: > [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Vh6WrATY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-07T02:35:21.676+0000) > > My issue with that video is they act like Aatrox was the only champ to ever been remade > > {{champion:3}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} were treated the same and kept as much as Aatrox did as well Well you're flat out wrong because Galio: still has an AOE taunt, and still has elements of an anti-mage in his kit (Spellshield, etc.) Sion: still has his W shield that he can pop for damage, Sion still has a stacking mechanic for killing minions. Old Sion is hands down the hardest champion Riot has had to rework while still maintaining SOME facet of his original playstyle/identity because his kit was literally like 2 different champions smashed together with literally nothing tieing the frankenstein together to the point where his 2 build options (AD tryndamere-esque skirmisher, or AP burst mage) always left you with 2 abilities that were more or less useless Yorick: still functionally plays the same as before his rework relying on his ghouls for damage, his Q is almost the exact same ability as original Yoricks Urgot: Still is a ranged bruiser, still maintains his unique "lock on" mechanic that interacts with other abilities, still has a shielding ability, still has a way to AOE fear enemy champions (when he kills someone with his ult) All of these champions still maintain facets of their original iterations be it playstyle, actual entire abilities more-or-less being carried over, or through passives and interactions The only thing current Aatrox maintains from pre-rework Aatrox is that he relies on sustain gimmicks (Which isn't a unique characteristic for only Aatrox and thus doesn't count) and his AOE damage ult that gives him a steroid (which was among the least cohesive and characteristic parts of Aatrox's kit BEFORE rework so again, it's not part of the actual identity Aatrox had to players)
Okay now you’re just cherry picking. Aatrox has tons of elements of his old kit: He still has a knock up, he still has a dash, obviously the sustain, his ult is still some sort of steroid and he still has a slow in his kit. Sure his playstyle changed but so did ALL of those champions. His concept of AAing was awful design and should never comeback. He was THE STAT CHECK champion.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 6
SINCE YOU SEEM TO IGNORE MY POSTS EVERYTIME ZIGGS QOL Ziggs could easily benefit from an indicator similar to blastcone on his w.
: Why are Pyke and Senna allowed to be exempt from the support changes?
It’s not like they don’t come with tradeoffs. I’m not gonna defend Pyke’s bonus gold from ult because it is bullshit, but I will say that he can’t exactly gain hp from items which means he’ll perpetually be squishier than most champions and considering he has to go in to do stuff.. Also he doesn’t build traditional support items which are cheaper compared to most other items, so it makes sense that he has ways of getting more gold. Senna doesn’t gain ad from leveling, it’s pretty much entirely from those stacks which she has to work for. If she decides to go ad her items are significantly more expensive so she had tradeoffs as well.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
Thoughts on Anivia being able to repress her q even when cc’d? Champions like Irelia and Zoe are able to use their second cast when cc’d or even Zhonya’d but Anivia can’t. It’s a very minor buff that would help her feel much better
: Bring Us Your Bugs!! Celebrating 10 Years of LoL
Ivern’s ability to queue his passive on monsters while dashing is very glitchy. Basically, you q to a monster, repress q to dash, and then click on the camp as your dashing to queue to throw the passive on. This’ll cause Ivern to dash, start putting the passive but fail and then you have to wait a second or two to attempt to apply the passive again. It’s important to note however that if you q, click on the camp to dash and then click again while dashing to queue the passive it’ll work correctly. It’s very annoying as someone who represses q. If you press e while recalling on Twisted Fate it’ll cancel is recall. Unsure if this applies to other champions with a constantly on ability (thinking Teemo) Side note: Thoughts on Ziggs getting an indicator for his w similar to blast cone?
: > [{quoted}](name=ShadowParker,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=OzpQtsiV,comment-id=001b0000,timestamp=2019-10-11T18:03:58.323+0000) > > Why do you people constantly ask. Because if they don't, Riot usually doesn't do anything. In other news, it's been a full decade since the release {{champion:75}} and {{champion:36}}, yet neither have been reworked **A SINGLE FUCKING TIME**.
It’s already confirmed that Wuk is getting a rework though.. Like, they have the numbers out and everything
: > [{quoted}](name=ShadowParker,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=EkfQFsut,comment-id=000100000000000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-10T23:55:58.243+0000) > > Funny how you respond to this guy’s comment but not mine. > > You talk about the majority, but if you go to the link that I put out you’ll see that the “Majority” are clearly against your ignorant confirmation bias. > > Your logic is bad. Reevaluate it. Oh sorry, I don't usually reply to the whole online desperation to have an opinion proven thing. But you seem upset so here. I have my opinion and you have yours.
Your opinion is wrong. Fact check before you talk kid :)
Meddler (NA)
: I feel they've made her more balanceable, though at the expense of playstyle changes that still leave some Taliyah players, or former Taliyah players, disappointed with her. I think that's better than her persisting in a non balanceable state and just being kept extremely weak for most players. It's not an example of an ideal solution though certainly.
As a Taliyah player I appreciate this response. It’s very true that me and a lot of other Taliyah players are unhappy with her current state and have dropped her since her rework. My main gripes (and many others), are the removal of the aoe q, worked ground movespeed, and making her a burst mage. She’s largely lost her identity since her release and is really in need of a mini-rework ala shaco.
Meddler (NA)
: Seems to be in a better state than he's been for a while, including ability to perform reasonably mid lane without invalidating a lot of other champs. Are there specifics you're particularly interested in? OT: Just played through Untitled Goose Game. A lot of the time single player games and/or puzzle games don't really do it for me. That I really enjoyed though.
ZIGGS QOL: Give him an indicator like blast cone. It’ll help all newer players with learning him.
: Any new on Wukong update? or just a simple buff? i mean hes like a cannon minion atm :/ {{champion:62}}
Why do you people constantly ask. He’ll be worked on once an artist is available. People have asked every single post and at this point, we know he’s coming so there’s no point in constantly asking. If anything they’ll stop telling us about work underway because people get so desperate like this
: > [{quoted}](name=Sewer Side,realm=OCE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=EkfQFsut,comment-id=0001000000000002,timestamp=2019-10-10T08:45:39.015+0000) > > Blitz also got nerfed. > > Also, most legendary skin releases get nerfed. > > Nevermind also all K/DA champs got nerfed around/on the same patch they were released. > > You’re suffering from confirmation bias. Don’t buy skins, no one cares, but stop perpetuating fallacies. I never made the claim that all skins Riot has released were for champions they buffed? Hence why I used Riven, Blitz, and Ashe since they were the most recent cluster. 3 back-to-back buffs and skins. The balancing via skin release was (what I felt) mostly just jokes about it after Kha'Zix's Championship skin + a shit ton of chromas. But these 3 champions made it very obvious, if it's not for some people that's alright. I don't care if people want to either buy skins or white knight for Riot, but when a lot of players are calling out issues especially on the boards about the state of the game, chances are the majority are not in the wrong against the few.
Funny how you respond to this guy’s comment but not mine. You talk about the majority, but if you go to the link that I put out you’ll see that the “Majority” are clearly against your ignorant confirmation bias. Your logic is bad. Reevaluate it.
: > [{quoted}](name=ShadowParker,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=EkfQFsut,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-10T00:31:46.546+0000) > > They’ve also nerfed champions multiple times when they have a skin coming. > > This idea that they buff around skin sales is dumb. Riven buffed after claims "They overnerfed". Skin and prestige option came out shortly after. Blitzcrank buff, brining him into high winrates. Skin came out for him shortly after. Ashe buffed, skin came out shortly after. You seriously can't be this ignorant of noticing the pattern. Maybe before sure, but this is 3 champions nearly consecutive who got buffed along with a skin in a very short ammount of time. And I would love to hear the champions who were nerfed before a skin release, not after sales.
You’re just cherry picking. Obvious there’s examples of champions getting buffed when their skin comes out but there are also MULTIPLE examples of champions getting nerfed before their skin was released. Some examples: KDA Akali AND her prestige GalaxySlayer Zed Blood moon Aatrox AND his prestige DJ Sona Etc. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/be1q38/riot_released_a_zed_skin_on_the_same_patch_they/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf There’s literally a whole Reddit thread on it. Funny how you’re calling me ignorant when you have this silly bias based on nothing.
: Stopped buying skins when they buffed champions around skin sales. Even without this controversy going on, this company doesn't deserve the support for how they treat their player base.
They’ve also nerfed champions multiple times when they have a skin coming. This idea that they buff around skin sales is dumb.
Meddler (NA)
: Music's generally handled by a different part of the org that I have only very limited involvement with. I'm not the right person to try and discuss it as a result, apologies.
ZIGGS QOL Give Ziggs an indicator similar to the one Blast cone uses. It’ll help new ziggs players learn how to use his w appropriately.
: ***
Instead of saying “Ah yeah I apologized in another comment” you’re calling people “Mongs”. Get some help man
: > [{quoted}](name=Minimac2000,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RcFGVyo8,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-30T19:18:55.108+0000) > > ""She will probably be an e max champion like janna OR LEONA"" fiddle maxes E, same for rakan if you're so inclined. could be any champion but ofc you don't actually read the thread after being instructed to so you don't actually know where the convo is going. soraka was E max before that was gutted too. karma is E max if you want it to be. but i digress you didn't actually read THE THREAD, did you.
You’re pretty clearly in the wrong. Just accept it and move on.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 20
Recently a lot of champions have been given “refreshes” to help players who play those champions or who used to play those champions enjoy that champion. (Kayle, now Shaco) What are your thoughts on Taliyah getting one of these? Ever since her rework a lot of players have been quite unhappy with her burst playstyle.
: Death Recap Update on PBE!
Riot reinboom talked in a reddit thread once and outlined the problems that came with updating death recap. Basically the old death recap needed continued maintenance to be accurate. Will the new death recap need that as well or will it stay updated and accurate on its own so we don’t have flash dealing 2000 true damage?
: He needs help .I agree with that.But also more then 80 percent league players need help as well...Wishing people cancer and death is not unusual .Did this guy went one step more,yes he did.Does he deserve to get ban on LoL .yes he does.But to talk about caps and breaking some low after he give public apology is just unnecessarily and meaningless. I newer treat people with death wishes,because I newer wish in my life someone to die,regardless how angry I were.I did wish people to get beating ,but newer treat anyone ever...And I got couple of death treats ,but newer get them seriously ,because they newer were serious .Do you know why,because there is 0.0001 Percent someone is serious when he treat death after 1 internet game...Did you ever hear someone get beaten or killed by stranger after 1 internet game together? I am trying to defend logic and people can be very cruel when they judge others.But everyone would love understanding and mercy when they are on condemned chair.Do not rush to judge others with no mercy...
When someone acts the way this guy did he shouldn’t be treated with kindness and respect. He deserved to be treated harshly because what he did wasn’t okay. Even if he’s sorry, it doesn’t take back what he said. What he needs to do is move forward by growing and getting help so he doesn’t ever act this way again. By treating him with kindness you are telling him that it’s okay to act the way he did. If he doesn’t want to be treated harshly in the future then he needs to not act the way he did ever again. For now though, based off what he did when OP made the post, he shall not receive any remorse for an action this extreme.
: Buddy, never. said anything like that this is all I Said.. "I will blank you" and the ip thing thats it lol didn't say much else literally added after game because he got my account baned got angry said that unfriended him then apologized... the end
: > > How could you even take OP’s side in this?!?? Lol .Easy. Maybe because he apologize like 10 times.Maybe because people love to judge others,and to find excuses for them self. maybe because people can be fake
If the guy had just harassed OP by calling him names or whatever, sure, people make mistakes and he’s sorry. But this guy, after seeing OP’s post on the boards, WENT OUT OF HIS WAY to add this random guy and then THREATENED TO KILL HIS WHOLE FAMILY. He even tried to scare OP by saying he can trace his IP and what not. This guy doesn’t know OP in ANY way. A sane person would not do that, this guy clearly has issues and just by saying “sorry” over and over doesn’t excuse or make his actions even REMOTELY okay. This guy needs help, and banning him from League is a good way to tell him that he has issues and needs to find help. Tell me, would you go up to someone and threaten to kill their whole family? Can you honestly tell me that’s a perfectly normal “mistake” to make?? If you’re honestly trying to defend this guy, then you really need to re-evaluate your morals because you may have something mentally wrong with you as well.
: You sure it is ok to be jerk towards someone who say" I am sorry?" Did he made mistake,yes he did.Does that mean you need to be jerk now when he apologize ,nope it does not.He will be punished for what he did ,but still show some understanding.Everyone makes mistake,even you
Dude threatened OP and his family over a fucking board’s post. How could you even take OP’s side in this?!??
: ***
Saying sorry doesn’t make it alright. Better say goodbye to that account kid.
: Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11
So, I know the new q is a painpoint for a lot of players because they could do top zac before. Personally I love the new q. However. Would it be possible to have both like Pyke q? It could be hold q to do old q but tap it for new q or vice versa. Anyways just wanted to know your thoughts
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 3
The main problem with rageblade is that it’s allowing true damage to double up. I.e Vayne and Yi. Why not make it so True damage on-hits aren’t affected by Rageblade? Kayle already kinda works this way. Otherwise the nerf is going to cripple on-hit champions like Kog and Kaisa, and they’re already not at the top of the ladder.
MasterMYi (EUW)
: Hello,designer, i am a Chinese player, it is so difficult to come here and create a discussion. Although my English is not good enough like local players. However, this article is my painstaking effort, i earnestly request designer and balance team can see and think about this. I spent a lot of time to write this. This article was sent to many website in China, it had many comments and agreements in different websites in China such as bilibili, Baidu post Bar, NGA, Weibo, Zhihu and so on. Clearly, it can represent many ideas of Chinese players. The topic is "Full analysis and advice about the rework of Akail" This is the text: I am a challenger player on Akali in S6 and S7. I think new Akali is not a successful rework. Since the new version of Akali came out, it can be said that it was frequently boarded on the LOL Pro League (LPL, LCK and so on) , and general players have followed this. This champion can always appear in "TOP 10 operation show" matches in Pro league. However, in ordinary games, the win rate of Akali haven't higher than 50%, especially in mid line (always in about 45%, and lower than 40% in 9.3).The balanced team nerfed her constantly since she was reworked. Actually, her performance is not actually very showy in Pro league. However, what is the reason that she always can appear in Pro league. 1, Stability advantage on top line, in LPL, most professional player afraid solo killed in the match, once they was solo killed by other professional players, there are many news in each forum and board talking about their performance. Obviously, Akali can suppress most champions on top line, when she get a litter advantage, she can kill other champions continuously. We know Pro leagure is not same as ordinary games, the other line usually do not have the condition like our teammates get 0/5, 0/6. Therefore, this champion can make stable advantage and get continuous pressure in her line before 9.3. This is the first reason why she can appear in Pro league but has low win rate in rank. 2, is the distance between the player in rank and Pro league, this is like the conditon of Azir and Ryze. These two champions is not easy to balance. When you buff them slightly, they will dominate Pro league, however, in ordinary games and ranks, their win rates is really too low. Akali is similar to them. Why? Because the teammates in the pro league is different to ordinary games. I know there is a word "troll" in English. This behavior is much more common in Chinese server. The reworked Akali can not solo carry a game. In the Pro league match, the teammates never troll in any game. Therefore, her advantages can be brought to whole team and “operating”(in Chinese) in a game. I usually follow the forum of American server, the most views about Akali is "Frustration" on her W. It means the enemy always feel bad because of her W. She can repeat QA QA in her W, and the enemy can not counterattack, even those champions who have directive skills. This makes the experience of enemy become very bad. When they killed Akali, they also feel being played by Akali. This is "Frustration" However, is this experience to the enemy gives Akali players a good experience? My answer is "No" "Never" The reason is so easy, because Akali players can not win the game. Many American players only know about frustration, but they didn't think about the problem that Akali can not win a game. It is true that her solo kill ability and making "frustration" ability are good. However, she can not win the game even though she killed enemies many times. Why? 1, The first reason is Akali does not have a "snowball" ability which an assassin should have. This snowball is not saying about solo kill on the line, it's the ability that helping team and teammates, then go to win. I know the designer emphasize nerfing Akali's snowball ability when she was reworked. However, new Akali's snowball ability is even weaker than Leblanc, Zed. Well-known, in general rank games, Leblanc and Zed is easy to solo kill on their line, but after they killed their enemies for some times, they still can not win this game. This problem on Akali is more serious, compared with them, her skill R has one of the longest 120 cooldown in league of legend, as an assassin. She don't have a continuous fight ability in the game. After she used her R, she is too foolish to the enemy who know her skill combination. In addition, Her fighting ability is rely on her W. If she does not have W, she always can only "ob" her teammates and enemies fights. I think is not a good mechanism. In her W and QA QA, I don't think this is a good design. It decreases the explosive speed of an assassin and making "frustration" on her enemy. 2, The limited clearing minions ability. The energy cost of Akali's Q is too high, only using two times "Q", her energy will be very low. Except in the advantage condition, Akali's Q even can not kill a long-distance minion. After she cleaning the minions, she does not have any fighting ability because of no energy. Therefore, her solo "cleaning minions" ability is too weak. When she cleaning some minions, she does not have any energy to strike back if other enemy champions come. 3, is the killing speed of an assassin. She always can kill many enemies before 20 min in this game. However, it is useless, in the later game, akali always die in “unknown AOE” because she can not make killing faster. The passive skill of her has high damage, but is relative too slow in later game. This is similar to Leblanc in S7. Her passive is too slow in later game, too. To that Leblanc, i think the designer can reduce the passive time (1.5s) in later time. Maybe 1.5s in lv1, 1s in lv 9, 0.5s in lv 15. Then decrease her damage growth. I think this will be a good adjustment. However, that Leblanc is not exist. I will not talk more suggestions about her. Nevertheless, this ways is not suitable to Akali, because her passive value is not easy to change like reduce circles in later game and move speed. Overall, killing speed is really too important to an assassin in later game. It has a positive correlation to the ability of making chance. Ok, these three points is the reason why she can not win the game, even though she get lots of kills. (Maybe my expression in English is not very accurate, if you want to know more accurate about this, you can ask professional interpreter to translate my Chinese version, if this article is really useful) So, this is the most failure place i think about the rework of Akali. New Akali's skill mechanism is really not good. The biggest balance problem is her W, however, not like S6 and S7 Akali, her W decide her whole ability of fights. She only can fight with the enemies when W is not in the cooldown. In addition, why old Akali's W does not have any "Frustration", because when old Akali need to attack enemy, she always appear longer time to attack enemy. In this time, other emenies can use any methods to counter her. About your buffs on 9.4 or 9.5. I think about this for a long time, it is really not easy to buffs her. such as: reduce her Q energy cost, reduce cool down of R and adding AP suck blood. These changes might change a little bit win rate of her. But her problem is W, if W is too weak, akali will stay on the ground. If W is too strong, she will dominate Pro league and bring "Frustration". I still think old Akali is better, the biggest reason is she can win the game. Her line and solo kill ability in early game is not really good. But she can get advantage in the group fight in early game. It is true that "smurf" can bring negative experience to lower division rank players, however, this is the problem of "smurfs", not old Akali's players' problems. You should try to reduce the amount of "smurfs". In Master and Chanllager even diamond rank , old Akali is really a balanced champion. Her total win rate is always near to 50%(49%-50%) The players who really have higher skills on her can use distinctive operation to win a game. I don't want you delete this distinctive champion. Her ability is unique and interesting (at least no Frustration on enemy players) She has clear weakness and merits. Please think about adjust back to old Akali. To tell the truth, after the rework of Akali, my gaming time on LOL is decreasing about 70%. I just feel boring when i use new Akali that i can not carry this game due to the reason of "troller". I only can report them after the game and feel annoyed. However, these troll players still always exist in the rank game when i play the game. This is true "Frustration" to me. When i play old Akali, i always have feeling that i can win this game. But now, i only can win the game when my teammates have a good performance (at least not "troll"). I feel really so sad, and now, i can not achieve challenger in the first server in China. "Maybe one day she will come back along that way, but this will be decided by herself." This is your background story about Akali. When i see this, i feel lacrimal. I am waiting for the day which she can come back... that girl. Akali This article was translated by myself and the author of Chinese version is me too. Maybe my English translation is not actually good enough, if you think it make sense. Please think about this and let Chinese staffs go to that Chinese website to have a look. I really hope designer and balance team can think about the opinion of players, not only in LOL Pro league matches. Thanks for your reading! 14/02/2019 Xxxyyy MasterYyyi I tried to type this many times, just hope you can see this.
Old Akali wasn’t healthy for the game in anyway. Her ult being point and click while having 3 charges gave her immense pressure in lane and if she managed to get ahead in anyway, there was NOTHING you could do to get away from her.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 27
From what I understand is that you’re working on preseason stuff despite it being soooo far away. Why not show some love to other game modes like Twistwd Treeline for a patch or two?
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
This is pretty cool actually. Couple questions though! Currently, when the ult is used the passive you’re removing goes away as well until it’s back on cooldown. Is that still the case? As well, is there a cooldown on the lightnight strikes? For instance, he can’t waveclear super fast with infinite strikes can he? Is there a range after marking someone? I.e if they dash away from Blitzcrank will the mark still hit? Do go along with that, can it be dodged? Super cool change actually!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 15
So what will the team spend their time on if they aren’t doing as many large balance passes? Just throwing this out there but if we could some design work for Twisted Treeline it’d go a LONG ways in helping the TT community not feeling nearly as neglected.
: A stun, an aoe, and a shield. Several of the other midlane champs also have this. So this insight seems a bit lacking. Lux doesn't even have to be on the same screen to one shot you.
It’s more so her waveclear lol. She just drops w and farms almost the whole wave. Hence she’s super safe compared to the other mages listed. Plus her spell shield is far stronger than all the other shields.
: I got to say I find it funny right now the amount of work you are doing to AURF is probably more than what you have given Twisted Treeline in three years
I logged in just to upvote this comment. Literally if we had some balance changes like these for the outliers, the whole map would be INFINITELY better. C’mon riot.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Teemo changes temporarily on PBE for early feedback
**Dont nerf the mushrooms** I don’t even play Teemo but I think a large part of playing him IS destroying squishier across the map. The whole mushroom fantasy is what makes him so attractive and seeing people get destroyed by them is so satisfying Take power elsewhere but not the mushrooms
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 15
Indicator from blast cone carried over to ziggs satchel charge. PLEASE LOOK AT THIS QOL
: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
Will we be getting a post on how all the new champions( and reworks) landed in riots eyes? Sorta how we did last year?
: I got quite a lot of feedback on the Kennen VFX update, and one thing kept cropping up consistently. A lot of players weren't satisfied with his new E. People thought it looked a bit static, and felt like it was fulfilling a different fantasy. I want to cover what the aim of changing it was: to add gameplay clarity. I wanted to make sure the range was clearly indicated, and I want to avoid losing Kennen's silhouette entirely. Additionally, it was too bright before, and I wanted to move it away from just pure white. With this context in mind, please let me know what you think of this update to Kennen's E. I've given him a really quick run animation in a ninja pose so that he doesn't look static, and I've shifted the shape of the VFX back to being closer to the original. Is this better than the first version? Additionally, would you want this applied to super kennen? Or would you like super kennen to keep the VFX it had in the first preview video, so that you can see his pose better? https://youtu.be/s_3Skqi5uuM
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 30
What are the benefits of having an energy champions versus a mana using champion? We just have so few and have not gotten one in awhile
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Please reconsider those Zyra nerfs. The mana changes will hit mid Zyra much harder than support Zyra. A better nerf would be the previous set of nerfs, which is lowering the amount of e damage. It lowers her overall burst and allows players slightly more time to fight back in botlane. If you hit her mana Regen, you’ll be hurting Zyra mid and hitting Zyra support. Currently, what makes Zyra mid possible is the amount of mana she gets because she is able to skip getting a mana item. If you hit her mana Regen, you’ll force her to get a mana item. Burst isn’t part of her play style. She isn’t casting enough spells to warrant archangels. And she doesn’t need the slow was Hextech glp when rylais is infinitely better.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
Please stop trying to make an URF item. Take that off Spear of Shojin please and give it something else.
: I wasn't on the boards for about 2 months. Trying to reaffirm your masculinity with "you not gonna respond or what" is a low move. Think of better ways to do things, friend.
This comment was awhile ago, however I remember looking at your post history and you commented on another post after I wrote my comment. So, I have no problem asking for a response when you’re blatantly wrong.
Reav3 (NA)
: I think it's largely due to people feeling like the can relate to the Champion. Many people feel they can relate to human characters and so they like them more. If you take it one step further you will see that even among the humans more people are drawn to the "normal" humans. or humans that don't have god like powers, since that is even more relatable. Lee Sin, Yassuo, Jhin, Akali, Miss Fortune are all extremely popular and they all share the fact that they are not only humans but humans without any super powers, they all just got to be Champions from being super bad ass humans, rather then from some magical gift or godly power.
Do you think it’s for that reason that MF is so popular? I mean, her model is okay but she doesn’t have a VO at all.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
ZIGGS QOL, PLEASE LOOK AT THIS COMMENT Give zigg’s an indicator similar to blast cone on his satchel charge so new ziggs’ players can see where they’ll land. It’ll help newbies get the hang of him faster
Venirto (OCE)
: They are definitely working on it. As I see it the problem is they prefer to put out other game modes (I would call them "fillers" e.g. nexus blitz) more and they don't really satisfy those players who are looking for a competitive team oriented play. Truth to be told there wasn't much of that in last few years. That's why most of those players are gone by now and others are quitting daily.
> [{quoted}](name=Venirto,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0FXaUmEg,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-12-20T18:08:49.418+0000) > > They are definitely working on it. As I see it the problem is they prefer to put out other game modes (I would call them "fillers" e.g. nexus blitz) more and they don't really satisfy those players who are looking for a competitive team oriented play. Truth to be told there wasn't much of that in last few years. That's why most of those players are gone by now and others are quitting daily. Keep in mind different people do different things. The actual problems with clash is server side, completely unrelated to gameplay. Nexus blitz has everything to do with gameplay/designers. Please get your facts straight before complaining.
: Even if he wasn't the one that balanced the game, he obviously had an affect on how the game turned out. And he legitimately did not play the game in his spare time, like almost ever, he said it himself, and how is that going to help anybody?
Meddler (NA)
: Kalista, along with Ryze and Azir, is a champ we're not working on for a while. That reflects that we feel we've sunk too much time into those three champs over the years and that the amount of further time needed now would create a bigger overall improvement to the game if we spent it on other champs. Realize that sucks if you play or want to play one of those three, but do feel it's the right overall call. Ivern wise, would have to disagree that he's weak. Certainly some things about him that are a bit cumbersome, Daisy controls especially IMO, but don't think power's his main issue.
There are so many usability buffs that Ivern’s should have. You should be able to command Daisy to stand still rather than always being in attacking mode. Or allowing Ivern to buffer his autos/passive while revealing via q. Lots of these would help him feel so much better to play.
Meddler (NA)
: Long term we think it'd be good to allow marksmen some more flexibility in which positions they play. First priority for us though is to address some issues with them in their existing position. Particularly interested though in things that potentially help with both, like the starting MR example mentioned above. Would also want to try and avoid changes that made them effective in other positions but ended up pushing them out of bot. Generally we see players stick to positions more than they move with champions so a champ becoming only effective in a position you don't play can be pretty painful for existing players.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 30
Can you please look at some Usability buffs for Ivern so he doesn’t feel that clunky? I made a post on it on Reddit. Could you please check it out and give me your thoughts? https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/a0pc0t/ivern_got_indirectly_nerfed_this_patch_this/?st=JP49BJAI&sh=b1d8e276
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Could you check out my Ivern post on reddit? It has a bunch of usability suggestions that I think would make the champion feel much better. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/a0pc0t/ivern_got_indirectly_nerfed_this_patch_this/?st=JP1F32E1&sh=f177c052 It’d be really appreciated if I could pick your brain on them.
: Even if he wasn't the one that balanced the game, he obviously had an affect on how the game turned out. And he legitimately did not play the game in his spare time, like almost ever, he said it himself, and how is that going to help anybody?
If he sets a goal for the game to go in but the designers do a poor job of executing it, how is that his fault? He also said that he did play it. He just said that he felt that someone doesn’t need to play the game in order to do a good job balancing it, sure it helps but it’s not necessary. He gave the analogy of someone making a plane. They know how to make the plane, but probably don’t know how to fly it. So again, stop trying to blame Ghost Crawler when it’s not his fault.
Xonra (NA)
: He was literally the lead game designer, which oversees new champions, reworks, direct champion balance, and all designs going into the game. He was basically the head guy over everything design and balance of this game. It was his title, so how clueless are you?
Lead gameplay designer was Meddler. He oversaw the game balance while Scruffy was the lead champion designer who oversaw all reworks/new champions. What GhostCrawler did was put down the direction the game should be headed in. So, if he wanted comebacks to be more achievable, someone on the design team might implement bounties to make that happen. AGAIN. GHOSTCRAWLER DIDNT BALANCE THE GAME
: ***
GHOST CRAWLER WASNT IN CHARGE OF THE BALANCE OF THE GAME. Jesus, people need to stop blaming him. At this point it’s ignorant hatred.
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