: Riot is a private company, they can do whatever they want. They'd be stupid to ban the very few streamers left that are keeping this dying game alive.
> [{quoted}](name=Worst Brad Japan,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qiPFxtE2,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-06-18T14:13:15.667+0000) > > Riot is a private company, they can do whatever they want. They'd be stupid to ban the very few streamers left that are keeping this dying game alive. They'd also be stupid to harass/mistreat women in the work place. Turns out riot is a pretty stupid company...
: I like how NB3 admitted to breaking rules multiple times that would get any of us banned and he just doesn't care. He's unapologetic and actually promotes his behavior.
> [{quoted}](name=Yordle Gunner,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qiPFxtE2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-17T19:23:09.050+0000) > > I like how NB3 admitted to breaking rules multiple times that would get any of us banned and he just doesn't care. He's unapologetic and actually promotes his behavior. LMAO exactly what you said dude. This is some really bad stuff, riot has had enough scandals vs women in the work place and now you are playing favorites with someone clearly breaking rules. Literally afking in fountain mid game to complain... and you reward him? Hot damn it really is a boys club over there, good luck fixing your trash PR!
Alkaîd (NA)
: Riot, please consider nerfing knock ups/displacements/airborne
If you don't have a dash and or a knock-up on release now a days the champion is considered "trash". A lot of new releases have both but the power creep in this game is extremely obvious. I would love to see less dashes and knock ups in the future, but it's not likely because why release a champion that isn't strong? If the champion is not strong the community will likely not be interested unfortunately. And if no one wants to buy the new champion and skins well that hurts profits. And riot games is in the business of making money, and they happen to have a game that helps generate it!
: If the game's 4v5 or less, you shouldn't have to have a majority vote to surrender
You clicked yes to que up to play the game, then you play the game. Every game has a chance to be won especially in NA solo Q. Playing from behind is part of the game, a very important part if you ask me. We've all been in the situation you described and yes it is very frustrating. But how you react to adversity says a lot about your character IMO. I don't like to quit when things get tough do you?
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Halfy (EUW)
: Was it changed? It didn't work today.
To my knowledge it still works.
: I don't know how good or bad she is. She doesn't feel like she's too strong or even like she has too much in her kit (Like Yasuo, another notable champion). It's just obnoxious to deal with. You have so few options to deal with it. I don't think Akali is OP or broken; her Q, E, and even R are pretty fine. But Shroud is just so unfun to play against.
Wait until she gets a slight lead, kills carries in 2-3 hits, with extreme mobility on top of the fact you can't see or Target her haha. It's pretty toxic to play vs a decent akali she is just still new so not everyone has learned her kit
: I've had enough of akali's shroud bullshit.
Hey Riot I have a great idea, lets take an already strong champion and rework her to make her even better, and then continue to neglect champions that actually need reworks / buffs. Was Akali's old kit toxic... you bet, but this new kit is even more toxic in terms of having to play against. This maybe one of the biggest mistakes I've seen in a long while. The only solution to this champion (when in the hands of a decent player) is perma ban currently... such a shame to put all that time and effort in, only to have it not see the light of day on the rift... thanks for making her harder to play, but now when good players play her she's so much more dangerous.
: No, you are misinterpreting ppl stance that, in general, there is no need to expose a character sexuality at all if it's not part of the storytelling.
Exactly this... I really don't care about any fictional LoL characters sexual orientation. I just want them to be fun to play and balanced. They can be gay, straight, bi, or sexually identify as a fucking helicopter like Corki does for all I care. Just make fun/balanced hero's and most of us will be Happy! I'm not trying to immerse myself or role-play LoL characters, I'm trying to distract myself from the real world with friends for 25-45 minutes on average.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Riot doesn't know how to balance Melee carries
Black king bar sounds a lot like Edge of night and or QSS...
Colte (NA)
: balancing crit / duskblade
Yasuo gets 100% crit with two items ( {{item:3031}} and {{item:3046}} or {{item:3087}} ) I agree the passive needs to be adjusted, maybe something like 25-33% or anything really instead of 50%
: Stormrazor need to flat out be deleted before it even added
I would Love Talon to Melee Q crit into a real Crit AA... rip
Shukr4n (EUW)
: I dont know, i believe 1-3mins maybe doesnt trigger. Im not informed. But lenght afaik doesnt work.
yeah it was about 5 games nothing huge, its a shame though i assumed they had something implemented in so that accidents when they happen don't get punished.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: 5-7minuts trigger afk system. It doesnt care if it ws "as fast as u could"
whats the limit for the afk system? is it not proportional to the length of the game?
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Naymliss (NA)
: "champions with consistent dps shouldn't burst squishies"
i believe the counter play to not dying to Full build consistent DPS champions is to itemize defensively. Early game level 6 cassio vs a level 6 ADC for we can use corki for this example, she wont kill them in 2-3 hits. At the end of the game when shes full build she will absolutely obliterate a target with 0 MR and that is to be expected, but if you build say a hexdrinker and Merc treds, she still will kill you quickly don't get me wrong, but it will take a bit longer and you will have time to kill her especially if she didn't build Def stats. When someone builds full damage they are going to kill a target with no resistances very quickly late game, because Building AD/AP will not keep you alive and most "Squishies" are built full damage and it is the reason they are squishy! This also is why when you are playing ADC/solo lane carry and you get ahead sometimes it can be very effective to itemize defensively when you are snowballing. I'm not saying you rush an Armor item ASAP on an ADC because you got a double kill in lane, but if you smash a lane you can consider an Early GA, Hexdrinker/MaW, Lifesteal items, and definitely some defensive boots. Your levels will be able to carry your damage and you be harder to kill will decrease the chances of you getting Burst by an enemy solo laner/Carry. Being dead with full damage built isn't as useful as being alive and dealing less damage because you built to stay alive.
: Problem: Long wait times (Dodges, Auto-fills) - Solution Suggestions?
"Maybe we can have a game mode where you lock in your position and champion and you go into a game that guarantees your champion and position", they did this i believe it was called "Dynamic Que" and it was not a huge success. The role selection this is the best version of what you described after some trial and error testing. if you are having trouble getting into games because of your roles (Mid and ADC have the longest que timers currently) you may consider trying other spots on the rift. I play Fill when i play ranked solo duo and most of the time i was support about 75% of the time. Since the changes its actually Top is the lane i get more often than not when i fill and i get it about 50% of the time. Jungle and support are the next two I'm likely to get and ADC and Mid are the least likely. Because i play fill so often, any time i decide i want to play a specific role i generally get it because my priority is higher from filling most games.
Dyde (EUNE)
: What you think assassins are made for. To kill the adc. What do you think Tanks are made for. To protect you from the adc. Figure out the rest by yourself.
Assassin's are known to be in a very bad state currently, leathality is weak and Supports are strong. You can totally Assassinate an ADC on an assassin especially if you are ahead. But if that ADC and support are on the same page or you are even slightly behind it's extremely hard to kill ADC's. Not to mention ADC's are getting smart and itemizing defensively vs Assassins (some still don't and they are easy pickins). Right now as an assassin the ADC has to mess up for you to kill them, if its a fair fight between equal skill players the ADC will likely win out.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Kinda tired of the "botlane is 2 people so they should always win 2v1" argument
Team work is one of the only True OP's in this game aside from being like 5k gold up on someone. 2v1 the 2 should almost always be won by the 2 unless the 1 is incredibly snowballed like 7/0 riven, and even then shes not a tank so you can still kill her. Anything short of you being 2-3 levels behind and at a massive gold disadvantage you should be able to out play most players in a 2v1 scenerio if you are the 2
: Think it's like tristy and ez. Channel can be interrupted dash can't.
Yeah it looks weird, with that buffing coding but i just gained so much free distance on a grab that is supposed to go maybe 2-3 teemos of distance lol
Lippen27 (NA)
: They cant fix those things with the code in place, thats why many champs can jump out of hard CC without it actually landing on them. technically i think its broken, but they just say "thats how the champ is"
i mean I've noticed this bug a lot and figured out how to control it vs on coming CC when i play Urgot. This may look like an accident, but this is not the first time this has happened to me. Is this a product of the "unstoppable" coding?
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: No. It does not give you unstoppable.
so i had this interaction that was a bit weird. im sure i could clip it at somepoint, but for now ill just describe it. I pressed my dash in towards a Varus while a Janna tried to protect him, Her ult knocked me away mid animation and i flew the opposite direction. As i landed and the animation finished Urgot did his dash to cover all the distance janna pushed me and covered my initial grab distance to land on Varus. I was pushed away mid animation, but then i regained all the distance i was displaced because it happened mid E animation. do you think this was a bug?
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: > [{quoted}](name=REDCOLORED,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sAlbHy2d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-26T23:54:10.337+0000) > > There are reports for toxicity. he won't get banned unless he says a mean word. riot doesn't care about trolls.
He said plenty of mean words that I'm pretty sure the bots will pick up on.
: There are reports for toxicity.
oh they got reported lol, by our entire team I'm sure!
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Dude,i went into a game to try out Jarvan just to make sure im not speaking out of my ass like most of the people on the boards,safe to say i'm right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiR7IK0lrn8&feature=youtu.be And forgive me for those water marks,i literally downloaded first free software i could so its kinda shit but you get my point,also Trist was bad to jump into my melee range TWICE,but i still killed them 2v1,first clip i was ahead of tristana by 1 kill i think,you don't even wanna know how the rest of the game turned out for her,i managed to kill her with just R and 1 auto,so i think its safe to say she has nothing on Jarvan
J4 has some outplay potential with his R because he cannot be displaced during the animation. He's a pretty good pick into Trist, but its super risky to play full Leath into her.
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Tranoze (NA)
: "A mr item" not "mr items"
boots and something like a hexdrinker or banshee's is very common. that's two MR items.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: I guess that's an example of how bad you are,cause no way a lvl 5 Tristana kills a level 6 Jarvan without you missing your whole combo except R,and even then by lvl 6 you should at least have a part of Phage built,and have at least 400 HP more than her just cause of your scaling and one ruby crystal
Trist can be pretty slippery with her jump, jump reset, and ult. I know she didn't have an ult for this situation but shes pretty damn hard to catch and very strong
: So instead they run teleport :P
ain't that the truth lol. they will do it, just in a different way
: I was referring to how Warwick's [Q] is coded, I wasn't talking about what advantages it offers. I want Talon to have the same kind of mechanic and to be able to use the jump in a more dimensional way, rather than to having it be fixed from point A--->B
my bad i thought you were talkin about holding down the Q for lunge to make sure you can control melee q
: Buff Kassadin
Pretty sure Kass is a late game god... so hes not aloud to have a good early game. His mid game maybe a bit weak, but i think its very dependent on your itemization because Kass is a very strong champion. His passive in fact maybe a bit too good and might need some adjusting... just a flat Magic damage reduction (and free unit collision most champions pay 2600 gold for that haha) seems a bit silly especially early on in lane VS AP targets. Kass has some huge weaknesses though so he is very exploitable. for instance just pick talon or Zed and you can run over a Kass early on. He also has zero wave clear so if you can smash a bot lane and rotate you bot lane to the middle Kass is fucked. His early game should be weak because hes the only champion in the game with a Flash on a 6/4/2 second CD... if you think this champion is overall to weak i feel like you maybe mistaken because Kass is a very powerful pick who comes online after 1-2 items
: I actually want to be able to use Muramana on none Ez champs....
: Instead of fixing Talon's [E] bug, why not add it as a mechanic?
because the mechanic is busted on WW and it would probs be just as busted if not more on Talon. WW's Q hold out playing Flash probs shouldn't be in the game... considering how often WW players do it on accident because the kit is super strong and super easy to play. he pretty much has 2 damage skills until level 6 (the other one is a nice passive and move speed and attack speed at low hp but no real damage) and he can out damage a shit load of people early. something seems fishy about that too! Maybe avoid making comparisons to make them similar to known busted champions. WW has be receiving a lot of negative attention for his high win rate and overall extremely easy play style compare to how rewarding it is playing so safe.
: Uh no. Because Riot is only really reverting reworks that were objectively failures. Rengar's made him clunkier to play just to offer windows of counterplay. The same applies to LeBlanc's rework. Draven is already a pretty successful champion up in the higher MMRs. Let´s not give him more damage.
just talkin about moving the damage around and getting rid of the gold passive. he would get damage nerfs if he got a new damage passive
: Ok. Then his Q damage needs to be shredded down by 10-20 for compensation.
absolutely reasonable! he will need his damage toned down a bit if you go from a gold generation passive to a damage passive so i 100% agree. Just maybe give him some damage back on his ult if he hits bleeding targets to give him a little extra edge... because ya know draven is supposed to be a monster at killing people.
: Yeah Dravens old passive was a beast. That was back when I used to duo. I was a Voli main and the guy I played with was a Draven main. I would support him with Voli. It was like a guaranteed first blood at level 2. Soon as i hit level 2 I would flash onto them Q flip then E slow. Even if they flashed away and got to turret the damage was done.......they would bleed out and boom , first blood.
yeah his old passive did way to much damage but i liked it. Bring it back change the damage on it maybe give it a bonus damage on ult with bleed stacks to make up for the lack of damage, and make it interact with Darius... they are brothers that shit would be cool too me
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiznyte,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GK9vRjgr,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-11T18:38:31.389+0000) > > Draven should have a similar passive to Darius so that maybe they could share Stacking passives and have a lore bonus on the same squad. Maybe give dravens ult more damage on bleeding targets with stacks too give it some life as well... its a pretty lame skill. idk if you know this but he used to have a similar passive to darius where his AA would apply a bleed. Trust me when i say you don't want it especially with the new rune. Aery+draven's bleed will be nightmare to play against.
I didn't say it wouldnt need some balancing... i just said it would be cool to have to character who are brother in the lore share a passive that they can exploit when they work together? does that not sound like a brotherly thing?
ShiniXII (EUW)
Draven should have a similar passive to Darius so that maybe they could share Stacking passives and have a lore bonus on the same squad. Maybe give dravens ult more damage on bleeding targets with stacks too give it some life as well... its a pretty lame skill.
: leaver buster is bs
Leave buster was one of the worst thing Riot implemented. Tribunal system was fun and involved the community, this is just a lazy excuse for a punishment system that punishes people for the wrong reasons from time to time. I was in a game DC'd for maybe two minutes came back and we won... still got leave buster on my account and had to play 5 games with a 5 or 10 minute wait timer before the que... I understand if i didn't come back go ahead and give me the punishment. But when I dc and come back and get punished... makes me think that Leave buster was not the most successful thing Riot Games has implemented. But it wouldn't be the first time a big company made a mistake so hopefully they can learn from it.
: I bet I could manage a 0% win rate in the NBA too even though it is a team game.
IDK man the Suns are pretty bad... I think you will still beat them.
: Essence reaver would be god awful on her. Her q cooldown at max is 16s, her w is 14s, and her e is 14s. So even if you have 40% cdr, You're at most looking at q 10s, w 9.5, e 9.5 which does nothing for her. The reason champs like Ashe and Lucian can build essence reaver and be fine is because they have low cooldowns already, so they're able to spam abilities. Plus swapping pretty much any item out for essence reaver cuts her damage by 1.5k dps. Essence reaver is in no way viable on her with such long cooldowns. They'd have to nerf her cooldowns, but then they'd have to balance her damage to reflect those cooldowns, all for something nobody builds anyways.
So uhhh Kinda random and a bit late.... but Rekkless is building ER on Tristana in the EU playoffs. ER's mana regen and CDR is actually great on tristana when it comes to getting resets... also it proves you could probs put a mana cost on Q and it wouldn't be the end of the world for her.
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Im not happy with Zoe right now
I saw the title... and I thought to myself, "Good." Saw the #'s at the end of the post and knew that my thoughts didn't betray me one bit.
: Why does lux need ult cd reduction again?
I believe since Irelia has been reworked, we are supposed to be using the Better nerf Irelia meme again!
: hit one button before they aim and hit 2.
If the games overall damage has increased since the reworked smite came out... shouldn't smites damage be increased too?
: Beating Akali
1v1 will be damn near impossible after her first item + level 6, so avoid 1v1's unless you have been crushing her. She cannot deal with multiple people in her lane, so if you put like 3 people in her lane and attack her tower, there really isn't anything she can do without help. Early levels if you are ranged you can trade, but most melee match ups don't do well vs her sustain/ no resource. Poke mages do well early but post 6 its super dangerous to even be near her, certain mid laners like Zed and Talon can all in early and snowball before she comes online. After about 2 items you will always need more than 1 person to fight her, shes pretty much a ticking time bomb so play accordingly.
: PSA: How To Climb In Season 8
the last line seems weirdly personal... you doin okay buddy?
: " If you were good you would've been able to carry "
while its not nearly as possible as it once was for one person to be able to win a game single handedly... it is still however extremely possible for one person to lose a game entirely for a team!
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