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: Star Guardian 2019 predictions!
So uh the 5 skins, Taric, Taric, Taric, Taric and most importantly Urgot
: Unhappy with the game/balance team ruining the game
In my opinion (keep in mind this is coming from a man who started playing the same day Asol came out) riots downfall of balance all started when they added lethality. Yes, assassins needed something, at the time they had nothing special, and its been essential to the core of assassins since (hence the fucking reason they had a whole update towards assassins). The problem was that ADCs were fucked for nearly the whole year of 2017. At the time adcs got nothing but torn rectums because of the assassins. The tank meta was still around which was the main issue. In solo queue you had adcs getting butt fucked by assassins who pop them in less than a second, but on the other hand in pro play, assassins werent played at all, with the exception of Kha'zix (for 2 years or more he had pretty much obscurity that procced when he went in bushes.) It was still typical league where it was a mage mid lane, a tank top lane to peel for the adc. This was due to the face that assassins couldnt kill tanks for shit. At that point riot was stuck and didnt know what to do, so they end up making tank jgls more viable with the new herald (KEEP IN MIND THAT SEJ IS STILL BUSTED TO THIS DAY.) This meant that it was either one of the main tanks for jgl *Sej, Zac, Cho, Maokai* or Kha'zix and Lee. At this point it was kinda a mess, but at least it changed herald making it more viable and a really good thing for league imo. But this is where the year got absolutely screwed, allow me to list the following fuck ups in order. Ardent Censar + Tank ADCs, Riot removing every buff they gave to Zed in the assassin update throughout 2017, ZOE, an adc who will never EVER not be meta, Swains rework, Irelias Rework, CONQ (ILL TALK ABOUT THIS IN A MINUTE) Akalis Rework, Aatroxs rework, The death of ADCs in 2018 + Funneling, AD Thresh with more Mobility who is a fucking pirate, Neeko, and most importantly, SYLAS *give me a second*, Urgots perma W, Kayles rework, and every patch in 2019 has either had a major rework, a new champ, or a mini rework... such as Urgot, Aatrox, TAHM FUCKING KENCH, Sylas ALREADY, Ryze again, Swain being recent as well as malphite, Ornn im pretty sure also had one, and the list goes on and on. First off Sylas, this motherfucker has the dumbest shit anyone in league can ever have, the ability to have a healing execute, that isnt on his Ult. Its so dumb, the fact that Sylas has been changed so much just because he existed is so dumb. And Conq, the bane of Leagues Existence ever since Irelias rework. In 2018 it had Free True damage in every trade. Imagine Darius with Vaynes W but for the first auto. Now it has been reworked, and has been even more broken lately, It now heals champions who have it up after 5 stacks as well as applying true damage after you get the 5 stacks. Rumble had the ability to hold this permanently. And I am just rambling but yes, the balance team is indeed fucked, I feel you, But if you want to look back on where it went wrong, it has to be the assassin update imo {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Kleds Issues
WE DID IT BOYS WE GOT IT{{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: only problem i see with kled that is a pain in the ass is when you have near full courage and little health left right as you make the final hit to get skarrl back you take enough damage to die and your death takes priority over remounting even when you hear the fanfare of him remounting. he needs a 2 second immunity window so that he can actually remount when earned. i have been screwed over many times because i thought i could remount in time but i end up dying even when at full courage.
Exactly, its even worse when you have a guardian angel and it shows your health bar back but you lost the GA. :(
Xavanic (NA)
: Darius is actually a pretty easy match-up for kled, while i do agree he needs buffs, i wouldn't mind just seeing him finally be able to jungle
Yes he does do fine against Darius but it was about being more patient and waiting for all of his abilities to go down before going ham. But because of the buff Darius is a lot stronger now. Kled is behind most top laners was the point of the post, he gets no attention and needs buffs
Kurorade (NA)
: Fuck yeah, a Kled post. I agree that Riot should look into the bugs that Kled has, it's pretty annoying when I want to trade then I don't get my 4th hit on W. Also annoying that Riot has done almost nothing to buff the champ.
Thats what Im saying, the main reason he isnt getting attention is due to how poor his play rate is, and how his win rate is above 50
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