: Six Months Ago...
To be entirely honest most people already have seen it as suspect considering Riot brought in multiple NBA teams and iirc it made 9 out of the 10 LCS teams backed by teams/people associated with the NBA. Immortals at the time also *was* kind of overextending in many branches of Esports with CS:GO, Dota 2, League, and OWL. Not to mention building their campus site for the players. It was seeming like a lot of money was being spent with very little coming in. Fast forward to today, and I'm certain IMT would still be around if they had these deals going for them, unfortunately they came too late in terms of the franchising deal. As for the NBA teams, they're still probably trying to figure out how to run and manage an Esports team. Remember NRG? Their decisions in terms of management were *horrible*. I recall a story when they decided to build the team around GBM, their GM told him __after__ they signed the 4 players that they were building the team around him (Ohq was the only decent one iirc)... And people like that more than likely got their positions because they had connections, not due to their expertise. I assume NBA teams are struggling with the same problem in trying to sort through who actually knows the scene vs who's just got connections.
Lakrosin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Slythion,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gkdGRKZs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-04T04:22:42.685+0000) > > When you think on an individual level then ya, it's easy to fall into your mindset. And before I get lynched, no you shouldn't be able to carry those games. It sucks, but what are you gonna do about it. > > **Statistically speaking, however, the *enemy* team should get that AP Shyvana or Inting Twitch *more* than you will **because they have 5 players possible to fill that role while your team only has 4 (assuming you aren't going to be that person). > > Granted, variation and outliers are a thing which is why that mindset is really only** 100% valid if you play *a lot* of ranked games**, but **it *is* correct**. You should be able to climb even if you only go even literally every game. > > That's just math, personal bias and opinions don't matter. Flip a coin right now. Predict it. You can't. There is actually a chance it will not be 50-50 either. You see statistics are a paper thing to describe things. However we need to take in other factors: 1) What finger you are flicking the coin with? 2) How high the coin is going? 3) How many rotations did it do? 4) How many times did it bounce? 5) What did it hit on the way down? 6) Is the surface flat? You act like there are not things based on luck and other things that won't influence your point. There is. Originally this was directed toward someone else. Maybe it should be directed at both of you. Idk.
> [{quoted}](name=Lakrosin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gkdGRKZs,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-04T06:36:57.664+0000) > > Flip a coin right now. Predict it. You can't. > > There is actually a chance it will not be 50-50 either. > > You see statistics are a paper thing to describe things. However we need to take in other factors: > > 1) What finger you are flicking the coin with? > 2) How high the coin is going? > 3) How many rotations did it do? > 4) How many times did it bounce? > 5) What did it hit on the way down? > 6) Is the surface flat? > > You act like there are not things based on luck and other things that won't influence your point. There is. > > Originally this was directed toward someone else. Maybe it should be directed at both of you. Idk. A) You're talking about predicting an outcome using a set of variables whilst he's talking about probability and statistics. There is luck... that's exactly *why* statistics exists, to tell the expected outcome if you ran a test hundreds or even thousands of times. You're right in saying that you'd need to know a ton of variables that go into a coin flip, but only if you wanted to predict what the outcome would be. It's much easier and more logical to talk about the probability of something happening, especially when many of the variables at work are uncontrollable. B) Statistically speaking, the chance of flipping a coin (assuming it's not weighted) is 50-50 (maybe 49.5-1-49.5 if you want to get really picky since there is a small chance it lands on its edge). Just because it doesn't land on heads 1 time out of 1 throw doesn't mean it's rigged. Hell, if it lands on heads 9 times out of 10 times it doesn't mean it's rigged. You need a large enough sample size to determine if it's rigged or not, and he addressed this in his point.
: First, he is referring to Apdo, and I assume mistyped or was auto corrected by a device without realizing. Apdo is THE solo q god of all time. He has hit Challenger #1 in both Korea and China, and will play Top, Mid, Jungle, or ADC. Unlike other top streamers or pros, he will play just about anywhere and be the best player in the game. To correct OP, from what I understand he offered to pay $10,000 to regain his main account, not $1000, though the amount is immaterial, he won't get it back...but I would say Riot IS a sellout. They are hosting MSI this year in EU, but the schedule is set to FAR more closely match normal LPL and LCK broadcast times, Six hours earlier than normal EU LCS. Riot franchised NA, dumping a few notable organizations in the process to open the doors to NBA owner venture capitalists, who also happen to already do business with the investment firm that was advising Riot on which applicants were "most viable." And perhaps the most insulting sell-out, they let a player back to the pro scene who was banned not just for being toxic, but used drop hacks, DDOS attacks, and even hacked players and Riot employee IP addresses and made threats against these people! Riot is a sell out, don't doubt that for a moment. They just won't do anything as obvious as let someone easily buy their way out of a ban.
Apdo also goes by the name of dopa as, I think, that was the name of his main account prior to having it banned.
Volks (NA)
: Interesting change, very mixed feelings about this. Mainly because I can only vote for 1 coach !!? 2 Players ......how am I supposed to choose!! that is brutal. But for the most part I'm open to the change. I think we are going to get some good games {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Err, you get to pick 5 players (max of 2 from the same team). All the pros pick the coach for their region.
: Coaching in LCS
I think the biggest problem is more so that seeing what coaches actually do is very difficult and can easily go unnoticed. I think the main argument against having the coach on stage directing the team is that it devalues the players and adds a sixth player to do something players would normally have to do themselves. I wouldn't mind maybe giving the coaches some kind of strategic pause they could use (with conditions on when they're allowed to use it, so they're not using it in the middle of a team fight or something) so they could settle players down, refocus them, etc.
: you really see cloud 9 coming out ahead of EDG? did they do a massive roster change or something?
Mouse has been a really weak top laner for awhile, and Iboy is their brand new rookie ADC who's played 22 *games*. Not matches, **GAMES**. So, there's a lot that could go wrong for EDG tbh.
Esaul (NA)
: I never found myself connected when it comes to sports. I don't follow any of it. It just doesn't hold interest. When I discovered the LCS, immediately I felt a connection with it and my favorite team, C9. And quite honestly, I don't even remember how I fell in love with C9 to begin with. I think honestly I picked a random team, and I told myself, hey I will follow these guys. Ever since, I haven't stopped my devotion. I think maybe it was more their style I enjoyed as well, Hai's shotcalling and LemonNation's notebook. Anyway, not the point. LCS fans will watch their favorite team, whether it's live or VODs. They will make every effort to follow, cheer, support them. Hell, when I worked at McDonalds, when C9 played, I told my managers I needed to keep my phone out with YouTube up to follow the game. It was that, or they'd find me highly uncooperative. I live, breathe, and think about LCS all the time. I haven't had as much time to watch the games lately, due to life, but I also plan my days off accordingly to big games that I can't miss. If I know a C9 vs TSM game's upcoming, I will request the day off well in advance so it can't be possibly denied. I will gladly devote three hours to follow a series. But now you're taking that away, favoring a Bo1 format instead. Why should I sacrifice a day from work to watch just a 45 minute game? That's not nearly worth missing a day than three hours. Bo1 format also creates one sided narratives. What's more exciting? A 1-1 C9/TSM game or a singular game where TSM crushes C9, and they won't play again until later in the split? It also kills the ability to grow as a team. We want to take NA seriously? We want them to compete against Korea and China? Well, Bo1 won't provide that. Teams were finally starting to use substitutes. This was a great thing, because Korea does this all the time. And not because someone plays bad either. Different playstyles can bring different strategies. Why would a NA LCS team sub someone out in a Bo1 format? The risk isn't worth the reward. However, we saw with varying degree of success with C9 for example, when they subbed Impact and Ray. And let's talk about the on-air talent. By getting rid of the Bo3 format, and also killing the second stream, you also prohibit the on-air talent from working as well. Why would you keep swapping out shoutcasters between single games? They'd have the stamina to shoutcast a few games, or maybe half the day. NA LCS has a great amount of on-air talent with great personalities. The 2017 Season introduced us to CaptainFlowers. I think he has a great personality and I absolutely adored him during the play-in stage. We wouldn't have him or a few of our on-air talent hypothetically if we never switched to a Bo3 format to begin with. Bo1 format also means less room for growth once again, because teams don't have to focus on strategy nearly as much compared to a Bo3 format. Why have multiple strats when you only have one game? Less play time means less practice time, which means they won't be ready for Worlds. The reasoning behind the switch is an utter joke too. The thing about surveys and polls, you can say pretty much anything you want, but that doesn't mean the wool's pulled over our eyes. Without citing sources, Riot can't firmly support their claims. And how were these surveys targeted anyway? I know I never received one. I've seen various other people say similar things. There's such disconnect when it comes to Riot and their decisions. This came from absolutely nowhere. Riot decided that Bo3 wasn't working, so they switched on their own. Why not consult the fans in an open forum? Where's the conversation from Riot? Instead the decision was made without full disclosure. And that's offensive and ridiculous. NA can't be treated seriously. Do we honestly think TSM or Immortals would be nearly as strong without the use of a Bo3 format? Think about how amazing of a run Dignitas had as well. The Bo3 STRENGTHED the NA LCS teams. It made them more competitive. NAMES stand out more because of it. Take that away, you strip these teams of a competitive edge. And to think I was super excited about buying jerseys from every NA LCS team to show my full commitment to the League. Heh. Think again. Also, I happen to remember an article discussing the amount of teams entering the League for the 2018 season. Was this made before or after Riot decided to switch back the format? Introducing more teams in a Bo1 format could benefit if we want to talk about potential pros in this scenario. Thirty-two teams make up the NFL. Thirty make up the NBA. Thirty make up MLB. These examples aren't the best, but even when you divide the teams into their respective conferences, you still get more teams from that than you do with LCS. Expanding the League creates more games as well during a split. We now go from a minimum of 36 games from a Bo3 format down to 18 in a Bo1. That's less League time, and as a fan I'm disappointed. I want to support the LCS and the players. But I cannot support Riot with their decision and lack of communication.
> [{quoted}](name=Esaul,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=eAQRbElm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-09-30T07:42:15.673+0000) > > The reasoning behind the switch is an utter joke too. The thing about surveys and polls, you can say pretty much anything you want, but that doesn't mean the wool's pulled over our eyes. Without citing sources, Riot can't firmly support their claims. And how were these surveys targeted anyway? I know I never received one. I've seen various other people say similar things. There's such disconnect when it comes to Riot and their decisions. This came from absolutely nowhere. Riot decided that Bo3 wasn't working, so they switched on their own. Why not consult the fans in an open forum? Where's the conversation from Riot? Instead the decision was made without full disclosure. And that's offensive and ridiculous. While I can't say a whole lot on the disclosure of the decision and such, we really can't necessarily (at least logically) claim that Riot surveying people is BS just because you and a group of other people haven't been surveyed. Anyone who has taken statistics (probably) knows that you **do not** want a voluntary response (aka, open forum, asking people to respond to a poll, etc.) as anyone who does reply will more often than not have a *reason* for responding to the poll, which makes them biased for or against a change; thus, random sampling is the *best* way to gather data. Am I happy about the change? No, I would prefer keeping the Bo3, or at least some compromise to help offset the loss of competition, but from a statistical standpoint, criticizing Riot for properly gathering data is simply ludicrous. And perhaps you and many others may not have taken statistics (understandable, math isn't everyone's cup of tea), so I just hope that you can see why they probably wouldn't have ever done an open forum and that the decision (probably) didn't "come from nowhere."
: DoubleLift taking a break in 2017 Spring
As far as the replacement goes, I believe they said that they will be having tryouts later this month to fill the position and DoubleLift will help during those tryouts to find a suitable replacement and/or perhaps coach the replacement a bit to give them a general idea of how the team operates. As for why he's doing this, he wants a break and probably wants to explore some of the options he'll have after he does actually retire to see what he actually wants to do.
: When should i RANKED??!!
Start playing ranked when you are willing to accept you're terrible at the game. This is the only prerequisite imo, because who honestly is going to care about your rank unless you're challenger? The people on the boards? If they call you some bronze scrub, they're an asshole and you shouldn't care what they say because they're probably silver, it's like someone who got 60% on a test laughing at someone who got a 59%, it's stupid. You may be afraid to get that 59%, sure, but this isn't Korea where your future is on the line, there are going to be way more tests that you can take to raise your grade, you'll just have to study by playing and maybe looking at your own game play a bit or doing a bit of research. Focus on your own play, figure out what you need to work on, and work at improving those things. If you're really worried about falling into bronze, focus on your fundamentals such as last hitting, map awareness, objectives, damage foresight (how much damage you can deal to kill someone and how much damage people can deal to you before you die), etc. So long as you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals (you don't need to be godly at them though), you'll be at least silver. Most bronze players from what I can tell either don't understand the fundamentals or they simply haven't played enough games to get out of bronze (10 games is a small sample size to place someone from, even if you place low or high, it doesn't matter until you've played way more games).
: > [{quoted}](name=macdshifty,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=bn67i87K,comment-id=00020000000100010000,timestamp=2016-11-03T02:28:34.739+0000) > > All Stars is a tournament designed for entertainment. That is a fact. The subjective part is I logically then decide who to vote for based on personal entertainment value. While it would be understandable for someone to say "I can't believe you picked madlife over X, I think X is way more of a personality/funny/entertaining playstyle/etc" I will not begin to try to understand how dense one would have to be to be to vote based solely on how skilled they will be at all stars. I should've phrased it better, but my entertainment comes from watching the most skilled players represent their region at allstars. Not watching some old vets get shit on, that's boring as hell. I don't understand how "dense one would have to be" to vote that way. I'd rather give newer and more skilled players a shot. Last year the most entertaining players at the event were Huni, Kasing, and Prey, and they were all voted in based on skill except maybe Huni, who might've been voted in on both personality and skill.
I'm the same way and would love to see Faker, Bjerg, Reignover, etc pull out out of meta champs and pocket picks and see just what you can do with them, but I think they were meaning that if someone doesn't get enjoyment from that sort of thing, they obviously shouldn't vote for those players since it's not what they'd find entertaining, and thus it'd be stupid and dense to do so... or I'm just making and excuse for them, one of the two, but I agree with you on wanting to see skilled players ^_^
hotarse (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MisterT24,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=dv6G3ZsB,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-11-02T14:31:17.192+0000) > > This actually makes a lot of sense. Riot choose to create the ridiculous situation of having teams play a completely different game at the start of the season, compared to the game that is played by the time that Worlds comes around. Why should players give a crap about the first half of the season when two of the three places are decided by success in the second split either though winning the split or the gauntlet. By spending less energy on the first half of the season, this will also help minimize burnout. Honestly, unless the patching scope/timing changes, I don't think it will be long before some of the better LCS teams start to design their season around scraping through the first split (or not even that, should LCS qualification ever became permanent like most sports), and focus their efforts on the second split in a run to Worlds given that the rules at the start of the season wont even be comparable to the rules played under by season end/Worlds. My thoughts are that taking a split off to make extra money sets an example. As the veteran player on TSM, by taking a break doublelift (unintentionally?) signals to his team that he doesn't think he needs to make as many sacrifices as them to succeed on their team. I think it's a horrible example for a leader to set. He should be taking responsibility for their shortcomings and if he cares anything at all about winning and his team, work doubly hard to improve himself as a player while being an active part of the team. That said, I agree, market forces dictate that players like doublelift leave their team duties for more lucrative and enjoyable activities. However, I think he underestimates how much he enjoys being part of the LCS. He might not miss the work he had to put in, but he'll miss the team, the camaraderie, the stage, the big plays, and maybe even his coaches.
http://www.thescoreesports.com/lol/news/11433-doublelift-opens-up-on-lcs-burnout-it-s-such-a-bad-life I think this idea of him doing it for the money is completely wrong tbh. Obviously he'll get more money, but I don't think he wants the money, I think he wants to do things for the fans more than anything at this point, and based on what he says in the article, it's actually fairly difficult to do that with how much time has to go into practice. Him streaming will give him a break mentally and physically, as well as allow him to connect with the fans way more than he's probably been able to throughout the season. Imo, this honestly raises questions of if maybe the season should be shortened or what the teams need to allow payers these days off, because the conditions that players seem to go though are so damn grueling and I don't think the owners want to treat players like this, so there's gotta be some reason for it to happen and some way to fix it because the players should not need to dedicate their lives to this. Sure, a majority of their time, but they are practicing 11 months for 10-12 hours with only a few days off, that's ridiculous.
: Whoever Khomo decides, been correct for the 3 out of 4 years will trust the guy. Edit Kk0ma
: Ideas for Worlds
Funnily enough, your idea of no bans on the fifth game actually was used in Korea for a few seasons until this one I think. I don't recall why they removed it, but I doubt they'd re-implement it, at least not without extremely good reason to. As far as your idea for more champion diversity goes, it's been suggested many times, each time the community has shot it down. I think one of the main reasons is because while champion diversity is stale, forcing players onto champions just for our personal enjoyment simply feels like a compromise of competitive integrity. I think we should wait for the implementation of the 10 ban system (which I think is coming, not entirely sure though) before we talk about champion diversity anymore, since that should serve a fairly large tool in possibly shaking at least 4-5 more picks out of players.
Am Urgot (NA)
: SKT T1 Zac soudns impossible.
Yeah, I was really weirded out too, but I assume Blank either has always enjoyed Zac (maybe it was one of his first junglers), or he really enjoyed how he played while he was practicing him for the final.
TBakes (NA)
: I voted for players who are fun to watch. Think pocket picks, off-meta, shaking-it-up, fun players. I don't want to watch any more Syndra or Jayce or Gnar or Elise. I want someone to pick MF support again. I want some Fiddlesticks junglers and Galio mid. I want a carry Leona, or any Leona for that matter! I want smiles and laughs, not growls and pouting. This is All-Stars. A fun break from the routine.
I don't think it's entirely correct to assume that any player will pick a meta pick to win. Most players I'd have to assume understand that this is for fun and will be picking champs they haven't been able to play competitively all season, which is what makes it fun in general (especially thinking about such highly skilled players pulling out champs they're super comfortable on, it'd be amazing to see imo). I will admit that this is the first All-Stars I'll be watching, so maybe history will have proven me wrong, but theoretically, no player should be picking something meta unless they enjoy playing it anyways.
Am Urgot (NA)
: Its prob going to be SKT Syndra tbh
I think there's a reddit thread somewhere on the interwebz that went over what each member was probably going to pick (directly from the members themselves I believe). Faker said he was going to pick Ahri iirc. Blank was going to choose Zac, Bengi was between Nid and Olaf, Wolf was going to pick Karma, and I can't recall who Bang and Duke were going to pick. There's also some thread here too.
Arakadia (NA)
: I couldn't find where Riot explained why they removed the little Red and Blue camp creeps.
Probably something to do with counter-jungling since you can't leave a little one anymore to keep the buff from respawning. Or maybe just to make it a bit harder to level since you've effectively lost 2 sources of exp. I don't jungle often, but iirc you could hit level 2 taking the buff camp, right? So maybe if you want the buff early, you now have to sacrifice the level? If that's correct (no idea if it is, so please correct me if I'm wrong), then they're might be trying to encourage cheesy invades a bit, since people can't deny the buff right away, or put themselves behind if they do.
: I don't think it will "attack faster" by canceling the final part of the animation. I think there is a cooldown between autoattack windups (I don't know), which is attack speed. I don't know how this animation canceling stuff is at high attack speeds so you may be right.
I think there is a natural timer for how long between auto-attacks you have to wait, but the entire attack animation overlaps that timer and forces you to wait a small amount of time longer than if you canceled the animation.
: Alright, so you're not actually getting off more attacks like they said? I don't think it's an auto reset then. I think an auto reset is like {{champion:15}} pressing W right after an autoattack to cause her to send out another fast autoattack. I don't really understand it.
It's not an auto reset, but it does help get more auto attacks off (but only slightly). If the wind up animation is .25s, the projectile launch takes up .25s, and the follow up animation takes up .25s, if you go through the entire animation, then you use .75s. If you chop off the .25s for the follow up animation by animation canceling, you can effectively attack faster than you normally could. This increases and becomes easier to do the more attack speed you have. You are right that an auto attack reset is Sivir's W, but what you're asking about and what the videos you're watching are talking about is animation canceling (or attack moving, or stutter-stepping, or orb-walking, there's too many damn names for it tbh, but animation canceling is pretty simple to understand).
: Do counters prioritize over skill on the champion? One thing I ave noticed is that there are "one trick ponies" something like this didn't exist i my games.
Usually skill on a champ is prioritized over counter picks since counter picks really only apply to the early game, if you can survive the early game or win, then late game just becomes your skill on the champion and decision making.
: 2016 Every Group thoughts and predictions (standings and players)
You should use # and _ to clean this up a bit. Example: ##Group A ROX TIGERS * .... ___ ##Group B etc.
Barrclaw (NA)
: Am I the only one disappointed that jatt and kobe aren't going to be casting live games
They will be. Color Commentators are the second half of the pair that casts games (play-by-play casters being the first half). Sure they won't always be casting live games, but they will definitely be casting at some point.
: Wait, yeah didn't they like just recently add counter strike on tv? with like shaquille o'neal or someone hosting it???
ELEAGUE. They're doing a second season with less teams and what looks to be a much shorter season (having 4 groups of 4 qualify for an 8 team bracket rather than the 6 groups of 4, group playoffs, last chance qualifier, and then an 8 team playoff bracket). I suggest checking out Thorin's Thought's on the topic, since he points out that it was a tournament more than a season, and that's why it worked. If you have the top team in a league playing against the worst team in the league, you skip that game which can actually hurt the sponsorship for that league. Likewise he also talks about time constraints and how viewership drops after a certain amount of time and it was better for the league and sponsors if it was a quick 2-0 rather than going to an actually competitive and interesting 3rd game.
: Which HUD will Worlds use?
I highly doubt they'd suddenly do a huge change like the one that was previewed earlier on for a major event. Any spectators that didn't preview it would have no idea where they'd be looking and need to adjust where their focus would need to be throughout the biggest tournament of the year. It more than likely will come at the start of Season 7 so people have time to adjust to it before any major tournaments pop up (plus they need to ensure they give people something to complain about each season).
: You picked Antz as your second team in Group C, you can thank me later.
I think there are many more problems with this bracket than just that...
: WOW RIP FreeLG because they got placed in one of the hardest group in worlds this year. However i can see C9 and TSM getting out out groups this year. Hopefully this year NA doesnt get knocked out of quarters but i feel like its bound to happen. B
CLG just needs to beat G2 and not fuck up against the wildcard... TSM has to beat RNG and SSG (while SSG does seem like the weakest of the three, I think they'll still put up a decent fight) in their group to make 100% sure they get out. C9 has IMay (who is on approximately the same level as RNG), SKT (despite some turbulence in their play, they're still one of the best in the world), and Flash Wolves (who are seemingly the weakest in the group).So actually, CLG has one of the easiest groups to get out of so long as they can beat G2 (which I'm doubting they can, but there is some hope in there) and don't get cocky against Albus Nox.
: Find it funny how everyone argues about NA>EU or EU>NA but we all know Korea or China are going to be the world champs.
I wonder if China and Korea have the same sort of argument of X>Y and Y>X... or maybe Taiwan and China have that argument while Korea just laughs at all of us.
Fowus (NA)
: were they relegated or not? I know they were in the promotion tourney thing but idk if they got relegated
Only FC Shalke was relegated.
Fowus (NA)
: what are the numbers after their names
Kills-Deaths-Assists-CS Not sure if they're projected numbers or numbers from their playoffs/gauntlets.
Malekith (NA)
: don't forget C9 actually made it to semi's that year and lost in a nail biting game 5 to the champs. 1second longer on death timers and C9 wins that and goes to the finals. Oh and don't forget MSI this year where CLG went to the finals vs SKT.....I don't see a European team in those two names do you?
... No they didn't. They were eliminated by SSB in the Quarter-Finals in 4 games. No idea where you're getting them making it to Semis and going to Game 5. Anyways, just wanted to correct you. I support NA and I honestly think that if any region is going to not make it out of Groups it'll actually be Taiwan, but I'm fairly certain at least 1 team from each region (except IWC), will make it out of groups this year.
Dynikus (NA)
: I don't watch enough lcs to have an educated guess for half of the teams, but here's my guess http://pickem.lolesports.com/share/series/3/user/3186779/my-picks putting clg at #1 is more me just being hopeful than anything though. I've flip flopped c9 and flash wolves, and tsm and samsung galaxy a lot, but I think I'm gonna stick with where I put them finally.
I assume you haven't seen any LCK at all considering you put ROX at 3rd. :p
Azlureon (NA)
: MSI: NA group seeding results.
Because the seeding was only determined by the group stages. This was more than likely to avoid the need for something to happen if Taiwan placed 1st/2nd in the knockout stage (they don't have a third seed, so what do they get). While several people have said they should earn a third seed and then you just move it into the 2nd pool, ideally this is good, but when you take into account Taiwan's general population compared to Europe, NA, Korea, and China, it becomes pretty obvious why they have 2 seeds and not 3 (not to say that won't change, but they'll probably always have fewer than the other regions). Anyways, back to your question, it's pretty much tradition based past the fact that knockout stage placement wasn't taken into account. It's probably a good thing too considering it's only a single elimination bracket, so technically speaking, RNG could be better at Bo5s than CLG and FW. If it were a double elimination tournament, then I could see it being used for group seeding, but I don't think using a single elimination bracket is the best way to determine the best 2 regions when it could've simply been luck.
: Im rooting for SKT T1 ive watched them since s3, SKT T1 이겼 시 있어, man my korean bad and i am 100% korean too
: GROUP A- A rematch between SKT and EDG, with EDG now being the "stronger" team at the moment. EDWARD GAMING COUNTER LOGIC GAMING AHQ ESPORTS SK TELECOM T1 GROUP B TSM VS H2K ( Sven trade not to mention Ryu vs Bjergsen and Forgiven vs D-Lift TEAM SOLOMID H2K IMAY ALB GROUP C Best team in LCK vs Best team in Eu ROX TIGERS G2 ESPORTS CLOUD 9 SPLYCE GROUP D 2014 World Finals rematch in the group stage RNG vs SSG(Kinda) FLASH WOLVES ROYAL NEVER GIVES UP SAMSUNG GALAXY INTZ
Group A has no seed from Pool 3, Group C has 2 seeds from Europe...
: Worlds Draw Prediction
Group A EDward Gaming SKTelecom T1 H2K C9 Group B TSM Royal Never Give Up G2 Esports INTZ e-Sports Group C Flash Wolves Samsung Galaxy IMay Splyce Group D ROX Tigers ahq e-Sports Club Counter Logic Gaming Albus NoX Luna
: Immortals told they could leave.
I think most of them will stay. Immortals is a really good organization in taking care of it's players and is even trying to get them coaching experience for after their player careers are over. That combined with the fact that they came extremely close is a pretty good reason to stay imo. The only one who's openly said they're testing the waters to see what they can get is Huni (he's thinking about joining an LCK team apparently, but is open to anything). Coaching staff probably won't leave either since compared to other teams, Immortals looks like they'll have some strong players next season. Overall, most of the people on Immortals really shouldn't want to leave unless they're just looking for a cash grab or something.
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: Something for the e-sports that could change league in many ways!
Actually I think there is some tournament that is held that puts countries vs countries (granted, I don't think they're major countries like China, Korea, USA, etc, but they might) in Korea. I don't know what it's called, but it's referenced in I think Episode 2-3 of their Live/Play miniseries (very good imo) when it follows a team from Israel who was competing against countries like Switzerland, so you can probably find something about it there.
: Yeah I just watched the video about the players getting various opportunities after they retire video, which is a smart and really a good thing for the players and for the E-Sports as I do wish E-Sports can be something that can be televised and expand in the future. I didn't like the POB interview it just came off as salty tears (which is understandable) being they got like 3-1 but he didn't have to do the interview or just give 1-2 Real answers and just walk away after thanking the fans or whatever not just walk away halfway through the interview lol, but for the upside he did do the interview and I have to tip my hat to him for that. Who would you replace on the team if you had to or would you keep the team the way it is now?
I'd sort of like to see WildTurtle or Pobelter get subbed out every now and then just to really see what they're bringing to the table. I think the rest of the team is okay, Huni might leave which would be fine as long as he doesn't take Reignover with him. Reignover is their key player and they _need_ to keep him around and try to build around him. I think Adrian is fine as their support. Only their ADC or Mid though, not both at the same time. They've come really close with what they have right now, so why do any big change right now when you're in the right area.
: Indeed just got done watching Pobelter's interview after the series with C9/ With Scarra. Now it was right after IMT series with C9 and their World chances at that point was gone but Scarra asked Pobelter " Do you guys think you will head to Korea to bootcamp" Pobelter " no I don't see the point, because we are not going to Worlds " Pobelter says some other stuff but at that point it was just ................ Ok so not going to go to Korea to train with A. TSM-C9-CLG ( 3 teams that beat IMT in the past) TSM 3-0 in SPRING Playoffs.///// CLG ending the IMT winning streak and the only team to do so in the Spring Split///// C9 beating you TWICE within month! Jesus! B. EVERY team competing at Worlds are most likely going to TRAIN IN KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure your not going to Worlds but this is a good opportunity to find out if your team is good enough to had make it!! Pobelter man GET OUT OF HERE !! "Yeah but Worlds takes place here in North America and IMT can get World teams to scrim them instead paying money to go to korea" - Some random fan - Yes that may be true and let's say they do scrim other teams gj. However the invitation has to come FROM IMMORTALS! and what will it read Dear World teams, - Please Scrim us. we couldn't beat NA but we deserve Worlds. - Love IMT # deservechallengjour !
Actually, I think that decision is partially on the Immortals management. Several players have been sent to Korea as positional coaches for various teams that are currently boot camping in Korea. The CEO apparently said it's so they can get experience in the step _after_ they're done playing, which I can respect. If Pobelter was told to basically say they weren't going to Korea, but not give the reason, I definitely think he could've phrased it better. Either way I think IMT's CEO is pretty smart in how he operates and I think it was probably his decision that they don't boot camp in Korea for now (also the number of changes that will occur between Worlds and the start of next season will be pretty high, so they'll probably use IEM Oakland as a testing ground against an international field once they've figured out who's staying and who's leaving).
: Coincidence? i think notttttt
Oh gee, I wonder what happens when practically every region seems to constantly love playing a champion... Impact was not the only factor in this, considering Gnar came up very often in several other regions on a fairly consistent basis.
: They also need to increase the prizepool for worlds and or pay players more money throughout the season. These kids are often giving up on school etc to make everyone a lot of money. Perhaps some sort of lifetime medical or retirement? PROGRESS Rito, plz.
Not necessarily in that order, I think teams would prefer the guaranteed money to make a winning team rather than need to win to make a winning team... But yes, progress is what we need and supposedly it's what we'll get.
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: What if someone doesnt have the champs but wins the pick'em? rip lol
Usually you get the champs for free with skins.
: Eh. I think the NALCS "Power Rankings" at the end porbably have been TSM>C9>IMT>CLG>NV>TL. I feel they should place maybe a 75% weight on summer and a 25% on spring? So current means more?
Yeah, it's a little weird how 1st seed is based completely on recent performance, the 3rd seed is rewarded for spring performance while still needing to prove current performance, but 2nd seed is based on doing well during spring while not tanking in the summer. I think C9 and CLG should have done a Bo5 to see who gets 2nd seed/3rd seed imo (CLG earned their spot for Worlds, but not their seed in my eyes).
: Oh YEAH Eu has plenty of opportunities for players not denying that. I'm just saying if a player wants to leave they should leave it's their choice to do so. If a player signs a contract to lets say "Fnatic" for 1 year X amount of $ and they stay on the team for that 1 year but doesn't resign with the team and decides to leave there is nothing wrong with that. Both parties agreed to a contract 1 year for the player to play for a team = X amount of $ etc etc. If it makes you feel better Huni and Reignover will most likely leave NA for EU.
Huni has actually recently stated interest in joining an LCK team, but he's remaining open to all offers (although he's actually also said he probably wouldn't go back to EU for various reasons, I think he mentioned food as one lol). No idea about Reignover, but IMT has opened all their players to talk with other teams if they want, supposedly the CEO wants next year's team to be made with players who want to be on the team, so it'll be interesting to see who leaves since we know it'll probably be simply them choosing to leave rather than getting released (maybe, I'll hold my breath on that one).
: Yeah, in season 2 when Korea wasn't part of the tournament. I think most of the world would be shocked if a team from the LMS made the finals. I specifically said that TSM winning IEM and CLG getting second place at MSI are exceptions to NA underperformed. Besides that I can't think of another time that NA didn't choke (and keep in mind I'm a huge NA fan.) Did you even read everything I wrote or even bother watching the video?
> Yeah, in season 2 when Korea wasn't part of the tournament. Except Korea _was_ part of Season 2 Worlds... Azubu Frost and Najin Sword were their representatives... In fact, they were the team to knock out both of them with Najin Sword in the quarter-finals and Azubu Frost in the Grand Finals.
: No my question has nothing to do with any region's #2 seed. Only what went into the process of ranking #3 seeds. I wonder if a rioter could clarify?
Based on your other reply, it's simply because of tradition. China has always had both their 2nd and 3rd seed in the 2nd Pool with Korea, and that's simply how it has been.
: Or 1 with 5, 9, and 13, then 2 with 6, 10, 14, etc...?
It's still a bad idea in general since like he said, you can't seed the teams without being biased. Who's seed 1? How about 2? 3? 4? Even if you go off MSI, do you say KR, NA, CN, TW, EU, IWC, KR...? Or do you do the 3 Korean teams, 3 NA teams, etc? There's really not a decent way of doing it tbh.
: Also if a team gets eliminated from the league they are in, all of their points are taken away. This is done through the promotion tournament and they don't lose their points if they re qualify. So even if a team gets the 90 points from winning the spring split but completely tank in the summer split they won't be eligible for the gauntlet anyway. This happened to Origin this year as they would have had 70 points from the spring split 2nd place giving them enough to make it into the gauntlet over UOL but they lost in the promo tournament so they lost all of their points.
Origen requalified. It's if you even have to go through the promotion tournament you lose all your points. Requalifying doesn't save them, it's literally just having to go through it (just in case you don't requalify, since promotion used to be at the start of the following season I think, but they've changed it now so it's before playoffs... they'll still probably keep the rule just because it makes sense).
: Legit q, why is China#3 in pool 2 above NA#3 in pool 3 when NA ranked higher at MSI?
Because reasons.... that's how it has been and they probably didn't want to run the risk of the question that arises if Taiwan gets into the top 2, which is what do they get? A third seed? Ok, who loses their seed? 6th place? Can't do that to a Wildcard team. Lowest major region? Seems a little severe for 5th place or even possibly 6th place considering what they're already losing just placing 6th at MSI. Basically if they did what you're suggesting, they run the risk of opening a can of worms, which they really would not want to deal with at this moment.
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