: only problem i see with kled that is a pain in the ass is when you have near full courage and little health left right as you make the final hit to get skarrl back you take enough damage to die and your death takes priority over remounting even when you hear the fanfare of him remounting. he needs a 2 second immunity window so that he can actually remount when earned. i have been screwed over many times because i thought i could remount in time but i end up dying even when at full courage.
Exactly, its even worse when you have a guardian angel and it shows your health bar back but you lost the GA. :(
Xavanic (NA)
: Darius is actually a pretty easy match-up for kled, while i do agree he needs buffs, i wouldn't mind just seeing him finally be able to jungle
Yes he does do fine against Darius but it was about being more patient and waiting for all of his abilities to go down before going ham. But because of the buff Darius is a lot stronger now. Kled is behind most top laners was the point of the post, he gets no attention and needs buffs
Kurorade (NA)
: Fuck yeah, a Kled post. I agree that Riot should look into the bugs that Kled has, it's pretty annoying when I want to trade then I don't get my 4th hit on W. Also annoying that Riot has done almost nothing to buff the champ.
Thats what Im saying, the main reason he isnt getting attention is due to how poor his play rate is, and how his win rate is above 50
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