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: So what you're saying is, Irelia has no personality, Teemo is just annoying, and Braum is a 'stache? > so let us know if there are particular ones you think are out of line. THROW ANOTHER ROCK. Please nerf Taliyah's VO.
yea, that VO for taliyah is pretty annoying, and even used as a joke between me and my friends
: How long will the first star edition bundles be available for?
: this is not the same thing at all, a better example is. you go to the store because you want to buy a new basketball because you heard this basketball would make you better at basketball. You buy it and go on your way using it for the next 3ish years. now there's a new basketball coming out 3 years later that the company decides to give away for free. No one in their right mind after 3 years of using a basketball will demand a refund for the old basketball after using it for 3 years, they would just go " wow cool, I get a new free basketball". stop sounding so entitled and enjoy the awesome free stuff you are getting instead of whining that it isn't enough.
that's a terrible analogy by the way. Also in your example you mention that the basketball was used for 3ish years, what about the people who used it for a year, or a half year, or a few months, or a week before they mentioned this new system?
Dragau4 (NA)
: honestly you shhouldnt because if you buy and after a while they change well too bad i don,t think it's because you buy something thatif it changes you have to get refunded
the point he was making was - Everybody who bought rune pages with money, did so because you cant change runes in champ select. Your new system allows people to change runes in champ select. Therefore the extra pages i bought are worthless, -> i just wasted my money. the current system of mastery pages are free because you can change them in game. if you make rune pages changeable in champ select, like current mastery pages, then theses pages are worthless
: Somehow, Xerath manages to hit things without a slow on his ult.
but then jhin ults would require skill {{item:3070}} ;)
: >The build is not what makes them a tank or Juggernaut, the kit does. Nope, the build does, you can make full tank {{champion:236}} and he's going to be way more useful tanking than dealing damage, despite him being **''classified''** as marksman. >Both Mundo & Nasus lack the CC & utility that a tank usually brings (they have some, but not enough) & their entire kit is centered around dealing damage. Are you saying no Juggernauts are supposed to have hard cc? What if I told you there is one Juggernaut with hard cc, and it's an **AOE pull**? Hello {{champion:122}} , find me some logic here.
Under 0 circumstances should the 2 phrases "Tank Lucian" and "more useful tanking than dealing damage" ever be put together in a single sentence, you sir must of crawled out of the darkest pits of bronze
: Umm I may be wrong here, but I don't think {{champion:163}} is black, I think she's probably Shuriman. But as I said, I might be wrong.
... so she cant be black and shuriman!?!?
: When are the Heartseeker skins coming out??
no release dates on skins. they come when they come
ITGlol (NA)
: Plus, the recall animation 4 Jhin dosen't even make sense
: Fuck no I didn't reach my goal. Here's why! 1. The ranked scoring system is garbage! No Matter how well I play. I always have 3-4 shitty kids with no clue how to play! You can't help these kids because no matter how nice you are about trying to help them, they automatically get pissed and tilt! What does Riot do about this. It shortens the time it takes to get to level 30 by half so now the game is FLOODED with even shittier kids! 2. Every other game has an AFK, rager, INT feeder or some foreign kid that DC's every 5 seconds because he has a garbage computer. 3. All of you scrubs that are going to type 'well your just bad, if you were good you would carry yourself out like I did" Except be honest, you didn't carry shit but rather got carried out if at all! 4. I could go on for several more reason but that's going to have to wait, i have to go to work. Plus I have to vote for Hilary!!!!!!!
its hard to say, personally i went from B1 to S5 in about 15 games , maybe only because i was on top on bronze to begin with. but anyway half of the games i played solo, other half dou. some games when i solo qued, did have those "shitty tilted kids" you speak of but at the end of the day you have to carry yourself out of it. whether that means picking a hyper carry and grinding out games or inviting a friend for duo-que to make sure theres at least two ppl on the team (U and ur friend) that you can count on. getting out of bronze isn't impossible, you just have to be proactive about winning. Lots of pinging teammates, lots of encouraging teammates, even ganking other lanes more than usual, lots of advice giving in game and most of all picking a role that you can dominate in. In short, i believe in Bronze hell but if your "not supposed to be there", you shouldn't be in there for too long.
BirdGod (NA)
: You just described boosting.
oh shit, someone needs to tell riot that the duo-que mode that they created is actually just boosting and get it banned immediately... kappa
: How do I earn a key fragment? It's been like a couple weeks since I earned one and i play like 5-6 games a day maybe.Please Halp {{item:3073}}
everyone has a reset day in the month, when you get a reset, keys will be easier to get randomly but as the month goes on u get less keys... perfermoance doesnt determine keys at all, simply what day in the month it is
: They need real money too. If everything were free provided you play long enough, they would go out of business. They are actually more than generous with the crates and keys that they added to the game. A bit stingy with essence, but otherwise a very nice rewarding system. Think about how much people pay for xbox or playstation online subscription. How much does Disney charge for battlefront to play online? Riot doesn't charge any subscription and they still give ways to earn skins and such for free. They may be trending towards making more poorly balanced meta's with "flavor of the month" champs that are grossly overpowered, but they are definitely much nicer than most games of such popularity and quality about making the game affordable.
i would have to agree with OP, adding chroma "skins" (recoloring) for IP would make a small dent in Riots' pockets.the idea of adding regular skins for LARGE amounts of Ip isnt a terrible way to reward long time players of the game. AS long as the amount of Ip being charged is large, it'll make sure that most ppl would still use RP, while allowing a small amount of players to get something worth while of their years devoted to the game.
: Right? "keys get harder to get, but reset each month" "So you're saying they just keep getting harder and harder? Why would I buy one" "No. They don't keep getting rarer because they reset each month" "So you said they get rarer, but then you said they don't get rare...which is it" At this point I would get fired from rito because I would say, "dude, if you can't read you don't deserve to know."
i know the there are mixed views about this system but that explanation really wasnt that hard to understand. -key fragment drops take longer to get after you get a few of them, but itll be become easy again once the month is over- is that really that hard to comprehend???


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