: All really nice suggestions. I'm just wondering, besides the banners and ult wings what do you think about the actual model itself? EDIT: Also one small thing I noticed: when Aatrox taunts his physical stone wings are actually supposed to disappear when his ult wings come out. They do that when he ults but not when he uses ctrl + 2, so it's either a bug or an oversight (other skins also have them disappear like this when his taunt is used)
> [{quoted}](name=Tin Obliterates,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=EXzqYg2h,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-06T00:46:23.589+0000) > > All really nice suggestions. I'm just wondering, besides the banners and ult wings what do you think about the actual model itself? The model looks fine when viewed at a normal League angle. Head-on looks bad, but it's rarely what you actually see. I really wished he had more armor, but if Riot isn't willing to do some major model changes, then it's whatever, His right arm (we'll call it the gauntlet arm), is way too white, and as such has no contrast to his sword. Also, it's jarring to see that his right arm is way, way, way bigger than his left arm. Also, why is his sword hand NOT ARMORED, but his non-dominant arm is?
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Rouwhorst (EUW)
: A well thought out post, have an upvote! You mention old Aatrox being stat check and feast or famine. Stat check originates from a kit which can't be responded with and/or to. Old Aatrox could not really respond to opponents with his kit, but opponents certainly could to his, Q, E and to a lesser degree his passive and ult. But most of his power came from his basic attacks... which can't really be responded to. New Aatrox still does not have a real way to respond to his opponents from what I see, but opponents can more strongly react to his abilities. Since you have some experience on new Aatrox, can you tell me if he is indeed less feast or famine or stat checky? Are there any other downsides or upsides compared to old Aatrox? Are there new problematic gameplay aspects introduced? Perhaps too snowbally or not? Too well rounded/versatile?
With his new kit, he is less feast or famine due to the nature of his access to CC. If you're behind, you can just build as a tank and act as a zoner. Old Aatrox didn't have that option because we would just get blown up, regardless if he built tank. Some upsides would be that he has a lot more CC, abilities that do synergize well, and an on-command revive. Some downsides would be that his Q is his only damaging ability, and that his survivability is gated because his ult (revive) exists. I do agree that hes a bit too snowbally. You'll see Aatroxs bulid Youmuu's because the damage from Q plus lethality is disgusting. I think New Aatrox can't respond to people like Yi and Fiora, who excels in getting into your face. Every other matchup I think he either goes neutral or has the upper hand.
: Love the fantastic kit, it feels good to play and honestly is quite strong on its own. Sorry but this is just a bad post in general, just because you don't like it anymore, doesn't mean it isn't a good change :)
When did I say I didn't like the rework? > Fast forward to today, and I still love Aatrox. However, that love can't be found in some other Aatrox mains and players, who left him since the rework. While I don't blame them, I can't justify the comments I see in the Aatrox Mains subreddit like "fuck you riot and u/riotjag" and "it's not aatrox anymore".
La Bello (NA)
: I much prefer nuttrox to old Aatrox. I think some Rioter said "Aatrox rework was NOT for aatrox mains it was for everybody else" and I completely believe them. new aatrox is a blast and I even enjoy his over the top rage-poetry jam quotes but can totally see how the drastic change from AA based to rekka can be disheartening.
I think Jag might've said that in an interview, can't find that specific source. Although I do agree that new Aatrox is very fun and satisfying to play. Though I do understand, if they wanted an unpopular champion to become popular, they would have to go through pretty severe changes.
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: "Facts, Myths and Theories" Main Post
I have a theory about the Shadow Isles and what occurred there. I was thinking that since the release of Kalista, one of her quotes say something about the king that used to rule the Shadow Isles. Or is it the Shadow Isles before then. My thoughts are that the Shadow Isles are really where all life began. The king used to rule them all, as said by Kalista. His horseman is what is currently Hecarim. Somehow, he was overthrown and killed, hence the ruined king, and left his blade behind, the item in the shop of the game, Blade of the Ruined King. What was once the origin of all life became a dark mysterious place that no one in present day dared to venture into. The life created at the isles spread out and migrated to Valoran. Since that day, the isles were named the Shadow Isles. And I guess Kalista is living proof of those events (not really, she's dead xD) The creatures in the Shadow Isles are mutated into what we know as monsters, such as Hecarim, or Evelynn. I would like to guess that they have been given life by another force that transformed the Shadow Isles. Anyways, those were my thoughts on the Shadow Isles. Hope you could try and explain this in full detail in another post.


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