: Haven't forgotten about old Evelynn.
Her being good was extremely reliant on the player being good at the camouflage mechanic. Her versatility came not from building tank, but being able to choose between burst ap or burst ad. She was a very reliable early ganker in the right hands. Her w gave a 70 percent movement speed increase at max rank, and removed all slows. Her old ult was also great, just overlooked. Just gonna leave this link here also. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Evelynn/History
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: Instead of getting rid of twisted treeline.
I personally love TT the way it is but I have a problem getting anyone else to play it. It already feels kind of like a legacy game mode because it hasn't been touched in forever, AKA no turret plating and fair jungle xp. I just feel like league is in desperate need of the legacy game mode, and since they don't care about TT anyways, they could just do that instead of killing it. (or permanent HEXAKILL)
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: Anyone Think Eve needs a buff?
Eves early game is suprisingly strong. My advice is to ward a little better, wait to see how the enemy team decides to play before you take your w or your q. And i personally think she is a very viable midlaner/support. the camouflage may not be active till 6 but the demon shade will make most trades work in your favor.
: Change evelynns W
Exactly. but part of being a good assassin is mobility.I could do without the cc. If I wanted to main a max health percentage magic damage champion I would choose elise. I'm still just a little butthurt about the rework.
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: Let's talk about New Eve Riot, for the sake of the Eve mains.
I was an eve main for a while the thing that hurts the most is the loss of her old w for disengaging. her new ult just doesn't cut it. I used to be able to take care of an adc or mage in the middle of a team fight and now, even though she is supposed to be an in and out champion, she doesn't have the movement speed to support it. I get she was designed with the new runes in mind but boy does she suck right now.


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