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Toppien (NA)
: im tired and sick of zed
He actually does terrible dmg early game. He needs to hit e double q with electrocute just to do barely half your hp. If you buy a seekers early he legit is so useless unless he manages to hit triple q on you
: Ranked - you go to Loading Screen and you are the only M7
mastery level doesn't mean jack shit. literally it could mean that you had 5 good games against awful competition and now you have an emote. Don't get me wrong I like the mastery badge because I think it looks cool tbh, but mastery level doesn't mean skill at a champion.
Lenn (NA)
: State the hottest champ for each role
{{champion:114}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:40}}
datfatguy (OCE)
: Tristana is an actual disgrace to this game
lmfao i have mastery 7 on her and i hate this champ riot has to nerf her
: Actual proof that riot is holding me back.
So you build 0 armour vs a fed zed and you dont /remake lol ok
: BM is part of the game, and making BM a bannable offense shouldn't even be considered.
I 100% agree with you. Not only is shit talk part of ANY competitive game, but SO MANY pro players talk shit. Look at doublelift. If riot thinks that bm should be bannable then they should fine doublelift every time he says some shit like "easy win" or "they're all bad" like he does all the time. And doublelift is my favourite player too.
: Remember when Vayne was a balanced champion?
i dont know what u mean vayne is very balanced. her early game is legit non existant she can't wave clear or do any dmg its very easy to bully her out of lane by either your dmg or by shoving her under tower so she can't cs and set up dives for ur jungler. yes she has insane late game but tbh champs like kog and twitch can match her late game dmg so i dont get why u think she's unbalanced
: Ur right I am just so sick of losing bc people don't know how to play the game properly. I know I'm not that great but I have friends in gold and plat asking me why im in bronze after watching me play and it frustrates me that no matter what I do there is always an idiot on my team that goes 1-20
u have to remember that gold/plat isn't insanely high elo either and that ur friends may not always be honest with u because they will be biased towards you since you're friends with them. based on ur op.gg i can already tell that u build the exact same items every single game and that is a MAJOR problem. no matter if you're behind or ahead its always like triforce bork titanic guinsoos etc. its ALWAYS full dmg and not one defensive item on a bruiser like jax. even as an adc main i still build defensive stuff like maw qss ga etc. to adapt to given situations. not once in ur op.gg did i see any tank items on a bruiser like jax. that is a problem. and lastly remember that it's not always your teammates fault that you've been losing. I got placed in bronze 4 this year and climbed out easily during adc in 2k17 when every adc sucked balls especially my main lucian so there's really no excuse.
: Deranked bc of a feeder
is this ur jax game? if so u still coulda carried. they had no tanks to peel u off their carries and u built no magic resist. if u built like maw or spirit visage u woulda had a much better chance she never built void staff. u can't just build the same shit every game. also if they're griefing in champ select dont be afraid to dodge. losing 3 LP is a lot better than losing 20


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