the rest of the region is incredibly unbalanced with some terrible teams like CGE and other teams around a similar level like TPA so it's hard to tell how good they really are. Honestly think the only EU/NA teams that should be up on international tiers are IMT, G2, VIT and H2K, the other teams are a tier lower and haven't shown the consistency that the top teams have shown. For your list, I would add a few more LPL teams and put AHQ slightly higher, they look much stronger than some of the middle of the pack korean teams like Longzhu or even SSG. The Korean teams are good, but not enough to literally take up the first 8 spots then just having other teams. They should be a little more spread out more and place other teams higher.
China hasn't done anything relevant internationally recently the Chinese team that made it out of groups immediately lost 3-0. Edg had the easiest group to get out of and still nearly lost to BKT. LGD won 2 games in a group where they were expected to go 6-0 or 5-1 in the group and IG won 1 game. At Katowice the top 2 teams from China went and proceeded to lose to the Europe 6th seed. Pretty sure immortals is better than fnatic. So no China does not need any more teams on this power rankings
: Power Rankings 3/15/2016
Amazing cougar e-sports is still d tier. I've heard 0-20 isn't the best of records
: This happened to be last Summer. I won the first 7 weeks and was guaranteed 1st place. Then I lose week 8 lol. I finished 8-1 and felt so good about my first fantasy win. SOAK IT IN!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yeah this will be my second fantasy win no chance for a perfect record though lost week 3 by 6 points
: Basically if you have TSM and C9 players put them out. They're both facing REN and TIP this week.
Yup I put in doublelift and sneaky on my roster hopefully I can win this week and confirm my win of the league. Only way I lose my fantasy league is if my friend goes 2-0 in the last games and I go 0-2 and get over 150 points less then him
: If you are getting the Unspecified Error immediately after starting the patcher, there appears to be some sort of issue with your OS Permissions where the patcher isn't able to access files found in your installation. The best way to fix this is to complete all of the steps in our [Permissions Guide](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204134104-Setting-up-your-Permissions). Some of the steps may seem very simple, but they are crucial in hopefully resolving this issue. Let me know if you are still experiencing any issues!
> [{quoted}](name=dArtagnan,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=mRRyZMuf,comment-id=00190000,timestamp=2016-03-10T02:28:23.181+0000) > > If you are getting the Unspecified Error immediately after starting the patcher, there appears to be some sort of issue with your OS Permissions where the patcher isn't able to access files found in your installation. The best way to fix this is to complete all of the steps in our [Permissions Guide](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/204134104-Setting-up-your-Permissions). Some of the steps may seem very simple, but they are crucial in hopefully resolving this issue. > > Let me know if you are still experiencing any issues! I have a Mac so updating windows wouldn't really help. Edit- I guess it's now updating the game randomly
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 6.5? Click Here!
Having an error in the patcher before I can hit launch it gives me an unspecified error. Tried repairing twice and redownloading the game still getting the errors
: EU LCS Finals: Where to go and what to see in Rotterdam
Would love to go to one of these eu or na finals but I don't think my parents would want to pay so much to go to them :( still Rotterdam looks really nice
: Come on Apex and Ember!
Lol go former TSM members!
Kinjishi (NA)
: Origen (meh EU team right now), CLG, QG, and, ESC (challenger team) are automatically in. Fnatic, TSM, RNG, and SKT are the invites? Why not invite better teams Intel? *sigh* Immortals, Rox, Vitality, would have been better. Why nobody from LMS or other regions?
Teams were voted in a lot earlier that's why tsm and clg are there along with fnatic and origen. Ever won an IEM along with the some of the others teams I'm forgetting
: Fantasy Love/Hate: Spring 2016 Week 6
The struggles of choosing people other than 4 G2 players in case they mess up against fnatic
: Since The guys at Lolesports won't do a decent oldschool ranking anymore, I will post my international rankings. I must say that these are only MY OPINIONS, so feel free to disagree with me and let's discuss what You guys think about the teams right now. **Power Rankings 2016.02.17.** 1. ROX Tigers 2. SK Telecom T1 3. Jin Air Green Wings 4. KT Rolster 5. ahq e-Sports Club 6. Qiao Gu Reapers 7. Immortals 8. G2 Esports 9. H2k-Gaming 10. Samsung Galaxy 11. Longzhu Gaming 12. EDward Gaming 13. Royal Never Give Up 14. Invictus Gaming 15. Team SoloMid 16. Unicorns of Love 17. Team Vitality 18. Cloud9 19. Counter Logic Gaming 20. Snake Esports 21. Taipei Assassins 22. Flash Wolfes 23. Vici Gaming 24. Team WE 25. Fnatic 26. Team Liquid 27. Origen 28. CJ Entus 29. NRG Esports 30. Machi E-Sports What do you guys think? :)
I would put qiao gu up along with vitality and maybe kt a bit down other than those it looks good from a quick look
Miror B (NA)
: Yeah, the scariest part about this is that roccat faces giants this week while echo fox faces renegades. Barring the games going 2+ hours to the point that riot decides to call it a draw, two of these teams are guaranteed wins. Also kinda agree that EU deserves an F-tier, or something far below it to put giants in. Every week they continue to hit new lows, and unlike other teams who have done decently with subs (UOL) btongjocke hasn't exactly lit the place on fire. Their bot-lane continues to be weak, and after seeing him get caught out multiple times I'm thinking that Pepii has become far too predictable for EU (him playing with characters who were only really relevant in season 5 doesn't help either).
Roccat should route Giants pretty easily echo fox vs renegades should end in a few years
: Really glad to see UOL keep up the wins with new/sub jungle. Hopefully they keep this up both splits and make worlds this season. Still, I wonder how PowerOfEvil feels having left an "inferior" team for Origen. Don't wish him any ill, but it's nice to see the Unicorns winning again regardless of how analysts rank them against other teams. And how is vizicsacsi not in the discussion as best top-laner for EU? He 1v1 killed fiora as poppy -- not something you see in the pro scene where neither takes ignite and both have multiple items. I mean 0 item poppy vs fiora, maybe -- but not past 1 item should poppy win. I don't think they'll win either split, but they can definitely go far in the playoffs. In NA, I wonder how the positive team atmosphere of immortals will handle if/when they finally do lose. Hope they stay positive -- I am so glad to finally see Pobelter on a good team that does not seem like they will be ditching him at the end of the split. With the way they play selflessly though -- like Adrian flashing in to try to save his teammates at cost of his very high kda -- I don't think it will be a problem. I look forward to seeing how they compare to other regions when we get some international competitions.
Hauntzer killed Huni 1v1 as poppy vs fiora without taking damage. Wouldn't put vizicsaci above Huni although he is very good. I would say 2nd best in EU below odoamne
Vexxed (NA)
: Why is NA the only region if an F tier even though all the other regions have teams with 0 wins. I mean Giants is 0-8 how is that not F tier?
Agreed have Giants even been close to winning a game and let alone get an Inhib turret? Haven't really watched there games after week 1
: Who needs an ADC when you've got Graves in the jungle?
I gotta admit jungle graves is fun but I should not go 15-0-4 as him on my 2nd time trying the rework and first time in the jungle. Maybe I got lucky but that's my experience with him
: I had Huni, Santorin, Febiven, Doublelift, Yesllowstar, and Piglet. TSM was my team. Who was your team? I had Move, Dyrus, and Bjergsen too.
Had huni the rest changed by week like hjarnan Santorin lustboy fenix dominate. At one point had shiphtur and Corejj on an easy week for dig
: I went 8-1 last split so I'm feeling REALLY good for this split. Gonna get D-L again.
Lucky I went 4-5 due to unlucky risks i made and my friend had Doublelift Feb rush and yellowstar
: I can't wait to see how NA does next year. Mainly TSM, C9, and Immortals.
Tsm c9 and immortals top 3 I hope. Clg probs 4th or 5th with liquid filling one of those positions. The others will fill the other locations
: EU is far out of reach for NA, they should focus on catching LMS and LPL first.
Gotta say I don't think LPL is even as good as NA if you watched worlds you would know. Sure EDG made quarterfinals but that that after nearly losing to BKT in groups and then got 3-0 by fnatic. At least c9 went 1-1 against them. Plus we just saw a new tsm roster beat lgd 2-0 the 1 seed for worlds
: The All-Star 2015 Play Vote results
Man no bard :/ such a fun champ to watch at high level play
: Then Loulex left H2K, so they'll have to fall back on someone else.
Tbq has got that wrapped up
: Everything You Need to Know About IEM San Jose 2015
Wondering what got Jin air the bye to the semis maybe because Korea won worlds? I'm not sure just an interesting choice
Eledrion (EUW)
: Hai created the best moment with his midle finger to Febiven.
Lol it's nice that it wasn't a very large fine though riot could have made it a lot more punishing
Mirhi (NA)
: There is an explanation about it here: http://2015.euw.lolesports.com/articles/official-statement-fnatic-omg Very technical.
Yeah felt like circular reasoning to me but I might be a bit biased
: The moments that made Worlds: Part 3
Fnatic vs omg... I still despise that match still wondering why Khazix got home guards even though he got hit ;_; and no I'm not a salty eu fanboy I'm from NA :)
: So uhm, since theres only EU and KR teams left... KR=EU? Kappa
Basically and then Taiwan > China=NA I say this because EDG was very unimpressive against fnatic and if EDG was in another group they probably wouldn't have made it out NA did better than China in group B and in group C LGD and TSM went 1-1
: French players SoaZ and YellOwStaR praise the energetic Paris audience
ErDiNg (NA)
: OMG VS FNC S4 GROUP 3. That is the best moment .
That game made me so sad but it was entertaining
: AHQ should have won that game.
Well they didn't... Face it fnatic played better in that last fight and won the game. If ahq had taken out rekkles or huni there that game would have kept going but they didn't thus ending it
: Fnatic lost to AHQ and Cloud 9. Dont think they can beat KT either. EDG and KT.. half and half
And kt lost to Origen and almost to the 1-5 TSM. EDG lost to SKT pretty handily and were on the brink of losing to BKT. Overall China was overhyped for worlds and really aren't that good. It would surprise me if EDG made finals let alone semis
: Are u on crack first off skt will make every teams play look ugly it's just a fact edg is still good and better than fnc skt made them look bad and 2nd off skt won't underestimate shit and skt will most likely run a perfect tournament ur being way too unrealistic
Problem with saying EDG is good... That game against BKT really tells differently no team should be losing that badly against BKT ever
: ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ OG TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ (xPOOK go forth)
What's with all the dislikes c9 fans unhappy og fans are doing this?
: SKT’s MaRin pierces H2K’s heart with Fiora
H2k didn't do to bad for going against an S tier team as a D tier
: This is by far the most reasonable and logistic power ranking that riot has ever made. Its good to be recognizing where you truly are b4 making any progress.
But let's be real here TSM will make it out of groups :)
: Worlds 2015 Power Rankings
They say TSM will need to rely on bjergsen but let's be real here they just need to make sure Dyrus and WildTurtle at a good level where if needed in a team comp they can carry
: Worlds 2015 Power Rankings
Delorei (NA)
: "Can we bring the fall to giants" Thats the line that sent chills down my spines. I got a sudden vision of a mountain with SKT T1 at the top, followed by teams like EDG, LGD, KOO, Fnatic, ahq, other contenders and all the teams fighting to get to the top and make them fall.
: Breaking down Worlds 2015 Group C
Anyone notice that on the last day of games for this group h2k has to go against skt then immediately after go against edg? What the heck is this schedule
Xa7h (NA)
: C and D have clear 1 and 2s that are going to go through in 90% plus of circumstances unless they completely flop. C will be SKT/EDG and D will be LGD/KT. A group is of Death is a group where the teams are all very close in skill level and there isn't a clearcut these teams will go through.
I wouldn't doubt TSM or OG beating kt to get out of groups lgd probs will be #1 unless they're cocky but I definitely think it's possible for TSM or OG to make it out of groups
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TL;DR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not a TSM Fanboy, let me breathe some life into these #Baylieve2015 comments so not all of TSM's fanbase looks like 12 year olds. FNC is the Western world's best hope, but no one really knows how the NA competition will stack up. I don't think they'll win much more than a game or two in Knockout though. TSM has the resources to bootcamp well, CLG is unpredictable internationally as a whole, and C9 is C9. This meta is unhealthy for a world championship. Juggernauts, GP, Fiora, Yasuo, and Corki. Korean Exodus of Talent may have dethroned KR as the best region. However, I believe LGD, EDG, SKT, or FNC will win the whole thing with KT, ORG, AHQ, and IVC/Koo able to make their way into that bracket of teams. Everyone else is a gray area. I still can't wait for the CLG skins to come out. #BelieveInTheApplePie2015#JattFuelCan'tMeltCLGDreams. Alright, I know people have probably seen my TSM icon and are preemptively judging me as a TSM fanboy who just wants TSM to win it all. If you think that, you should check my comment on Group A. CLG is currently NA's best hope of doing anything remotely successful at worlds, and that's simply because they have never played internationally...no other teams besides NA teams have ever played vs. CLG; no one has experience in how to play against CLG...and you know that NA isn't just going to give their notes of CLG's play over to SKT (like they'll even need them). However, if any team is going to improve in any significant amount for worlds, it is TSM. Always remember, Locodoco used to be a professional KR player, he has the network and TSM has the money for them to scrim and prepare against ANY team, not to mention TSM's coaching staff is ridiculous in how much time they analyze gameplay. But let's not count out C9 either, C9's soul rests with Hai, Hai is C9. Hai is also considered to be one of the greatest shotcallers in the entire world. he has an extreme knowledge of champion dynamics and interactions that most other players simply don't have. It's Hai's mechanics that cause him to fall behind, and his health issues. Fnatic is the best hope a Western team has for taking the cup this year, and if so NA will never hear the end of it from EU about EU having two world championship cups and NA having none. Fnatic also has a huge flaw in their play though, they're not used to being up against real competition, and they are lackluster in their early game (which Origen abused HEAVILY in the finals) Yes, Fnatic will have fixed SOME of these issues in the prep for worlds, but it's not their only flaw, nor will it be completely gone. Let's be honest about EU, EU has Fnatic above everyone else, then Origen with the greatest amount of experience, and then I guess that just makes H2K the next best on an average day. NA doesn't have good teams for a world championship. CLG has stepped up in a big way, but without Xmithie is the synergy still going to exist? HuHi's different playstyle is going to affect the game dynamics in a major way, he's not going to just purely replicate Xmithie. TSM will be scrimming nonstop and trying to do what they can, after all, it is Dyrus' last time to ever play LoL professionally. He's wanting to leave his mark. And we can't forget that Turtle seems to have secret Korean batteries stored somewhere in the TSM house that he puts into his cyborg self, because he has always stepped up at worlds. Remember TSM was the only team to take a game off of SSW last year until the finals except for SSB (Though that might have been a 3-0, I seem to recall it being a 3-1). The Exodus of Talent from Korea to China has affected the international scene so much, that no one can accurately predict what'll happen. Everyone knew after SSW's first performances at worlds last year they were going to win. Everyone knew the moment they saw Faker's godlike mechanics that he was something special. But no one knows anything about this season yet. And let's not forget the fact that this is one of the most unhealthy meta's to exist for LoL in a long period of time. The juggernauts are going to be instant picks if they even get through banning phase. Fiora and Gangplank are monsters right now, and Yasuo is always a contested pick. Corki also always makes a reappearance at worlds because he is a SAFE adc that does Magic damage ergo champs like Yasuo can be played. But, there are clearly superior teams going into the tournament. LGD EDG SKT FNC are widely being considered the top four. Right behind them would be KT Origen AHQ and then a debatable decision between Invictus and Koo depending on which Invictus is showing up to this worlds and the fact that Koo is in the Group of Life. Everything beyond that is a gray line where any time excpet Bangkok Titans can make an upset. I personally see CLG and Koo making it out of group A, Fnatic and Invictus (via tiebreaker with AHQ) from group B, SKT and EDG in group C, and LDG and KT in this group with the viability for TSM OR Origen to upset KT depending on their improvements. These CLG skins are going to be amazing tho, #BelieveIntheApplePie2015.
TSM 1-3 against ssw shrc 1-3 against SSW
: i really don't see OG beating KT. Reckless, recently hasn't been playing his best and it's questionable if he even carries the team. KT will most likely exploit this. Ssumday can be left on his own vs soaz; he'll at least leave the lane even. i can only see OG winning over KT is when OG will play mechanically better and play around KT's average mid laner
Wait when rekkles go to Origen? I think you mean Niels
Bídoof (NA)
: Im going to be so happy when TSM(and the other NA /EU teams minus CLG and possibly Fnatic) get destroyed by everyone in the group and shuts up all the TSM fanboys that can't understand why their #5 seed team in the summer split isn't as good as one of the top 3 korean teams or top chinese team
Technically TSM is second seed but if your going by that logic it should liquid clg and tip at worlds not clg TSM and c9.
: Breaking down Worlds 2015 Group C
If Ryu 1v1s faker I think h2k deserves to get out of groups over edg :P
: you obviously don't watch LPL. At their best IG is far superior to Fnatic. So its fair to take into consideration that when all the teams are at their best in this group, IG will take first place.
Yet since there so inconsistent who's to say there going to play at there best every single game consistently. IG seem to have high highs and low lows so I wouldn't doubt them going 3-3 or 4-2
: Breaking down Worlds 2015 Group B
Ok... So they say IG is inconsistent but they place them over number 1 teams from Europe and Taiwan. Like what the heck is this if anything IG should be 2nd or 3rd while fnatic or ahq first
: ur an idiot h2k is not better than edg u gotta rethink that order dude and bkt is better than h2k with the roster change
Wait did you actually think I was completely serious with this list???
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