Ascetix (NA)
: try to find the toxicity( wheres waldo )
See, you can't flame them when they troll you by banning your pick intent. You just have to troll and make em take that L.
Prandine (NA)
: Sadly trolls exist in all game modes and there's really not much that Riot can do to stop it beforehand. All we can do is to report them and hope that they eventually get busted for their poor behavior.
There is a lot rito can do. When I report a guy who has AFK'd in over 50 ranked games, they can actually ban him. But they don't punish trolls. They only punish players that are "mean" in chat....and it's the reason League is so toxic.
: You were not banned for a single game, like you are stating. Multiple games of chat logs were given in your reform card. In EVERY single one of them, you said 'open [insert lane here]' and gave up. You were essentially giving away a free win to the enemy team because you were tilted. This also is not your first penalty. This is your 4th penalty, and you just got off a 14-day ban less than a week ago for the SAME behavior. > I can even provide the last chat logs so you guys can have a look.. It's very difficult to have a conversation about being rightfully banned without logs. If you'd like, I can post them all for you here.
Hey! I was just hoping for a follow up on our AFK player conversation. You had said that it was untrue that players were banned for AFKing. I gave a bunch of evidence to support otherwise, but never heard anything back.
: Tyler1 has been unbanned!
Tyler1 wasn't banned for feeding. He was banned for being toxic and buying accounts.
: "I know I'm going to get downvoted by X mains"
Typically any post that puts, "I know I'm going to get downvoted, but..." I downvote. It's just a cry for attention.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharkbait Ohaha,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=LtvxVB4z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-14T10:56:04.927+0000) > > The fact that you were plat last season, and haven't been able to climb out of silver in over 1,000 games this season, makes me feel better about not being able to climb lol. ive been plat 2 times this season ty. I took a break after i tilted my plat 3 promos and then didnt play my main.
> [{quoted}](name=Raree,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=LtvxVB4z,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-04-14T10:59:31.511+0000) > > ive been plat 2 times this season ty. I took a break after i tilted my plat 3 promos and then didnt play my main. You got demoted from plat to silver? That's like pretty much impossible.
: played really reckless and still managed to be relevant whilst dying constantly in early game and feeding forums toxic
Calling you out on your bullshit isn't "toxic".
: What Would You Do If Riot Reworked Your Champion?
Jayce was ever considered a dumpster champion?
: Anivia 1 Trick if duo [Must Be Prior Plat] Currently Silver
The fact that you were plat last season, and haven't been able to climb out of silver in over 1,000 games this season, makes me feel better about not being able to climb lol.
: "ww so op i just won because of my team" :
Kilanost (NA)
: Ok. say that in the course of a 24 hour period, 100 million people will play league of legends. Say that 1% of them are xerath players. Thats 1 million people that would be inconvenienced by having to play their second favorite championi (Hardly an issue at all seeing as how most people can play more than 1 champion well). But, every game a scripter hops in, he is destroying the experience for 9 other people and wasting anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of their time. None of those players knew what they were walking into when they went into the game. No one signed up for a game to be ruined by cheating. There was no advance notice that anything was going on. They just have their time wasted. If the champion was disabled, Xerath players have the option to choose to play a different champion or not play at all. The Xerath players who play a different champ lose nothing unless that make the active decision to play ranked anyway with their champion down. They have a choice in the outcome that comes from knowledge at the start that is based on how the game is supposed to be operating. So yes, 1 million people who may have played xerath would have to play someone else. 99% of the wouldn't really give a shit considering whats going on and the fact that they can play other champions well. Out of the 1000 people who would actually be significantly inconvenienced by this, it is their choice whether to play another champion in ranked or not. The people who get fucked by Xerath scripting have no choice, lose time, and lose LP. Considering the little shit they have disabled champions for, disabling Xerath here is a no brainer.
>Considering the little shit they have disabled champions for, disabling Xerath here is a no brainer. Right? They literally disabled Teemo (or some champion, but think it was Teemo) for something in the "lore". Like people even give a fuck about lore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sharkbait Ohaha,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=2LNoTN0B,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-13T20:31:24.365+0000) > > Me pls. What rank are you.
> [{quoted}](name=General Walmart,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=2LNoTN0B,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-04-14T00:44:49.773+0000) > > What rank are you. Silver 4. But I'm a pretty solid silver 4.
Limmie (NA)
: You would probably get tired of it pretty fast tbh. I know I would at least, getting a popup after every single game.
I would get 0 popups since they don't ban trolls.
Anidan (NA)
: Sir, sir, SIR. You gotta calm it down, sir.
: To get a jungle smart enough to do that you have to git gud, and join the realm,of masters with GH god . {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Ps I wish I could git gud
I just wish I would get teammates that don't all in their enemy when they're already 0-3. I'm sitting in a game at 1-0, up 40 cs on my enemy at 10 mins...and the score of the match is already 3-18. Like, how can people be this dumb?
Anidan (NA)
: I didn't say you did. I was responding to you about the person you responded to that said "are you aware there are 17 junglers with +50% win rates?" and he _did_ bring up winrates
Yes, but saying that his point was to point out winrates don't mean crap didn't make sense to me since I didn't bring up winrates.
: well if you ban all the broken op champs who have +50% win rates then you are forced to play with weaker champs who have sub 50% win rates which by default due to all the +50% champs being banned the sub 50% win rate champs would increase in win rates due to being played by all other champs being banned.
: Even Rank game have troll
There are so many trolls because they simply aren't punished. As long as you're not "mean" in chat, you can do whatever you want to.
: Sometimes getting camped can make you win the game as you will drive the attention of the enemy jungler somewhere where he can't help his other team mates the best example is when you get ganked toplane, your team is able to get the dragon. Which is why i try to play super agressive post lvl 7 or 8 if i'm toplane as any toplaner except maybe gangplank that needs to be alive to ult -gH
I try that and my jg just farms.
Araethas (NA)
: Thank you Riot
I wish I would get a single one of those after reporting a troll. But nope.
: Looking for a Committed Diamond I+ Top Lane, For Team Looking to Make NACS
: Depends who you're are talking about. The original guy? Probably has no idea. The guy who just replied to my comment? Just wanted to prove him wrong.
Oh, yeah, I completely agree with that lol. Still gonna tell them they're wrong though :)
: >Furthermore, my first reply was not even to the man who commented on my comment; it was in reply to someone else. ######*I don't think they care anymore.*
Depends who you're are talking about. The original guy? Probably has no idea. The guy who just replied to my comment? Just wanted to prove him wrong.
: Day: 782 its sunny outside & Riot games still considers Graves JG healthy but not Malzahar support
Day 68: The guy I reported for AFKing in over 50 games is still playing ranked.
Heroquet (EUW)
: I'm not a Thresh main by any mean, but last hitting gets harder over time if you max Q instead of E. I can consistently last hit anything in the early level. And then i type "Get the cannon minions, i'll try to steal some melee ones" after a few levels. Still learning him, ofc. And it seems the current trend is for Q max. Or all depending of preference. I can see the benefits of both. He has shit base ad because of that e, but e scales with souls...
Completely agree. The trend of it getting harder to relic with levels isn't just a Thresh problem. It's very rare that you get teammates that let you relic shield with any support past like 10-15 mins lol.
: They did. Your first reply was arguing against their reply. :)
My reply made no argument against when to stop letting your Thresh last hit. It merely stated that if you need help last hitting with relic, you should not be using relic. Which is a true statement. not only in regards to missing the minions, but coin builds into a better item for Thresh than relic does anyway. But that's a different discussion. Furthermore, my first reply was not even to the man who commented on my comment; it was in reply to someone else. You can tell this by the differing names.
: "I'm 0/12/3 at top lane, but I'm Singed, so it's okay!"
: >I give you ***one chance at the first cannon minion***. If you miss it and cause me to lose that 45 gold your use of relic shield is done *I will play as if you don't have one*. That's probably where Chaotic got it from.
Then perhaps he should have replied to that fellow.
Anidan (NA)
: I'd guess it's to point out that just talking win-rates doesn't mean crap in isolation due to how statistics work. Half the roster is likely to be above 50%, the other half below 50%. Other than that, couldn't tell ya. _shrug_
: are you aware there are 17 junglers with +50% win rates?
: Kassasdin is unfair to lane against now.
Your match history determined that was a lie.
: but if he is such an issue why dont he have a bigger ban rate? hell nunu has a 53.3% win rate
There's a lot of shit to ban with the current state of rito balance. Also, Ivern is like a passive strong pick. As opposed to someone like Yasuo who is just going to run through your team.
: Exactly... why are people banned more often for how they talk to someone than how they ruin games? Because it happens all the time... Punishments should be triggered faster for INTing or ruining ranked games, and they should add a feature that locks trolls out of Ranked for like a month... resets them to B5 and halves their LP earning, while allowing their LP punishment to decay away over time to start earning LP again the longer they behave
They're more often banned because they have an automated chat detection system in place. That doesn't explain the lack of punishing for trolls, though. Did you know that rito openly said you will never get banned for intentionally AFKing games?
: Why is X allowed to kill me by pressing buttons?
: (From below) >And if you're using a champ like Thresh, with an empowered E, and still cannot do it, you should not be buying relic shield. \. >Why not let the minions do that for you while you wack away at the poor ADC? Just going to throw this out there. Thresh's bonus damage on E takes time to build up. And if he's whacking away at <something>, he won't have it for the last-hit.
Yes, I know. But wacking down the ADC while minions hit your cannon is going to give you a lot more time to stop attacking the ADC and charge your E than constantly wacking at the cannon.
: Yes, youre correct. And you know this knowledge going into the game and part of CSing is accounting for it. Solo laners learn how to prep their waves to lasthit under tower. Mages, with even less AD and AS than ADCs, learn to lasthit under tower in the early levels. Youre telling me an ADC cant do the same? And are you telling me you never missed a canon minion before in your life? Even pros miss cannons sometimes. It happens. If you decide that just because I missed one cannon that youre not going to let me get relic stacks, dont blame me if I decide that I dont want to help you either. As I said before - botlane works a lot better if you guys help each other out. If the ADC is unwilling to help, it goes both ways - dont expect any peel from your support.
I never even hinted at not missing a cs before. Not sure where you got that from. This discussion wasn't, "if you've missed a cs as thresh". This discussion was "if you cannot last hit, do not buy relic". There are plenty of people that are good supports that cannot last hit. I duo with one. I get mad when he buys relic shield and proceeds to miss them all. I no longer let him. If i can kill the minion, I'm going to. To answer the question about wave prep, that's a lot easier to do in a solo lane. If I'm getting shoved into the tower as an ADC, it's most likely because I'm playing against a Blitz with a Soraka support. In which case the reason I'm getting pushed under tower is that I cannot "wave prep". So if I run up and try to do that, I'm getting jumped. Bad idea. So tower farming is the way to go in such situation. And again, with the Thresh E, you should simply not be missing last hits. As OP said, if you cannot last hit as support, don't buy relic shield. It's not an insult. Just buy coin. Not everyone has to be good at CS.
: Its only normals...
The "it's only normals" excuse would be different if the same exact thing didn't happen in ranked. Trolling will not get better until rito decides to start punishing it. The toxicity problem in League will not get better until trolls start getting banned.
elduris (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=VyleExyle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=QWmwEWAj,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-12T19:59:52.891+0000) > > Seriously... how do you allow people to intentionally ruin Ranked games? I mean... it&amp;#039;s like half of the games in ranked have someone OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONALLY ruining the game... I&amp;#039;m not talking a person having a bad game, I mean... someone getting assigned support, going Jhin and running it down mid all game... or someone who says in chat &amp;quot;I&amp;#039;m going to make your life hell until you FF&amp;quot;... it&amp;#039;s happening so much it&amp;#039;s obvious you guys don&amp;#039;t do anything... Just because people intentionally feed and ruin games doesn't mean Riot *allows* them to. People get banned for this all the time, just spend a little time here and you'll see that for yourself. But, Riot doesn't know whether to do something or not if you don't report them. Be sure to report these players after the game. > No wonder people get toxic cause you better believe I was toxic last game... How does this help? It doesn't. Don't participate in the types of behavior you so clearly find detestable, or you'll learn the hard way that Riot actually does do something about this problem.
If you don't ban the behavior, you're allowing it. People get banned if they're toxic in chat.
Rioter Comments
: By that logic if you need me to help prep the casters when youre lasting hitting under tower, you shouldnt be playing ADC, a role that needs to farm. Botlane works a lot better if you guys help each other out. Sometimes the ADC needs help. Sometimes its the support.
Except the amount of AD required to kill the caster minions with a tower hit is > amount of AD the ADC has pre first item. Last hitting with relic does not require anything other than timing. And if you're using a champ like Thresh, with an empowered E, and still cannot do it, you should not be buying relic shield. It's that simple.
Eedat (NA)
: There is one role where you get flamed harder than any other.
And then I call them a fuck boi and get banned. I cri.
: > [{quoted}](name=destinedaboss,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=hJTkcP9j,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-04-12T19:25:56.430+0000) > > Riot doesnt do ip bans. they did to tyler1
No, they didn't.
: What are you? A child? If they disable Xerath hacker will start using another champ and another and another until people will see game as unplayable.
Are you a business major? Some guy is using a script to exploit a Xerath bug. So unless you're saying every champ has the bug that allows them to cast their spells from the fountain and hit people, then you're not exactly making any valid points.
: It saves a lot of time if you hit it two or three times instead of my whacking away on it for 10 seconds.
Why wack away at it? Why not let the minions do that for you while you wack away at the poor ADC?
: Do you try to help the Thresh get CS at all, or is it just a greedy "He needs to help me, but I don't have to help him"? like most ADCs. lol
If you need help to last hit, you shouldn't be getting relic.
: yoricks ghouls really shouldnt be auto attack 1 shots lategame.
: > [{quoted}](name=Hethalean,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=xIRwUXEB,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-12T15:52:43.764+0000) > > Streamers often will take request for which champion to play. Having a smurf will allow you to play on that account and not potentially tank your main ELO because you&#x27;re playing all these champions that your fan base wants. > > High HIgh elo players (say in like masters and higher) will often have queue times of 30+ minutes on Fill, and smurf accounts allow you to get lower queue times without having super lop sided teams. Sure they&#x27;ll stomp a few games, but legit will rank up super fast anyway and won&#x27;t really make too many games that were GOING to be wins for one team a loss for that team instead. Watching someone like imaqtpie on his main. If the queue goes long, it&#x27;s pretty much guaranteed to be a f***ed up game of masters vs plats and imaqtpie (another example of a ruined game). So if you&#x27;re on a smurf that is in diamond, you get a lot more games where it&#x27;s diamonds against diamonds instead of plats and a challenger against masters. Matchmaking at the upper echelons is screwed up still I feel but getting better.
So in order to avoid losing viewers do to long queue times, they smurf to pub stomp lower elo players and get followers. Doesn't seem like a very good reason to me.
: I agree. Also, I did not say that. I said "some cases". I don't know about your imagination, but mine can think of far more scenarios than just 'lez rekt some low elo bois'. Also Low Elo players ruin their own games. I know. I'm low elo. Sometimes I do it without trying and sometimes other people do it. Mostly Low elo invent reasons their 'game was ruined' (Thresh missed a hook! We would have won 100% if he had. He ruined the game!) because they don't know enough to know WHY it was actually ruined. It's not an insult. It's just a game knowledge. There is a lot in LoL.
So then what is your reasoning for super high elo players and streamers to have smurfs in ranked games?
: It's a bug/exploit.Not his fault for potato coding. Relax mate.
if you run a script to exploit that bug, then it is your fault. Mate.
: Idea: Chat restricted players aren't allowed in ranked while chat restricted.
In regards to your smurf idea, rito will never have it. In fact, they are actively encouraging smurfs. They halved the XP required to reach level 30 a lil bit ago. Does that benefit new players by throwing them into ranked with less XP? Nope. Just smurfs. Does weighting your first provisional games heavily benefit new player who get placed falsely high and then feed every game? Nope. Just smurfs. When they ban an account, the player can create a smurf and respend money. For that reason, smurfing will always be a thing.
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