: Is there someone I can play to learn the game & have fun?
Incoming massive wall of text. League is the type of game where you should play champions you think are cool, especially if you aren't gonna get into competitive. You can play whoever you want, but a majority of stuff that you need to be good at League comes from the generalized Macro game that everyone has to play. Here's a list of what's WAY more important than just learning a champ or two. Learning champions comes with time, but these things are required on everyone. ----------------Good Map Awareness! Check your minimap as much as you can, and bind Spacebar to Camera Lock/Unlock to look around with your mouse then lock back to your champion. Looking around the map is a very important skill, and knowing what your enemy is doing can very easily change the outcome of games, even if you are behind. -----------------Warding! This goes hand-in-hand with the first point. Always keep a Pink Ward in your inventory at all times, and try to keep one up at all times also. For both pinks and regular wards, you can look up very simple warding guides that show you all the good places for wards. (Enemy Red/Blue, River Bushes, Dragon/Baron Pits, etc) Junglers will tear your ass up without proper warding and vision macro-game. -----------------Farming! Learning how to last-hit minions is the most important skill in the game. Farming under tower, farming while skirmishing, or farming while being harassed are all skills you need to learn. Most of your gold will come from last-hitting, for the most part, and getting 6/7cs per minute is a decent goal for a new player. Even 5/minute isn't that bad. But, a very important skill is when NOT to farm. If you are getting bullied hard in lane, there is NOTHING WRONG AT ALL with just standing back within line-of-sight of the enemy wave, and just waiting for the wave to come to you. You still gain experience points for leveling even if you are just waiting around, and sometimes missing a few CS is MUCH better than risking CS and then getting killed by an opponent, which only makes it harder to farm later on in the game. Trust me, there are TONS OF PEOPLE who NEVER STOP TRYING TO FARM/ FIGHT, and it will seriously save your ass if you learn when to farm, or when not to farm. -----------------Builds! This is where your specific champion comes into play... BUT! This is still very generalized. A Majority of champions will build similarly based on what are the powerful builds and items at the time. Most mages will either go one of three builds: RoA-Tear Mana build, Ludens Burst Build, or GLP Ice/ Glaical build. Just knowing these is easy, and the sample builds in the game will work fine. But there are some minute details. Make sure to build the right boots. Boots are extremely important, and building defensive boots, even on an offensive champion, can very easily give you a better advantage than going Magic Pen boots. Also, armor/MR items are NOT just for tanks. In lots of cases, you might have good damage, but you just die WAY too fast in the late game. If you already kill the opponent fast as fuck, there's no reason not to get some armor or magic resistance to survive a bit longer. -----------------Answering your actual question! There are lots of cool, fun easy champions to play. Generally, assassins and fighters are harder, mages are easier, tanks are mega easy, and ADCs/Supports all vary. But, don't let this discourage you. Play who you think looks cool, or maybe pick a style of champion you like, fast and aggressive, slow and bulky, long ranged and sniper, etc. Here's a list of some very good intro champions I think would be great for a beginner. I'll do 3 per role. -----------------TOPLANE: {{champion:122}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:420}} All of these champions are pretty easy, very cool, and have a decent amount of tank and damage. They might take some getting used to, but they function very well in most teamcomps. Darius is a slow moving Goliath who deals a ton of damage, and is very durable. His executions make from very dangerous for opponents to attempt ganging up on him. Swain is a more tanky mage who specializes in close-range spells and then turning into a demon and going ham into the opponent's ranks. He is very easy, but might require some getting used to. Swain also has good tools for Vision control. Illaoi is a little bit harder than Darius, IMO, but she is still simple. She is also slow and bulky, but she summons tentacles to deal damage for her, and she can devastate multiple opponents at once in teamfights with her giant attacks and health regeneration. -----------------MIDLANE: {{champion:245}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:238}} Ekko is fairly standard in terms of difficulty, but his R is a great safety net for new players. He does a lot of damage, has a great laning phase and scaling, and he can do very well on his own. Galio is a slightly tankier Midlaner/Mage, and he is very easy. If you struggle against Mages or AP assassin, he's a great way to deal with them. He also have a pimp R that lets him save his teammates. Finally, Zed isn't the easiest (Some people might say he is), but for a new player, he will take some getting used to. He's very fun, fast, and has a lot of options. If you can play Zed, you can probably handle almost any other champion in the game. He's great for picking out targets and singling them out in 1v1 duels, and his blinks with W and R make him very evasive. Also, his passive allows him to get farm/last hits VERY easily, especially under tower, so if you struggle with farming, he might be able to help out if you can get his mechanics down. -----------------JUNGLE: Don't play jungle until you are better at the game, the role is very abrasive and if you don't know what you are doing, an enemy jungler is going to walk all over your ass. This role most heavily is dictated by what champions your team has, because it's the junglers job to fill the missing gaps in your team's composition. Some of it is easy, but it's also very risky for new players. Save it til a bit later. -----------------BOTLANE ADC (Attack Damage Carry): {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:110}} Lucian is a bit of a harder ADC, but he's very quick and if you like faster champions who cast lots of spells like an assassin, Lucian will fit nicely into your hands. Jinx is a very good all-rounder ADC. She has extremely good late game, and her early isn't too bad. She gains tons of speed if she kills an enemy or a tower, so if she gets started, she can run all over an enemy team. Varus is more like a mage than an ADC. He can build into either really strong attack speed, or instead go for a build that lets him fire massive projectiles for artillery and deal damage from far away. He's very easy, and his ultimate is great for teamfighting, as all you have to do is cast it into them and watch it work. -----------------BOTLANE SUPPORT: {{champion:63}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:267}}: I'm gonna get hate for this, but Brand is an excellent support for a new player. He is VERY easy, amoung the easiest champions in the game, and he deals a ton of damage. For a poking/aggressive support, you can't go wrong with Brand. Blitzcrank is the archetypal Hook/Fisher support of the game. Press Hook, press Uppercut, press R, and you are going to fuck someone's day up with tons of CC. Nami is a very good, medium difficulty enchanter support. Her heals are good, her CC is okay, but her ultimate is VERY good in many situations. Need to escape a gank? R. Need to engage a teamfight? R. Need to create a wall to stop enemies from escaping? R. She's very good, I highly recommend her. Have fun! PS to all you other guys: I could care less about if you *think* a champion is hard or not. Learning a harder champion or trying them out is very good way of gauging how well your mechanics are doing. Zed is fairly difficult, but he's also got some simple elements that make him perfect for a newer player. Even though Talon is easier mechanically, his kit limitations and reliance on roaming make him harder to play for a new player that is unfamiliar with the Macro game.
: Is that a joke or are you serious? lol
That's a meme. Annie is really basic, but there are a bunch of community members that when asked, "Hey, how do I improve my game?" They just say, "Pick Annie." with nothing else attached to it.
NovaPh (NA)
: As someone who didn't play league until season 8, was snowballing seriously not a thing back before then? How did games end up going, because I heard the earlier seasons had their own problems that seem worse than just snowballing (assassin meta, tank meta, ardent meta, cleaver meta, ect.). I think compared to lopsided degenerate metas, snowballing and high damage isn't that much of a problem.
Let's put it like this. League's community basically DOESN'T want whatever is currently happening. Tank meta? FUCK TANKS! Tanks are good? WHY ARE ASSASSINS BAD!! Snowball meta? WOW ITS TOO SNOWBALLY! Slow paced meta? GAME IS BORING, WHERE'S MY ASSASSIN META!!! Just take the league community with a grain of salt, ESPECIALLY on Reddit, the Boards.na, and other large groups. League is MUCH better in smaller communities where there isn't as much raw bitch running around.
OgSc (NA)
: Diana isn't an assasin. Shes a diver thats BUILT like an assasin due to her ratios. She only has mobility when she lands an R on a target. Theres a clear difference. Ahri is an assasin/ burst mage hybrid due to her mobility being cut without ult. All traditional assassins have smoother accesses to their mobility abilities (their movement usually being tied to a normal ability)
Diana is an assassin, she's just disguised as an AP dive fighter. Ahri is an assassin/hybrid burst mage, so she's also an assassin.
: Which AP Assassin scales best into late game?
Kassadin very easily. Next.... probably Ekko and/or Fizz?
pXHoney (EUNE)
: How to lane against Ryze as melee?
Considering League is a very matchup dependent game, especially for solo lanes, you need to give more information. Explaining yourself might let you know what you need to work on. Judging by the fact you're level 34 and didn't provide any additional info on how you lose the matchup, I can easily tell what's going wrong here. I know 90% of these Boards.Na idiots are just gonna be like, "just ban/ dodge, nothing else you can do LOL", but that's just salt and the League community being stereotypically self-destructive as normal. Things you might need to do: Go early Mercs to reduce the root/ slow. Work on your own poking patterns. Unless you are playing Darius or some other Top Spliter/Juggernaut against him, there is no way you don't have any tools that can reach Ryze. Zed, Yasuo, and even Talon have opportunities to do good against Ryze, and they are the most prevailing Melee mids. Maybe play a few games of Ryze yourself to understand how his mana costs and cooldowns work, that way you know when is a good time to go in. If you seriously can't improve with ANY melee champion.... then stop picking them into Ryze? League is a game where counterpicking away from bad matchups on your main is a vital ability. Without getting used to different types of champs, you'll never understand who/what beats them. Ryze is one of those champs that seems mega broken against Melee, but as with any competitive-style game (EVEN IF YOU ARE PLAYING CASUALLY), you have to analyze the matchup and see what you can do better, who would be a better lock-in, and how you should adjust your gameplan according to the opponent's playstyle. If you want to really improve your skill, my suggestion is to never come to the Boards.na at all. The Boards are HOT garbage in terms of learning more about the game, and 90% of the posts are hate circlejerks and "haha I always ban (champion) xdddddd FUK (what's FotM to hate)" bullshit.
: This game isnt too snowbally, we just need more health
Am I the only person who just thinks that a 10% damage nerf against Champions across the entire game would make everything MUCH better?
Neriticc (EUW)
: Buff Trundle
Imagine the boards wanting to buff trundle but still bitching about zed lmao
: You can absolutely dumpster him in lane whether it be top mid or bot, that's no problem. But if you let him get to late game, or after his first distinct power spike then you lost that advantage you had... essentially like you hadn't beat him in lane at all. This is the main reason he's so hated as a champion.
But that same situation happens to tons of champions: Nasus, Irelia, Riven, Jax, Kled, Urgot, even Zed. Yasuo is actually worse in that regard because his kit doesn't give him the inherent damage he needs to play against you with just levels, he actually needs the kills more than anything else. If you kill him early and he manages to get into late game, that game must have went on for a massive amount of time, or he just got lucky and was force fed, but again that could happen to any late game feast-or-famine champions. I just wish that the "lmao i get to permaban yasuo now lul" thing would just go away. Considering Yasuo is actually in a very "balanced" spot right now, at a fucking 47% winrate, I'm just happy I get to play him. Yasuo mains, like ACTUAL Yasuo mains, normally have the same winrates on their main as anyone else. If he gets buffed I just straight up might have to main someone else for the fact that I can't play him if FotM players pick him up or ban him every game. Like c'mon Riot let the fucking Yasuo mains play the damn champion. I'd rather play him or play against him because at least it's fun instead of just watching a Malz/Morg/Veigar AFK farm until 15.
: Why does a scaling champion have an above 50-59% winrate at all points in the game
>{{champion:75}} Does a shit ton of damage early, literally 1 shots late, is tanky as fuck in mid game while he should be weaker without 5-600 stacks. Dude is annoying, he's kitable for certain people, but he's annoying.
: So Riot is planning on compensation buffs for Electrocute users
Have you ever seen a Zed who forgot his Electrocute? Without it he actually does 100% nothing until 6 unless you're just standing in the open to take full Q damage. Zed's kit got completely nerfed once when Thunderlords was still around, but not Thunderlords. Zed then is getting proxy nerfs with Duskblade and Electrocute changes. What this does is make his kit, which was balanced around the runes he took instead of itself, don't have enough to actually function without the stuff they wanted him to take. I'm a Zed main and I'm hoping they nerf Electrocute and Duskblade more, then maybe they can actually fix Zed's damage output pre-6 and allow us to take more than just Electrocute or some corny ass Dark Harvest build.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Reading through Zed's change history in the last two seasons absolutely disgusts me
When people like LL Stylish are thinking about swapping to other champions, or have in the recent past, I feel like buffs are actually something to look at.
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: no body wants to be the mighty clicker who clicked the enemy team's sprite models to death oh! mean you're probably referring to all the league 14-16 year olds which make most of the player base mmmhmm
Dude, those 14-16 year olds are US, about 4-6 years ago. Everyone left playing is in their 20s now, most likely.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sunset Shimmmer,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=2ykqAkNa,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-04-30T18:07:24.490+0000) > > Yasuo and Tryndamère are nerfed by the same ocassion, they already have true damage thanks to Conqueror, that's seem a bit unfair for them :'( {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} it should have a unique passive that allow melee champ to be stronger with the IE Nope both of them are busted right now, glad it will be nerfed
> Nope both of them are busted right now, glad it will be nerfed Want to explain that one? Can't believe you people still exist lol. Feelsbadman.
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: /sigh People can't be themselves when they are part of a company anymore.
> [{quoted}](name=VirginRivenMain,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VoVoa3Mg,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-10-01T11:29:18.409+0000) > > /sigh > > People can't be themselves when they are part of a company anymore. Customer: "You're giving me bad service at this Walmart!" Employee: "It's fine, you'll die of cancer in a couple years away." And you're saying you wouldn't report the employee if he said that?
: I've made a whole topic dedicated to this but the better solution is to make statistical information about your team available in champ select. Nobody will dodge a support singed if they see he has a good win rate and isn't trolling. Pushing the penalty onto troll and off-meta picks is a bad idea. Like another comment pointed out, this would force everyone to play meta or be punished. The penalty has to be on the person that dodges and the best case scenario is that people make informed dodges based on better information available in champ select itself.
It's more about people who are straight up trolling in ranked. But, the issue is, yes, the system would be highly abusable.
: this would be great and all, but i can see this leading to the whole support singed case all over again. The dude got reported just because people didn't like his pick. Now if people don't like a certain pick they're just going to dodge. This will end up forcing people to only play the meta which is one thing i have seen a few people complain about.
Yeah, I know that this could be abused really hard. Both sides of this coin are annoying.
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Akrid415 (NA)
: Tired of banning Yasuo
Yasuo Main here. If you suck against the matchup and have attempted to learn it, Zed vs Yasuo is a skill matchup after all, there is no regret in banning him. Personally, I suck ass against Orianna, I always lose no matter what I do: stacking MR, attempting to outplay, anything. So, I ban her. People will flame me like "Oh, you're a shit Yasuo because you banned a good matchup, git gud lololol" If you always lose the matchup, ban the champion, it's literally that simple. There is a bit of hate coming from these anti-yasuo nerds who can't even attempt to learn the matchup and just complain, but honestly if you took the time to try to improve, more power to you.
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: Patch 7.13 notes
>Great shotcalling I don't think riot has ever played league before.
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: The hardest skillshot to land?
Hardest skillshot to land? You can't hit a skillshot if it's gone. {{champion:157}}
Elohaven (NA)
: The issue with Yasuo
Apparently no-one realizes that without the crit chance built into his kit, he would be free to build whatever he wanted for damage? There's a reason why he's made like he is. Take away the crit passives and suddenly you have Triforce/FM Yasuo again, or whatever us Yasuo mains come up with. Then you'll make even MORE threads about him, and the cycle of life and death continues. We will win, you will QQ.
Seems like the only reason to get coin as threash to me. Relic Shield is better in almost every way (for those who can use it).
: When 0/16/0 Yasuo says "No knock-ups, gg"
>Yasuo player >Needing team knockups. There's your problem. He was bad to begin with.
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RowanEnd (NA)
: You're an idiot, when did I say that I lost to him? I'm saying that he's annoying to play against. I can counter him just fine my issue is that its ANNOYING and unfun to have to deal with him. How about YOU learn how to read what I said lol.
I really don't understand why you're complaining, then, tbh. There are much more annoying champions, but everyone always swarms onto yasuo for some reason, even though he's insanely easy to shut down early, unlike some others.
Snow Tea (NA)
: Add a soloQ. Real Fast.
I don't care about SoloQ or DynamicQ, but seriously, add it back so people will stop complaining about it.
RowanEnd (NA)
: Yasuo is incredibly annoying
Someone lost to a Yasuo then cried. Learn how to counterpick. inb4 you shouldn't have to counteprick to win, etc. It's a team game, if you need to shut down a yasuo for your team, counterpick him.
Wolfbook (NA)
: Yasuo isn't overpowered, he's just unfun as hell to play against tbh.
You do know that Riven is a counterpick for Yasuo right? If you lose to a Ya.suo that's on you. Source: I'm a Riven main. And in this clip, that was just a terrible play. That Riven didn't just E or Q away from the tornado, then instantly rages? That's not the game's problem. Yasuo is one of the most easy to counter champions in the game. Just play Annie, Malzahar, LB, and just win.
BigOat (NA)
: Lunar Revel Skins [Client] Bug
The exact same thing happened to me, with the same skin!! Is it glitched out just for that skin? My other skin was hired gun Lucian, which changed to Dragonblade Talon.
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: Champion Update: Shen
Are you guys updating his splash arts to the effect of the new models?{{item:3075}} That blood Moon Shen splash looks nothing like this skin :P


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