: NA Server Roadmap Update: South Bridge pt. 2 & ISP Peering
Always good to receive updates and heard feedback from people that the optimization is actually improving the ping. For years, I've always had a consistent ping of 80 while playing on the East Coast, regardless of the internet service provider (Verizon, Verizon Fios, Optimum). Lately (couple weeks now), I've been experiencing brief lag spikes and even when I'm not lagging, my ping has been variable. In either case, gameplay has been difficult. To provide greater context, I currently use Optimum. I pass internet speed tests with flying colors (10 ping, DL 30 mbps, upload 20 mbps). I have no issues relating to connectivity while playing other games. I make sure that no other applications that use the internet are running concurrently. I would greatly appreciate any information and/or solution with regards to the changes that have transpired. I am content with having a consistent ping under 100 . Please let me know if any more information needs to be provided. Thanks.

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